Road to the White House: Bernie Sanders aide has an Alaska past coaching the art of leftist ‘bird-dogging’



A newly hired official for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign has a history of racial slurs and demeaning remarks directed at gays, people of Jewish heritage, and women, and whites in general.

The new Sanders hire is also obsessed with his, er, manhood, according to his Twitter record.

Darius Khalil Gordon has another history of interest to Alaskans. Last year, he travelled to Anchorage to train leftists under the umbrella activist groups, Alaska Grassroots Alliance and Poor People’s Campaign. His efforts were documented by Must Read Alaska.

But besides his community organizing, he’s active on social media. A number of Gordon’s Twitter messages feature misogynistic, homophobic and antisemitic slurs.

In the summer of 2018, Gordon travelled to Anchorage as a trainer, to coach Alaskans before they went to to Washington, D.C. to protest the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. He taught them how to intentionally get arrested. Several Alaskans were taken away in handcuffs in front of Sen. Dan Sullivan’s office in the fall of 2018, and Gordon documented the entire escapade and posted it on Twitter. It was a deliverable he had accomplished for his organization.

Gordon’s work in Alaska was as a national field organizer at the Center for Popular Democracy.

His specialty is political harassment, a method called “bird-dogging,” where activists pester, stalk, and harangue people in the public eye until they snap — and then the video camera records that portion of the encounter, which is posted across social media.

Gordon announced on Twitter that he has been hired by the the Sanders campaign team as deputy director of constituency organizing.

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  1. Thanks for fast factual reporting on folks who need to be exposed for their deeds. It’s hard to imagine the Left justifying the hire and the behavior but I so look forward to the positive spin for what appears rather universal negative actions, no matter what side a person is on.

  2. Holy Smokes! Do these leftist campaigns even do a precursory background check before they hire their mob rule thugs? I guess if you have to have that sort of help to get elected, you probably don’t care!

  3. This guy and Bernie Sanders have nothing to contribute to society so it is not surprising to see the two together working together with the common goal of destroying the country. It speaks volumes that Bernie would actually have this reprobate working on his behalf.

  4. Ah Darius, you have destroyed your future before it even was to be. Have a nice life at the low end! #Trump2020

  5. What is amazing is that he can walk and chew bubblegum all at once, er I mean he can access his twitter account while engaged in romantic encounters? Impressive!

  6. The Left exposed! Great journalism Suzanne. For sure Bernie Sanders knows and approves of everyone working on his campaigns around the country. Of course there is no history of equally offensive language emanating from Dear Leader himself.

    The tweets above illustrate that there are plenty of Deplorables on both sides. How about a little more common decency from all, please?

    There are many of us left-of-center folks out here who happen to believe in a more compassionate political philosophy and who are entirely decent and upstanding people. You might even unknowingly have some of us as friends. So please don’t try to cast shade on us all by using this person as an example.

    And one more thing. Might I suggest that MRA, in the New Year, take it upon itself to be a little less divisive, and perhaps try to start a media trend to bring people together a little? I know it’s not as much fun as inciting animosity and division with Conservative clickbait, but in the end it could just stop the country from devolving into another Civil War. Or maybe that’s what the GOP really wants…

    • Wow… That’s rich. Please post some links where you rail against YOUR side, for the crap they do, as THEY are the biggest hate mongers around. I won’t hold my breath waiting.

    • You people on the Left have the entire national MSM on your side, and here in Alaska that includes the ADN.
      And you want to wring your hands about one lone lady presenting the other side of the news, and implore her to move leftward.
      You’re a typical Leftist, wanting only leftwing news outlets. Nothing else will be tolerated.
      And this while prattling endlessly about diversity and inclusion.
      If y’all really are about diversity, then why not diversity of news sources?
      Scared some truths might slip into the news stream occasionally?
      You should just be happy that Suzanne manifests her actual, sincere belief in diversity of thought by always letting Leftists comment here too, unlike many leftwing outlets out there who will delete and ban any comments and commenters who dare to deviate from the leftwing mantras.

      • Well, Tim, I guess you sort of miss the obvious point that I read MRA as well as other Conservative sites.

  7. So how many think we can continue to share a country and state with these kind of fellow citizens and continue to live peaceably together? Myself, I want a divorce from these people as there is not much left to talk about with them except how to split this thing up. It’s time to come up with a plan as how to divide this country up so we can go our separate ways while we still can.

    • Mr. Albert – Would you then please outline specifically how you would go about effecting this divorce? I’d like to hear your well thought-out plan for how you propose to make this happen. Exemplars might include the Apartheid of South Africa, or perhaps the Palestinian/Israeli model. Both of these have worked out very nicely…

      Since you actually can’t, it then becomes apparent that living together and tolerating each other is the only real way forward, whether you like it or not.

      Going down the road of divisiveness, hate, and separation that you espouse will only result in generations of increasing hatred, bloodshed, and misery.

      “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself (Matthew 22:39)”.

      Peace, brother.

  8. In 2010 he said: “Working hard so I can someday make that Jew money”.
    Seems like he got what he was working towards as he is signed on with Bernie who is Jewish and a strong supporter of Israel.

  9. Oh I see. You must be referring to the hate we see every day and night on CNN, MSNBC, The Huffington Post, Free Speech TV, Democracy Now, Democratic Underground, The daily COS, SPLC, IGD, DSA, CPUSA, ANTFA? Or maybe the hate driving the impeachment of President Trump, or the recall of Governor Dunleavy. Do you mean that hate? Or maybe the hate the world witnessed from the Bolsheviks, Nazis, Marxist or Socialists? I’m not sure what hate you are referring to? But what I see is we are running out of political solutions to dealing with these hate groups that have infested our country and state, and I want a divorce from them before we have to relive more bloodied history. I can smell the hypocrisy all the way to Talkeetna. How about you? Can you smell it?

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