Proof: The Alaska Grassroots Alliance intended to get arrested



A group of Alaskans intended to be arrested while protesting in the hallway in front of Sen. Dan Sullivan’s offices. They succeeded.

The incident happened Tuesday morning in the Hart Senate Office Building. It was only one of hundreds of political stunts being carried out around the nation in opposition to the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.

The group joined with others from around the nation. They had trained, planned, and orchestrated their arrest, and then blamed Sen. Sullivan, who was in an Armed Services Committee meeting at the time, and whose staff had tried to work with the visitors to arrange for a meeting with the senator.

The escapade was revealed on Facebook 30 minutes before it happened by the folks at the Alaska Grassroots Alliance, who posted their intentions.

The protestors’ trip to DC was paid for by the Center for Popular Democracy, a far-left group that specializes in “resistance” against Republicans.

It was documented and publicized by Occupy Democrats,, NARAL (pro-abortion group) and the Women’s March.

Who is the Alaska Grassroots Alliance? 

Readers will remember that is is the group that in April was giving a class at the Church of Love in Spenard on “How to get arrested during a protest” when a heavy metal singer walked in the building and pepper sprayed the group, causing many of the attendees to become sickened.

The group’s organizer, Soren Wuerth, a public school teacher, blamed Must Read Alaska for inciting the attack, although Must Read Alaska had never heard of his group.

The Must Read Alaska story about that unhappy April bear spray incident is here.

On Monday evening, Capitol Police arrested 128 people in the Russell building rotunda and in front of the offices of Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.

On Tuesday morning, the Alaska protestors had their turn. Seven to 15 of them were arrested for not leaving the hallway in front of Sen. Dan Sullivan’s offices. The senator had agreed to meet with them at 3 pm, but the group declined. They were on a mission to be arrested. They were seen chanting “Trust indigenous people” as they were escorted out of the building.

Later, on her Facebook page, Suzanne Walsh of Anchorage said the senator would not meet with them, but it appears she was misinformed.

Thursday’s hearings on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court will bring more protests, the organizers said.

Liz Ruskin of APRN covered the protests and arrests and filed a story for public broadcasting with details.


  1. I am banned from ADN for admitting I was the guy that whipped it out back in ’82. Why is the truth so hard to believe? I want to testify to exonerate Brett Kavanaugh Thursday. I have not yet heard from the Judiciary Committee about my testimony schedule. The truth will come out!

  2. So these protesters are saying that Senator Sullivan is right and Lisa Murkowski is wrong so they are supporting the one who is wrong? Strange supporters you have Lisa, apparently all RINO’S too?

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