Update: ‘Pregnant persons’ are mothers once more in State of Alaska


A bulletin published by the Alaska Division of Epidemiology that described the rise of congenital syphilis in Alaska has been quietly edited to reflect that those who are pregnant are mothers and no longer referred to as the generic and ambiguous “pregnant persons.”

The version published earlier had avoided the term “women” and used the politically gendered jargon “pregnant persons” when referring to expectant mothers.

The Dunleavy Administration took quick action, however, upon learning of the troubling terminology from the Division of Epidemiology:”Pregnant persons” is typically used in this era to describe transgenders who are pregnant, or used to describe all expectant mothers in a way that doesn’t exclude or hurt the feelings of transgenders who are confused about their genetic disposition or reproductive gear.

By Wednesday, the bulletin terminology had been cleaned up and is more scientifically correct. In Alaska, the women are strong, the men are good looking and mothers are, well, female. The bulletin can be viewed at this link.


  1. “…In Alaska, the women are strong, the men are good looking and mothers are, well, female.”

  2. A step in the right direction, but I am sure “mother” will be distorted and twisted by the left to include males.
    Dunleavy has to step up and start using male and female, woman and man, boy and girl. If someone is offended by that… tough boots, deal with it.

  3. It’s supposed to be “ In Alaska the men are strong and the women are good looking.” A strong man in mind, body, and spirit, is better than one who has just his looks for his glory.

  4. You mean women are not chestfeeders with a bonus hole that we can mock with our degrading performances of womanface and reduce them to our fetishist whims?

    You mean women are mothers who form the first relationship their infant has in the world, creating the child’s basis for understanding humanity?

    You mean women who through there care of their children transmit culture and therefor civilization?

    You mean that women deserve respect and consideration for their womanhood and place as mothers, wives, friends and lovers?

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