Syphilis update: Alaska Health officials refer to expectant mothers as gender-neutral ‘pregnant persons’


The biological gear required to bear offspring is one of the scientific hallmarks of being a female. Not all women have all that gear, but men don’t have any of it. This is a scientific fact that applies to all mammals except for that extremely rare hermaphrodite who has both male and female sexual traits.

But in the most recent report on congenital (born with) syphilis in Alaska, the Alaska Department of Health has decided that women who are pregnant are now known by the politically correct term, “pregnant people.”

Pregnant people a phrase that is now commonly in use among scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as the medical profession turns away from science and biology and adopts an attitude that gender is something that is “assigned at birth,” rather than observed at birth (or in utero), and that men can become pregnant.

As for the baby boys and girls born with syphilis in Alaska, they came into the world with a condition that can be fatal if left untreated.

The current uptick in syphilis in Alaska was detected in 2018, and seems to have been exacerbated by the Covid-10 pandemic policies. The same trend has been observed nationally.

During 2018–2022, 26 congenital syphilis cases were identified in Alaska, one of them being fatal.

In Alaska, most cases have occurred in people who self-identify as heterosexual and are living in urban environments, with 29% of the people diagnosed with syphilis having been identified as either experiencing homelessness or a great deal of housing instability in 2021. Most (69%) of the infected mothers reported heroin, amphetamine, methamphetamine, or cocaine use within 12 months of the case investigation.

All mothers giving birth to babies with congenital syphilis were between 16 and 37 years. Some 85% were Anchorage residents and 58% were identified as Alaska Native/American Indian only on the infant’s birth certificate. Sixty-five percent of the mothers had the equivalent of a high school diploma or more education. Addiction and drug use is a big factor among these women, the State report says.

Yet the report is confused on the matter of gender and sex. In one instance, the Health Department talks about mothers. But then, when the syphilis report talks about fetuses and pregnancy, the scientists switch and refer to moms-to-be as “pregnant people.” It is tiptoeing around the gender ideology debate by avoiding gender altogether at times, while at other times, it can’t seem to avoid the word “mother.”

“While no inherent aspects of a mother’s race or education create risk, the disparate social conditions surrounding these factors, such as housing instability and substance use, can be contributing risk factors. Third, further investigation of these CS cases, such as through a multi- disciplinary review committee, should examine the factors and conditions that impact access to adequate prenatal care to ensure early syphilis detection among pregnant persons.

CDC data indicate that the rate of primary and secondary syphilis among American Indian and Alaska Natives in 2021 was 42.2 per 100,000, nearly five times that of white individuals, up 520 percent from 8.0 per 100,000 among American Indian/Alaska Natives in 2016. In the same time period, congenital syphilis has increased over 900 percent among this group (rate of 37.7 per 100,000 live births in 2016 compared to 363.7 in 2021) and is almost 10 times higher than among whites.

The Health Department recommends that medical providers:

  • “Screen all pregnant people (regardless of risk factors) during their first prenatal visit, during their third trimester of pregnancy, and at the time of delivery.
  • “Screen pregnant people seen for medical services unrelated to their pregnancy (e.g., during an outpatient clinic, urgent care, or emergency department visit) if they have not already had prenatal care with appropriate syphilis screening or if they are at increased risk for syphilis acquisition (e.g., sex with multiple partners, sex in conjunction with drug use or transactional sex, late entry to prenatal care or no prenatal care, methamphetamine or heroin use, incarceration of the pregnant person or their partner, and unstable housing or homelessness).
  • “Diagnostic considerations for pregnant people are available on CDC’s Syphilis During Pregnancy website.

The full report on congenital syphilis can be found at this link.

As for treatment, the State Health Department notes that there is a shortage of the type of penicillin needed to cure this disease:

  • “The FDA listed a shortage of penicillin G benzathine injectable suspension products (Bicillin L-A®) on April 26, 2023. Pfizer provided an availability update on June 12, 2023, with an expected recovery in the second quarter of 2024. There are no emergency stockpiles of this medication, and product is being allocated with limited inventory released, resulting in the supply not meeting demand.
  • “Bicillin L-A® is the only CDC-recommended treatment for some patients, including pregnant people infected with or exposed to syphilis, and babies with congenital syphilis. Although Bicillin L-A® remains the treatment of choice for patients with syphilis, CDC has recommended that healthcare providers prioritize the use of Bicillin L-A® to treat pregnant people and babies with congenital syphilis. ®
  • “Consider prioritizing unstably housed/homeless persons for Bicillin L-A treatment after pregnant people infected with or exposed to syphilis and babies with congenital syphilis.
  • “Doxycycline is an alternative therapy for non-pregnant patients diagnosed with or exposed to syphilis; however, doxycycline is an FDA Pregnancy Category D medication, and is not recommended as an alternative treatment for pregnant individuals.”

The National Institutes of Health considers “pregnant people” to be an inclusive and acceptable phrase for the medical community when referring to women who are pregnant but who are masquerading as men through transgender medical treatment.


  1. What a sick and stupid society we have become. We, as the people, should not be allowing this in our lives, our communities, our cities, our state. WOMEN become pregnant, I don’t care what ANYONE says. Men do not become pregnant no matter how hard they may try!

    • Sally, the trend is not static; it will continue. The matrix will silo your above comment with all your internet correspondence and communication over the years. Eventually they will list you in an undesireable category. Your freedoms will become limited based upon your category. You will be unable to travel or obtain proper healthcare, etc. These phenomena have occurred repeatedly throughout history. We are overdue.

      • Only because sheeple like you don’t take a stand! Men can’t get pregnant. This is all so stupid it’s embarrassing. The rest of the world thinks we’re a bunch of freaking idiots. Starting to agree with them. It starts with parenting. Spend some freaking time with your kids people.

  2. There’s a medical term for people who can become pregnant: women.

    An STI outbreak and the alleged Dept of Health is dancing on terms?

    If we had a governor worth a damn he’d fire everybody involved with this.

  3. This perversion of the language is nonsense. Time to terminate the Commissioner of Health. And maybe a Deputy Commissioner. I would. Once we start down the path of redefining words, it will not end.

  4. While I feel sad for the children involved, I really have no sympathy for anyone who gets a STD in this day and age waaaay too many preventative items/education for both STDs and pregnancies. And of course there are always the exceptions; my partner cheated, I was forced, etc.” People-who-may-become-pregnant” really need to look at the quality of “gentleman” they are playing with.

  5. This is such good news for all the men who want parity in the laws and equal status with women. Male maternity leave is REAL. And if you are a disbeliever, I’m now taking appointments at my psychiatric clinic.

  6. Dunleavy STANDS TALL for the rights of pansexual theypersons

    Most progressive governor in state history

    • He tried to get a simple bill prohibiting transsexual education for the first 4 grades but all the root’n toot’n “real people” were silent. The only ones that showed up were the LGBTQ+ crowd, and they were loud and unruly. If the army does not appear, the general must seek other means.

  7. Why would a woman want to take so many hormones to present as male, yet retain enough female hormones to become pregnant? With that many hormones and chemicals on board, what the heck? It’s quite an oxymoron isn’t it – Pregnant People?

  8. This reference to “pregnant people” is actually hilarious! Because we ALL know that if it were males that bore children,the human race would now be extinct. It takes a WOMAN/FEMALE to withstand the process of actually birthing a child

  9. Anne Zink, the unfortunate chief medical officer for the Alaska Dept of Health, uses faddish and dishonest non medical disinformation to abuse, control and force her psychotic communist world view on the good people of the State of Alaska.
    Anne Zinke, when you insult, lie to and manipulate a huge portion of this state’s population about health and medicine that makes you unfit for a medical license and on a personal level, it makes you a scumbag.

  10. Any pregnant person is a woman biologically. Stop trying to accommodate people who don’t understand basic science and biology. One would hope people in health services at the state level would understand and respect basic science

  11. “Science” was always a term used to describe a process for discovering and explaining truth using logic and sound reasoning – the above article shows that whatever “science” is today is neither logical, reasonable, nor true. “Gender” is not “assigned” – it is what you were conceived as: male or female. The alphabet soup is a lame excuse for trying to normalize what is not and to make money taking advantage of the adherents – it is also a way to destroy society and seize control. We have lost a lot of ground in this war. I hate no one, but I won’t share or join in delusion.

  12. How about everyone start being an adult.
    Seriously, someone uses the wrong pronoun and it is “offensive.” Here is a pro tip. Grow the F up!
    Only mentally ill people and toddlers will throw a tantrum when someone else makes a mistake. And, frankly, I am not sure mentally ill people are all that sensitive. If someone refers to you as a woman, when you want to be a man, bummer. Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

  13. Love that great new phrase..’biological gear.” Some have the gear, some don’t. Sadly, most of the medications listed come from where? China of course.

  14. As a bilological women, I find this HIGHLY OFFENSIVE .
    Likening it to be called a breeder or another degrading name.
    I’d like to sue Alaska Health for defamation to my gender, mental and emotional distress, and not calling me by what I want to be called- and that’s a WOMAN!!

  15. I will never ever refer to a pregnant woman as a ‘pregnant person’ and actually I bet few people will. The lunacy is among a minority of the general population. It this the elitist Marxist globalist cultists pushing this ridiculous crap. Excuse my language.

  16. The guv doesn’t seem to stand up for historic Judeo-Christian Values. His Dept of Health is right out of the pit of hell.

    Per Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

    There are not 66-genders; there are two. Just trust the Science!

  17. Here’s a random thought: Maybe, just maybe, it is best to get married and stay monogamous before you decide to get knocked up. And if you are not married, and don’t plan to be monogamous, don’t have sex, and then you won’t get syphilis or pregnant or any of that stuff. I heard that a few times growing up, and so far, no syphilis. So far, so good.

  18. As soon as my midwife allowed midwives into her practice that referred to women as “pregnant persons,” I knew it was time to find a new midwife.

    If you don’t understand basic biology, why would I put myself under your care?

  19. Forget the wokeness. This disease has been with humans for thousands of years. Most states stopped requiring premarital screening because the behavior changed and treatments were abundant. Now, as society crumbles and the homeless nonprofits enable and encourage drugs/alcohol use in a nice bed, no wonder age old sins increase. Where are the AK native corporations and the health dept that should be having a huge campaign to help this population? The bleeding hearts on the assembly think they are loving the homeless and the unintended consequences are hurting the most vulnerable. Oh, wait. They are pro abortion, so I guess those dead babies don’t matter. God help us.

  20. Wait till they start referring to married couples as a “breeding pair”.
    Are women and men going to let themselves be thought of as nothing more than livestock- Because that’s how the government is now treating us.
    Being called a pregnant person ( instead of pregnant women)is like being called the N word.- both disgusting and meant to demean and degrade a person’s importance – summing them up as Nothing more – than a pregnant person.

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