Peter Micciche files for reelection as Kenai Borough mayor


Kenai Borough Mayor Peter Micciche has filed with the Alaska Division of Elections for reelection to the seat he won earlier this year in a special election to fill out the term of former Mayor Charlie Pierce.

A Republican, Micciche was previously the mayor of Soldotna and a member of the Soldotna City Council. In 2013, he won election as a state senator, and rose to become Alaska Senate President before choosing to not run for another term last year so that he could stay in his home district while his children grow up. When Mayor Charlie Pierce resigned, Micciche won that seat to fill out the remainder of Pierce’s term, which ends in October.

Peter Micciche was born in Valley Stream, N.Y. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Alaska Pacific University and worked as a commercial fisherman and small business owner. He was an LNG/NG facility manager of the Kenai LNG Facility for ConocoPhillips. 

At this time, Micciche is unopposed. Although he is registered with the Alaska Public Offices Commission as a candidate, borough’s official filing period opens Aug. 1 and closes at the end of business on Aug. 15. The election will take place on Oct. 3. Absentee in person voting begins Sept. 18.


  1. Ask him lots of questions about national sovereignty and if he supports global health treaties defeating American liberties along other population controls imposed by monarches and international health “agents” dictatorships and their lobbying taxtics and why they work in Alaska.

    • Will do. He’s a big name in a small town. Kinda like a big fish in a little pond. Mayor for life.

  2. This man wants to be Governor, so ask him if he believes the following:
    1. Global warming is a scam.
    2. If Sen. Reinbold was ahead of the pack in her resistance to Covid measures.
    3. If he will follow Dunleavy’s carbon credit & sequestration schemes.
    4. If there is a Globalist Conspiracy.

  3. I hope you see that these Drop shots are irrelevant by now. Nobody cares what they say or what bills they pass. You’re watching Revenge of the Nerds

  4. In Alaska it recycles its leaders. Just like Deena Bishop he pulled back for family reasons to wait for the next big move. Although. Micchiche and his wife should be more appealing to Alaskan voters and Alaska business and town leaders than Dunbar if he decides running for Governor after Dunleavy. I’d rather go from Dunleavy to Micchiche than see a hard core far left millennial Democrat as Alaska’s next Governor.

  5. That photo looks prophetic as Alaska next Governor and First Lady. The two look like they are being prepared. At least the two know enough there children are growing up knowing how to read and engage with the world around them like their parents taking them out on family field trips like to the Anchorage Museum. It was nice seeing him as a Senator with family visiting the museum teaching their kids about the Bubble station. Their kids looked and acted smarter than most. As kids whose parents are reading and training their kids to be strong and independent adults. Hime and his wife are doing a good job raising the next generation of leaders. Hopefully their kids learn how to serve before they are thrusted in positions because of family and education associations.

  6. Micciche is not a true conservative. IMHO he’s not a MAGA/Trump supporter, he missed his chance to help Alaskans a full PFD, he’s more a people pleaser than a leader like Pierce was. Need a real conservative, not one in name only.

    • You described Alaskans. Our current leaders reflect us, we care more about how others think about us than what legacy and inheritance we are leaving for our children. Until Alaskans recognize their need of Christ as their savior for their sins, we work with who we have to keep out a far leftist from that Governor’s office after Dunleavy. Alaska ‘s history isn’t families that pioneered more Red states as Ohio, Iowa, Florida, Arkansas whose ancestors carried their Crosses and remain faithful to the Word of God training up their children to see and know better having better discernment.

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