United Nations agreement: World to move away from fossil fuels by 2050


Nearly 200 member nations agreed on Wednesday to move away from fossil fuels. The vote was the first time in the 28 years of the United Nations Climate Change Conference that countries have made a pledge of this nature.

The agreement does not call for an outright phasing out of oil, gas, or and coal, and it doesn’t prescribe exactly how each country will “transition” from these fuels.

“Humanity has finally done what is long, long, long overdue,” said Wopke Hoekstra, European Union commissioner for climate action. “Thirty years, 30 years! … we spent to arrive at the beginning of the end of fossil fuels.”

The deal resulted from two weeks of negotiations at the conference known as COP 28. The transition will be done in “a just, orderly and equitable manner” but should accelerate this decade and achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in 26 years — by 2050. The agreement is not legally binding, but it is likely to have the effect of giving the eco-industry more political power.

The agreement was announced as major wind projects are failing in the United States and electric vehicle manufacturers are cutting back production due to lagging sales, said Daniel Turner founder and director of Power the Future.

“This joke of an agreement really only has two goals: allow Joe Biden to continue his war on American energy and ensure these elitists have something to do before next year’s COP29 exclusive junket,” Turner said. “These unelected bureaucrats can smile as they board their carbon-spewing private jets knowing feckless leaders like Joe Biden will continue to do their bidding in pursuit of a fanciful and misguided agenda.”

Alaska is dependent on oil, with as much as 85% of the state’s unrestricted general fund revenue coming from oil production, according to state estimates.

In an announcement from the State Department last week, nuclear power is going to get a lot more attention.

The United States, Canada, Japan, France, and the United Kingdom, known as the “Sapporo 5,” announced their support for increased deployment of zero-carbon, peaceful nuclear energy by “expanding nuclear fuel production capacity across trusted, high-quality suppliers free from manipulation and influence.” 

The Sapporo 5 will work to mobilize at least $4.2 billion in government-led and private investment in the five nations’ collective enrichment and conversion capacity over the next three years, with a view to further additional private sector finance, and the five invited all like-minded nations “to join in securing the global uranium supply chain.”

The State Department wrote, “The United States is committed to supporting the use of all clean energy technologies, including nuclear, to power global decarbonization efforts and provide energy security and independence to partners around the world.”


  1. How much will it cost to limit global warming to 1.5°C? Chapter 4 of the 2018 IPCC report Global Warming of 1.5°C (SR1.5) presents an estimate of the combined investments required to limit global average temperature rise to 1.5°C above early industrial levels, landing on a mean of roughly $48 trillion over 20 years, or $2.4 trillion per year for energy investments alone. Let’s stop tilting at windmills

  2. Never gonna happen. Russia, China, and the 3rd world will use them anyway.
    But they are happy to sit back and let us commit cultural and economic suicide.

  3. Absolutely ridiculous.
    Let everyone of those idiots be without the benefit of fossil fuels immediately.
    No cars, planes, makeup, cell phones, clothing, the list goes on.
    This is a direct result of having a puppet as our POTUS. A bunch of RATS is all they are!! I will use oil and gas till the day I die..I do not care about any of this climate hoax crap and neither should anyone else with a brain!

  4. Turner said. “These unelected bureaucrats can smile as they board their carbon-spewing private jets. Thats just like the environmentalists going to rally’s and protests against oil development. You don’t suppose they all walk or ride a bike to these events, do they?

  5. The world will never move off of fossil fuels because there is no viable alternative and the so-called “Green Energy” alternatives these shallow thinkers are relying on are manufactured using non-green energy and the natural resources used to make them are extracted and processed using non-green energy. We’d assume that these people like to eat…I wonder if they have a plan to replace the modern fertilizers that we need to maintain or increase food production? Nitrogen based fertilizers are derived from fossil fuel sources (usually) and rock based fertilizers are mined and processed using fossil fuels. Maybe they’re not actually worried about maintaining enough food production to feed the teeming billions. Carbon based energy is the foundation of modern society and getting rid of it is not as simple as throwing up a bunch of windmills and solar panels. Nuclear power might be their solution but uranium needs to be mined and processed and didn’t we all decide that radioactive waste that never goes away was a big problem? Maybe the real goal behind the stated goal of getting rid of fossil fuels is actually getting rid of people (maybe down to that magic 500,000 number we heard about) …think about it, fewer people equals less demand for energy equals less CO2 equals less expected global warming. The people behind the useful idiots who attend these conferences to glow about their dream of eliminating most of our energy occasionally let it slip that people are the REAL problem because man-caused global warming (their boogeyman who haunts their dreams) becomes a non-issue if there aren’t many people around. Crazy? Not if you think about from the perspective of the entitled super wealthy who think the rest of us are destroying the world they think they own.

    • Well said PJ. Nukes give off a lot of heat. Hailstorm takes out a whole city’s solar farm. The list is endless of examples of these “elites” hypocrisy and stupidity. Ask this question: “Who stands to make money off these hysterical demands?” What they are proposing has nothing to do with caring for the earth – it has everything to do with concentrating power and wealth and controlling the masses of humanity which will be their slaves, and the ushering in of the reign of antichrist.

  6. Fossil Fuels agreement: World to move away from United Nations by 2050

    Fixed the headline and the whole problem. No extra charge.

  7. Seriously any fool can see it is either Hydro or Nuclear. Both forms of energy that Environmentalists hate.
    Our Alaska Leaders are crying about Cook Inlet gas. So what do the Electric Utilities do construct solar farms. Obvious question how much electricity are the solar panels producing today. Right now. Or the famous wind mills on Fire island. Unfortunately these fools are in charge.
    Instead of making Cook Inlet Gas exploration cost effective for the gas producers. Or bringing Gas from the North Slope. Route, follow TAP’s to Glennallen and hang a right turn. This route avoids the deal breaker route, “National Park” on the Parks Highway. Route and design has been on the books for 20 plus years. This will cover 80% of the population of Alaska and Fund State Government the next 200 years.

  8. If they were serious then why is the military machine still going strong?
    Why do we have sports that draw thousands to events and have thousands to support these as they are unnecessary increasing co2 ?
    The self proclaimed saviors of the Earth are cherry picking against the individual who has not the resources to resist big government.

    • That’s great, let’s get that burning windmill residue to your house for disposal ASAP!

      Windmills and Solar Farms are the replacement Exxon Valdez disaster. Terra-formed land devoid of vegetation and biodiversity, dead eagles, migratory birds, whales and marine life obstructed by offshore wind farms and subsea electrical lines, construction and maintenance activities causing “regulatory takings” of marine mammals! What a bunch of “fossil fools” the world climate hoaxer’s have become!

  9. The so called science and experts have NEVER been right on any of their doomsday predictions, EVER! It is about power and control. And for the record, most of humanity likes and lives in the warmer climates on planet earth. Far more human deaths are caused by freezing than overheating. So whom is the real boogeyman in this debate?

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