Peltola votes to preserve power of nameless, faceless bureaucrats who revel in regulations


Rep. Mary Peltola voted against a bill on Tuesday that requires the actual heads of agencies to personally sign off on most new regulations their agencies promulgate. H.R. 357, passed by a vote of to 218-203, with Peltola and all but three Democrats trying to block it.

Peltola’s two other co-chairs of the Blue Dog Democrat Coalition, a “moderate Democrat” coalition, voted in favor of the bill — Rep. Jared Golden of Maine and Rep. Marie Glusenkamp Perez of Washington. But Blue Dog co-chair Peltola voted “no” to the government accountability measure.

The bill requires, subject to a limited exception, “that any agency rule promulgated under notice and comment procedures must be issued and signed by an individual who was appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.”

According to a 2019 study by the Pacific Legal Foundation, 98% of all rules that came out of the Food and Drug Administration between 2001 and 2017 were issued “illegally” by non-Senate confirmed officials. Other agencies had similar issues.

The study found that 25 of those rules had an economic impact of more than $100 million and that the FDA’s high incidence of rules issued by minor officials meant that more than 70% of all Health and Human Services Department rules were “unconstitutional.”

In 2021, Congress passed 143 laws, yet federal agencies issued 3,257 rules, which have an estimated cost of $1.927 trillion annually, or more than $14,684 per U.S. household annually.

Rep. Ben Cline’s, a Republican from Virginia, and Rep. Golden, a Maine Democrat, co-sponsored the Ensuring Accountability in Agency Rulemaking Act to provide greater accountability to taxpayers.

“For too long, costly regulatory burdens have been imposed by unelected career bureaucrats, rather than an individual confirmed by the Senate. That is unacceptable. Passage of this legislation on the House Floor is a step in the right direction to help rein in Washington bureaucrats’ overreach of power and ensure a government that is accountable to the American people,” Cline said.

The vast number of regulations and federal mandates cost 10% of America’s gross domestic product each year, Cline said.

“It’s simple: federal regulations should be made by officials who are accountable to the American people. House passage of this common-sense, bipartisan bill brings us one step closer to a more responsible and responsive government,” Rep. Golden said.

The bill will now head to the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats.


  1. Give her this: she’s consistent. The perfect democrat drone.

    And because of RVC and poor voter turnout, she’s got a good chance to be re-elected.

  2. Any instrument created by “government” in conflict with the US Constitution is void and unenforceable from inception and is settled law in the United States. Mary Peltola was not taught that in Bethel public school and neither were your children. She and they don’t know this. We do not King congressmen and they cannot “king” their agents. That is not the process due for changing our document of national creation. The process due is not judicial either. It is a continental convention. It is not a US Congress authority to make royalty on our shores. Sorry. Not happening. The US Constitution limits not enlarges servant authority on this continent.

  3. The mere fact that the US Corporation may have financial issues does not disturb the confederate republic that still stands as our form of government (only three branches) the public servants took an oath to defend as it is written and are literally bound to defend as a prerequisite to receiving the PUBLIC trust fund stipends.

  4. The EPA, FDA, CDC, FBI and a whole host of other alphabet soup agencies have far too much power. They’re run by career political hacks who never have to answer for what they impose. Time to tear down and restructure.

  5. Yet Republicans claim to support less government. And then they meddle and micromanage. Republicans=hypocrites.

    • One of the great ironies in life is someday you will be screwed over by the same faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats you champion.

      • MA. Speak for yourself. It’s juvenile to rag on the employees of government agencies. Every one is there to complete the tasks that the congress and courts have assigned them. Which individuals in which agencies should be canned? What criteria do you use? Maybe loyalty like Dunleavy. How about the mechanics that maintain Trooper’s vehicles or monitors in our school system that ensure food safety?

        • And you call me juvenile? After that 4th grade logic? Find a mirror, son.

          And I always speak for myself.

          Nothing else you said merits response.

  6. Hopefully writings of recent Supreme Court decisions will clarify along with Marbury that we cannot delegate authority we do not personally have or subject matter jurisdiction and compell the neighbors to pay for it. Phony, fervent feelings squirting tears not withstanding.

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