UA president says vaccines will be required


In a reversal from two weeks ago, University of Alaska Interim President Pat Pitney says that Alaska’s higher education campuses, research sites, and contractors will need to be vaccinate for Covid-19.

“Without acting on this vaccine requirement, we could lose substantial federal contracts, and with them jobs that support more than 750 employees and their families,” said Pitney. “In addition, the ripple effect of the loss of these contracts would be widely felt as UAF’s research enterprise works with local contractors and suppliers across the state.”

The decision is in response to President Biden’s executive order (EO) 14042, Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors, which requires all employees paid by or supporting new or modified federal contracts to be vaccinated by early December. The order requires not only people directly paid by federal contracts, but also anyone who works to support them or works in the same facility to get a Covid vaccine.

UAF currently has $200 million in multi-year federal contracts impacted by the executive order, and expects close to $100 million more in the coming months. UAF competes nationally for many of these contracts. While neither the University of Alaska Anchorage nor University of Alaska Southeast face federal contract modifications at this time, UA continues to evaluate the situation and may have to extend the requirement to employees in other UA locations to comply with new contract modifications or other federal funding stipulations.

The university is also monitoring several legal challenges to the executive order. The Arizona and Florida attorneys general have both challenged the order in federal court and requested temporary restraining orders to halt implementation. Late last week, Alaska joined several other states in challenging the order. Pitney said she supports the State of Alaska’s efforts to challenge the scope of the executive order.

A court injunction on vaccine requirements resulting from any of the pending legal actions will not impact this vaccination requirement. The university will be bound to those conditions until the contracts are concluded or future modifications or executive orders are enacted.


  1. It is strange to require a “vaccine’ that does nothing to actually stop the spread. The only immunity this “vaccine’ provides is to the manufacturer.

    • “The only immunity this ‘vaccine’ provides is to the manufacturer”.
      How elegantly and cogently stated, CP! Bravo!
      This line should be repeated widely and frequently.

    • In truth, the three FDA-approved vaccines greatly reduce spread . In addition, they greatly reduce the risk of death.

      • “In truth, the three FDA-approved vaccines greatly reduce spread . ”
        Prove it. Show me where the spread of this disease has been slowed in any significant way because of widespread vaccination.
        Also, there are not three FDA approved vaccines. There are three vaccines that have Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs), and one that is approved. The approved on is a Phizer vaccine, and guess which phizer vaccine you are going to get if you get vaccinated??? (HINT: It is not going to be the approved one.)

      • This statement is summarily false! The vaccine is actually causing the spread and hurting people. Natural immunity is better using Ivermectin and HCQ for quicker recovery. Do not get this poison inside your body!





      • Immediately, in the short term perhaps, but at what subsequent long-term risk? We have no idea, as these (non-)’vaccines’ are purely experimental and unproven, with NO long-term studies behind them, unlike every other real vaccine widely administered to the public.

  2. And another domino falls in capitulation to the federal government’s blanket mandate. It isn’t personal, it’s business. However, our health is personal. Being required to take a vaccine that continues to reveal medical complications or lose one’s job is the worst kind of government overreach. The stick of losing federal contracts and grants is a big one. So where’s the carrot–being allowed to keep the job you’ve worked for years? Many facilities dependent upon federal support are offering religious and medical exemptions. What is the University doing for vulnerable staff with serious and legitimate concerns about being vaccinated? We are not helpless guinea pigs convenient for medical testing of the various new vaccines. Where does it end? Third shot boosters are now being promoted. Are we looking at a new booster every time a new variant is detected?

    • Good post. In regards to your last sentence: That won’t work, as the virus will always mutate one step ahead of the leaky ‘vaccines.’ Natural immunity is broad spectrum, along with taking proper care of ones innate immune system, and healthy choices in general. The vaxxed, however, will end up with compromised immune systems and eventually this virus, or something worse, will take them out.

  3. Good decision. The vaccines are safe and effective, and will greatly help UA workers avoid death and serious physical ailments caused by working around science-ignorant vaccine resisters.

    • The ‘vaccine’ is dangerous and ineffective. Natural immunity is 27 times better and the danger from the virus is massively less for most people. This is idiotic overreach and attacks individual liberty.
      If the ‘vaccine’ worked, mandates wouldn’t be necessary. Countries with high ‘vaccination’ rates wouldn’t be swamped in delta breakthroughs of the fully ‘vaccinated’ right now.

      • Completely false. Vaccines are far more effective than natural immunity. And have the added benefit of not forcing a person to first survive a battle against Covid without any immunity, an approach that has killed millions worldwide.

        Please read this CDC report: “”

        • Dan,
          Propaganda from the Center for Deceipt and Control is not good for you, or for your health. They currently are working hard to completely squander what remains of their authority, and blind allegiance/obedience to them and their narrative is a threat to all of our freedom. If the alternative viewpoint is heavily censored, perhaps you should ask yourself WHY that is, and not just celebrate that approved/official sources are given preeminence over any and all other information sources. If you allow them to put the blinders on you, you can expect to be led to where they want you to go.

          Reclaim your freedom and your future.

        • No, Dan, completely true! Study after study, and the quiet admission elsewhere by the CDC, are clearly showing that the Wuhan Virus non-‘vaccines’ are actually SPREADING the virus and will indefinite PROLONG the pandemic — just as the powers-that-be desire, in order to prolong and expand their control agenda using this mild pandemic as a rationalization.
          Please read this, from a noted Harvard epidemiologist, which demolishes the half-truths, flaws and outright lies of the CDC study you reference above — if you dare:

        • Dan s, you are a pure liar.
          The result of the 800,000 person study in Israel (where the bureaucrats ignore it) is that natural immunity, once gained with the China virus, is 27 times better than the short lived immunity from the experimental gene therapies (mostly Pfizer, I think) that they are using there.
          Natural immunity from viruses has always been better than that from even the best actual vaccines.

        • North and Jefferson- Look now….just because internal CDC emails fixed the definition of vaccine after 20 or so years doesn’t mean their trying to decieve…aw heck you have to be super naive or on the pay roll to truly believe everything piped out of the govt loudspeakers.
          Question everything!

      • I want to start that too until the other day. I’ve had three shots now and I learned that I’m more protected with shots because I had covid and got over it. Apparently natural immunization from the disease does it last that long or at least as long as the shots.

        • What a load of c—.
          Natural immunity is 27 times better according to a study in Israel with 800,000 participants (willing participants?).
          And you’ve had 3 shots?!?!
          The first two must’ve worked great!
          I’m waiting to say you’ve been inoculated until your 4th and 5th.

      • Now I know what it looks like when Dan s spreads shallow, leftist lies.
        Oh wait, I already knew that.

    • You folks always seem to give fear more power than it deserves.

      We have been at this for about 2 years. Guess what? Humanity is still here. Pretty sure this pandemic has run its course. The weak shall perish, as per usual.
      It is an illusion to think that all of humanity is so sick that only the system can save it.
      Get real.

        • Idiotic.
          People die.
          All people eventually die. Even people will forever die of viruses. Trying to get the count to zero is stupid for many reasons.
          Mostly it will increase tyranny and do nothing. Over vaccination with this weak a$$ ‘vaccine’ also strongly risks creating super viruses.

    • Denialism is the cornerstone of Mass Hysteria.
      Once a vaxxer takes the experimental gene therapy – they essentially become part of the “cult”. They will not read any information that would challenge or undermine that fateful decision.
      This is why totalitarianism has worked in modern history – the State forces the levers of society – business, MSM, education, health care – to do their bidding by THREATENING individuals with access to their life.
      At least we know who all of the Sheeple are…

      • Jefferson,

        …and YOU are absolutely correct, the experimental CCP Virus jabs are NOT vaccines. An article that succinctly brings that point home with evidence from FOIA email evidence, can be found here:


  4. They are trying to get as many vaxxed as they can BEFORE the “mandate” is declared unconstitutional. Imagine the regret that the people who didn’t want to get the jab, but did, will feel when they found that they were coerced into something they didn’t legally have to do. That is tragic… and even more so when the side affects come home to roost in a few years.
    Don’t get your body tainted with this crap, folks. It will destroy your immune system and you’ll need booster after booster just to survive.

    • I just saw some news that said 13 people die every year from chickenpox. I never knew anybody that used to die from Chicken pox but they said now they have a vaccine for it and most people get the chickenpox vaccine. That is important because later in life you will think yourself because it will keep you from getting shingles, a painful scarring weeping oozing wound that looks like hamburger. The thing is vaccines can be good. They do what they’re intended to do.

  5. Can we not merely declare ourselves a sanctuary state?
    How can San Fran dictate terms of immigration law as passed by Congress yet we Alaskans, Americans in general, cannot hold jobs regarding a Royal Edict? As if by the wave of his mighty scepter, we all must submit. Pound sand.

    Sullivan, Murkycowski, “Dean” Young are you three awake? Fix this! End your vacays and demand Biden remove his nose from the hairs, tables, bank counts and homes of working people! Tell him to sniff elsewhere!

    I have frankly had enough. If you three cannot end this then get out of the way.

  6. What a great idea!! Let’s alienate our students and force vaccinations to save our employees and their families. I’m sure the students outnumber the UA employees. Students who help fund the UA system. Once the student enrollment drops, so will their funding and along with it, their employee numbers will dwindle. Their are more ways to be successful then to go to a “four year” university, get indoctrinated, and obtain a piece of paper.

  7. “Without acting on this vaccine requirement, we could lose substantial federal contracts, and with them jobs that support more than 750 employees and their families,”
    And, there you have it. It is not about safety, it is not about COVID. It is about ensuring the federal money tap is not turned off.
    The vaccine apparently does not stop you from catching the virus. It does not stop you from getting sick. It does not stop you from spreading the virus to others. This is well documented, and even the Federal agencies admit as much.
    So, why the requirement? My guess, it is about power and control.

  8. Sounds like a lot of money they could be losing……….remember the desperation at UA when Dunleach wanted to cut the states spending on art and music programs? Good thing he caved, otherwise it could be really bad at UAA/UAF

  9. Has anyone seen a written version of the federal mandate? Either way it’s time to learn to do without federal grants and contracts when they become tools of coercion.

    • Yep, let the $200M in contracts go and see who squeals first. What would the feral government do if they could not spend $200M because they can’t find a contractor that will take the job. Not being able to spend money might blow up their little minds.

  10. “To protect federal money”… does she specify if every attendee (labeled “Campuses”) of the University will have to comply- sounds like that is the plan? Could lose some money there too, if enough students are unwilling to take it….. how is this affected in terms of Dunleavy’s announcement today…. seems U of A wants to hop right on board the vaccine train…. the rule is supposed to apply to federal contractors… which the students are NOT.

    • The vaccine does not stop transmission. From the Comirnaty Q and A

      ” Most vaccines that protect from viral illnesses also reduce transmission of the virus that causes the disease by those who are vaccinated. While it is hoped this will be the case, the scientific community does not yet know if Comirnaty will reduce such transmission.”

      Clown mandate from a clown UAA President.

  11. Remove yourself from this college! It cares more about the money, then what the vaccine is doing to people’s health. Dr. Robert Malone was just in Alaska recently alerting people to the dangers of the vaccine. Do not allow an organization to force you to take an experimental vaccine just for an education. This virus is nothing to be scared of and has a 99% recovery rate without the vaccine. Doctors are willfully and criminally withholding effective medications that will help you recover very quickly from this virus. Ivermectin now has hundreds of studies showing it is 67% effective with early treatment and Hydroxychloroquine is close to 70% effective. Why are they doing this? Because Big Pharma and the corrupt American Medical Association are threatening their licenses for not pushing their experimental drug that they are banking gobs of money from. Now they want to pump this poison into your children. Wake up people!

  12. It is something to be note that UAF is mandated so that they can receive 200 million dollars federal money for research. So UAF is really concerned about the health of the employees which the vax is supposed to help, but, they are trading their employees for the money. Pitney is not requiring this in the other universities so they must be healthy enough without the vax. Apparently, Fairbanks’ health is so much more important and perhaps worse., of greater concern. This is to “follow the science” and because the feds care so much about us. Govenor Dunleavy’s intervention would be a help. Someone needs to push back against this lunacy. Much money is being made by opportunists who receive profits from selling Pfizer and Moderna. Never mind that aborted baby tissue was used in the process. Shhhhh
    Don’t tell the public, there will be an outcry..

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