Tshibaka proposes five debates with Murkowski


Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka on Friday called on Sen. Lisa Murkowski to agree to five debates before the Nov. 8, 2022 general election.

Tshibaka proposes that the debates could be hosted by media outlets or public interest groups in different regions of the state, or separated into debates about specific topics, like energy policy or standing up to the harmful Biden administration. The Tshibaka campaign also encouraged news organizations and civic groups to formulate plans for debates and invite the candidates.

Tshibaka issued the following statement:

“Alaskans deserve to know if their senator is going to stand up to the disastrous Biden administration, and they deserve to see the candidates standing shoulder to shoulder, explaining their records and positions. There are 74 days between now and Election Day, surely Senator Murkowski can find time on her schedule for these five debates for the voters of Alaska. After 21 years in the Senate, Lisa Murkowski has become much more liberal and voters deserve the chance to evaluate that for themselves. Energy jobs, gas prices, and inflation are tops in voters’ minds, and they want to know why Murkowski has enabled the Biden administration every step along the way. This campaign is a job interview with the people of Alaska, and it’s the responsibility of all candidates to show up. I look forward to agreeing to a full schedule of debates very soon.”


  1. JUST STOP. Dominion and rank choice has Lisa’s back big time, congratulations Lisa you done it once more stole the show. Can’t wait to see you in judgement Line, when our deeds on earth count the most. Dominion and rank choice, Legislators & judges of no oath integrity see you in the judgement line. We will all see who makes the cut then. Election integrity and the Obama playbook shameless

    • Ever see the picture of Murkowski cowering before democrat senator Dianne Feinstein? Is this what you want? Someone that will let the left run over them roughshod? Or do you want someone confrontational that will push back against the Biden administration and their abuses of the DOJ, FBI, the plethora of government 3 letter agencies? What about the Biden war on fossil fuels that is destroying the energy industry and hiking our gas prices? The lawless invasion of our southern border? What do you see in Murkowski that indicates that she will do anything but stand aside and let the democrats have their way, as she has done for too long already?

  2. The senator who failed the state bar exam numerous times and who’s daddy installed and coronated her, against a Harvard Law School grad who had many accomplishments earned on her own accord and merit? I’ll put my money on Kelly T.

  3. Good call Kelly! I doubt Murkowski will take the bait because she has nothing to run on. You would eat her lunch! She will just sit on her out of state dark money and feed lies through the fake news. All Kelly supporters need to get busy and knock on doors to show people the clear contrast between America First Kelly and America Last Lisa.

  4. Tshibaka is politically naive. She thinks an endorsement from America’s top spy, the disgraced FPOTUS, is a good thing. Similarly, she thinks its a plus to debate Murkowski. It isn’t. Tshibaka will lose.

    • Really Gunter? America ‘s top spy? Are you talking about the Biden crime family here? Please elaborate. I note that Lisa is cozy with the F’up POTUS, your pal Xiden.

      And Kelly will eat Lisa’s lunch in a debate, you know it and so does Lisa.

      • Schenker: Surely you have SOME doubt about FPOTUS’s truth telling about the documents at Mar A Lago, right? Some? a little?

    • Thompson, I have zero doubt that the D.O.J.’s actions regarding Trump and this raid are purely political.
      As for truth adverse, tell me again about Biden and his laptop?
      Critical thinking required here Gunter.

      • Schenker: even if all the dog chow on Hunter Biden is true, it falls well below the staggering amount of destruction from Trump.

        Instead of considering that the Trump is an international spy and traitor, you fall back on typo level criticisms of the process.

        It suggests you are driven by ideology not evidence.

  5. Keep pushing for the debates Kelly! My guess is Lisa will fold. She has too many onerous actions to expose. If she had any real integrity , she should welcome it. Alaskans deserve to see her for what she is.

  6. Why would Murkowski debate someone who is a liar, who is supported by a liar that advocated the hanging of his own Vice President and an overthrow of the Constitution and the rightfully elected government, and is unfit for office?

      • CB: Lorenzo is not me, and he’s got a salient point. Lie down with dogs and all that. On the other hand, if Lisa gives Tshibaka enough rope, she’ll hang herself.

        • It seems then, Lucinda, that you too are supportive of a robust debate schedule. Debates moderated by a group advancing an informed electorate rather than our typical “gotcha-clown-show”.

          I understand that since the ratification of the 17th US amendment US senators moved from representing the interests of their respective states to seeing how much of other people’s money they could drag home to their constituents. However, I am still looking for one thing Murkowski has done to benefit the State of Alaska and it’s citizens. And I’m still hoping to hear her supporters here mention it.

          • Joel, the 17th amendment was the creation of special interests seeking to dilute the power of the States. It came about not long after the creation of the Federal Reserve. Essentially the House is the peoples domain and the Senate is representation for the States. When a Senator like Lisa Darling is sequestered back in D.C. for say 20 years her focus and allegiance becomes that of the power players in D.C. and not to her State. The corrupt and venal system our founders worried about has now become a reality, largely due to the 17th Amendment. The $ that they drag home in in direct portion to how well they heel to their D.C. masters. Look over Lisa’s donations for her campaign if you have any doubt. Centralized Federal Power is never a good thing especially when it has become an extension of a corporate entity.

        • Why come here on MRAK and make comments about how it is below Murkowski to debate Kelly T.
          Does Murkowski want to win the election? What better way to do it than let her opponent humiliate herself on the public stage?
          But, for some reason, both you and Lorenzo seem to think Lisa is doing the right thing by avoiding a debate. It is a stupid thing. A very stupid thing.
          Do you know why pigs do not get into politics? Too dirty.
          Want to run for office? Better be prepared to lay down with dogs, and all that.

          • Dang it CB: you purposely misstated my comment. I didn’t say anything about Murkowski’s opinion of the debates. I said, “if Lisa gives Tshibaka enough rope, she’ll hang herself.” Let me use small words that an errant five-year old might understand: Lisa will win. Tshibaka will lose.

        • You agreed with Lorenzo’s point. And, you specifically referred to the “lie down with dogs.” intent of Lorenzo’s post. If Lorenzo is stating it is below Lisa to debate Kelly, and you are agreeing with it, what exactly am I supposed to read from your comment?
          Yet… here you are, claiming that I misstated your comment. That somehow, I should have just known what you really meant.
          Here’s a pro tip. If you do not want people to infer you said something, do not reference it from another person’s comment. Your comment is in full support of Lorenzo’s obvious statement that Lisa is somehow too good to lower herself to a debate.
          But, I am misstating your comment.
          If you did not agree with Lorenzo that Lisa should avoid the debates, why did you say “he’s got a salient point?”

          • CB. Dang man you can be tedious. Even so, I like discussing stuff with you. To take on your level of fine pointyness: I said Lorenzo has a point, as in it’s something to consider. I did not say I am in full support of Lorenzo’s statement. You like to parse, but you can get misled. In fact, I think it is the civic duty of candidates to meet each other in a public forum. I hope murkowski agrees to debates.

        • Did you just assume my gender?
          Seriously though, I can be tedious. Bummer. However, your comment does read as if you fully support Lorenzo. Please go back and read it with a critical eye.
          Also, do not make a statement that I purposefully misstated your comment. You are not a mind reader, you have no insight into my intent. They only thing you have is the text I wrote.
          And, my comments are observations based on the text you wrote. If I misread your comment, I apologize. On the other hand, perhaps you should consider writing text that makes your point more prominent.

  7. Before throwing dirt on others, come clean on your relocation expenses and state created job for your husband. Not to mention the current resume scandal for the municipality.

    • Agree! I cannot understand why Mike Dunleavy agreed that the State of Alaska would paid $80,000.00 to move the Tshibaka family from Washington, DC (area) to Alaska for the two jobs he created for Kelly and her husband Nikki. They should have claimed actual expenses on their income tax return.


      Kelly didn’t make much of an impression when she worked at the Department of Administration. And we have seen clearly that Nikki was not qualified to work in the position they made for him at the Alaska Department of Education OR as the Human Resources director for the Municipality of Anchorage.


      I bet these two don’t stick around Alaska after Lisa Murkowski is re-elected to the Senate. But the question is who will pay for them to leave?

    • You betcha Mike. She has an Army of paid expenses young volunteers out of Washington D.C. Air F.reighted with Mitch McOnnels millions. Here’s the breakdown.. Moving Expenses vs Funding Planned Parenthood selling Dead Baby parts. Not Voting for Cavenaugh, while gladly voting for the Latest Liberal Monster on the Supreme Court. Twice voting to Impeach Trump the Magnificent—-Friend of Kelly. Voting for Haagland the worst Secretary of Interior for Alaska. All while Licking the Boots of Biden with more VIGOR, than she Licked OBAMAS Boots.. It’s up TO US to Help Kelly. If each one of us can bring in 1 vote for Kelly, SHE WINS

  8. Lisa won’t debate. Lisa is a Democrat and Democrats don’t debate. The exception may be when they are given the questions ahead of time and the moderator is a Democrat. Then just maybe…

  9. What a waste of time. Actions have spoken loud to me. Kelly TSHIBAKA will represent Alaskans and serve their interests rather than the continued service to international service support and economic enslavement to foreign olligarchs we have seen.

  10. The Murkowskis have done nothing for us everyday Alaskans in all the time fat Frank and Princesses have been in DC, time for a change,. We need the Constutional convention to enact term limits on the dead weight.

  11. Kelly is mired in the swamp. Lisa will wax her in a debate and why would Lisa debate her anyway. Kelly is one of the low quality candidates that Mcconnell was talking about.

    • I think Murkowski should swat away the Tshibaka pest with one debate, then move on leaving Tshibaka shrieking her list of grievances.

  12. That’s what Frank the Bank said about Sarah. How did that work for him. Vote Freedom, Vote Alaska, Vote Kelly Tshibaka.

  13. So Lucinda, you think Kelly should hang herself. I think you are a sick woman, I will pray for you.

    • Oh Lordy Lordy citizenkane. The rope metaphor is a worn out cliche and not in any way meant to be taken literally.

      I should probably explain the cliche. Specific to a Murkowski Tshibaka debate, M would lead T into a rhetorical cul de sac that would damage her. The cul de sac is the rope in the metaphor and the damage is the hanging.

      That’s all.


      Wait a gosh darn minute! You knew what I meant. You’re just messing with me. Well, ya got me.

      Also, as a point of fact, nothing fails as reliably as prayer. But go ahead!

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