Saturday is unofficial gay day at the Alaska State Fair


A national group called “Out at the Fair” has targeted the Alaska State Fair for one of its nine state fairs around the country for gays, lesbians, bisexual, transgender, and queer-identifying people to converge on en masse.

The Out at the Fair day is Saturday at the fairgrounds in Palmer, with LGBTQ+ people coming from all over the country to participate. The group targets between 8 and 10 fairs around the country every year for these events, with the Alaska State Fair on the list for the first time.

Alaskans attending the fair on Saturday can expect to see drag queens and lots of rainbow garb among the crowds. Many of the participants will be attending the LeAnn Rimes concert Saturday night. But first, the photo shoot for the group takes place.

“Our first festival always starts as a group photo because visibility as a community is very important. Join us Saturday, August 27, 2022, at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, Alaska. Join us at 4:00pm (SHARP) at the ‘I in Fair’ sign for our 1st group photo!” the organization’s website says.

One of the sponsors of the event is Identity Inc., which wrote that it is family friendly, and “Show us your PRIDE Alaska by wearing something rainbow or ordering your ‘OATF Merch’ today and with your help, we will return to the Alaska State Fair in 2023.”

The fair runs through Sept. 5.


    • “Hosting” is a term of art used by homosexuals and transexuals for hooking up at their house. So polite. Monkeypox for bad hosts.

  1. Everything with these folks is unofficial as they cram their agenda down the throats of everyone and brainwash our kids in school. Stop the grooming of children!

  2. How are drag queens parading around the fair grounds considered “family friendly”? With a national group “targeting” Fairs around the country THIS is what causes one’s tolerance levels to disintegrate knowing that a political movement such as this actively descends upon our state and communities. They obviously don’t respect people who don’t appreciate their movement therefore, we certainly don’t need to respect them. They’re sickening.

  3. The homosexuals need prayer just as on jay secklow friday
    radio show said about those d.c protestors they are just pawns, usable and disposable by the leaders, a distraction for americans, so we pay attention and get mad at the rude cantankerous protestors instead of paying attention to our leaders. Secklow said these
    guys need prayer not more ridicule, anger, condemnation.

  4. Unfortunately the AK State Fair removed the email of their director and board members after this piece ran. I’d suggest contacting both their marketing and communications / public relations managers, Emails listed below, if you take issue with this kind of garbage happening at our local fairs.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Maybe if some large, conservative sponsors and advertisers pulled their partnerships and support, that would be more effective.

    Spread the word through text, social media, etc. boycott the fair on Saturday!

  5. I don’t see where they are advertising for “drag queens” and “targeting fairs”. Are we sure they weren’t invited bc of professional relationships with other state fairs? Just saying. Seems to be a lot of assumptions

  6. Perhaps there’s small comfort in the fact that this isn’t a homegrown group or effort…they’re coming in from Outside to gain visibility…clearly they don’t represent a large part of our community or they wouldn’t have to fly people in.

  7. you people are ignorant and disgusting. first, monkey pox is not a gay disease. second, didn’t your god teach you to love thy neighbor? grow up. they aren’t there to “groom” your children, you’re obviously doing a fine job of that yourselves grooming them to be intolerant and bigoted.

    • Why do they insist on telling us they are gay all the time? And yes monkey pox is a disease of homosexuals.

      • it is not, you need to read something . jeeze.

        they want to live their lives and be who they are. why do you care?

    • Lisa: First its love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all mind. And a second is Like it you shall love your neighbor as yourself. Math22:37-39 The homosexual activists weren’t loving their neighbors who would have planned yesterday to have a fun and quiet day at the fair without hearing protestors. Just as rude as what anchorage’s 4th of July parade watchers had to endure — being screamed at by prochoice activists. It all is rude. If christians or muslims crashed the pride month festivities, it’ll be just as rude.

    • Lisa: you should tell all of the news outlets that are parroting that it is primarily spreading amongst “men who have sex with men”.

      Why “Gay Day” except to thrust it upon the public. Isn’t every day “Gay Day” or should gays only come on certain days?

      Seems like you might have a flavor of intolerance and bigotry as well.

      I care because I think homosexuality isn’t any more normal than missing an arm. It’s not ideal and people should avoid losing an arm if at all possible. It happens though and people have to make the best of it. This isn’t about making the best of it. It’s about making it so any kind of sexual deviation is AWESOME!!!! and if you don’t like us flaunting it, well tough. I have no doubt that homosexuality isn’t a “choice” for many and they have to make the best of it, but to think that no one has any control ever over what they allow themselves to be sexually attracted to (like raping or whatever), especially when young, is nuts and I do take issue with people trying to treat homosexuality (or whatever else people have uncontrollable urges for) as AWESOME!!!!, especially around children.

      But “gays” are welcome to the fair any day and always have been.

  8. Thanks for your input Dr. Loren. However, I can assure you that it’s not only homosexuals that have monkeypox. Maybe, educate yourself a little before opening that portal from which information flows so righteously. ‘

    With a small amount of research, you would realize that it is not JUST homosexuals that have monkeypox nor is it even JUST humans.

  9. AIDS started as a mostly gay thing, then it swept into the straight community. Monkey Pox will do the same thing. First mostly among the gays, then with that jump start, it will sweep into the straight community.

  10. You keep using the word “mostly”. I think it’s hilarious that a “mostly gay” things somehow creep into the community of straight laced gentlemen like yourself. I wonder how that would “mostly” happen? Odd. If you are as thick headed as I believe you are that means that the “straight” men in the community aren’t as “straight” as you think they are. Think about that next time you are hanging around with your friends. You never know all their personal business… until they end up with monkeypox. Good luck with your life.

  11. According to latest Gallup poll statistics about 5.6% of the U.S. population identifies as “LGBTQ”. Globally it is about 3%. Considering the noise that this group makes one would think these numbers to be much higher. Very small group of people making a whole lot of noise. I for the most part ignore the whole “Rainbow side show” as it is simply not my cup of tea and they can do what they will. That is until they start targeting youngsters. Children under the age of reason are not allowed to do many things. They don’t drive, they don’t vote, they are not allowed to purchase tobacco, alcohol or firearms. There is very sound reason for these restrictions. Children are very easily influenced and are ill equipped to make sound decisions regarding potentially hazardous and life changing decisions. The LBGTQ crowd has absolutely no business attempting to influence young children with their “Drag Queen story time for kids or any of the other disgusting grooming and recruiting activities that they engage in targeting our youngsters. Where does Drag Queen story time end and child abuse begin? What these adults do behind closed doors is their business but I have zero tolerance when they attempt to influence innocent youngsters.

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