‘Truth Unmasked’ project shut down by GoFundMe, funds seized and returned to donors



Update: Must Read Alaska has taken down the first video of this project because the doctor has been subjected to harassment. Well update readers when we can share more.

Bernadette Wilson of Anchorage was mystified when she woke up Tuesday morning to find that her GoFundMe.com page, to raise money for a mask-awareness project, had been shut down by the fundraising company.

And then she was in shock: All the funds she had raised to make three videos and get them on the air had been stripped out of her account and sent back to donors. The $4,800 in donations had been refunded to the dozens of donors backing the project.

Wilson had already produced two of the TV spots and reserved the advertising time, and GoFundMe would give her no explanation of why her page was shut down. When she sent a note to the help desk asking for the rationale, she received the vaguest of answers:

Wilson’s “Truth Unmasked” project, which is a temporary public information campaign and not an ongoing nonprofit or entity, was designed to get the word out from medical doctors in Anchorage willing to go on the record about the correct use of masks, because only one side of the medical debate was being highlighted in the political arena, where policy decisions are being made.

Some doctors have spoken to Must Read Alaska privately about their concerns about the mask mandates, but they’ve been reluctant to speak up. After all, they work in a sector that is highly regulated and regulation agencies can cause them economic harm.

Wilson found three who would go on camera to discuss the problem with incorrect usage of masks in the current pandemic environment.

On Monday, a mask mandate was put into effect by Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz for all people in the municipality who are in spaces where they are “sharing the air” with others. Democrats are pressuring Gov. Mike Dunleavy to enact a statewide mask mandate.

Wilson’s first spot was published yesterday on YouTube and has had more than 9,000 views. It features neurosurgeon Dr. Paulson of Anchorage. It’s been since taken down since Dr. Paulson has been harassed after it aired.

Wilson, who owns Denali Disposal, has ads under production with other doctors, and has time booked on radio.

Wilson said she is busy launching another fundraising website to try to restore the funds to the project, since she has committed the $4,800 that it gained in the few days the fundraising campaign was live.


    • Greg want to explain how alerting the public via real physicians is a sham?? Because I have news for you. They are 100% correct. Masks are not helping this at all. If anything its causing more contamination. Yesterday I was in Safeway. I saw several employees running around with a mask on under their nose. Not correctly worn. So guess what. I went to the customer service desk and said something. You still think you’re safe wearing your nasty dirty mask on over your face all the time when you’re in public when you’re always taking it on and off? Unless you’re wearing a brand new one, you are cross contaminating. Keep drinking the Kool aid tho!

      • I change out my masks. Buy em by the gross. N95. I Trump your doctor movie with mega doctors telling you to mask up. Do what ever trips your trigger. You’re going to anyway.

      • Calm down. “greg” is just another communist -er democrat troll out to instill fear into the uninformed public.

  1. Un-F’ing-believable. Will the leftists stop at nothing? They can not tolerate dissenting views. America- stand up and defend your rights or we will be Afghanistan within our lifetimes. This is not hyperbole. Look around – do you recognize your country?

  2. Where can we send donations directly? The first video is outstanding and I’ve already been forwarding it widely. Thank you, MRAK, for keeping ahead of this.

  3. At “gofundme.com/f/nopeacenojusticesf-multipurpose-fund” we find:
    “A multipurpose fund in support of any protestors who are in need of legal aid. We are asking anyone who can spare even a dollar to help out our brothers and sisters who have been falsely imprisoned in the fight for justice, equality, and peace.
    “$52,084 raised of $60,000 goal, 1200 donors”
    But Bernadette’s work for –justice– does not qualify for funding!
    Ms. Bernadette, thanks so much for your work. Please share a local contact to which we can send donations directly.

    • Good grief. Ok, I am. vehemently against the mandate as I trust and hope citizens do not need government micromanaging them. But Bernadette and Dr. Paulson are wrong. Their info is flawed and lacking and the only thing I agree with are the danger of bacteria if one does wash or change a mask, and that we don’t need a mandate.

      I do hope Suzanne approves what I posted. We need to be careful not to just follow the political narrative and study for ourselves, and not just what we want to hear. I am not going to repeat my post and if it appears you can read it.

  4. Everybody already knows that masks won’t keep you from getting sick. ALL they will do is keep your stuff from flying out into the air around you, making others sick, okay? He is right about if you touch your mask, then touch something else. His time would have been better spent explaining the proper way to wear and remove a mask (which there are many videos already out there with this information). I do not get why people still think any kind of mask other than a full respirator, will keep them from getting sick….it doesn’t…it just keeps your snot and spit from getting all over the place.

    • Agree. But for that, given my own business that does make me a potential carrier without knowing it, and the bizarre random risk for some people, I will wear a mask when I can’t keep my distance. Still, no mandate needed. And I will wear a clean mask. ?.

    • Do you know what else keeps your snot and spit from getting all over the place? Not going out in public when you are sick, washing your hands, coughing or sneezing into your elbow, social distancing. Every expert tells us that masks are not a replacement for social distancing, so why are so many pushing masks as a replacement for social distancing?

      • Steve-o, search “why do women wear Burquas” and read Molly Edmond’s article on How Stuff Works. The logic is mind-numbingly dim. Molly is no doubt a mask advocate too.

      • They aren’t. Masks are mandated in public when social distancing can’t happen, and inside. I doubt most people these days go outside if they are sick. Many, in fact most of the people getting sick are getting exposed by people that don’t even know they are infected. They are who should wear a mask so that they don’t make others sick.

  5. Same old argument! Good grief! Dr. Paulson is not a microbiologist. I am. He makes some very valid points about the touching and handling of masks. But that is not the point and purpose of how masks are being worn for viral transmission.

    Corona virus microbes are indeed tiny but are transmitted via inhalation of contaminated droplets – I repeat, DROPLETS – which would be bodily fluids between humans. Covid-19 microbes are unable to crawl through fabric, and bodily fluids do not fit through the weave of the standard material of which masks are made. The mask is just a more effective way to deflect and contain the droplets. I’m sure most of you cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. A mask also contains laughing, hard consonants, and vigorous speech that chances to disperse droplets.

    I am against the foolish mandate but I am also against mis-information. If people received clear non-politically motivated information, the wearing of masks would not be an issue.

    Given the COVID-19 virus is essentially a cold virus, albeit with a twist, we don’t have mi h immunity and it is randomly dangerous to some people, simply out of courtesy and care for our neighbors, donning s mask when we can’t distance really is so not too much to ask.

    • Good, thanks Elizabeth. I thought the droplets versus the microbes was significant. Also curious what Dr Paulson would say about wearing a mask during surgery?

    • As a microbiologist, why would you think or possibly more importantly say that “Covid-19 microbes are unable to crawl through fabric”? Who is claiming that Covid-19 microbes crawl through fabric? I’m not a microbiologist but I haven’t heard anyone claim that microbes, of any sort, “crawl” through fabric. I have heard terms like expelled and jets due to coughing and sneezing, but yours is the first mention of “crawl”, maybe that is something that microbes are known for…as a microbiologist please let us know more about this microbial crawl.
      Since you are a microbiologist, can you please share some information on the size of a droplet vs the size of the Covid-19 microbes and the size of a droplet and the size of aerosolized spray vs the Covid-19 microbe? I think it would be helpful for those of us who don’t understand how small a Covid-19 microbe is in comparison to say what a N95 mask filters or a bandana filters. Thanks in advance for providing this very useful information.

      • She was only saying that the virus isn’t mobile by itself. It had to hitch a ride. The ride media is easily filterable. Yes, the better the filter medium, the better the filtration. This isn’t rocket science people. Pay attention.

    • Could you also please explain how a mask prevents wearers from spreading COVID-19, but doesn’t protect them from contracting it?

      How is it that a virus can go only one way through a mask?

      And lastly, it is not too much to ASK me to wear a mask, but it is gross governmental overreach to MANDATE that I wear one.

    • Thank you Elizabeth, this has always seemed to be common sense to me. I’m no ‘Micro_Biologist’, just a simple ‘Radarman’.
      As much as information has changed throughout this ‘pandemic’, one of the constants is how the microbes are transmitted. Even a ‘Radarman’ can see how wearing a mask properly can prevent ‘broadcasting’ the microbes as the ‘bodily fluid droplets’ they ride on will predominantly end up on your mask. Not harming the wearer, if they are transmitting the microbes they already have the virus unbeknownst to them. All this being said, Mayor Berkleywitz can pack sand!!!!

  6. Ok, so GoFundMe showed their political bent. Don’t give up, the people who donated wanted to donate. They will find you‼️ So…Next‼️Open up a PayPal or a Patreon, VistaPrint, WordPress, a stand-alone website, or different fundraising platform altogether‼️ It’s a pain and it’s totally bullying and power-hungry on their part, but it’s also just a speed-bump that might just bring in more money than originally after the word gets out. Good luck! ??

  7. It would have been nice to hear what information was to be shared. I am really wondering WHY gofundme returned the donations. I personally sent an email asking why.

  8. The research on masks is far from conclusive and there is no consensus among microbiologists or any other group of scientists about the efficacy of masks in the covid situation. The best that recent studies can conclude is that they might help, probably, in some situations, maybe, um… but it *should* work!

    If you put a mask on and cough or sneeze with your hand in front of your face, you will most likely be able to feel that warm, moist air does indeed pass through and around the cloth. Surgical masks will not block aerosolized particles; they are basically to stop spit from a surgeon’s mouth and mucous from a surgeon’s nose from dropping into a wound. So, large droplets may be retained, but not aerosolized droplets (aerosols are defined as being less than 0.0002 inches or 5 microns in diameter). Those can also get through cloth masks (which have pore sizes from 80 to 500 microns), especially considering that a sneeze can propel those tiny droplets at speeds of up to 100 mph (no crawling necessary). Even if most transmission of the covid virus happens in the form of large respiratory droplets rather than aerosols – which research has not yet settled – larger droplets are heavy enough that they fall from the air after traveling only a few feet. So unless you insist on standing nearly on top of others in the checkout line or getting in people’s faces during conversations, it’s hard to justify universal masking for the general public. Even the WHO was forced to admit, after strenuous efforts to find otherwise, “that there is no direct evidence (from studies on COVID-19 and in healthy people in the community) on the effectiveness of universal masking of healthy people in the community to prevent infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.”

    But what’s not being well discussed are the risks to the wearer, and by extension to others, presented by masks. Unless you are wearing a properly-fitted N-95 (which blocks 95% of particles at least 0.3 microns in diameter, but carries its own risks), instead of dissipating in the air your mask-deflected breath blasts up into your eyes – witness the difficulty with glasses fogging up – and also back towards your ears, both potential entry places for not only viruses but also bacteria, fungi, and anything else you breathe out as your body clears itself of waste. Pathogens and toxins that do not escape the mask may be immediately re-inhaled; and the moment you begin breathing inside a mask, those germs that you do not re-breathe, or do not escape the mask, begin collecting on the mask in a warm, moist microenvironment ideal for bacterial and fungal growth. This is unhealthy in general, but since covid is recognized as being dose-dependent, it presents two more risks. While a person passing you in the office or supermarket may be spared a few droplets, you are spending many minutes or hours behind a mask re-breathing your own germs, those that do not escape or stick and culture on the mask, anyway. So if you are an asymptomatic covid carrier, you may be significantly upping your own viral load and thus your chances of becoming symptomatic or even contracting a more serious case of the disease. Secondly, even if you do not suffer more serious disease symptoms, by increasing your viral load you may actually position yourself as a “super-spreader,” making it more likely you will spread the virus.

    The scientific jury is still out on just about all of this, so people should do their best due diligence and make their own decisions about wearing a mask in the face of an increasingly underwhelming pandemic. As someone else said, TB in AK is a much bigger threat, and the flu is just as bad in many ways, so are we setting ourselves up to wear dubiously effective masks forever? Protect the vulnerable, practice good basic hygiene and get on with life!

    • Most of what you breathe out is not waste but is rebreathable. Probably debatable for those people with rotting teeth and poor dental hygiene. Just saying.

      • I did not mention lower oxygen levels since cloth and surgical masks are so poor at blocking airflow. But our bodies have a fairly tight range of tolerance for the level of oxygen we breathe, and it is dangerous to breathe air with either too much or too little. Free air is usually about 20% oxygen, and exhalation contains about 15%. Your cells begin to have a hard time with physical activity when you breathe air containing 16-19% O2; at 14% or below, general mental and physical performance start suffering. So if you spend much time in a mask that has any blocking capacity at all, you will be re-breathing borderline 02 levels, and this will be additive as you repeatedly inhale your exhalation. This is one reason why so many of us feel like we’re struggling to breath when something is across our mouth and nose – it’s our body’s way of saying it’s not good for us; it’s also why people can actually pass out if they wear an N-95 mask for too long.
        My points above had more to do with “wastes” like viruses, bacteria, fungi and other impurities in our airways, including our noses and mouths, that our bodies expel when we exhale. But as you point out, even the air we exhale isn’t optimum for health. And one of the best defenses against covid and all other viral respiratory diseases is supporting your immune system, and paying attention to your respiratory health by getting out in the fresh air.

        • I wore a 3m n95 mask for 16 hours straight when traveling down to here. Never once felt dizzy in a plane pressurized to only 5000 feet. I’m calling B’s on your body talking story.

          • Each person’s experience is different, which is why everyone should be free to choose their own risks, foolish or not. Manufacturer guidance typically suggests that N95 respirators can be worn for 3-4 hours at a time, up to a maximum of 8 hours, and should not be re-used. According to one N-95 supplier, “When worn properly, these respirator masks get very hot inside and are very difficult to breathe in due to the pressure change between the air inside and the outside atmosphere. It is like breathing through a blanket and can become distressing to the user. A user’s blood-oxygen saturation can drop and carbon dioxide increases significantly with correct and prolonged use. Even a healthy and fit adult could find wearing an N95, if put on correctly, difficult after an hour or so of use. An older person or an immunocompromised individual likely would have a very hard time using an N95 mask even for a short time.”
            So, it’s good that you made it through 16 hours of risk to your physical and mental capacity.

          • You should stick to anecdotal nonsense about your time “on the res” rather than disputing quantifiable data with a firm ‘oh huh’.

  9. I am saddened that we are falling for this whole divide and conquer thing. Be a better man/woman! LISTEN to one another. What we put out comes back to us at some time or other. It is the Law. (You can experiment with that and see for yourself.)

    Let’s also stand up in truth of our being, which is love. And love is very powerful. After all, the reason we’re all getting worked up is because we care about ourselves and our loved ones.

    Stress is not our natural state, and it’s what causes us to be ill. Not a so-called virus. (There’s a new scientific paradigm emerging now. Check it out so that you’re not behind the times when the truth comes out.)

    We are all being manipulated into separation and into looking down at the little distractions (literally) so that we don’t look up and see the big picture. Let’s remain curious and open-minded and open-hearted about what’s happening. Do we want to be manipulated?!

    One site that can be a starting place is QuestioningCovid.com. Or thehealthyamerican.org. Or youtube.com/c/inpower2. There are so many! Follow the different paths and don’t be afraid to go down the rabbit hole. You will find many others down there with you, so don’t worry about being labeled as crazy. Be curious! Don’t judge, but be discerning. Do your OWN research.

    Questions one might ask: Who benefits? Where’s the money in all of this?

    Love is winning. The question is, How long do we want it to be before we see that, and who will be hurt in the meantime? This insanity could all end tomorrow if we let it. It’s up to us and nobody else.

    Thanks for reading!

    May the Power of Truth and Love be in and around us all.

    (Pass it on.)

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