Old Glory joined by Alaska flag on Flattop Mountain


An attempt by a retired biology professor to remove the American flag from Flattop Mountain has begun to, shall we say, flag in recent days. Only thieves seem to want to join in that cause.

While Old Glory was stolen from its flagpole last weekend, it was quickly replaced by Rep. Laddie Shaw, who has been keeping the flag in good shape for years, refreshing it as the flag gets tattered in the sometimes-hurricane-force winds.

Now, an inspired a group of hikers has added the Alaska flag to the top of the mountain, just in time for the Independence Day weekend.

Rick Steiner, the retired UAA professor and environmental warrior, had written a protest against the American flag at that location in the Chugach State Park, saying it served no recreational purpose at the top of Flattop and was a violation of state regulation prohibiting flags in state parks. Gov. Mike Dunleavy had abused his power, Steiner said, when Rep. Shaw had been given an illegal conditional use permit to replace the flag whenever it became worn.

The Alaska flag was raised alongside it Sunday, when group of hikers piled some rocks together to create a base for the flagpole. Must Read Alaska did not catch their names.

Weather for the weekend is sunny and in the 70s, perfect hiking weather for those who want to head up to Southcentral’s favorite hiking destination and salute the flag for Independence Day.


    • You’re right. Might not be possible up there though. They should have put up a shorter flag pole for the state flag…or put it on the same pole beneath the American flag. Oh well…their hearts were in the right place, unlike Steiner’s.

  1. So now we are fighting over where the United States flag can be displayed.
    Well, there ARE rules, but I don’t know if they apply here.

  2. I wish Steiner would move to California where his kind are more welcome. Better yet, I wish he’d move to China or the Middle East.

    On the other hand, I wish patriotism would start taking hold for more than the holiday weekend.

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