Alaska Airlines to give ‘yellow card’ warnings to those unmasked offenders


Starting in July, Alaska Airlines flight attendants will be able to issue a final notice to any traveler who repeatedly refuses to wear a mask or face covering on board the aircraft.

“With that warning – in the form of a yellow card handed to them – the guest’s travel with us will be reviewed and could be suspended for a period. That would be a decision we do not take lightly. By working together, we do more for the common good,” the airline said on its blog.

Exceptions will be made for those under the age of two, anyone with a medical condition that makes it hard to breathe with a mask, and any who cannot remove a mask without assistance or who has other disabilities.

“It’s okay if the mask is temporarily adjusted to eat and drink while in your seat,” the airline wrote. Also, before boarding, passengers must sign off on a health agreement that they will adhere to the mask policy while flying on Alaska Airlines.

For guests who might forget their own mask, we will have them available upon request. Starting in July, we’ll also provide individual hand-sanitizer wipes on board.

We’ve recently made significant investments in enhanced cleaning procedures, hospital-grade air filtration systems and other approaches to ensure your safety throughout the travel journey.


  1. Keep in mind that the Seattle-based airline is probably one of the most “woke” corporations in the USA. It will be curious to see if they choose to manifest their approach to other social/political issues. How about a ban on reading the right-wing Wall Street Journal on their flights? After all, just seeing someone reading the paper might “trigger” powerful emotions in other passengers. How about a surcharge on oil company employees flying to and from Alaska for their jobs? How can the airline be complicit in that behavior? The money collected through the surcharge could be split between CHOP and ANTIFA. Or, we could see a ban on transporting law enforcement officers by the airline. The possibilities are endless…

  2. The airlines have no business knowing people’s medical conditions that might make it hard to breathe while wearing a mask. They can shove their masks where their tailfins protrude.

    • I’ve hated flying at least for the past 30 years. Flying now resembles what the Greyhound bus line became by 1970. There was a 10 year period of time when I refused to fly, mostly because of the other passengers, not the airline. I fly because I choose to be Alaskan, and flying for an Alaskan is simply a necessary evil. The fewer people who fly with me, the better. I’ll pay more to avoid being canned like a sardine. The mask thing is detestable, but if there is anywhere I feel the need for Class 1 PPE, it’s an airport and commercial airliner. I will be wearing surgical gloves with my mask on my next flight, and since I hate those gloves with great passion, it will be a most uncomfortable experience.

  3. Yeah….thats why I fly Delta.

    I could care less if Alaska Airlines goes under for its stupidity.


  4. I never even thought about flying on any other airline over the last 30+ years, until my last few flights, and it’s not just the covid thing that’s going on right now. Folks freely “choose” to fly certain airlines for numerous reasons / perks. Eliminating those, one by one, is not a good idea. Flight attendant attitude is a big one recently losing ground lately . . . just sayin’

  5. WTH, are we playing Soccer?
    On that note, why are we being offered drinks or snacks when required to wear a mask?
    Pretty sure, the first negates the last……..

  6. I have a very simple solution. I just won’t fly while masks are required. We’ll see which airline dumps this silliness first.

  7. I’m having a problem with it being a ‘yellow card’ of warning. It reminds me of the yellow star of david armband given to Jews in WWII.

  8. Where are the thumbs up and down symbols at? I think a troll with an idiotic statement at least deserves to see how many people disagree with them. Matter fact can we turn their name red after a certain amount of negative feedback so we know who is a troll?

    • Yes, bring back the thumbs up & down symbols! Although not exactly a scientific poll ( if there is such a thing ), it is a good indication of the mood of the populace.

      • Absolutely, and the mood of the populace would certainly deem Greg Forkner as the troll he is just as they do on the other local news comment sections. At least let us have the option to block the trolls here if there are no thumbs.

        It’s one thing to insert an opinion now and then but Forkner is your typical liberal troll who seeks and stalks conservative view points from “another state” as he claims.

        Wake up and moderate! How long are you going to let Greg F. insert his one liners, call commentors names and even give his virtual “middle finger” to people?

        Id like to see this publication grow like the rest of us here I’m sure, but how long are you going to let the comments section be hijacked by the likes of trolls like Greg?

        • Meh, he’s not worth the trouble. It’s actually amusing to watch his pathetic attempts at trolling.

        • Well put, Sherry! I don’t think the Troll from Florida ‘s psyche could withstand the avalanche of Thumbs Down!

  9. Seems reasonable to challenge the company’s authority to do this by asking the Honorable Elaine Chao, Secretary of Transportation, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Ave, SE, Washington, DC 20590, (202) 366-4000, to review this apparently coercive policy enforced arbitrarily against customers.
    Similar requests for intervention might be sent to the Senate Subcommittee on Aviation and Space which has jurisdiction over aviation safety and protection of consumers (
    Senator Ted Cruz chairs the subcommittee, maybe he could be persuaded to invite company executives to testify as to what they’re doing, why they should be given taxpayers’ money to do it.
    Send courtesy copies of requests to Alaska’s congressional delegation, ask them to help follow up.
    Lawsuits or a class action lawsuit against the company might be appropriate to resolve the issues of forcing customers to make a contract under economic duress and invading customers’ privacy such as HIPAA-sensitive medical background to enforce company policy.
    The fact that the company has “… recently made significant investments in enhanced cleaning procedures, hospital-grade air filtration systems” seems like a rather stark admission that the company knew for a long time its cleaning procedures were inadequate.
    The “long time” would include periods when bird flu, swine flu, SARS, MERS, Ebola, regular ole flu, tuberculosis (remember, Alaska ranks #1 in TB cases), and all the rest of these show-stopping pathogens were “pandemic”.
    Surely the company already forces HIV-infected customers to wear extra protection, after all, isn’t this what the company policy of “working together, (doing) more for the common good” is all about?
    Once the company establishes coercive control over customers, what’s next?
    If the company can make face masks mandatory, surely it can make gloves, hair coverings, facial-hair coverings, clothing, footwear standards mandatory (semi naked feet on an airplane? yuck!).
    And the “yellow card”: company policy when a customer, or a plane load of customers refuse (calmly, lawfully) their “yellow cards” is what, exactly? Company policy will require customers to affix yellow cards –triangles– on their clothing to identify untermenschen? Ubermenchen get what, a green card, a special medallion maybe?
    When, not if, the company’s untermenschen database is eventually corrupted and ubermenschen are falsely denounced, what happens?
    When does it stop? Whenever the company decides, of course… maybe -never- if the policy turns out to be effective in suppressing passengers’ demands for something better than the awful, overpriced, taxpayer-subsidized joke of what passes for “service”
    … or when most customers decide they’ve had enough.

  10. The more they make it harder to fly the more I will just stay home and forget about traveling. Sign this, get poke up the nose & threaten for no mask. Alaska Air is doing everything to tick off their customers!

  11. According to the CDC’s own website, MOST people with COVID-19 have a mild to moderate respiratory illness, and some may have no symptoms (asymptomatic infection). Others experience severe symptoms and need specialist treatment and intensive care.
    Sounds like the seasonal flu, so what is the BFD??

    According to the MSM: The virus can travel six feet, but it cannot travel six feet, one inch or farther. It can live on all surfaces, except anything that comes in the mail from Amazon. It does not live in Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, or grocery stores. It is harmless in protests, riots, and looting, except for those that are protesting the stay at home orders. It is only deadly in churches, restaurants, bars, small businesses, hair salons, public or home gatherings, back yard barbecues, funerals, fishing boats, beaches, or Trump rallies. It cannot live on your food, as long as you order it to go. But if you want to sit down in a restaurant it becomes dangerous.

    I have been calling BS on this commie kungflu since the beginning. Wake up America, we’ve been played, and now we’re being had.

  12. Who gets on a plane during a global pandemic unless they absolutely have to? I don’t think mask mandates are appropriate while in the general public, but if I were to get on a small tube packed with other people I wouldn’t get on board with anything less than an N95 mask and I would probably wear a full or half face respirator with goggles and the appropriate filters.

  13. And that is why I am not flying anymore. Not wearing a mask, sick and tired of being treated like a criminal at airports and on planes. Driving is more fun and more relaxing. If I can’t drive there, I don’t have to go there.

  14. I feel in many ways they don’t have a choice. They could easily be singled out by the rabid mainstream media, they are based in Seattle. Just like Costco, the anger and push back from us is far less damaging then being victimized by the mainstream media and their so called journalism (which is dead).

  15. When I travel, I will travel on airline other than Alaska Air.
    Alaska Airlines has been drinking the grape kool-aid too

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