New start: ‘Truth Unmasked’ project now called ‘Alaskans Deserve Better,’ funds roll in


Update: Must Read Alaska has taken down the first video of this project because the doctor who made the video has been subjected to harassment. We’ll update you when we can share more. There are bootlegged copies of the video floating around.

Perhaps there was too much truth for GoFundMe?

A new funding website for the “Truth Unmasked” project has been started at Fundly, as an alternative to the GoFundMe campaign that was defunded without explanation by the tech company that helps people raise money for projects.

Bernadette Wilson, an Anchorage activist and niece of the late Gov. Wally Hickel, is creating videos featuring doctors with a different perspective on the widespread mask mandates being enacted around the country, including in Anchorage. These doctors’ views are not part of Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’ narrative, nor do they support his strict mandate that is in effect through July 31.

Wilson was crowdsourcing the funds needed to produce the videos and buy radio ads to present the other point of view.

Wilson’s new fundraising page, up just 12 hours as of this writing, has been able to restore over $2,000 of the $4,800 she had raised before GoFundMe shut down her project.

Wilson says that the purpose of the project was to share a point of view that is not part of the mainstream narrative that some politicians are pushing. The fact that it is being suppressed by Big Tech shows how much the project is actually needed, she said.

She also wants to educate people about their rights if they have medical conditions that prevent them from wearing a mask over their airways.

She explains how she discovered the suppression of her project:


  1. Good for her!
    I agree that the real-life factors involved in mask wearing and usage mitigate much of the supposed benefits.
    The Dr. Paulson video was annoying, though, with that manipulative “background” mood music.

  2. Love you, Bernadette!

    I just read on Facebook how a crowd of these mask shamers are going after Bear Paw Bar and Grill. Apparently they had the audacity to state that they will be following the mask mandate but that it’s not their job to force their customers to – that their customers have the freedom to choose for themselves. What a concept! The despicable mask shamers are now posting that the employees have COVID and are purposely spreading it to the customers.
    If you are a freedom loving American, please go and support your local businesses who are just trying to survive in these scary, hyper-political times.

    • Wally Hickel would be rolling over in his grave. I met him in my doctor’s office years ago. We both had the same alternative medicine MD. She has said to me that people need to wear masks!! Wow the stupidity in this state abounds. As cases continue to rise we will end up back in lockdown and businesses will close. Is that the end game with anti maskers. Just put on your big people pants and wear a damn mask!!!!

      • You are full of it. If you are not sanitizing or changing out your mask multiple times a day, you are only harming yourself. N95 masks only have a life time of 15 minutes of use with out sanitizing. Shake my head at the Lemmings.

      • You hit the nail on the head. I never knew Alaska had so many squall bawls in it. That or they are just uneducated sheep and follow the flock. Stupid.

      • Clearly these people already show signs of suffering from mental health disorders. And clearly the healthcare costs of psychologist psychiatrist and other people that need to help deal with people in this state of mind is going to be quadrupled. so by all means you don’t want to wear a mask your go-ahead to you’re the one that’s taking the risk of long-term unknown effects of constricting the virus in the end you’ll get exactly what you wished for.

    • What a great idea! Tell you all what, next time I operate on you or place a central line or give you chemo, I’m not going to wear a mask. It’s highly inconvenient for me and clearly – according to all of you – not helpful. If I sneeze into your abdomen or clear my through or cough? Who cares? It’s no problem right?
      Good luck with that gang!
      Put the politics away and just do the right thing.

  3. Just a publicity stunt. Motive?
    What government job will the palm tree lady apply for? I suspect mayor.
    Well see.

  4. Excellent!!! I will be sending in a healthy donation to this smart cookie! Thank you for helping others find the truth that this is ridiculous! More need to stop depending on the fake news and scare tactics and educate themselves on all of this.

    • MRAK has taken down the first video of the project because the doctor was being harassed.

    • So instead of listening to real doctors and real numbers like here in Florida, you give hard cash to a blond star who is obviously politically motivated. I’m just LMAO shaking my head at you all. Jeez.

      • What does that have to do with anything? Was his or your tootsies hurt? C’mon, I want to see it. That embarrassment becomes harassment is typical with you cats. Again, if it stands, it should stand dontcha think? I mean, this fellow should stand behind his words or retract given the gravity (admittedly in your world perhaps not) of our situation.

  5. I wrote to GoFundMe asking why my donation was returned. Crickets. Off to the new site now. Thanks for the update.

  6. I’ll wait until some fellow docs weigh-in before I opine. But here’s one thing to chew on: most hand-made masks do not block out the coronavirus because of the micron size of the virus itself. Approximately 900 single viruses would have to be lined-up to equal the width of an average human hair. Masking-up is like putting up a chain link fence to keep out mosquitoes.

    • Waiting for fellow docs to weigh in before opining inspires little confidence in customers who value your opinion.
      What, first to the accident scene but better wait until some fellow docs weigh-in before opining -and acting?
      Either you’re a leader, a healer with the courage of your convictions or you’re not, in which case, today might be your Groundhog Day.
      Things are so bad, the Cultural Revolution’s got Americans by the (expl del), we’re afraid of our own shadows, Madam Editor takes down videos because authors are harassed, First Amendment’s officially null and void cuz the Left says so,
      and a doctor, an American for God’s sake, has to wait until fellow docs weigh-in before opining?
      Maybe the PDR has no treatment for self-induced mass hysteria, but a medic’s gonna do, say something, even if it’s wrong, slings and arrows be damned.
      Last, forgive us in advance for shamelessly plagiarizing… “Masking-up is like putting up a chain link fence to keep out mosquitoes.” Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

  7. This is an unconstitutional mandate. No where in the US or Alaskan constitution does it state that mayors can force the public to follow their whims. The ones who should
    Wear masks are those with medical
    Conditions, or carrying the Wuhan flu.

  8. Another run of the mill nut job trying to cash in. Meanwhile, cases spiking everywhere in the US, especially in red states. And all you nutters come back to “Live free or die!.” Gives that phrase a whole new meaning!

  9. And similarly we went along en masse interning Japanese – Americans not so long ago. Nobody can disagree with the logic about asymptotic spread being precluded “when unable to practice social distancing” or read otherwise: if one has no mask, give them that space rather than be perfectly self righteous. If they approach you, game on.

    • At the time, locking up Japanese Americans saved lives. Pearl happened. That bloody nose changed things. It wasn’t right mind you, but all those sailers killed and ships sunk made us see red.

  10. The Silent Enemy is relentless and very patient. The enemy will wait silently until people relax. Ignore it. Minimize it. Be tough. The Silent Enemy has no respect for you simply because you are a human being. The enemy could care less if you are fearless and wish to maintain your normal, enjoyable lifestyle. Do you think the Silent Enemy contemplates whether people wear masks or wash their hands? The enemy is on a roll. Soon it will be obvious that the War President has no happy ending for America. A Fox News Poll will reveal that Sleepy Joe will undoubtably win the election unless something dramatic happens. And that’s when Ivanka will gently and lovingly tell her dad the truth: he needs to wear a mask in public to have any chance of winning in November. The President will insist on a Lone Ranger mask.

  11. I always dig these mask debates. Remember, waaay back in February going into March? Think hard now…. all the doctors, including Fauci said masks were useless.

    Then mid April rolls around and it’s the ‘wear a mask or die’ mantra. Why? I’ll tell you why – at first, people were buying them all up and those that needed them in their professions couldn’t get them. They needed manufacturing to get ramped up and caught up to the demand, after it sagged.

    Then, it was all about flattening the curve. Shutting down the economy; ‘hunkering down’. The next 4 weeks, including the previous 2 months instilled great fear in the population. The CDC, WHO, and all other government agencies were all over the place.

    You must understand that the government painted themselves into a corner that they really didn’t know how to get out of. So, roll out the next part of the fear machine: Masks, 6’ distance and hand sanitizer must be utilized so we can slowly open the economy back up.

    The last 2 months they’ve bombarded us with these “facts” until many believe it to be gospel. So, go ahead, do your part. Remember, if you have to be within a couple feet of someone else wearing a cloth, homemade mask, every time they exhale breath that might contain the corona cooties is escaping all around their face. Oh, and those with the exhalation ports…. yeah, useless.

  12. 10169 new cases in Florida today. 67 deaths. I bet this chick can’t even count that high. Liberal trying to cash in and make herself a future political love nest.

  13. If you wear a mask, you and others do away with 90 percent of the risk. Wash your hands and social distance, takes care of the rest. People not wearing masks are like the walking dead. Stay away from them.

  14. To disgustedalaskan, I fully agree with your statement, too many scare tactics are being used with the mask politically and the Anchorage Mayor who just a little while ago participated in a protest without a mask has no business doing a mask mandate!

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