Surprise! Joe Miller endorses Kurka for House District 7


Republican Christopher Kurka, candidate for State House in District 7, has been endorsed by a name familiar in Alaska politics: Joe Miller of Fairbanks, the publisher of Restoring Liberty website and a former Republican nominee for U.S. Senate who lost to Sen. Lisa Murkowski after winning the Republican Primary. Murkowski went on to do a successful write-in campaign to retain her seat.

“I am thrilled to have the endorsement of one of Alaska’s conservative thought leaders,” Kurka said. “Joe has been in this fight for a long time, and nobody knows the score better than he does. I am both humbled and honored by his support.”

Miller’s endorsement came the day after the Alaska Republican Party endorsed Lynn Gattis, former representative, to return to the position after being out of politics for four years.

District 7 Republicans also endorsed Gattis over Kurka.

Miller has a following on the far right side of the Alaska Republican Party, but many Miller followers are in the Wasilla area of Alaska.

“If you’re like me, you’re sick and tired of the games being played in Juneau,” Miller said in his written endorsement. “Conventional politicians tell you what you want to hear at election time, but when it’s time to gavel in they do what they’re told. What we need above all else right now are leaders who are willing to stand up to the Big Government Special Interests and deliver for the citizens they represent. Christopher Kurka is a proven conservative who has not just talked the talk, but has also walked the walk.”

He cited Kurka’s work as the former executive director of Alaska Right to Life.

“My opponent has been part of the system for years,” Kurka said, referring to Gattis, who served in the Legislature for several years until 2016. Kurka attacked Gattis as “helping to create this financial crisis, she’s now telling us she’s the one to fix it. I’m running because it’s time for new people, new ideas, new leadership, and a long overdue course correction.”


  1. Thanks Joe Miller. We don’t need recycled spenders. Nice lady or not, she’s a part of the reason we’re in this financial mess today.

    Kurka represents a fresh start.

  2. It’s time we replace the usual suspects in Juneau and drain our own swamp. If you have a Candidate that has bern part of the problem with spending the only approach is replace.

  3. Right on Joe!! Time for some fresh blood and a young mans perspective in District 7. Chris Kurka is beholden to no one except his God, family and nation!!

  4. Helloooo… this thing’s on, people!

    Joe Miller is the guy widely regarded as a disreputable sack in his previous election attempts. I know nothing of Gattis but having an endorsement from Joe Miller is like heading out for a swim with an anvil in your pocket.

      • Joe Miller’s reputation is that of a disreputable snake.

        One ADN article from when they were still a viable news source was entitled:

        “For Joe Miller, stress, lies and politics tainted his borough job, records show”

        …and there are a ton of other similar articles.

        What do conservatives know about snakes that the rest of us don’t?


            Just like the CBS affiliate mentioned in that article-The ADN and dispatch were smear machines in 2010. Anyone around at the time knows that; it was obvious. Miller fought RINOs in his own party, the left, and the media. The latter were equal parts upset they didn’t see him upsetting Murkowski as they were that he was a limited government conservative. The man was a war vet, federal magistrate judge, went to Westpoint and then Yale law, and raised 8 kids. The fact he lost to entitled princess is an indictment of the Alaskan voter (at the time) and the aforementioned corrupt groups. He made self inflicted wounds, but in the era before Trump, there was more pressure and scrutiny on that race and that candidate than anything Anyone who follows Alaskan politics has ever seen.

    • Really? He kicked Lisa Murkowski’s a$$ in the Republican Primary in 2010. Murkowski’s been gasping for air near the surface ever since.

      • You don’t kick anyone’s *ss unless you unseat them. The fact that Murky may not be any good at her position doesn’t mean that she’s somehow been compromised or bested by your buddy the duplicitous viper.

      • Joe Miller. West Point grad. Army officer serving as M1A1 tank commander in Gulf War. Yale Law School graduate. Licensed attorney. Magistrate Judge. Raised 7 kids in Alaska. And according to Trouser Bark, Joe is not qualified? Ha! Sounds like a severe case of old fashioned jealousy to me.

        Lisa Murkowski. Barely graduated from law school with daddy’s help getting admitted. Seven times taking the AK Bar exam. Daddy handed her the US Senate seat. Married to a full-time house husband. Traitor to her own party.
        And this is Trouser Bark’s hero?
        We all get you, Trouser.

        • Facts are hard things to ignore, and they sure work well when arguing with a Lefty. Trouser is probably one of those government drones who reads the comic section at ADN and feels he’s informed. Pull up your pants, little guy, and try to aim straight.

        • To say you’re against Joe in any manner doesn’t mean that you’re for Lisa. Regardless of what his resume’ looks like he’s been repeatedly found to be a snake.

          Kurka needs better endorsements. Maybe go talk to Satan.

          • Yeah…..yeah….yeah. But Joe Miller is OUR snake. The Lefties have Bill and Hillary, Obama, Biden, Eric Holder, Pelosi, Upchuck Schumer, etc… etc…

          • If Joe Miller can raise hackles of old Lefties like Trouser Bark, then I’m in Joes’s corner.

          • Haha. Old Trouser is a retired government Lefty with his pants down to his ankles, where he is inspecting his …..uh, navel, ….and wondering how he could be so lucky to receive $992 from Mike Dunleavy.

  5. Gattis is a great person but Chris Kurka deserves a chance. Gattis gamed the press, her colleagues and her constituents, and I think that at times she did it because she could. Maybe she was bored. Also, we must not forget her poor showing in the Lt. Gov. race. We need new talent and new ideas; Kurka looks exactly like that. Voters cannot keep sending the same people to Juneau and at the same time expect better results.

  6. I don’t envy District 7’s choices here. Gattis has a reputation of being an untrustworthy snake, and Kurka is tied too closely to Eastman and his band of not-so-merry followers. Which do you choose? Someone who’s a stereotypical, slimy politician, or an Eastman clone?

    Between the two, I’d prefer Kurka … until he starts pulling Eastman’s and voting against Heartbeat bills, backing out when conservatives need him, running political proxy wars and the like.

    I’d like to know what Kurka thinks of Eastman’s time in office.

  7. Yeah!!! Joe Miller and right, good pick….let’s get it on and win that District. Its about time for good things to happen, so drain the swamp in District 7…

  8. @Tom at the Bureau

    I’m not a lefty. Conservative to the bone.

    The easy way to remember that is that next time you think of me, know that I’m right.

    • Have another tok, Trouser. Hillary would be glad to friend you…….you old deplorable buzzard.

      • You guys like labels. You’re wrong when you tag them on me but you do like your labels.

        Conservative for sure.

        According to Kemosabee I’m a retired government employee with my pants down inspecting my parts. I’m not retired, have never been a government employee, and I’m not confused about how I should self identify.

        No lefty here; I’m always right. Married to the same person for more than three decades and she has the opposite kind of plumbing to mine. I might be deplorable but I suppose that depends on whom you’re talking to.

        …and I’m old enough to remember Charlie Bussell coming to work cranky and fired up back in the late 70’s out at the old shop on the edge of the SBS yard. So yeah, not a spring chicken I suppose.

        • Decent people can disagree on whether Miller is the right candidate, for whatever race, or whether his endorsement is good or bad for a candidate, but calling a guy who has gone thru many gauntlets in life (not the least of which was that 2010 race) for others, a snake, seems like a misplaced label as well. Also, I’ve lived in this state over 4 decades- in all that time the ADN has NEVER been a trustworthy source-but certainly not in 2010.

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