Trump wins South Carolina in landslide


Former President Donald Trump walked to an easy win in South Carolina’s Republican primary on Saturday. Polls closed at 7 pm, and the Associated Press called the race shortly thereafter.

“I have never seen the Republican Party so unified as it is right now,” Trump said to supporters on Saturday night. “This is really something. This was a little sooner than we anticipated and an even bigger win than we anticipated. And I was just informed that we got double the number of votes that has ever been received in the great state of South Carolina.” 

With 7% of the vote counted, Trump was at 59%, to gain 29 more delegates to the Republican Nominating Convention in July. Haley was at 40%.

With 24% of the vote counted, Trump rose to 60% and Haley was at 39%.

With 82% reporting, Trump is at 60.51% and Haley is at 38.85%, at 9:47 p.m. Eastern time.

With 100% reporting, Trump is at 59.79% and Haley is at 39.52%.

Although all registered voters of any party were allowed to vote in the Republican primary, if a voter already cast a ballot in the Feb. 3 South Carolina Democrat primary, he or she would not be eligible to vote in the Republican primary.

Haley has said she will not drop out, even though she has not won a single primary or caucus yet. 

Next up in primaries is Michigan on Feb. 27. Then come two caucuses on March 2 in Idaho and Missouri, followed by the District of Columbia primary on March 3, and the North Dakota caucus on March 4.

Michigan has a Democrat primary on Tuesday, and some are sounding the alarm that President Joe Biden may lose the Arab-American vote in that state, as well as the votes from younger registrants.

On March 5, Super Tuesday, 16 states hold Republican primaries or caucuses, including Alaska.

This story will be updated as vote counting continues. Or you can check the South Carolina Election website here.


  1. My friend that lives in South Carolina said the Democrats passed on voting in their primary, so they could vote in the Republican primary.

    In South Carolina, you only vote for one candidate, in a pick your political party choice primary race.

    Dimwits and some RINOs showed up for Haley.

    • Trump is going to clean house this fall. These lawsuits against him won’t matter one iota. He’s going to blast off come October. Get ready for Donald John Trump, the 47th President of the United States. And he’s going to come gunning for all of those that came after him and betrayed him. Four years of a revenge presidency. And that’s the name of that tune.

    • The Maga republican sect has detached itself from actual conservative beliefs, while saying “maga is the only actual conservatives, and disagreement is far-left radical liberalism”. Its tiresome, and tedious, and when they win the election, they are going to start arresting and murdering their opponents.

      • Greg, it seems that you are playing the part of the spiteful… given Trump’s excellent record of keeping our country safe and prosperous during his Presidency!

        Reaching out from his grave, this message is the Epitaph of Nathaniel Grigsby:

        “Through this inscription I wish to enter my dying protest against what is called the Democratic party I have watched it closely since the days of Jackson and know that all the misfortunes of our nation has come to it through this so called party therefore beware of this party of treason.”
        Nathaniel Grigsby, Oct. 11, 1811 – Apr. 16, 1890 / — 2nd Lieut., Co. G, 10th Ind. Cavy. —

          • Thanks for the reply Greg…I’ve been a “Constitutional-Conservative” for decades, now labeled a “Nationalist-Populist” or “Christian Nationalist”. I SUPPORT THE PROCESS THAT LEADS TO THE OUTCOMES WE’RE LOOKING FOR!
            President Trump delivered that until the “Coup d’etat”. Here’s a link to President Trump’s Achievements:

    • I think you can turn Florida around.
      Have you donated to the anti Trump machine yet?
      If so, please donate more right now, they really need patriots like yourself.

    • “I will do everything I can to campaign against him.” and what the hell is that Greg stamp your feet! Trump will win Alaska too! Haley is a ” warmonger & globalist treasonist ” to the average American & Alaskan. You would do better playing shuffle board with any other dimwits waiting for there monthly checks to buy “Depends “!

    • Greg Forkner, you say, “He isn’t what’s good for America. Not any more.” I will give you credit for at least admitting he was once “good for America.” If only you could see his political ideology still is good for America then we could have hope for your intellectual potential.

    • Greg, take a look at your comment. your last sentence pretty well describes it. Maybe a few mirrors would be helpful for this TDS.

    • Of course you will Greg.
      A good little leftist such as yourself wants to be told what to do, and how to live by the all-powerful State.

    • I’m pretty sure that he’s not to worried about the loss of your vote let alone your campaigning against him. Still crying over Ron’s dismall showing in the primary Gregg?

  2. Nikki is not ever dropping out. She is waiting for her globalist handlers to take Trump out by using the corrupt courts, made up charges by the FBI and the CIA creating crafted “leaked” reports. The concern for Trumps’ physical safety is of concern. The US/European globalists are losing control of the “rules” based system, self created economic collapse and the chaos of mass immigration policies. There is no limit to the extent they will go to retain power. Once Trump is incapacitated, one way or another, Nikki will be used as a GOP puppet executive office holder. As the Bush dynasty was used before Trumps’ 2016 upset of the system.

    • You’ve got it, bud! The common man must feel the heat and get the boot. And going beggin’ for an overlord, they’d find no better man than Trump to kick ’em around to raise their spirits! The gravy train has come to the end of the track: brotherly love aside, it’s every man for himself. Load up at the expense of your neighbors while you can: things are going to get worse. You can always contend that circumstances made you do it! Remember, that once you get yours, you can always be benevolent later and only when you feel the urge!

      • Can you send us all directions to the universe you are living in? It sounds like a lot more fun than the one we are all in right now.
        Because frankly, everything you are accusing Trump of planning, is in fact happening right now under the current administration. Or, do you really think EVERY SINGLE PERSON who was within view of the US Capital on Jan 6th is a terrorist? Do you think the DOJ should be using facial recognition software to identify and track people who did not even enter the Capital grounds?
        Or is there some other form of overlord boot?

  3. Some polls suggest that should The Trumpster be convicted of a felony, many independent voters – the kind of voters that decide elections – will have a difficult time voting for the Donald. Yes, the great MAGA army will support their guy no matter what. But without enough swing voters he will lose to a smiling vegetable in a suit. Something to think about.

      • 45 has also had major change in support from the African American and Latino voters. Ask the people of Chicago who they are voting for as they see the assistance they used to recieve, as it is handed directly to the illegals. This is a huge problem the Uniparty will not overcome.

    • Well, this nonpartisan worked in the legal field for almost 20 years. I’ve seen plenty of people in Alaska railroaded in that time. The court system was just getting worse. Glad I got out of the field.

      Unfortunately, they’re now weaponizing the legal system against political opponents w/far-reaching charges. The fraud case in New York w/James is fraud in itself.

      • Do you have any actual evidence that Biden himself is directing the Justice Department to go after Trump? And by evidence, I don’t mean “well he must be directing it because he’s President”. Like or not, Trump has done this to himself by thinking that he’s above the law because he used to be President.

  4. Trump, too chicken to debate a woman. Voters deserve the chance to see Trump debate Haley at least three times before voting. Same goes for the demented Biden and whomever is running against him as a Democrat. To deny Americans the ability to compare candidates side by side in a debate is a major loss.

    • Why should Trump debate her? He’s crushing here in the polls and at the ballot box. She’s doing a fine job of self immolation all on her own.

      You seem to have forgotten he debated Hilary and all comers in ‘16 and won.

      • I can think of a bunch of reasons why Trump should not debate.

        1. He’s old, and starting to slip.
        2. He’d have to defend his being a draft dodger.
        3. He’d have to defend the fact that he raised our debt by over $7 trillion dollars- he’s not a fiscal conservative like Haley.
        4. He’d have to defend his multiple bankruptcies… not much of a businessman…
        5. He’d have to defend his wild conspiracies.
        6. He’d have to explain his abject failure to build a border wall- and have Mexico pay for it.
        7. He’d have to explain how he’d get the critical independent voters and a sizable percentage of Republicans who find him disgusting in the general election.
        8. He’d have to explain how he was a supporter of Hillary Clinton.
        9. He’d have to explain how he lost to both Biden and Hillary in the popular vote and why this time the outcome would be any different given his loss of Republican voters.
        10. He’d have to explain his unforgivable support of the insurrection on Jan 6.
        11. He’d have to explain why he, like Biden, left TS SCI classified documents in places that were not secure.

        Trump is not the future. He is a joke. A clown show. And his cult- like supporters can not see it.

    • “To deny Americans the ability to compare candidates side by side in a debate is a major loss.”…

      The DNC/Communists-Marxists-Bolshevist’s denied RFK to even run on the ticket, let alone debate…is that what you’re alluding to? Trump wears the Armor of God and is certainly not “too chicken”!

      • So, John, you defend this coward? The same coward who refused to serve his country in a time of war? Trump is a puss puss.

        • I Do Defend him…and would GLADLY stand between the two of you…until I moved out of the way for you to call him a coward face-to-face. President Trump met with the World’s Tyrants (including WEF at Davos), along with his unprecedented meeting with Kim Jong Un on THE DMZ OF NORTH KOREA. He implemented actions to prevent North Korea from shooting missiles at Hawaii and the U.S.A.! Brave? Only using only an “initial”, not your name…who’s the coward here?

          • John,

            I get that you are in the Trump cult and factual information will have no impact on you. But I don’t want a president too cowardly to debate. A president too cowardly to serve his country in a time of war. Worse, (how can it get worse) is Trump was found civilly liable for sexually assaulting a woman in 1996. And guess what? The coward refused to attend the trial and defend himself. Puss puss puss.

      • We’ve heard her, we’ve heard Trump. The voters are overwhelmingly choosing Trump.

        That is “democracy” in action.

    • Not participating in a debate is likely the smartest thing Trump can do.
      And, not for the reasons anyone thinks.
      Tell me, is there any possibility that the moderator will be asking any questions about anything other than Trump’s current court issues? I don’t see it happening.
      So, unless you want the debate to be marketing for the leftists, Trump needs to avoid them at all costs.

    • The Debate between Trump and Biden will be illuminating to many if there is fair moderation.

      Relentlessly using the terms “cult” and “coward”, and loose with what you call “facts”…when DID you cross into Trump Derangement Syndrome? Cool-Aid drinkers unite heh?

      Hiding behind “M” is possibly cowardice, what is your name to show you want an honest debate here?
      Also, FYI here’s a link to President Trump’s Achievements:

    • You mean be a patriot and do what’s right for her Country? Something you know nothing about you loser cult membee

  5. I thinking if Trump comes back winning his second term, this country so divided as it was when President Lincoln won. The southern Democrats wouldn’t have it. They denied he was even elected and seceded then declared war against Lincoln, the republicans, and Union. I thinking Democrats won’t be so tolerant a second time as they were through Trump’s first presidency.

    • “They denied he was even elected and seceded then declared war against Lincoln, the republicans, and Union”.

      And then of course at the end, the Democrats had President Lincoln murdered, and so began their retribution against our country that has never stopped!

        • Use your real name-I might debate you and point you to more evidence. In the meantime, as his dying request, this objective evidence was written in stone…

          “Through this inscription I wish to enter my dying protest against what is called the Democratic party I have watched it closely since the days of Jackson and know that all the misfortunes of our nation has come to it through this so called party therefore beware of this party of treason.”
          Nathaniel Grigsby, Oct. 11, 1811 – Apr. 16, 1890 / — 2nd Lieut., Co. G, 10th Ind. Cavy.

          He knew the Lincoln Family personally, fought in THE WAR, and wanted you to know this about the people who aided John Wilkes Booth.

    • Exactly how were they tolerant of Trump during his first term? Either you haven’t been paying attention or you were in support of everything they did to try and remove him from office. How far do you think the Democrats are going to be able to push conservatives with their lies and false accusations about them? Liberal Democrats don’t have the stomach for anything other than lie and cheat.

  6. As Brian mentioned, she is doing as she’s told, waiting for the hyenas to move on Trump. She can’t even take her own state, and she still doesn’t give it up? Nothing fishy here….. it’s all legit…..

  7. The only thing that matters is this November. Well, I say that, but how do we know our votes even matter?

    Alaska isn’t a big player when it comes to the presidential elections.

    • I agree about November and questioning whether our votes will even count or not. Remember tricky Nikki got together a team of government/state employees, ex-government/state employees and some other “big names”. Just what has she planned for Alaska? I think that they are going to try to steal our election. Thing is that WE HAVE GOT NAMES of her players and I’ll bet 50-to-1 that there are eyes focused on those Haley players.

      • It’s been acknowledged that President Trump won 74 million votes. No one is accusing him of any voter fraud, in fact, Democrats are saying that there was no fraud, right?
        There were roughly 236 Million ELIGABLE VOTERS at the time of the 2020 Presidential Election. It was reported there were 213.8 million REGISTERED VOTERS in the United Statesat that time; the VOTER TURNOUT across the country was about 66.2%. This equals 141.5 million VOTERS CAST A BALLOT IN 2020.
        What’s 141.5M – 74M =? The answer is 67.5M. That’s how many possible votes remained. So how on earth does Joe Biden have another 13 million votes on top of that number to equal 81 million votes? – It didn’t happen!….Never forget this.

        • I agree and I believe that our Alaska GOP and Republican parties are in on the steal. Notice the lack of push and lack of advertisement for the Presidential Preference Polling by the Republican Party? Very few will participate in the polling because they had no idea that the Presidential Preference Polling was even taking place thanks to the Alaskan GOP and the Republican Parties. The Alaska GOP and the Republican Parties will say, “Oh gosh! I guess that no one even cares enough to vote. So sad.” We need to get the word out about the March 5th Super Tuesday Presidential Preference Polling and get people to show up at the polls (what few there are!) to vote for the Presidential candidate they would like to see on the ticket!

    • No, your vote wont matter. It’s all rigged, so I suggest that you and all Trump supporters stay at home in November and not waste your time voting.

  8. It’s also telling, when the mainstream super spreaders will not air a victory speech from he who should be in the White House currently. However will have a mic in front of the losing candidate. All to give the appearance that she’s here for patriotic Americans.
    Couldn’t be further from the truth however. She’s nothing more then plan “B” for joes handlers.

  9. I think it’s possible that Haley could very well be
    our next president if she ran as an independent at
    the last minute. Dems & rhinos would vote for her
    splitting the vote .
    In the meantime she get a lot of face time on TV.

  10. The Lisa Murkowski Machine will be All In for Nikki
    Same goes for the Cheney people of Wyoming, and the Bush Family in Maine

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