Trump tweets, and Leftists jump to defend Constitution as distraction from Hunter-Joe Biden, Ukraine scandal


Perhaps he was just being Trumpian. Former President Donald Trump explained on Monday he doesn’t actually wish to “terminate” the U.S. Constitution.

But meanwhile, he got the dander up of Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who took to Twitter to scold him about the Constitution.

To review for the court of public opinion: Over the weekend, Trump wrote on Truth Social, the social media company he owns, that the magnitude of corruption that took place in the 2020 election calls for some kind of action.

He said, clumsily but correctly, that the Constitution had been violated by mainstream media and the Deep State, and that the elections were interfered with in 2020.

“Do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” Trump wrote. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be a constitutional process for overturning a certified election, as much as he would like to have that happen. And terminating the Constitution is, by its nature, unconstitutional.

Trump correctly accused “Big Tech” of working closely with Democrats. He also correctly pointed out that “Our great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!”

But it’s the “termination” word that got the mainstream media worked into a froth since Saturday. Trump had given his critics a way to distract the public from the real story of corruption and collusion between the FBI, the mainstream media, and social media companies in support of the Biden candidacy for president.

Trump’s controversial post came after Elon Musk, the new majority owner of Twitter, released internal Twitter emails that showed Twitter and the Biden campaign colluded to suppress legitimate news stories about material found on Hunter Biden’s laptop that show that Hunter Biden was using his role on the board of a Ukrainian power company to make introductions of Ukrainian business tycoons to his father, who was then Vice President. The cover-up occurred in the weeks leading up to the 2020 election. Hunter Biden was paid $11 million to sit on the board of Burisma, although he had no prior experience.

Read the U.S. Senate Finance report on Hunter Biden-Ukraine corruption links to Joe Biden:

Trump has now clarified that there should be some remedy for what was, in his view, a rigged election, with crimes of interference committed that prevented free and fair elections. In essence, Trump is calling for justice.

“The Fake News is actually trying to convince the American People that I said I wanted to ‘terminate’ the Constitution. This is simply more DISINFORMATION & LIES, just like RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, and all of their other HOAXES & SCAMS,” Trump wrote on Truth Social on Monday. Trump said that “steps must be immediately taken to RIGHT THE WRONG.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski was quick to condemn Trump. On Sunday, Alaska’s senior senator wrote on Twitter, “Suggesting the termination of the Constitution is not only a betrayal of our Oath of Office, it’s an affront to our Republic.”

Sen. Dan Sullivan also blasted Trump, saying any suggestion that the Constitution can be discarded is “ridiculous.”

There were betrayals committed against the Constitution by officers of the law, colluding to suppress information about candidate Biden.

One of the betrayals to the Constitution was committed by a group of former intelligence officers — including five former CIA directors — who signed a letter falsely stating that the Hunter Biden laptop was most likely Russian disinformation. The former intelligence officers wrongly used their authorities to give the public bad information.

That letter, with its 50+ signatures, also gave Joe Biden and the Democratic Party a path to disparage the New York Post’s story.

Read the original New York Post story that the Deep State, the mainstream media, and social media suppressed.

During that same timeframe, FBI officials were meeting weekly with executives at Twitter, and Twitter blocked the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop, treating it with the same sanctions it usually reserves for child pornography. Twitter in October of 2020 locked the New York Post’s Twitter account to prevent the story from reaching voters.

“Now that multiple other news outlets have confirmed the legitimacy of the laptop, the letter-writers haven’t repented about themselves spreading clever disinformation meant to influence the election,” noted Rich Lowry in the New York Post.

“And, indeed, the letter-writers played a game. They didn’t actually say that the Hunter Biden laptop story was disinformation, at the same time they created that impression. This has given them plausible — or more accurately, implausible — deniability.

“Cornered about the letter on Fox News, former CIA officer David Priess said the laptop story, just as the letter asserted, had ‘all the classic earmarks’ of Russian disinformation.” That didn’t mean it was disinformation, just that it had the earmarks of disinformation, Lowry wrote.

But during the time leading up to the election, top CIA veterans characterized their remarks much more sharply.

Nick Shapiro, a former top aide under CIA director John Brennan, told Politico, ‘“The real power here however is the number of former, working-level IC officers who want the American people to know that once again the Russians are interfering.

Shapiro was the one of the main instigators of the letter, which is included here:

The media widely reported the suspicions of these intelligence officers as gospel before the election in 2020.

“If we are right,” the agents wrote, “this is Russia trying to influence how Americans vote in this election, and we believe strongly that Americans need to be aware of this.” 

And so it went. While the mainstream media had discredited the original Hunter Biden laptop story before and after the election, and has continued to dismiss it as a nothing-burger story, with just one tweet last week, Trump managed to get the entire Leftist establishment, the media, and even Sen. Lisa Murkowski, to defend the Constitution.


  1. Shut up, Lisa! You also were declared the winner only by a farce of a so called Rank Choice Election as well. The only part of the rank choice election that is legit is the Rank part. It STINKS!

  2. We might be at the place in the show where Republicans and more in favor of censoring Trump than Democrats. With an enemy such as Trump, the Democrats don’t even need friends.

  3. It was easily the stupidest thing Trump has ever said. That’s impressive, not in a good way.

    In one comment he has, or at least should have, ruined his credibility and any chance of re-election. And his credibility.

    His inability to hold his tongue has given instant credibility to people like Princess Lisa. Worse, the intellectual and ethical high ground.

    If I wanted to vote for someone who holds little regard for the Constitution I’d vote Democrat. It’s under siege enough. Don’t help the process.

    There is a hotly contested Senate race in Georgia that will determine if the left holds the Senate or it gets deadlocked. People are already worried about Walker, who suffers like Palin from being a Trump candidate. And now Trump does this? F-ing moron.

    Mr President, I say this as someone who voted for you twice. Sit down, shut the hell up, go home. It’s over.
    Ended by your own mouth.

    The nation is more important than your butt hurt ego.

    Donald Trump: a very good President undone by his big mouth.

      • I am with you there, Bill.
        Like how the average household income went up during the Trump Presidency, well right up until the Covidians ruined it for all of us. And how Russia remained within its borders, and North Korea stopped firing off ICBMs.
        Oh, and how the stock market, which likely included your retirement savings shot up. And, how the US became energy independent. Those are things that really sucked about Trump’s Presidency.
        I remember how awful it was that fentanyl was not killing tens of thousands of people a year, unlike this wonderful administration which thinks swiss cheese is a valid form of border security. Then again, who does not love the diversity that MS-13 brings to your neighborhood.
        At least the pResident’s cabinet is diverse. A cross dresser/puppy play fetishist who steals woman’s luggage, and a man who thinks he is a woman. Oh, and a Secretary of Transportation who’s only qualification is who he sleeps with. Fantastic bunch, the US is much better off because of them.
        But, Trump is a traitor because of…. well… because of… what exactly? After more than eight years of constant unrelenting investigation there is… nothing. Zero. Nada.

        • Isn’t the stock market higher today than any point during the Trump presidency? As far as Nada, what about the ten counts of obstruction of justice from the Mueller Report that Bill Barr buried?

      • Biden is the fool and traitor. Trump was a very good president. Biden has violated our civil rights and purposefully decimated the people of the United States. He continues to do so.

      • It seems like I’ve touched a nerve. Did notice that none of you has been impressed with Trump’s keeping classified documents in his house-is that because “good Presidents” regularly do such things.
        Plenty of time for remembering as he’s only been out of office a short while. Things will pick up after he is indicted. Heheh!

        • Try to keep up with the news.
          Turns out they found nothing. But, hey, if the headline supports your beliefs, ignore everything that comes out after you declare premature victory.
          Besides, a well informed person, such as yourself, knows that both Clinton, and Obama have hundreds of Presidential documents, a measurable number of which are classified to some extent. But, that is OK because they are Democrats, right?
          Still waiting on that indictment. Waiting. It’s been close to eight years, and your side has nothing. Seriously, Trump will be dead and buried before you all admit you have zip…

  4. A former President who calls for upending any part of the Constitution outside the prescribed remedies (found in the Constitution) is a far bigger story than Hunter Biden and his family.

    As vile as he is, even that dolt Jimmy Carter never said something this stupid.

    Craig Campbell, your party leadership is calling. How you gonna blame this one on us?

    • He’s a former president and well-known bloviator who gets too far over his skis. But think of all the times that the constitution has been trampled by even this administration. Covid shot mandates on federal workers, military, and health care workers. invalid extension of the eviction moratorium — totally unconstitutional, yet the left praised him for it. When he was vice president, the Obama administration spent billions of unauthorized funds on Obamacare without the approval of Congress, trampling the constitution. I could go on. Just because Biden never announced, “let’s tear up the constitution,” doesn’t mean he hasn’t done it himself.

      • But as bad as he is, he’s never called for it. I’m at a loss to understand why you don’t get the difference. Biden is a fool. Trump is supposed to know better.

        I’m bothered by the whataboutism rampant n this thread.

    • Yup, Trump said something stupid. But your statement that this is “far bigger story than Hunter Biden and his family.” is laughable. A fraudulent president, destroying the nation on a daily basis, is the story of the ages.

      • Which one has called for overturning part of the Constitution?

        If you think a corrupt man and his drug addled son are a bigger issue than a former President seeking to toss any part of the Constitution you’re not just an addled Parisian, your Frank level stupid

  5. “Sen. Lisa Murkowski was quick to condemn Trump. On Sunday, Alaska’s senior senator wrote on Twitter, “Suggesting the termination of the Constitution is not only a betrayal of our Oath of Office, it’s an affront to our Republic.””

    And did she condemn the FBI, Twitter and other Big Tech? How about mainstream media? The FIRST Amendment for many US citizens were violated. This is outrageous! I really could care less what a previous president has to say about it. I want to know what’s going to happen to those who have so willingly tossed aside the rights of US citizens.

    • The saying is “couldn’t care less”. If it were could care less that means that you do care, whereas if you couldn’t care less it means you do not care at all.

        • Glad I could help, remember that your 1st Amendment right allows you to say just about whatever you want but it doesn’t keep you from suffering the consequences of what you say. I’m glad you are so open to constructive criticism, a lesser person wouldn’t be.

  6. “He said clumsily but correctly that the Constitution had been violated by mainstream media and the Deep State and that the elections were interfered with in 2020.”

    On what basis do you make this claim? Where does MRAK get off making such a ridiculous non sequitur? It seems pretty obvious that the GOP doesn’t care about governing, but are more concerned with making the next two years be all about Hunter Biden and I think its safe to say that he’ll be a prominent feature on MRAK as well.

    BTW, it was Murkowski AND Sullivan that called out Trump on his vile statement. Imagine if Hillary Clinton has said the exact same thing in 2016. MRAK would be foaming at the mouth accusing her of all manner of crimes, but as long as the DEAR LEADER says it, its totally fine.

    • I’m compelled to agree. I’d love MRA to bring in a Constitutional scholar to support the clumsy but correctly claim.

      I see clear evidence of election fraud, suppression of 1st Amendment rights (when a non governmental agency suppresses spearhead on behalf of the government, it becomes a defacto agent of the government. I had to look that one up), and a gigantic case of illegal in kind campaign donations to the DNC by social media.

      But Constitutional violations? I’m open to the concept but you gotta prove it. Otherwise…political bluster.

      • Prove it like when then top four leaders of the intelligence community provided compelling evidence to president elect Trump that Russian interference got him elected in 2016?

    • CMan, if the recent Musk revelations regarding Twitter’s massive censorship and interference in the 2020 presidential election are not proof enough of the corruption and manipulation by the power establishment in that election, then you lack any ability to logically, rationally and honestly engage in political discussion.
      Your consistent adherence to, and defense of, the establishment narrative in all matters is very obvious. You are a captive of, and quisling to, a dying and utterly discredited power structure.

  7. Lots of pedophilia within the Biden family. And it’s a scorcher with the voters. The media works hard to suppress it. And shame on Lisa Murkowski for defending Joe Biden. Does this mean that Lisa Murkowski supports pedophiles?

    • Lisa seems to support the Biden’s, so yeah, she probably does. Leftists are such effing liars. Hunter Biden posted himself doing drugs and screwing with hookers. He shacked-up with his dead brother’s wife, got her on drugs then left her.
      Hunter brought home his pappy Joe hundreds $$$ of thousands from the Chinese and Moscow mayor’s wife. Biden Crime Family is the worst ever in the White House. No different than Sadaam Hussein. Prosecute them all.

      • 2023 and 2024 are going to be tough years for Joe Biden. His own DOJ investigating him for crimes against the USA. The subpoena powers of the US House of Representatives. Old Joey will be pooping his pants regularly, while Trump aims for the Presidency. And the media will be the most despised source of information in world history. Democrats will be flocking to psychiatric clinics for meltdown therapy.

  8. Suzanne, this is yet another in a long line of wonderfully and thoroughly documented and written, utterly damning reports!
    But it will almost certainly be for naught, as the cognitive dissonance of radical leftist extremists knows no bounds. NO amount of evidence, or facts proving them wrong, will sway them from their rigidly held, faith-based beliefs, as laughably wrong and insane as those beliefs demonstrably are.

  9. It is interesting how quickly Lisa and Dan jumped on the former President for his remarks, presumably made about recent revelations detailing how Government and Media colluded in silencing the Hunter Biden Laptop story.

    History is replete with Presidents who have suspended and or violated the Constitution, including Jefferson, (Louisiana purchase), FDR, (Lendlease act) and the real doozy, Lincoln and his suspension of habeas corpus and his ignoring Chief Justice Taney’s order to cease the suspension.

    I am not concerned about the ramblings of a former U.S. President on a media platform that he owns. I am however very concerned about the complete silence from Lisa and Danny Boy, in light of the overwhelming evidence that Government was in collusion with Big Tech and Big Media to suppress both News and Free Speech, both before and after an election.

    How about it Danny Boy? You got the chops to uphold your oath to defend against enemies both foreign and domestic or are you just another foot soldier for the Deep State like Princess Lisa?

    • “History is full of” in this context is a weak, intellectually and morally vapid argument.

      The improper past behaviors of others have zero bearing on the acts of current people.

      Shall we bring back slavery?
      Anti Semitism?
      Mafia control of Vegas? (Actually that’s not a bad idea. It was more fun and safer when “the boys” ran things)

      All those things and more have past precedents. Why not? How about excluding Irish from public life?

      This is a dance I could do all day.

      Trump made a reckless statement that could undermine the next election and trust in anyone and everyone related to it. You may not care what a former POTUS says in these matters, but that’s stupid.

      I’m no fan of Dan and will not vote for him again. He’s a disastrous Senator.
      But in this one specific interest he’s dead on. He/we should call out anyone with that level of power and influence who calls for overriding the Constitution. Anyone.

      Stupid and vile as he is, even Carter never went there. But Trump did.

      • And yet Biden and his cabinet usurp the constitution and bill of rights daily. Yet you have no tongue to disparage him. How do you lefties find the courage to castigate President Trump for calling the out the blatantly obvious and asking you to at least consider the possibility that mass ballot dumps were used, dead people voted, incomplete and faulty ballots were counted and the lefts implanted judges and media ran cover for and suppressed the evidence of fraud in the 2020 election. I bet you didn’t have any problem with Al Gore calling for recounts and a “do-over” when he lost to W in 2000.
        I agree Carter was stupid and vile, though.

        • You called me a lefty and said I’ve never called out Biden

          My God you are dumber than advertised. With this level of integrity and intellect you must teach public school.

          Why on earth would anyone who called Jimmy Carter a vile toad be pro the dolt who claimed to invent the internet? Are you too lazy to do the logic, or just incapable.

          You’re not smart enough, logical enough, or mentally fast enough to keep up with me.

          You too, may call me Daddy.

      • MA, Whoa dude, missed your meds lately? I’m guessing so since you seem to miss the whole point of my comment, that being an ongoing collusion of Government agencies and Big Tech and Big Media in an effort to suppress reporting of certain stories and the resulting suppression of free speech. A clear and present violation of the Constitution and a real danger to the Nation.

        Whatever Trump, a private and increasingly discredited individual says is immaterial, oh sure, he is running again for President, but then so did Jessie Jackson and Ron Paul. Trump’s musing about the Constitution at this juncture are meaningless as it relates to actions taken by the current government.

        Nice attempt of the use of Vapid in your opening salvo of logorrhea, not sure if it really worked , but keep trying!

  10. There lurks within the US Constitution a “thing” called continuation of government as a safeguard of our form of government, the three branches of our republic which still stands. The Magna Carta elements continue and were not revoked by after later, subsequent acts like the Charter of Jamestown etc with its gun rights, traveling rights intact. The brilliant Constitution authors of “This” 1776 Constitution hashed this out for two hundred years before this was writteb none of which were television media entranced. The founding authors knew the language of law. They had strong Christian principles. Cursory review of the Constitution will not develop what are our rights. If you can’t articulate your rights you can’t claim them. Our guns rights come from the Charter of Jamestown. We don’t lose rights except by fraud and subterfuge and lawfare. President Trump knows “the Constitution” better than any lawyer in this state bar none. He actually has firmly taken steps to secure and defend this Constitution for the people. No amount of ad hominum media attacks by “agencies” or attacks by enemies foreign or domestic against the man changes those facts.

    • I challenge you to prove Trump knows the Constitution better than any lawyer in this state.

      Hell, he didn’t ever understand the election process last time.

      You made this as a factual claim. Back it up.

      • Why don’t you prove anything your saying? Your just as guilty of conjecture as anyone. Stop it keyboard tough guy. Your whining is getting tiresome.

        • You’re seriously asking me to prove what someone else claimed. Seriously?

          As to completely and totally owning you, proof Trump doesnt understand our electoral system is simple. Even you can follow. Trump has repeatedly Siam VP Pence had some unknown power to stop or overturn the Electoral College count. Said power doesn’t exist.

    • AK Guy—-Thank you for such a well thought out statement. Thanks for the history lessen about Jamestown, and the Magna Carta. Thanks for showing the side of Trump that so many are missing. He never could have survived all the Legal Warfare against him, if he wasn’t more Constitutionally Astute than his False Accusers. Really a great contribution to this forum.

  11. WTF is wrong with Republicans this week? Between Campbell and Trump (both national level of GOP) the right is making an absolute — out of itself.

    Are they trying to hand the next 5 elections to the Democrats?

  12. I’m compelled to ask: for some of you cultists, if Trump and Queen Sarah had a baby would it replace Jesus for you?

    This is the legacy of Trump/Palin. The splitting of a Party desperately needing to be put down like an old dog.

  13. Trump has never done anything even remotely close to what the Biden crime family has done to destroy this country. If he had, the alphabet agencies would have used it by now. The fact that they suppressed the laptop from hell is all any reasonable person needs to question what was so damming to Biden that was on that laptop? If it was one of Trumps kids it would be everywhere. Any of you ever get tired of saying “they got him this time”? Muller,Comey,Bolton,Avenatti,Vindman, etc these people were supposedly going to take down Trump, the FBI even raided his home……..still no arrest.
    Do you ever think maybe they just don’t have anything the man accept their ability to keep his name in the news in a negative light long enough to convince the sheep that “orange man bad”? Hillary was able to delete 30,000 emails off of her illegal private server after being indicted. Biden is “the big guy”. Paul Pelosi DID let DePape into the house. Nancy Pelosi is guilty of insider trading. None of your people are going to jail……..our guy isn’t either.

    Oh yeah, who is Biden donating his salary to while pretending to be president?

  14. Our seat of government has three legs. When you have media, lawyers, others, talking about a seat of government with four legs you’re not talking about our FORM of government. NO foreign registered corporate “agent” is a “leg” of OUR form of government. If you believe otherwise you are mistaken. No “agent” (agencies) graduate to become the principal, WE the people. So there you go: Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. They don’t trade spots with floating authorities. The judiciary says “yes, this lawsuit follows court forms” or not. Period. The executive executes the people’s will. The legislative branch is formed by the people to write the bylaws they, the legislators, must obey when they are on the clock getting public trust fund money. That’s it. That is your republic form of government. When the seat of government starts being claimed by an agent, cdc registered in City of London, or agent sec, or faa, or any other agent(cies) it is NOT our form of three legged government republic formed agreed to in 1776. Sorry.

  15. This is why Trump lost the election and screwed the country so badly. He just can’t shut his big fat freaking mouth. I’ll never vote for him again. He let his stubbornness and pride and I don’t know what else hurt the country. And I believe him when he says the Constitution needs to be dissolved he truly wants that to happen. he’s doing all this mouthing and all he’s doing is losing support. It would be sad if he wasn’t such a dick.

    • He’s pissed, Greg. You would be too if you lead America into a great position, then had it wiped-out by Obama’s unscrupulous FBI and CIA, the media, stinky Democrats, and huge election fraud. Trump will be back. The Truth of the matters asserted will soon come to light and even deniers like you will be silenced. It’s coming.

      • Where is it? Please.

        Trump lost because he couldn’t shut his mouth, he was awful dealing with a hostile press, and he ran a crappy campaign. In many ways he lost for a lot of the reasons he beat Hillary.

        Being justified is no excuse for what he said. Zero.

  16. The double standard here is atrocious. If Biden were to say this, it would be quickly swept under the rug and it would be business as usual. His highly articulate press secretary would cover, twist and turn with a word salad.

    • If and when Biden SPECIFICALLY calls for ignoring a part of the Constitution to overturn an election, I’ll blast his ass to. And all the people who defend it.

      As bad as Biden is, he can’t be criticized for something he hasn’t done.

  17. I completely agree with Trump’s statement, but not in the way that he meant it. The constitution SHOULD be terminated; it never should have been ratified in the first place. It’s main purpose was to hand power over to a central government. When most people talk about “defending the constitution”, they actually mean defending the bill of rights, the first ten amendments to the constitution, demanded by James Madison and other anti-federalists before they would agree to ratification. That bill of rights is simply a demand that government recognize the natural rights we all inherently have. Those rights would still be ours if the constitution were terminated. The federal government woul cease to exist and all power would be returned to the states. I, for one, would be completely fine with that. – M.John

      • You’re wrong on that one, Greg. Rights are natural; they can’t be granted by government or anyone else, through a constitution or any other instrument. They can only be recognized for what they are, natural rights. – M.John

  18. AK Guy—-Thank you for such a well thought out statement. Thanks for the history lessen about Jamestown, and the Magna Carta. Thanks for showing the side of Trump that so many are missing. He never could have survived all the Legal Warfare against him, if he wasn’t more Constitutionally Astute than his False Accusers. Really a great contribution to this forum.

    • Thank you Sarge Rudd. I appreciate your kind words. America has the best republic so far on the earth. I’m trying to help where I can. We are all learning new things about our “nation” without the help of “news” agents telling the truth.

  19. There is an overwhelming ignorance about the US Constitution. Lee’s Declaration of Independence is our Declaration of Independence from the crown and declaration of a new nation written in stone. It doesn’t morph around as amending statements. Our rights are the law. Natural law is the law of nations true in all nations God-given rights liberties etc. The right to locomotion to travel is in the womb, nature law designed by God is our first God-given right. The infant human moves around at will in the womb before it has the right to breath. It doesn’t need a license from other humans to do this “illegal” thing; does it?

  20. {A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” Trump wrote.}

    Since these are the words President Trump wrote, than the majority of people are reading it wrong. “A massive fraud of this type” is what is calling for the termination of the constitution. President Trump did not call for the termination of the constitution. The massive fraud called for the termination of the constitution, and successfully did so without consequences. 1) The judiciary declaring that witness signatures were not needed and would not be enforced but the ballots would be counted anyway, totally trampling the constitutional guarantees that the legislature sets these rules, while at the same time stripping the legislature of the right enforce them. 2) The judiciary declaring that the ballots would be counted even if received long after the date and time that the legislatures set, violating the laws that the legislatures previously passed, violating the constitution where it gives authority of elections to the legislature not to the judiciary. 3) The judiciary refusing to hear the majority of cases that President Trump legally filed in an attempt to peacefully and lawfully fight against such fraud, corruption, and outright disregard for, and violations of the constitution. Then the media declaring that Trump “lost every court case” twisting the truth that he never even was given a chance to present any evidence of corruption in any court of law. 4) The outright lies and twisting of any truth by the media who is not “a free press” but is a “bought and paid for soundpiece of propaganda” for the liars and deceivers. Which totally violates the constitutional guarantees to the “right of a free press shall not be violated.” 5) The suspending of the majority of audits before the audits were concluded, thereby ensuring that the results of the audits would never be published because they were only partial evidence, thus guaranteeing that the thousands of photographs showing how ballots were duplicated and yet counted as valid would never be seen by the majority of Americans. Also guanteeing that the majority of Americans would never see the evidence of hundreds of thousands of so-called “mail in ballots” that never had a crease mark of where they were supposedly folded to be enclosed in an envelope, and therefore they were never mailed to supposed recipients, yet they were counted as valid mail in ballots. By suspending the audits they trampled the constitutional rights of the legislatures to enforce the election laws that they had passed.

    Yes the “Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude” called for the termination of the Constitution. But President Trump DID NOT call for the termination of the Constitution, and therefore he could rightfully claim that he did not call for it. Yet it will be perpetrated by the lying media as though he called for the termination of the constitution. The lie will be believed by those who don’t pay attention to the grammatical structure of President Trump’s statement. It will be believed by those who stick their head in the sand and refuse to even look at, listen to, or investigate the massive corruption! The lie will be believed by those who listen the lying media claiming that Trump called for it, when in actuality it was the corruption that called for the termination of the constitution.

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