Homeland Security postpones Real ID deadline — again


The deadline for Americans to get a Real ID was first set for 2008, but has been repeatedly delayed.

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security moved the deadline again. It’s now May 7, 2025. The department said that the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down the adoption of the higher-security ID requirements that travelers will need to have to enter some federal facilities, and to fly on large commercial planes.

Homeland Security said motor vehicle agencies need more time to work through the backlog of applications created when state agencies curtailed services as a precaution during the Covid pandemic.

“This extension will give states needed time to ensure their residents can obtain a Real ID-compliant license or identification card,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Monday. “DHS will also use this time to implement innovations to make the process more efficient and accessible. We will continue to ensure that the American public can travel safely.”

The Real ID Act passed Congress in 2005. It creates federal security standards for drivers licenses, state identifications, and other identification cards issued by the states and was a response to the increase of terrorist attacks on American facilities, including the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack by Al Qaeda terrorists who boarded commercial planes, hijacked them, and used them as missiles to destroy the two towers of the World Trade Center in New York, and crashed a jet into the Pentagon itself.

Real IDs have a star in the right-hand corner of a driver’s license or identification card. U.S. passports or green card qualify as Real IDs for those who don’t have a Real ID-compliant drivers license or state identification card. Alaska’s Real ID information page is located here. It has not been updated to reflect the new deadline, as of this writing.

As of May, 2022, some 137 million Real IDs had been issued across the states, about 49% of all IDs in circulation.


    • 20 to 30 million. The “resolution” will ultimately be to just issue the ID to the people who cannot be verified. Bet me.

  1. The next conservative POTUS needs to eliminate Homeland. It’s unnecessary and ill conceived.

    Bush 43 did a mix of overreaction after 9-11 -understandable ant the time- and bailed out the airlines by making us pay for their security. Unacceptable.

    Most of what Homeland does could and should be handed by FBI (problematic due to political corruption) and the commercial carriers.

    Like the “temporary” weekly income tax withholding to get us through WW2, Homeland is a bad idea we’ll never be rid of.

    The Bush family left us a very mixed legacy. It’s not aging well.

    • The Bush presidents, while certainly better than their Democrat opponents (Dukakis, Clinton, Gore, and Kerry) somehow managed to foul up our nation’s domestic policies and wars. The Gulf War should not have been concluded in 1991 until Saddam Hussein had been hunted down and promptly hanged, and then Bush II had the delirious or messianic notion to occupy and democratize and liberalize Afghanistan and Iraq. The terrible costs in human life, both military and civilian, and the waste of the nation’s treasury because of these particular episodes of gross ineptness and misjudgment are mind boggling and condemning of the Bush presidencies. The Deep State and MSM certainly did a fine job of thwarting the candidacies of Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul, and here we are – a nation that is as violent, debased, and corrupted as Iraq and Afghanistan.

      • Bush 43 was a good wartime president but a poor domestic one.
        Bush 41 turned out to have been bad at both.

        I supported both wars, but was concerned by the lack of a coherent exit strategy. A buddy of mine in the Corp called it mission creep at its finest.

  2. The federal agents must show their ID any time requested by we the people. Not the other way around. There are recent stare decises cases proving the driver’s license are not Constitutional so as to interfere with a freeman inhabitants right to travel since the still intact Charter of Jamestown if you are into Admiralty Law, barristers English (not American) “common law” and if you are into stare decises type thing. AMERICAN Common Law jurisprudence indicates that: if you didn’t pay lawyers fees, didn’t receive lawsuit remedy ($) distributed directly to you nor were you the plaintiff nor defendant in the suit stare decises (if any) doesn’t apply to you. This is America not Great Britain and British Common Law is common (not royal) to the boundaries of Great Britain not flooding to the docks, onto the shores and thereupon to churches and elsewhere over the lands of America. Did you know that? President Trump knows such things why don’t your Senators and Congress know such things? Oh. They do. They aren’t leaders though I’m guessing.

  3. A drivers’ license may be defined as a commercial license to transport commercial goods not just to “travel around personally by horsepower”. Just like states’ weights and measures of yesteryear measured in “horse power”. Orange is SO bad.

  4. Real ID could be racist. Democrats don’t want ID’s when voting because they say minorities and the inner city poor are unable to, or aren’t smart enough, to obtain IDs.

  5. RealID is racist. No might or maybe about it. if it’s not then there is no reason not to require a RealID to vote….

  6. The RealID program is another government boondoggle that is simply going to gradually fade away, just like Jimmy Carter’s transition to the metric system.

  7. Good.

    The federal government hasn’t got the right to force a national I.D. on us. Especially when they, themselves, have ruled that ID cards are racist.

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