District 15 Rep. Tom McKay leads by 7 votes; challenger Denny Wells has asked for recount


Democrat Denny Wells had five days after the 2022 election was certified to ask for a recount of the House District 15 race, and he met that deadline with the Division of Elections on Monday. With over 7,000 votes cast in that South Anchorage House race, and just a seven-vote difference, he’ll get his recount at 10 am on Thursday in Juneau.

Observing the recount on behalf of Wells will be the architect of Ballot Measure 2 (open primaries, ranked-choice generals) Scott Kendall, who is an election lawyer who generally represents Democrats and no-party candidates. He practices with Cashion, Gilmore and Lindemuth. Also observing for Wells will be Holly Wells, (no relation.) She practices law at Birch, Horton, Bittner and Cherot.

McKay will also have two legal observers at the recount in Juneau to audit the procedure, which should go quickly. Depending on the outcome, Kendall may sue on behalf of Wells for some procedural variation.

In 2018, the race of Republican Bart LeBon vs. Kathryn Dodge in Fairbanks (then District 1) went to a recount, and LeBon won by just one vote.

Must Read Alaska was on the scene for that recount and reported its unusual twist, which pertained to automatic voter registration via Permanent Fund dividend application:

“The vote that decided the matter came from a felon, whose vote was challenged by the Democrats who were observing the process today. They thought he didn’t have his voting rights restored. Then the ballot was also challenged by Republicans for the same reason.

“The felon was automatically registered when he filed for his Permanent Fund dividend.

“The Division of Elections looked into it and said the felon had had his voting rights restored. They decided to count the ballot.

“It was for LeBon.”


  1. Would someone please take a cellphone photo of Scott Kendall at the recount and have it posted at MRAK.

    • A vampire doesn’t show up in the mirror or a photograph. 😉

      Probably gonna get a cease and desist for that one!

  2. LeBon got his a$$ kicked this time in Fairbanks. Serves the RINO right. A wishy washy retired banker who had no compass to follow. Good riddance, Bart.

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