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Trump to host Mar-a-Lago fundraiser for Kelly Tshibaka in her plans to unseat Lisa Murkowski

Former President Donald Trump will host a fundraiser for U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka in February.

The high-dollar event will take place at the Mar-a-Lago Resort in Florida on Feb. 10, 2022, according to the invitation obtained by Must Read Alaska. The minimum contribution is $2,900, which is the maximum campaign contribution allowed by federal campaign laws. Those who can bring in $25,000 in donations from others will get to have their photo taken with Trump and Tshibaka.

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Trump earlier this fall hosted a fundraiser at his Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J. for Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s reelection campaign.

Trump endorsed Tshibaka in June, less than three months after she announced her run against Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who has been representing Alaska in the U.S. Senate since 2002.

“It’s a great honor to have the endorsement and enthusiastic support of President Trump and I am thrilled that he will be hosting this event. His policies were the best for Alaska, which we can all see even more clearly now that the Biden administration has launched an all-out assault on Alaska workers and our entire resource economy. I will be a senator who represents Alaska to Washington, D.C. rather than one who represents D.C. insiders to Alaska, as Lisa Murkowski has done,” Tshibaka said.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. And yet, she proudly served as a senior federal executive in the Obama administration. How does that work…?

  2. I really don’t care about this endorsement one way or the other —- Kelly still strikes me as a Swamp Creature, having spend her entire adult life working in Washington DC in various establishment positions. It is naive to think that such a person is going to represent and stand for small government and individual rights over corporate power and the status-quo. I smell another Lisa in the making here.
    “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

    • Right on. Trump screwed us. Sure he was doing right by America, but what good was it all if he can’t get re-elected? His arrogance and his big fat mouth turned a lot of people off including this voter. I had to go sit on the fence after he got done and I hate that.

      • So if your plumber’s arrogant with a big fat mouth but he’s good at keeping your septic from backing up into your basement on a Friday night just before all the relatives arrive, would you still sit on the fence and not call him? I’m sure all the relatives would appreciate your moral integrity as they tiptoe through the crap flooding the basement!

        • There’s lots of good plumbers out there and not all of them have a big fat mouth. We knew how bad he could be with his locker room talk but we did what we had to to beat Hillary and the machine. With the exception of his supreme Court pics, just about everything he’s done has been erased. So if he fixed the plumbing and it just went back to being clogged up again a day later is it really fixed?

          • You act as if you have some moral superiority to others. We all are not to the standards of Jesus. The fact that you can’t see past someone’s words and see the goodness of his actions is a huge flaw of yours as well as many. Judge not, lest ye be judged. Maturity and wisdom has taught me that actions are much more important than words and kicker talk which every male I know to include myself are guilty of. Don’t be so self righteous Greg. Trumps actions as a President to preserve the greatness of this nation are nothing less than the standard for all that preceded or follow him.

    • I will take the new boss “Kelly” over the current boss “Murky” any day.
      And I don’t need Trump to endorse her to say that either.

      Just get rid of “halibut face”!

    • Rino Lisa needs gone… PERIOD!!!
      Kelly is pro-life, Lisa is not. Enough said.
      There is speculation she’’s lived in DC & ‘may be a swamp creature’. COME ON! Lisa M HAS NOT HAD your best interest for Alaska!
      Dig deeper.

  3. I do have a great deal of respect for President Trump
    I’m not sure about Kelly, someone please get her to answer publicly why she has no issues with the state of Alaska creating a job for her husband that didn’t exist beforehand . Her Christian faith declares that we should live above reproach! This act still doesn’t sit well with me. What is her response? Dunleavy put his signature on that act, and as far as I’m concerned he is a 1term governor!
    Don’t go to the hospital, this governor will act as if his hands are tied while you lay dying because an administrator usurped a doctor prescribed meds.

  4. Who else do we have? Perhaps, thinking positively, Ms. Tshibaka will change her ways and still full Republican. With recent Republican victories in Governor races she should ride the wave. We need to get Murky out of there, she will do nothing but pander to the Democrats.

  5. She will be beholden to Trump, and he will expect payback. What she does about that – should she be elected – will be up to her.

    • No No No Murry. No.
      Those elected representitives in Washington work for us the Constituents. Of course if we continue to vote for subpar candidates (lesser of two evils) than we get exactly what we deserve or voted for.
      Its time. Its time for a protest vote. Its time to be courageous. Its time to vote third party.

  6. This won’t end well. Trump by his existence brings support to the opposition and detractors to whoever he supports.

    At best we get a new swamp thing and little changes. At worst we get the Princess for six more years.

      • Laura- Youngkin’s team specifically requested Trump not appear in VA. It was a deliberate decision. This took the Media and McAuliffe Team off balance.
        A number of folks fully blame the Trump for the loss of the Senate. Had Trump paused his continuous banter, it is possible both GA Senate seats would have been won by the Republicans and thus a counter balance to the house and pres.

  7. Tshibaka is well-qualified: “Her resume speaks for itself – a born and raised Alaskan, a stellar background and education, and work experience tested at the highest levels of the federal government. My message from the start has been government can and should be managed better, more efficiently, and with far greater outcomes. Kelly has succeeded in these areas in the past and we are confident the Legislature will concur that she is eminently qualified for this position. ~

  8. Lol at the comments. Murky astroturfers and gaslighters.
    Murky is a horrible rep for Alaska. Swamp creature extraordinaire, serial backstabber, rat and liar.
    I’ve heard Kelly. I believe she’s the real deal.
    Conservatives and lovers of freedom just need to get off their behinds and vote.
    Apathy gets you people like Murkowski.

  9. Quite a long ways from Alaska. Is this intended to attract out of state donors? Or just another “kiss the ring” event for the former president? In either case, it’s got nothing to do with Alaska and our Senate seat.

  10. Working for the federal govt and now this major out of state fundraiser, all very swampy. Why can’t Alaska get a true Alaskan conservative that keeps it out of the swamp? No to Murky and no to Tshibaka, they are in the same federal government swamp.

  11. Because of our tremendous federal and state pensions, Nancy says we will be able to travel to Mar-a-lago and attend Kelly’s fundraiser. I wish we had our own private jet, but Alaska Airlines is offering ex-Governors and ex-US Senators 15% discounts into Ft. Lauderdale. We can take a ride share up to Trump’s mansion. I wonder if they will be serving Alaska King Crab, my personal favorite, along with caviar and Alaska Amber.

    • For $25,000 per picture, Frankie, Trump should be able to fly us back to Alaska with Kelly in his private jet. I wonder if you and I can squeeze together into the same photo?

      • Can Sarah join us? I’d like us Alaska Royals in the same photo. Will the Enquirer be there to take photos?

        • Yes, I still have my crown. It will be handed down to my great-grandkids to keep the Murkowski name forever enshrined in the 49th state. We were chosen!

  12. So if $25,000 gets ya a photo with Don and Kelly what does a poorly photo-shopped photo of being with them cost like the one above?

  13. Kelly Tshibaka is the reincarnate of Vic Vickers. Come-on, we need another candidate. Lisa is burnt toast and not appetizing. Will not vote for either.

    • I encourage you to vote outside the box. Vote third party.
      Murkowski and Don Special-Interest Young are old news.
      Give em the retirement they both deserve.
      It’s time. Its gonna require courage. Otherwise this is it man; this is the best we got.

      Burnt toast…that’s pretty funny and witty.

  14. There are always 2 elections. The 1st is for money. The 2nd is for votes. The 1st usually – but not always – determines the 2nd. The money from those with large amounts of capital (fishing, O&G, transportation, etc) in Alaska will go to Lisa. The US Senate is a seniority-based club. Lisa is #18 of 100 and #8 of Republicans. To break even of Tshibaka will take over three 6-year Senate terms. The big money will go to Lisa for that reason. Business is business. Anything is possible but the most likely scenario is she will be re-elected.

  15. Wow look at all the trolls coming out of their caves above. Trump is the greatest modern day President to ever enter the Whitehouse, period. If you don’t agree, you are ignorant to the plethora of accomplishments he made for the country in spite of the leftists placing roadblocks every step of the way. He is a leader and truly cares for America and its citizens. If he has placed his confidence in Kelly, that is good enough for me. I believe Kelly will represent Alaska well and standup for our future. Congratulations Kelly on receiving his endorsement which should help you catch up to Murkowski’s dark money that is being donated by America’s enemies. It is time for America’s great awakening to accelerate and reclaim what has been illegally taken from us, our freedom to chart our own course free of the globalist dictators that do not have our best interests in mind. Let Freedom Ring!

    • OMG. LoL. Don’t have a very long memory of modern day events. Let’s just go back as far as Nixon. He did some pretty awesome things if you can get past covering up for his buddies. Then there’s Reagan who got us up to speed on Star wars because he knew 40 years ago what we all know today that Russia and China is weaponizing space. Then there’s Bush the younger that saved us from the terrorists. Trump although he was doing some good stuff for the country it’s just the same old stuff. He’s not even really in the same ballpark as those other guys. History were record him as a fool with a big fat mouth who constantly shot himself in the foot.

    • Trump is the greatest modern day President”. You’ve been conned Michael Johnson. No question about it.

  16. I’ll try a new/old blood of Kelly!
    Better then Rhino Muskowski!
    Lisa, again I have voted many years
    for you!
    Will not do so again!

  17. The fact that nobody here or anywhere is stepping up to challenge Lisa except Kelly says much. Talk $hit on the sidelines but take no action. Kelly has not been in a position to have her potential judged. She has not been a political leader and to judge her because she has been around DC for some of her career is asinine. Give her a chance and if she fails, then talk your $hit. Until then, you are just part of the problem. If you think you can do better then run if not shut up and quit being slanderous.

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