Breaking: Trump endorses Kelly Tshibaka vs. Murkowski as 2022 Senate race heats up


Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Alaskan Kelly Tshibaka for Senate, in her 2022 race against Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

“Kelly Tshibaka is the candidate who can beat Murkowski — and she will. Kelly is a fighter who stands for Alaska values and America First. She is MAGA all the way, pro-energy, strong on the Border, tough on Crime and totally supports our Military and great Vets. Kelly is a powerful supporter of the Second Amendment and JOBS! I look forward to campaigning in Alaska for Kelly Tshibaka. She has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” Trump wrote in a statement.

The announcement was made today. Trump, who received poor treatment at the hands of Sen. Lisa Murkowski during his four years in office, has made no secret that he would not only oppose Murkowski, who has held the seat since 2002, but that he will come to Alaska to campaign against her. Until now, he did not say who he would campaign for, however.

“I am honored, excited, and grateful to have the support of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. To have his strong endorsement is great news for our campaign and even better news for the people of Alaska, because it means we will be getting our Senate seat back from Lisa Murkowski,” Tshibaka said in a statement.

“President Trump won Alaska by double digits twice because his leadership and policies made him the best president our state has ever known. He knows our Alaska values, knows that we must be free to tap into our vast natural resources, and knows that we ought to be able to chart our own course without constant, authoritarian interference from Washington, D.C.,” she said.

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“Lisa Murkowski’s career is in its twilight now, and it’s because of her own record. She inherited her position from her father and since has become a senator for the D.C. insiders, rather than the people she’s supposed to represent. She opposed President Trump in both 2016 and 2020, proving definitively that she has no idea what Alaskans need or want. President Trump recognizes this, and an overwhelming majority of Alaskans do as well. I thank President Trump for his confidence in our campaign and look forward to victory next November with him on our team,” Tshibaka said.

Tshibaka, a mother of five children, was raised in Alaska, left for college and to start her career, and returned to serve in the Dunleavy Administration. She announced her intention to run against Murkowski at the end of March.

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  1. This is great news????
    I will be sure to share wherever I can. Thank you for the News you provide to Alaskan voters. should become The truth telling source for all. Good news or bad. We deserve to hear it all.

  2. His endorsement is based upon his hatred for Murkowski and NOT about what’s good for the country or our State. As such it’s not worth anything. Kelly is still a loser and definitely not an actual Alaskan. It’s disturbing that Suzanne glosses over this fact with her: “was raised in Alaska, left for college and to start her career, and returned to serve in the Dunleavy Administration”. What is that, like TWENTY YEARS?! She’s only been back a few years! Kelly knows NOTHING about us. Suzanne, that line I quoted shows that YOUR hatred for Murkowski has also blinded you to what’s good for Alaska and what is NOT!

  3. Lisa must be worried. At least she should be. Trump’s going to campaign hard against her with a vengeance, make it personal. Her days are over. That’s why she’s partying with the other side right now hoping she can get in bed with them.

  4. The Dems and “Lisa Forever” crowd were going to do every dirty trick in their books to keep Kelly from winning. Now the Never-Trumpers will be doubling down. Watch for the ads claiming just about anything and everything. And they will get worse the closer to the primaries we get. This will be a slugfest. It will be ugly. And as the political merde is splattered by the leftist ventilateur, I will personally not budge one inch from my planned vote for Kelly. I don’t care about her seniority. The Swamp Creature has go to go.

  5. Don’t worry about Antonio the Communist’s comments above, this is YUGE news and exactly what I was waiting for in order to support Kelly 100%. Now, time to get busy!

  6. Anyone is better than Nepotism Lisa.
    Kelly is a 20 year swamp creature.
    She worked for James Clapper at the DNI/JIG (yeah Clapper!!!).
    Prior to that she worked at the USPS in the program that started data mining citizens private information – she was the Chief Data Officer (think about that a little…)
    Where’s her private sector experience?
    Oh yeah, another lawyer.
    Is this REALLY the best we can do – another RINO swamp creature?
    Where’s the independent, provate sector, hell-raiser we need???

  7. Will the Democratic Party field a viable candidate for US Senate? If they don’t, that will mean that Murkowski is their candidate. If they do field a viable candidate, Murkowski could end up in third place in the new jungle primary, and that is not a good place to be.

  8. The liberal sites are talking about “Trump’s Revenge”. They still do not get it. This is the Alaskan Voters’ revenge. Trump just helped us to focus on a single candidate – don’t split the vote.

    P.S. Sullivan needs to stop being wishy-washy also….or he is next. Viva Alaska!

  9. Prop 2. People need to get wise and outsmart it or it won’t matter. Probably the only way is just to drive massive turnout for Kelly.

  10. Michael Johnson. Ah yes, the sign of a weak mind…when you can’t argue against a truth, you call them a communist. Don’t bother with a weak minded rebuttal as this is clearly what you have done. As I never mentioned my socioeconomic beliefs in my post, you have NO clue whether I’m a communist or not. I’ve owned a few businesses in my life: Jordan Farms Inc, Jordan Consulting Inc, Northern Treasures, and Curiosity Shop…Capitalism has been very, very, good to me! One of the reasons I come to this site is to marvel at Suzanne’s great skill at leading micro brains, like you, around by the nose. Usually I don’t comment…I just laugh and laugh and laugh. This time I thought I would point out a specific example of her ‘spinning’ the truth and see if there’s still anyone here capable of seeing it…NOPE. Do you know what happens when you vote against somebody out of hatred for their opponent??? YOU GET JOE BIDEN AS PRESIDENT! Keep it up and our next President will be the Anti-Christ!

  11. Good news! I rejoice that Alaska is a great state of properly “woke” citizens, and that our senior US Senator is about to be retired. Go Kelly!

  12. Trump has a lot of character flaws, but “traitor” isn’t one of them. He’s loyal to America.

  13. Can’t wait to go to the rally when Trump comes to Alaska.
    Yes ranked choice voting, just like mail-in voting is cheating
    Can I Hear an Amen, vote the swamp creature Lisa OUT.
    Plus, Antonio, what good has Lisa done for are state

  14. Kelly certainly has a lot of positives working for her, doesn’t she?
    1. Left Alaska as fast as she could (high school graduation is the point where a child can escape parents and state).
    2. Attended college Outside…what, UA system not good enough for her?
    3. Attended probably the most liberal law school there is right in the middle of liberal crazy land.
    4. Straight into the Washington D.C. federal government swamp and the bureaucracy where she stayed until opportunity to advance her government career knocked.
    5. And, now, she’s got two years of working inside the Alaska state government bureaucracy.

    With a resume like that who wouldn’t want her to be our next senator?
    She did great living on the East Coast…liberal land…and working in the Swamp of D.C.
    That only happens when you’re willing to go along to get along.
    Take Trump as an example. He wouldn’t go along and he bucked the system and look what the Swamp did to him.
    Kelly appears to have not had that problem. Wonder why???
    Maybe, for some, the list of positives needs to include no military service and no private sector experience. She’s a career government bureaucrat.
    Figure it out…her entire background since high school screams Swamp Rat. She even talks like one and she loves ticking off her SJW bonus points like homelessness (just her parents but close enough), high school bullying, rags to riches story (again, just her parents but what the heck).
    Trump was a great president but his various picks for office have been poor in many cases.
    Take Kelly Loeffler as an example…great gal, Trump said, good strong conservative, he said. As soon as she lost her election she turned like a rabid liberal dog.
    Then there’s Justice Barrett…constitutional literalist and solid conservative (just like our girl Kelly). Barrett wouldn’t even take the effort to hear one of the most important cases of our lifetimes.
    Kelly resembles these other two far too much for my comfort.
    Trump and most others are supporting Kelly because she’s not Murkowski.
    That’s not good enough no matter how many times she tells us what we want to hear.
    Be suspicious.

  15. I’m with you, Nancy. I love Kelly’s family. Ethnically diverse, Conservative, high IQ, and happy. Wish I could say that about ours.

  16. PJ Olson:
    You didn’t finish……..
    6. Kelly took the AK bar exam and passed the first time. (Murkowski took it about 5 times and finally passed it when she got the answers before the 5th exam).
    7. Kelly achieved her goals entirely on her own. Wasn’t appointed to anything by her father. ( Lisa Murkowski barely won her State House seat in Anchorage by 100 votes, so her dad appointed her to US Senate).
    8. Kelly is a Christian. Murkowski is a Catholic who believes in abortion.
    9. Kelly’s husband is smart and works for a living to support his kids. Murkowski has a house-husband who never held a job in his life.
    10. Kelly is an independent and reasoned thinker. Lisa…….well, Frank Murkowski is her biological father, so…..well……you know…….
    11. Kelly comes from regular Alaskan stock who don’t view themselves as royalty. The Murkowskis have held high office in Alaska since 1980. 41 years too long. And that might be the primary reason we are going to get rid of Lisa Murkowski in 2022.
    12. Last, but not least…… Trump is coming to Alaska three times in the next year to help us get rid of Lisa. Conservatives will be on fire and ready for battle. You watch! ?

  17. The King makes my point beautifully…it’s all about “Not Murkowski” for him or her so the point is entirely missed.
    This isn’t about how Kelly compares to Murkowski…it’s about Kelly and her background.
    Murkowski is the problem but Kelly may not, probably isn’t, the cure.
    Wake up.
    Kelly’s background isn’t impressive.
    She fled Alaska right after high school and never came back until opportunity to further her personal interests presented itself.
    She’s a career government bureaucrat who’s never had a real job…no military, no private sector experience.
    There’s better choices out there, certainly, but now that everyone had jumped on the first non-Murkowski alternative, including Trump, nobody’s looking at them.
    Give me a choice that has something in his or her background besides liberal East Coast college and D.C. Swamp Rat and I’ll be interested.

  18. Kelly may turn out to be less than perfect, but perfect is the enemy of good enough. Lisa isn’t even good enough.

  19. Hi Proud Alaskan. I knew Joe Miller as a Magistrate, as my lawyer, and as a Conservative Christian. He was my candidate against Murkowski. He won the primary and he had a powerful ad showing “Uncle Frank” holding up Lisa’s arm and saying: “Hail Caesar”.

    I thought surely no one could be so stupid as to vote fore her. Then the Alaska Republican Party turned on Joe and supported Lisa!!! So Lisa is a creation or the Republican Party and now those same people want us to correct their blunder by voting for a different loser!

    If you trust the Republican Party endorsement they will stab you in the back, just like they did to Joe Miller. You won’t be so proud then.

    It’s a long time before the primary even, and I don’t see it as a Lisa or Kelly election just yet. There are so many variables, like the “ranked choice primary”.

    Also, Trump right or wrong is going to be indicted and there are often travel restrictions and it takes a great deal of time, money, and energy to defend legal charges…I wouldn’t be holding your breath waiting for Trump to come to Alaska.

  20. PJ Olson, you make some very good points about Kelly. In (almost) everyone’s zeal to get rid of Lisa, I have to worry if we may end jumping from the frying pan into the fire with Kelly.

    And lest anyone think that scenario to be far-fetched, may I just remind them of Sarah Palin?

    Sure, at one point, Sarah looked like a godsend next to Frank Murkowski, but she was simply in over her head.

    Here, Kelly maybe isn’t in over her head, but would we really be getting in return for electing her over Lisa?

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