Trump says he will end funding hotels for homeless immigrants, focus on veterans in need



Former President Donald Trump said he would end the funding for homeless immigrants in hotels if elected president.

“Under crooked Joe Biden, the U.S. government has spent nearly $1 billion to house illegal aliens and foreign migrants in expensive, luxury hotels courtesy of you, the American taxpayer, and they want to spend billions and billions more,” Trump said in a video message posted on his social media platform. “In many states, we are running out of hotel space because the rooms are all booked up with illegal aliens living in a very large way on the American taxpayers’ dime.”

Trump said there were 33,000 veterans who were homeless “living very poorly” and “nobody is doing a thing for them.”

“When I am re-elected, this national scandal will end,” Trump said in the video

Trump is the leading Republican candidate for the presidency. 

Biden announced in June that his administration was launching supportive services to help find housing for homeless veterans. Biden said that his administration was spending $3.1 billion across the country to find housing for homeless people, including veterans.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough said in May that the Veterans Affairs helped 40,000 homeless veterans find homes in 2022, according to a media release.

Communities across the country have used hotels to house homeless people. The homeless issue has been spurred, in part, by the increase in migrants into the U.S.

Chicago and New York have made the news for the billions they have had to spend to house the flood of migrants who have come to their states.

California, Colorado, Washington and Arizona are some of the states spending millions buying hotels and putting homeless people up in their own rooms.

In Los Angeles, a 2024 ballot initiative would require hotels to use vacant rooms to house homeless people who would stay in rooms besides paying customers.


  1. I thought, that under the Biden prosecution deals, the north wing of the Trump Hotel was going to be reserved for Hamas that came through our southern border. Just thinking out loud, here.

  2. Wow! I did not realize the numbers of dollars were spent on housing illegals! Shameful. Our Vets go unhelped! Extremely shameful. Past time for Biden to go!

    • Haven’t you noticed, What was once affordable motels and you could afford to travel to see something has ALL been bought out and housing the illegals, dope druggies, and the insane. It is hard to find an affordable hotel, I can understand the risen $$ due to increase in wages of the workers, and the economy, but with the illegals and the homeless it’s taken alot to find affordable motes/hotels to stay in.

      • When are they going to take the homeless out of the motels and hotels!!??!! I’m GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF not finding an AFFORDABLE place to stay when I travel.

    • The leftists do not want you to know.
      It is all about “helping” and proving the US is not a racist country, etc…
      Besides, they are spending your money, not theirs. It isn’t until they have to suffer the consequences of their “ideals” that they wake up. (Martha’s Vineyard?)

  3. Something I’ve noticed, maybe you have too, is that the very same homeless people show-up at the same location, day-in and day-out, always in the traffic intersections throughout Anchorage, as if they own that specific Turf. If they can do this consistently, day-in and day-out, then why can’t they apply themselves in a more productive manner, showing-up consistently at rehab, jobs, apprenticeship schools, Church, charities or other productive venues, so as to improve themselves and start becoming productive citizens within our community?

    • They do, in fact, think they own that space.
      Try holding your own sign on the same corner. I have seen the fights as a result of it. Good entertainment…

    • Reminds me of my highschool teacher mocking the class clowns singing songs during recess. “Why can’t you put this much effort towards passing this class?” Their priorities are just so screwed they’re beyond hope.

    • Once visiting my in laws down south, I was out getting something to eat. Saw a homeless guy with a very specific sign. I passed by said location the next day, different guy, same sign. I went into the restaurant to pick up a to go order for dinner.

      I asked about the guys in question. Girl behind the counter said if I came by around 2:30 I could watch them change shifts.

    • These peoples we see have three strikes against them that setup their failure in living a productive life.
      1. During early childhood birth to five no one read to them nor get them as a toddler learning how to be part of their family as the parent and toddler playing the clean up game.
      2. No or little education and it being of very low quality and poor delivery to teach them the accountability to completing assignments, communicating to authority as teachers for learning how he communicate to a future supervisor.
      3. No or little bible education what does Bible say about us and how do God see us and what God wants for us.

      What these people in chronic homelessness and addiction need and their number 1 request of all things requested is pray for them. Just as the Gospel Mission requests if Christians can’t donate monetary gifts they want their prayers for their staff, for their programs, for their crowd they are serving.

      That’s why I been attaching to my comments reminder Read aloud to your child and or grandchild especially while they are under five. best beginnings put together an acronym for parents and grandparents Talk, respond, ask questions, Connect, and Keep-at-it. TRACK.
      You know the state of Alaska and the people here are so backward thinking
      Stemming from its dysfunction and lack of understanding God, our state focus too much on the death here rather than families focusing more on the life here who are seeing our children today are bring raised and growing up happier, healthier, and smarter than their parents did. So at least we can keep GenZ from falling into homelessness and addictions.

  4. What about the wounded vets that have visible injuries. Trump doesn’t like them seen. He called the killed war veterans “suckers and losers” but yea he is real concerned about the rest of the Vet’s!

    • Got a reliable source for that claptrap?
      I am not talking (P)MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, or NYTs here. I need to see a video, or hear an audio recording.

    • “You ain’t black, if you ain’t voting for me” Joe Biden
      See two and play that game and it is totally unproductive. Do you have any commentary on the immigrant situation or did the headline just trigger you TDS???

    • Oh… look… Sebastian cannot back up what he wrote.
      Want to place another bet there big boy?
      How about $1,000 this time?
      Pony up any verifiable proof that Trump said veterans were suckers or losers.
      Even Snopes, which is a media arm of the democrats cannot produce any evidence.
      Seriously if your source for bashing Trump is DNC controlled propaganda, your a simpleton.

      • Google – “John Kelly and Trump called vets suckers and losers.” No need for Snopes or Duck Duck go. I’ll take the 1,000 in dogecoin Tek.

        • I said a reliable source.
          Not some unsubstantiated quote from a Never-Trumper.
          Recording, transcript, video. Or, perhaps even something from a person who has not actively worked against Trump since the day he announced his campaign.
          Because, frankly citing a known liar is not a reliable source.

    • I am willing to take the chance he will not be able to accomplish this, rather than vote for a candidate that will openly say they will screw over this nation’s vets in favor of the illegals.
      (Oh, and I know no leftists are actively saying those words, but what do you really think “borders are racist” and “hate has no place in the US” really means? It means the politicians will spend your retirement savings to make themselves look good.)

  5. Every LEGAL immigrant to this country is looking at this and wondering where they went wrong.
    Their application process can take years, includes medical screening, background checks, obtaining a sponsor or having a skill that is in demand in this country and they have to prove adequate funds to support themself until they are settled and found a job. Most importantly, they are barred from receiving ANY public services benefits for at least 5 years, like food stamps, low-income housing etc. Yet here we spend billions on people, who did none of these things, most likely have no skills to support themselves and send every penny back to the relatives in the home country so they can come too and stay in a nice place, get 3 squares a day and don’t have to do anything for it.
    This country was founded on laws and everyone being equally judged, clearly not so anymore. It is time we close the borders, secure them and refocus on legal immigration.

      • An assumption not in evidence. Looking at naturalized citizen communities like Cubans in Florida most of them consider themselves republicans and vote accordingly. It should also be noted that the wholesale importation of foreign nationals thru the southern border has never been this brazen or blatant under any other administration. Even Bill Clinton realized you can’t just open the doors and then walk away. So today’s legal immigrant community has a legitimate case for unequal treatment.

    • Even then the legal immigrants know just as much or just as little about America which is not much. The public even local private education is not good while some homeschooling curriculums don’t even touch history. So from natural born citizens to foreign born citizens of America they don’t know America’s traditions, history, and Christian views like if you are an American you live in this country you are supposed to stand in support of America’s Allies as Isreal.

      The immigrants of the 1900s would look at todays legal immigrants as why you come to America when you hadn’t left your heart in your old country. Your old country is in the past life. America is your future.
      In the Old Testament reading reads that before fall of kingdoms Judah and Sameria their leaders and people did
      The same thing made accommodation for foreigners to continue practice their past life’s customs, traditions, language, even bring over their idolatrous religions just like America and Americans been accommodating calling it Multiculturalism. Just as the foreigners were allowed to do, their cultures pulled the Isreal from their foundation as Americas fascination with our immigrants cultures pulled America from her biblical foundation.

      • Huh?? What exactly are you trying to say here Jen???
        I would like to dispute your assertion that legal immigrants know nothing about the US, it’s history and laws.
        Do you actually know what it takes to become a naturalized US citizen? Have you heard of the citizenship test every applicant has to take? It is a basic test of knowledge about things like “How many members of congress, separation of powers, succession, number of supreme court justices” etc.. I challenge you to take one. Some states also require you take a state history test. Then there is the interview and a language test.
        I would like to point out that the constitution grants ALL the free exercise of THEIR religion…not just yours.

  6. It would be nice if, just once, he could make a political point without resorting to third grade level insults.
    It would be a whole lot easier for him to attract back voters he lost in ‘20 by occasionally acting Presidential.

    • 1. Trump didn’t lose voters – he gained voters. The election was stolen; we got the indisputable proof when the Kraken was released (before Sydney was forced to plead guilty, along with his turncoat lawyers). If the corrupt courts and the RINO governor of Georgia would agree that the voter fraud “evidence” is actually evidence and not unsupported and debunked third person assertions, he would be President today.
      2. Don’t insult Trump supporters by categorizing his attacks as third grade level insults. Many rise to the 8th grade level.

    • That’s just who Trump is. His personality served him well dealing with world leaders of countries whose histories and existences been around millennials longer than America’s 260 years. I say the leaders up to Reagan plus Trump done well keeping this young country going strong among older kingdoms of this world.

  7. Very Trumpian to suggest removing funding from local government taxes. Not surprised coming from a grifter who praises our enemies and denigrates our military

  8. My concern is not about what the previous administration can say they did or did not accomplish– that’s all water under the bridge, so to speak, as well as the situations that cause anyone to live in a homeless manner. As always these social issues have no simple catch-phrase solutions, because of the complexity of power player humans involved. However, the general record AND attitude of the previous Administration does not indicate to even the casual observor that there is any interest or goal in assisting human society with such profoundly impactful outcome. Homelessness involves humanity, asylum, mental well-being, jobs, employment, pensions, Medicare, Medicaid, taxes, housing availability and industry, transportation, other costs of living– notwithstanding other major bills such as healthcare monopolies, etc, not just immigrant status. A speech like that without substantial evidence of possible accomplishment after 8 years, is merely gambling. Gambling is no way to run a country of millions of people. (And, to forestall OPINIONS about my consumption of marijuana … nada, nor alcohol, just my geriatric perspective from a Territory babe.)

  9. Still think Trump is sane? Of Biden, Trump said:
    “We have a man who is totally corrupt and the worst president in the history of our country, who is cognitively impaired, in no condition to lead, and who is now in charge of dealing with Russia and possible nuclear war,” Trump said. “Just think of it. We would be in World War II very quickly if we’re going to be relying on this man.”


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