Sedated in Seattle: Young adults in the metro area are gulping anti-depressants


According to a market research poll conducted between December 2020 and May 2023, the people of Seattle are more heavily medicated than ever to treat depression and anxiety.

Nielsen said that 18% of the adult population in the Seattle metro area, or roughly 581,000 people, responded that they had purchased medication for depression or anxiety in the past 12 months, according to reporting from the Seattle Times. It is a jump from 2018-2020 surveys that showed 14.5% has purchased the meds.

Among young adults, ages 18 to 34, about 21% in Seattle said they used medication for depression or anxiety in the past 12 months, up from 14% from January 2018-May 2020, according to the newspaper.

Other age groups in the Seattle area showed an increasing use of anti-depressants, except for those ages 65 and older, in which the data showed no real change.

“Young adults are now the age group with the highest rate of using medications for depression or anxiety in the Seattle area,” the newspaper reported.

The Seattle metro area includes King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties, and has an adult population in excess of 3.2 million. Nielsen surveyed 6,330 people in the Seattle area for the new data release, the newspaper said.

Read the complete report at this link.


  1. I’d be anxious and depressed if I lived in Seattle too. Nothing remains of the town we visited when we wanted to get away for a few days.

    • If there is anything left of our civilization in fifty years maybe someone can go through and catalogue all the bad policies and decisions that led to the destruction of Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. And the Anchorage Assembly seems anxious to replicate the disaster.

  2. Democrat drugs are made especially for sick minds. Seattle drug stores are running out of psychotropics. The worst cases end up in tents under the freeways. The lesser cases end up at LGBTQ clubs on Capital Hill. But ALL cases end up with severe TDS.

    • Even those Starbucks addicted Democrats in Seattle, and elsewhere, can’t find enough drugs to excite their Trump Derangement Diseases.

  3. I have no doubt that people in the PNW are taking antidepressants and anxiolytics, but I must object to the headline, as being somewhat misleading: antidepressants are not sedatives. Anxiolytics can be classified as minor tranquilizers, sedatives, however.

  4. People who have no purpose wonder deep down why they even exist. They produce nothing. They are completely dependent on others for everything, including their very existence. They realize, deep down, that they are nothing, totally useless to themselves and society, a waste of oxygen, and look to chemicals for an escape from their reality, because if reality, natural law, ever comes into play they, and their gene pool, will very quickly cease to exist.

    And rather than recognize and address the basic issue at hand, our society continually encourages uselessness from the cradle to the grave. When was the last media program about someone working to meet their own needs (movie ‘Land’ maybe, for the 12 people who saw it)? Is it taught in public schools? When was the last government program encouraging people to be self-reliant? Productive? No, for the last 60 years, since LBJ’s Great Society, government, by design, made it a policy to encourage total dependence on Uncle Generous, now labeling anyone taking care of their own needs as the extremist. “I’ll have them voting democrat for 200 years…we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.” LBJ, except a lot more vulgar and racist.

    I find that very depressing, but I deal with it by working harder (and teaching my kids the same) as therapy. You may cheat your neighbors, your friends and the government, but you will not long cheat natural law, which says that every creature must produce to survive, or be a parasite, reviled and ultimately purged.

    • It goes back at least to Wilson, who wanted a barely educated population serving the state/their betters.

      A really close look at the goals of Wilson and Marks show they were intellectual birds of a feather. Only differences were how they wanted to get there.

      This collapse is a century plus goal in the making.

  5. It seems most, if not all, of the large cities on the west coast are becoming stressful places to reside or visit. We used to do weekend getaways to Seattle but the last time we were there it was getting pretty bad with crime, homelessness, and insane traffic,. Now you have the mindless leftist roaming and/or violently protesting mobs as well. Security guards in all the stores. No thank you. Those that decide to finally escape need to leave behind their politics that created the mess.

  6. If I had to live in the radical leftist extremist cesspool and hellhole that is contemporary Seattle, I’d be seriously depressed myself. But at least unlike most current young Seattelites, I would be able to connect cause and effect, and would understand the reason(s) for my depression, rather than blaming Trump, or come fantasized snowflake ‘oppression’, or an even more imaginary “white supremacy”.

    • You’re on to something. Between the social disconnect the the internet generations and the deliberate dystopia of the left, these kids are completely lost.

      By being the confused, ignorant serfs Woodrow Wilson strove for, there is zero real meaning in their lives.

      More, I think a major part of it is they realize at some level this is the result of the political gains they wanted. The drugs are a way to attempt to escape consequences of what they set in motion.

      Self inflicted wounds usually hurt the worst of all.

  7. The more that communicate solely through electronic means, rather than face-to-face, the greater this percentage shall increase.


  8. I’d be anxious and depressed too if God still to this day didn’t bring Jesus in my life when I was four years old. Else I’d be joyless to be living this life only for myself. It’s been a hard and long journey learning bits and pieces about God through his Word, in my life experiences, and listening to and watching God work through others lives. GenZ along with millennials, GenX, and Boomers need to recognize their need for God. The God of Jacob.

    It’s discouraging for anyone living in a city or town where you likely not stumble across one piece of “free” Bible literature either a tract or devotional. Juneau is like that. I think Seattle would be just like Juneau no hope along with isolation.

    • Sigh. I often wonder what God you think you’ve found.

      The doors of St Paul, the Mormons, Shepard of the Valley, Chapel by the Lake, and many others have doors open and all are welcome.

      Problem is, except for the Diocese of Juneau and the Mormons, the congregations choose not to be involved in the community in any meaningful way.

      Without warm, welcoming people gently spreading The Word via their actions, all the free Bible tracts in the world just add to the already full landfill. Or would you prefer them used for toilet paper by the homeless?

      We are called to be fishers of men. That means going to them, where they are, and showing the Love of Christ. We’re supposed to offer a warm, loving alternative to the world.

      The example you seem to want to use, highly judgmental, angry, unforgiving, and ready to beat people into submission with the “Book of Jen” will not bring anyone joyfully to the Body of Christ.

      More and more I’m convinced you are a different version of Maureen (rest in peace). Angry with the Church and looking to undermine it. Only Maureen was honest about it.

  9. Goals, dreams, and means (jobs) should be what is being prescribed by these so-called doctors. And dump the electronic stimulation devices as well.

  10. The left is claiming treatment of the mentally ill and deranged misfit homeless society with Psilocybin (majic mushrooms) will help bring them back online and productive.
    Totally makes sense to treat drug induced mental illness with more drugs.
    If nothing else it will turn the illicit drug into a useful tool that can be grown marketed taxed and the homeless will “Be All They Can Be”.

  11. Wow ! Starting connect the dots . The jump seat pilot on AkAirlines the other day was high on mushrooms , Seattle based ? Oh my ! Let’s see what could go wrong behind a barricaded door in cockpit with a nut job on drugs . Did they hire this guy because he was less qualified for the position and fit some new hiring profile ?

    Keep in mind that AkAirlines was selling BLM t shirts and gear in their on line store ! Maybe the pilot that interviewed was wearing a BLM shirt and thats why he was hired ? Maybe ? I’ve seen flight attendants wearing BLM masks on board ! Makes me wonder if they hired some other less qualified ding dongs ! Not going to end well !

  12. The Seattlites I have met have been friendlier than Alaskans and will go more than the extra mile for you. They exhibit a concern for your safety and well being. They have a mild interest in Alaska. They exhibit less mania than Alaskans and less delusion, depression, manipulation, less fortuitous lying, while displaying a steadier even willingness to help others than current Alaskans do. I like them better than Alaskans currently.

  13. But the best of all generally are Canadians. They are nicest of all in spite of the recent oppressions they have experienced, high prices etc..

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