Trump rally: Kelly Tshibaka, Sarah Palin, and Mike Lindell


Mike Lindell of My Pillow fame endorsed Kelly Tshibaka and Sarah Palin for their races for Senate and Congress on Saturday. He said voting machines used around the country are corrupted and “they have to be gone.”

Lindell was the warm-up act for the Trump Save America rally, attended by thousands at the University of Alaska Alaska Airlines Center arena on Saturday. It was his first trip to Alaska and he seemed surprised that Alaskans even know who he is. Lindell started the famous My Pillow company and is a strong supporter of President Trump. He has advanced several theories about election fraud in the 2020 election.

Sarah Palin, running for Congress, also spoke to the crowd, and said, “The stuff you heard about me, guys it’s a lie. I’m way worse than what you’ve heard in the press. And I’m gonna fight even harder for Alaska’s interests and to save this country” … “Don’t retreat. Reload!”

Palin is running for an open seat in Congress, suddenly vacant after the death of Congressman Don Young. She has neither the endorsement of the Alaska Republican Party, nor the support of nearly any conservative leader in Alaska, but she had the crowd’s heart at the Alaska Airlines Center, and took shots at the “good old boys” network in the party.

Kelly Tshibaka’s speech focused on “It’s time for a change.”

Running against a powerful senior senator, Tshibaka pointed out all the ways that Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a Republican, had let down Alaska for the past 21 years: Enabling Joe Biden, voting for Deb Haaland to lead the Department of Interior, taking care of D.C. insiders rather than Alaskans, voting for the abortion industry, and voting against the Second Amendment.

Tshibaka said Murkowski’s votes hurt Alaskans’ ability to pay rent, put food on the table for their children, and fill up the gas tank.

Trump’s plane landed in Anchorage in the early afternoon and he was due to speak at the arena at about 4 pm. People continued to pour into the arena at 3 pm as security personnel screened them for entry.


  1. “Palin… took shots at the “good old boys” network in the party.”

    I happened to catch that part. She actually called out the RINOS as the “good old boys”.

  2. Did he vanish or did Trump pull his endorsement?

    It was reported last week that he was going to speak at this event.

  3. We don’t need Palin (no friend of the oil companies) and I’d rather have DeSantis running for President. NO ONE could touch him if he ran. Just sayin’. But… if Trump gets the nod, that’s who I’ll vote for. My fear is that it’ll only rally the left and their mad organizational skills at producing ballots out of thin air.

    • And when the fraud-obsessed Republicans win, these ballot conspiracies are immediately silenced, ie Jim Marchant (R-NV).

          • Sorry Tom, you don’t know what your talking about. Cell phone tracking data doesn’t lie and neither does video evidence of the mules making repeated trips to the illegal drop boxes and stuffing them with fake ballots. The evidence in mules could be used in a court of law if you can find an uncorrupt judge to hear the case.

    • Mike Lindell is an American Hero! He has placed his life and fortune on the line for the country. What have you done? Go back to your couch and continue being a potato!

    • Is it true that Nick Begich voted for Ethan Berkowitz for Mayor of Anchorage and deeply regretted it afterwards? Inquiring minds need to know who they are really voting for in this age of deception.

  4. And since when does one pay to attend a political rally? You are all being had once again by Trump. He’s lining his pockets at your expense – making you think that you are Saving America, while he laughs all the way to the bank.

    • Entry was free. The only paid tickets were for VIP/reserved seating. The majority of people in there were attending for free.

    • Was this the same man who while president never lined his pocket with a paycheck and was one of the first who left the White House poorer than when he entered? Yet, Joe Biden got richer and richer when he was VP and continued to increase his rich while on his sabbatical. But perhaps we missed it when Trump was pocketing “all that money.”

      • Yeah I don’t think he needs the money. He wasn’t like Obama that went into the White House poor and came out a multi-millionaire. Or he wasn’t like the Clintons who stole China and cutlery when they left. Mostly just trying to cover some contribution expenditures.

    • Again, wrong. But that’s your thing.

      Yes there was a pay to guarantee entry, but that was optional. Not a requirement. More and more that’s the way of the world.

      More so, why do you care? Couldn’t get in? Couldn’t afford it?

  5. Trump didn’t say one bad thing about Nancy and I. We thought he did a fantastic job invigorating all of the conservative Republicans. Lisa and House Husband decided not to attend because they didn’t want Lisa to be a distraction. We didn’t care much for his reference that Lisa was a POS because she voted with Nancy Pelosi to impeach Trump. But everything else he said was accurate and worth saying. Good job, Donald. Alaska loves you.

  6. Lisa murkowski please ma’am resign your post immediately we don’t want you and your evil ways no no more. Kelly is absolutely lovable and quite a lady and Alaska just fell in love with her.

    • Don’t expect the predator class to voluntarily give up their cushy, high-paying positions of acquiring extreme wealth off the backs of the working class slaves. It’s up to us, We The People, to recall them for dereliction of duty.

  7. Bronson and Tshibaka looked so majestic while they stood and clapped for liberty and President Trump’s take on the American scandals that are taking place. Meanwhile Jeff Landfill is lurking in the back like gollem. What a stark contrast.
    Oops did I misspell his name?
    I guess you get what you deserve.

  8. It was free. I didn’t buy any TRUMP merchandise. I spent nothing.
    Got there by noon as instructed by the e-mail they sent me this morning & was in by 2pm.
    Had good seats ….. up front, on the side.

  9. Half the people I talked to in line and at our seats were for there for Trump, but they were voting for Kelly and for Nick Begich. Another quarter weren’t sure about Palin and were still deciding. The other quarter were solidly Palin. I went in a Palin fan, but now I’m wondering… Kelly really outshined her.

  10. Go ahead and elect Palin. Alaska needs a carnival barker in the House. Someone who can’t get anything done, won’t be taken seriously, and will regularly make a horses butt of herself in the media.

    Go ahead. Reward this fraud for ACES, Walker, stabbing Sean Parnell in the back, and bailing out in her one and only term in office.

    Yup. Exactly what modern Alaska needs.

  11. Lisa Murkowski has done a pretty good job for Alaska! A darn sight better than Palin did as governor!!! Tshibaka is another certifiable nutcase! And we sure don’t need Palin embarrassing the hell out of Alaska, like she did when running for VP, while trying to out crazy MTG and Bobo!!

    • Agreed. Lisa Murkowski has done a pretty good job for Alaska. Common sense too. On the other hand- Palin, Mike Lindell, and Kelly Tshibaka are nut cases. Palin and Tshibaka will get “Trumped” at the polls and their supporters will be like howling dogs…albeit with the tails between their legs and complain the election was fixed. A losers excuse. Begich and Murkowski will win hands down because they represent real Alaskans, not themselves or Mar a Lago. Dunleavy was politically brilliant for staying away from the psycho ward reserved for the outsider nut cases. Yes outsiders.
      Consider Palin as an outsider?
      Even polls show most Alaska voters think Sarah Palin is an Arizona resident. She certainly weighed into AZ political scene like she was one of them local Arizona cow-girls living in multi-millions mansions. Alaskans want an Alaskan representing us in Congress not another lower 48 Arizona representating Alaska regardless of Palins Trump or any other national endorsements. All her campaign money is from outsideers.


      • You are a fool and troll. Lisa Murkowski is a traitor to the United States and Alaska. She should be investigated for supporting the treasonous Biden crime family. Go ahead, ask Lisa to show all of her financials to the public and ask her why she is helping Biden kill our energy independence. Anyone that votes for that traitor is either grossly misinformed or of the same criminal blood line. Dunleavy is a coward as he has done nothing I’m aware of to secure our elections. He is all talk and no action. Vote for Chris Kurka for Governor and watch how fast we fix our broken and corrupt election system. If Alaskans keep voting for the same corrupt people, they will continue to get failed policies and a bankrupt and failing State. Vote for Alaska’s future, vote for Kurka, Tshibaka and Palin.

  12. Trump REALLY beat up on Sullivan. I think we can safelyassume he won’t have Trump’s endorsement next time he runs!

    • Swampy Dan has been a much better Senator than Princess. But with a bar set that low, try not to be.

      If Pierce isn’t elected Governor, I hope he challenges Swampy Dan

  13. Dunleavy must be voted out.As far as Kelly Tshbka she looked like something out of a Kathrine Kulhman revival.They did the white suit with Hilary Clinton.I guess I will have to hold my nose and vote Kelly to get Lisa Murkowski out.

  14. From the Alaska Division of Elections site:

    What happens if I only vote for one candidate?
    Your vote is counted in round one and your vote stays with your candidate throughout tabulation.

    This is the method that keeps your Candidate #1
    Anything else is just playing roulette.

  15. According to campaign staff, Gov. Dunleavy was out of state on official business. Maybe Suzanne can find out more on this. And as I have written before, Dunleavy isn’t the problem – the legislature is. Unless the legislature tries to work with the governor, Dunleavy or whoever else is elected will have the same problems. It’s not a one-man show. And frankly, I am not that impressed with Pierce. Working with friendly’s is not the same as working with, or trying to, adversarial legislators, some of which were Walker people. And what does Pierce plan to do to try to make Alaska food independent? There are a number of coming catastrophes that could shut down every port on the Pacific Coast. When that happens, where does Alaska get its food? Or the other supplies that it relies on from the lower 48? Just saying –

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