Trump in Anchorage: Lisa Murkowski is bad for Alaska


President Donald Trump, appearing at a Save America rally in Anchorage, Alaska, walked into the stadium to the sound of a roaring crowd of over 6,000 supporters at the Alaska Airlines Center, most of whom had waited since early morning for a chance to rally with the president.

President Trump had flown into Anchorage on Saturday from Las Vegas, where he had given a speech the day before.

Saturday’s theme was that Sen. Lisa Murkowski is worse than a RINO (Republican in Name Only.) He blamed her for all the negative impacts that Alaska has suffered under President Biden.

He also admonished Sen. Dan Sullivan for endorsing Murkowski, and said Kelly Tshibaka is a wonderful, conservative warrior who will serve Alaska well.

Trump, in 98 minutes of a wide-ranging speech that sometimes stuck to the teleprompter notes, while at other times went off script, covered dozens of topics, harping on the contrast between America under his administration and the Biden administration that followed his. He pointed out that during his presidency, gas prices were lower — they are much higher now. He said he signed the largest tax cuts and regulation cuts in American history, while Democrats are now jacking taxes back up. The economy was good under his presidency, and now it is in the toilet. America is the laughingstock of the world under Biden, he said.

Trump talked about the southern border, Afghanistan, China, transgenderism in women’s sports, catch and release of illegal immigrants, chain migration, how Democrats cheat in elections, and the wrongness of ranked choice voting, which he blamed on Murkowski.

“It’s the only way she could win,” he said. He called for same-day voting with paper ballots. He called for identification required for voting.

“This is the year we’re going to take back the House, take back the Senate, and take back America. And in 2024, we’re going to take back our magnificent White House,” Trump said, this is the year we’re going to take back the house take back the senate and take back America. and in 2024, we’re going to take back our magnificent White House,” he said, hinting about his own run for election in 2024.

The president mentioned his support for Gov. Mike Dunleavy, and there was a smattering of boos from the crowd. Trump has endorsed Dunleavy, but Dunleavy was not at the rally. Later, when Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson was introduced by Trump, there was a huge cheering throughout the stadium, so impressive that Trump was surprised and proceeded to comment that Bronson was obviously well liked by the crowd. There were some in the crowd who wore Nick Begich stickers, evidence that they support Trump but not necessarily his picks. Begich is running for Congress, as is Palin; both are Republicans.

After nearly two hours, Trump ended his remarks on a strong and positive note:

“We will not bend. We will not break. We will never give in. We will never give up. We will never ever back down. As long as we are united, the tyrants we are fighting do not stand a chance.” Americans, he said, only kneel to God.

“It’s time to start talking greatness for our country again. We will make America powerful again. We will make America wealthy again. We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again and we will make America great again!” he concluded. The crowd cheered.


  1. Good report, Suzanne. What happened to Dunleavy? Was he ousted at the last minute because he is supporting NB3 over Sarah Palin?

    • Tim, Big Mike is backing Nick over Palin? If true, that is the smartest thing he has done since we elected him!

    • Sometimes you just have to take a stand. Palin is unstable and prone to erratic fits of rage and paranoia. She has a history of throwing Alaska Governors under the bus. Remember, these people have to work together.

      • Dunleavy is his own man. While Dunleavy likes Trump, he will not be supporting Sarah Palin. That would put Dunleavy at risk against pedophile-enablers like Bill Walker, who would make hay about Dunleavy supporting Palin. Good move, Big Mike. Trump understands. Just focus on retiring Bill Walker for good, and keep him from his angry attempt to fool Alaskans again. Walker is a hateful Alaskan, a traitor, a thief of the PFD, and a man hell-bent on revenge.

      • Dunleavy was on his way to Texas and had a nice meeting with Trump at the airport before his Rally on Saturday. Inside reports also mention that Dunleavy is keeping his distance from Mama Grizzly for a variety of reasons, the least of which is that he wants to go hunting for bear this fall with Todd.

  2. Good rally! Trump picked two winners Kelly & Sarah, Dunleavy wasn’t mentioned so much! He may have been hiding in the weeds!

    • Ken,
      Dunleavy isn’t hiding. The one who is hiding is Bill Walker, who won’t take any questions about his former pedophile Lt. Governor. And the media won’t ask Walker any questions about pedophilia in the state capitol. But we will!

  3. Only the sermon on the mount can top tonight. How can that man make it look so easy it’s miracle stuff what is happening all around us. Team Alaska rocked it I love our state and us thank you president trump and Alaska one of my best ever Saturdays United for integrity. WOW.

  4. I was there …. up front. Except for SP’s trite remarks it was a great time.
    “Mama grizzly” (again w/ that) …. give us a break Governor; invest in a better speech writer.

  5. What a great day! Awesome being with so many patriotic and happy warriors. I didn’t see a single Dunleavy shirt, sign, or hat. I was surprised the boos were not stronger given how he caved to the pressure from the left to restore liberal spending, and how he left Anchorage out to dry to suffer the tyrannical Covid mandates from our leftist assembly and mayor.

  6. 6000 people under the spell of a cruel, childish man, who doesn’t really give a whit about them, Alaska, or the Country. He does it all for his ego, his pocketbook, and for his image. Wake up folks. See the light.

    • It appears you need to wake up and see the light. My guess is you voted for Biden. Thanks a lot, idiot!

    • Seems like you need come out of the basement and “See the Light” the darkness has messed with your brain!
      Leslie is right you are an idiot.

    • What do I like the most….high fuel and food prices, war, China more aggressive by the day, Russians saying they’re going to take back Alaska, life has been so wonderful once the mean orange man was gone.

    • Show us on the doll when the mean Orange Man hurt you.

      If the choice is a bully self promoter who gave me cheap gas and some of the lowest unemployment numbers in history vs a senile, wildly corrupt, borderline pedophile who is destroying the country, I’ll take the mean Orange bully.

      When Biden’s Commissars collapse the country, they are not taking you to the mountain top with them.

    • It’s like candy for babies, the way that unAmerican scoundrel carries on so. Some folks like treacle especially when it pulls their fillings out and they need root canals thereafter … .

    • You hit the nail squarely on the head dog. Yes the man was cheated out of an election. He lost because he wasn’t strong enough to stop it. He needs to get over it and move on. What’s he want to do destroy the country to save face?

  7. Dunleavy is a coward…..and it has shown for four years….as a governor he did nothing that he pledged for the first election and wants a job he can’t manage. He has worked against the residents of the state time and again. The last bill he signed was done at his bidding without regard to the residents it would effect. Energy is good to have as a resource, but where does it come from? The bill innocuously worded to include nuclear micro-reactors to be purchased for all the villages that suffer from high energy heating costs without proper testimony before the finance committee. No one was called from Department of Energy, Atomic Energy, EPA or any other resource energy entity to talk about the dangers of the nuclear micro-reactors in villages or any other place as a matter of fact. The commissioner of DEC would not allow any other testimony and his assistant Commissioner lied to distract questions to Sen. Wielechowsk ,so it passed without proper work done on it. Dunleavy going to a sustainable energy conference wanted drama while he signed the bill with Murkowski standing up for his efforts and praised his work, against the residents of this state. This issue of nuclear micro-reactors should be one of all residents having knowledge of and saying yes and no too. If and when a mishap occurs, the ground could not be used for the next ten thousand years, let alone any person living on it. Dunleavy needs to be an election and that is a fact.

    • You’re sort of right. Seems that in most villages when even something minor goes wrong with any infrastructure, someone has to be flown in to do a thirty minute repair, so yeah, def don’t put a reactor under village “care.”

      Since most villages can’t keep a diesel power plant or waste disposal system running, probably not a good idea to put a nuke plant out there…

  8. NOT voting for Dunleavy,and holding my nose for Kelly T.even though she is as extablishment as they get.
    Must get Murkowski OUT at all costs!

  9. The juxtaposition of “Vote for Lisa” banners on this page where Trump touted that we should give her the boot and NOT re-elect her is striking. Not one banner, but TWO banners with one embedded in the text and the other on the right margin. Hers is the only one who runs twice. She must pay good money to get to advertise here.

  10. Trump & DeSantis running against each other, but with each picking the other as their VP. Now that would take some serious humble but Yahweh blesses the humble. Now that would be a winning ticket for all.

  11. Curious how Porcaro never told Trump he (Porcaro) is the main driver of this ranked choice farce.

    Of course Dunleavy didn’t show. He didn’t want the boos. Besides you can’t show up to a rally when you’re hiding behind your desk.

  12. Palin endorsed and campaigned for Beijing Bill Walker and Democrat philanderer Byron Mallott. After quitting she endorsed them OVER her own Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell, perhaps the finest person you’ll ever meet. If you’re upset about a smaller PFD, bloated government, and lower investment in Alaska, it all started with Sarah. Now she wants to take what she did to Alaska and do it in DC. Wake up Alaska! Sarah Palin isn’t just dumb, she is destructive!

    • Yep. Killed oil jobs to send the $ to Juno, just like the progressives wanted.
      Vetoed a bill that said to get a State employees health care you have to be MARRIED to that state worker.
      She vetoed that to the applause of the Gay community across this country.
      Quit and then helped Alice Rogoff force Bill Walker down our throat (that disaster)

      Evangelicals (especially Assembly of God) feel she is the anointed one to spite the progressive things she did

  13. Good for you, Donald J. Trump: you’ve razzle-dazzled your Alaskans at the rally and had Tshibaka and Palin eating out of the palm of your hand! This speaks to the character of the backwoods mentality and to the lack of intellectual integrity of our “aspiring leaders.”

  14. The Trump Rally plan was intended to Slam Murky, long before candidates were even running for elected office. Dunlevy was not invited because He would not endorse Kelly or Palin
    The topic Sarah spoke on, was about how Trump offered consolation when Sarah’s kids were being boiled in the Press. Sarah’s reference to Moma Grizzly was a appropriate reference for this story. It was heartfelt experience about the character of Donald Trump.

  15. Some got emails some got invites some did not deserve some got left out. I was honored to see all the people who felt the same about the situation and we are United in the fact our country needs a doctor of integrity and we all want our country fixed. President trump shined Kelly was adorable and Sara is ours. Only the devil could support Lisa and all the cry babies crying the day after Change your diaper and your ways of faith. The truth is Lisa has only evil two faced accomplishments the truth hurts. Thank you Alaskans and president trump that was a blast.

  16. Trump is batting 50% right now.
    On the plus side: he endorsed Kelly, and said the correct things about Lisa.
    On the debit/error side: He endorsed Palin and demeaned himself by mocking Elon Musk, who is willing to spend a significant portion of his personal wealth for the fight to preserve free speech in the western world.
    Yes, the negotiations to buy Twitter have gotten complicated, but I do think at the end of the day he will buy it.

  17. Begich is a huge mistake to send to congress, just like when his uncle Mark got sent during the dog and pony show destroying Senator Stevens, which was designed to accomplish that very result. Dunleavy could have done a lot for Alaska and was an abject failure due to a lack of personal will. Charlie Pierce will stay the course.

    • If B3 is too liberal (which I doubt) or liberal at all, we will vote him out, just like his Uncle Mark.
      Governor Palin however is someone we know well; a progressive leaning, populist.

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