Trump endorses Dunleavy, but with a caveat: Dunleavy can’t support Lisa Murkowski


In a statement today, former President Donald Trump says he is supporting Gov. Mike Dunleavy in 2022, unless Dunleavy decides to back Sen. Lisa Murkowski in her reelection. If Dunleavy does that, the endorsement is off.

“Mike Dunleavy has been a strong and consistent Conservative since his time in the Alaska State Senate. I was proud to endorse his first run for Governor, and I am proud to support his reelection, too. From his handling of the virus, support of the Constitution, including the Second and Tenth Amendments — taking advantage of all the opportunities Alaska has to offer, and his strong pushback abasing the Liberal Biden Administration’s attempt to hurt our great Country. Alaska needs Mike Dunleavy as Governor now more than ever. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement but, this endorsement is subject to his non-endorsement of Senator Lisa Murkowski who has been very bad for Alaska, including losing ANWAR, perhaps the most important drilling site in the world, and much else. In other words, if Mike endorsees her, which is his prerogative, my endorsement of him is null and void, and of no further force or effect!” Trump wrote in an official statement.

Dunleavy was elected in 2018 and is running for reelection in 2022. He won 51.4 percent of the vote. In 2020, Trump won Alaska for the second time, with over 53 percent of the vote.

“We certainly don’t believe Lisa Murkowski deserves anyone’s endorsement,” quipped Tim Murtaugh, spokesman for the Kelly Tshibaka campaign for Senate.

Dunleavy has not said who he prefers — Murkowski or Tshibaka — for U.S. Senate. Murkowski has held the seat since being appointed to it by her father, Gov. Frank Murkowski, in 2002. She has fought off challengers, even winning a write-in election in 2010, becoming the first U.S. senator in more than 50 years to win an election with a write-in campaign, when she beat Joe Miller after he won the Republican primary, and also defeated Democrat Scott McAdams. She easily won re-election in 2016.

Tshibaka is the former commissioner of Administration for the Dunleavy Administration and is endorsed by Trump for Senate.


  1. I am afraid that President Trump made a mistake here. He was the best president in my lifetime but he does not have a good record with endorsements and appointments. RINOS Bill Barr and Amy Coney Barrett come to mind. He has recently proved that he is in the pocket of Pfizer as the Jab Salesman In Chief. Think for yourself and vote KURKA

    • He has an outstanding record on endorsements over 90 percent of his endorsed candidates win their elections. He has made some bad choices as you illustrate but Murkowski vs Tshibaka is a no brainer. Anyone vs Murkowski is a no brainer. He is on very firm ground here.

    • I’m a big Trump supporter but agree with you on this. DJT has made a mistake here. Kris Kurka is the only candidate for Governor that is running with an Election Audit on his platform! Alaska must due a complete Forensic Audit of its elections in 2020. Our voter rolls need to be canvassed and Measure 2 must be repealed! Seth Ketchel has already proved through his voting analysis of Alaska that our election system is rigged here and needs to be reviewed. There is no moving on as a free nation until we have fair and honest elections free of corruption and Dominion Machines that flip votes!

    • You are so blind to see why Trump said what he did by endorsing the vaccine. At first, when I heard what he said, I was taken aback too, but if you realize why he said it. He is trying to throw off those who did not support him at all. Yes, it caused a stink for some of those who supports him, but ask yourself, why would he do it? He put himself in that position to bait once again those that do not support him. Remember the art of the deal?
      Did you know that Trump is still our Commander in Chief? The military already recognized him in March as being.
      We have not reached the tipping point for Nasa and the EBS to be activated. This is all part of his draining the swamp wakening up America. Enough said.
      The way he put the stipulation on supporting our Governor, I busted out laughing.

      • Kurka? No thanks. Literally would get nothing done, would be in court the whole time, and catastrophically out of his depth. Luckily, He won’t get over 5, if he gets that. Dunleavy is as pragmatic and practical as it gets, whether you like him or not, and this corrupt and feckless legislature stymied him quite a bit. They would just simply shut Kurka down completely. The frustration of a lot of conservatives is shared in all quarters of the movement, but it’s astounding so many can’t see the role the judiciary and the legislature played in arresting the Govs agenda. Even with that, Alaska had some of the least restrictions of any state, coupled with one of the least amount of deaths, and was one of only two states to actually reduce its budget over that time. Couple that with the earthquakes? The fires, the drop of oil to 0$ for several months? Is he perfect? No. The best in the field? By a wide margin.

        This is all common sense, which is why I suspect a lot of the “Pro Kurka” comments on here are Walkerites trying to sandbag, because their candidate is, next to Giessel, probably the most hated politician in the state, and for good reason.

        • “Pragmatism” is a synonym for squishiness and bending over to Democrats. I fully agree that Mike Dunleavy is pragmatic, and that’s exactly the problem. And we absolutely do not have the least restrictions of any state. Mike could sign an executive order RIGHT NOW to end child muzzling but he is choosing not to, on “principle.” And no, I’m not a Walkerite, I’m a conservative fed up with our current DeWine-style governor

        • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Kurka’s heart is in the right place, but he’s just not a realist. If we elect him, don’t expect him to be able to change anything that Dunleavy couldn’t.

  2. Very good! I love this picture of President Trump! He cares about this state. Thank God for President Trump. He should have been treated more loyally by everyone!

  3. Well taking a stand here shouldn’t be too hard for mr dunleavy.? Well wait a minute, we’re talking about dunleavy, the spineless wonder!

    • Americans were robbed of their right to select their president by direct foreign influences. Those who support Germany and Spanish tabulations,Vatican, British influences and others are globalists not patriots. President Trump continues to support America first not last and the republic values and is immensely popular because of it.

  4. What the hell? I get Trump has issues with Princess (get in line, Don). But the public threat of pulling the endorsement is both stupid and low class. It’s the sort of crap that cost Trump re-election. Grow up and handle your crap like an adult Mr President.

    • No it’s not, if he is helping fund Dunleavy’s campaign. Lisa is a corrupt politician that needs to be removed from the Senate. She has been in lock step with the communists that are infested like ticks in our government. She has consistently supported legislation that both hurt Alaska and strip us of our Constitutional rights. DJT is committing his life to save this country and needs every American committed to doing the same. Maybe you have been so brainwashed by the corrupt politicians and media, you don’t recognize LEADERSHIP! Trump is a leader, not a follower.

      • I know leadership. I managed people for years. True leadership is leading by example, not behaving like middle school bully.
        Perhaps you are motivated by threats. Many are. Dunleavy may be, he has no spine.

        • Hate too say it! but you sound like a closet case bully! with words like ” Perhaps you are motivated by threats” That’s a bully statement!

      • Proof? Something that would stand up in front of. Trump appointed judge?
        Boat parades don’t count.
        Trump lost a very winnable election because of actions like this.

      • Fedup:

        My main complaint with commenters on MRAK is you all don’t have strong reasoning skills and are prone to exaggeration.

        There is ZERO proof to your claim.

  5. Trump’s influence is fading as his nonstop beating of the election fraud drum further annoys mainstream Republicans. With any luck, he will sink his own ship.

    • Dog: like many, I’ve been wrong about the viability of Trump. Here’s my prediction: as evidence of his total corruption comes to light, moderate and sensible conservatives will squirm to find a way to denounce their previous support of him but still suck up to the evidence-free rigid base.

      It will be a festival of crass political double speak, but at least Trump’s influence will diminish.

    • He’s already on the comeback, Dog. Playing his cards perfectly. Keeping fairly quiet until mid-terms. Campaigning against all the bad Republicans. Stumping for the good ones. Setting himself up for RETURN in ’24. He’s an effing genius.

  6. This is surprising due to the fact that Dunleavy has refused to get a full and complete forensic audit of the 2020 election rolling in Alaska. Trump isn’t done, and this is a big endorsement. Don’t blow it Mike. Your silence and lack of action is unacceptable. Hold Kevin Meyer and others responsible for getting it done accountable now! The 2020 election was stolen, and everyone knows it. You will be lucky to survive the ranked choice voting scam. Prove all of it was a fraud.

  7. I agree with Trump. Murkowski is not a conservative. She’s a democrat in republican clothes. We are tired of her. Her only stronghold is the villages.

      • Historically it was The villages who helped elect her but her name is not written in stone in The villages. Their support goes to the person they feel can help them the most. It doesn’t matter what flavor it is.

    • That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. Trump won’t even be on the Republican ticket. Most likely it’ll be DeSantis. Perhaps Bondi has a running mate.

  8. Totally agree!!! If Governor Dunleavy supports Murkowski, I will not support and will campaign against him.

    • His silence thus far has already disqualified him, in my opinion. If he un-endorses Lisa at this point, it will only be as a “payment” for Trump’s endorsement. Not a reflection of his beliefs

  9. This is great. Any success Dunleavy can claim he owes to Lisa Murkowski. Ferries, Infrastructure ,UAA funding all brought to this state by Murkowski. Let’s see what Tshibaka did for him. Took a job she had no interest in. Stuck in long enough to get her moving expenses paid. Created a job for her husband. He accomplished nothing than quit Dunleavy for more money. The Tshibakas are really the kind of people you want to watch your back. Did Dunleavy even fill his job after he quit?
    Deb Haaland is the devil, King Cove. 4 years of Trump no King Cove Rd. Trump kills Pebble Mine. Trump tariffs harm Alaska fishing and forestry. Oh ANWR a nothing burger. Hold a lease sale and nobody is interested. I guess all the conservative small government types here think Alaska should be in the oil business.
    The state will move forward under Biden. I see good things for the mining industry.
    Dunleavy does one thing well. He knows when not to say anything. That will be how he handles this.

    • Folks forget that the billions of Alaska infrastructure came in the Infrastructure bill directly attributable from Sen. Murkowski. Trump trumpeted infrastructure his entire term and failed miserably even though both the House and Senate were R.
      Folks forget that Canada refused to allow the cruise industry to transport through Canada. Sen. Murkowski and the rest of our delegation fixed this and preserved a major piece of Alaska commerce.

      A Trump endorsement is a double-edged sword. Bullying Dunleavy will determine if Dunleavy is weak or can stand on his own. Good Alaska leaders work for their Alaska constituents, not for party bosses or other politicians. Ferries, Infrastructure, UAA funding, support for Alaska’s mining industry are all tangible and brought forward by Senator Murkowski. All else is vapor and hyperbole. Dunleavy should publicly state that he will accept any unconditional support/endorsement from anybody, but Alaskan values dictate that independent Alaskans are not bullied or blackmailed…by anyone. Dunleavy ran his last campaign on standing strong for Alaska, not standing strong for Mar a Lago.

  10. ALL of us Republicans have had enough of L-Ski and the ‘undeserved’ // ‘unwanted’ associated Drama & Trauma!!! Let’s get Tshibaka in there and give her a chance. We need and deserve fresh Conservative Republican representation, someone who truly understands our values.

    • Tshibaka is a carpet bagger from DC who worked for the Obama admin. If you could think of a more undeserving opportunist to represent Alaska, I would be impressed.

      • I agree. She looks a lot like Sara Rasmussen — supposedly the “conservative” choice but deep state through and through

    • It boggles my mind to think there are conservatives who would rather elect Walker or Gara than reelect Dunleavy. I get that he hasn’t been able to accomplish some of the stuff we want, but it would be foolish to think Kurka or anyone else would be more successful dealing with the embattled legislature and the corrupt court system.

      • Agree!!! I am sick of people calling our governor “spineless”. He hadn’t shut down Alaska and mandated lockdowns . Be thankful ! Unless of course you’re wanting more government control .

      • False equivalence. Not wanting the failure Dunleavy back in office does not automatically mean support for someone else.
        Voting out of fear is almost as stupid as voting Democrat. In some ways more, because non Democrats are supposed to know better.

      • This election is like no other, thanks to rank voting. How you rank or don’t will impact who wins each round and ultimately the election. If as some here who claim to be conservative decide to not vote for Dunleavy in this rank voting, a leftist will win. If a person votes for Kurka as 1, whichever Libertarian or write-in as 2, Walker as 3, and Gara as 4 then their first two votes will be tossed in rounds 1 and 2, full stop…they are now a Walker and Gara voter.
        The math on this rank voting has changes the entire makeup of how an election works and is tabulated. Voting for someone will Will get no more than 5% of the vote as your first or second choice means your third and fourth choice votes are far more important that your first two. This is by design and will be used to get people to vote for people with absolutely zero chance at winning an election.
        I’m still not certain that writing in a candidate on a rank ballot will cause that ballot to be spoiled and thus discarded, if it does then that benefits those pushing for candidates with absolutely zero chance at winning an election even more.

      • I don’t like depop. I feel it’s “wrong”. Soooo, I look askance at public appointees who have been marinated in such values. The Gov is tolerant of that. As an old native person I don’t feel safe. Otherwise I like the Governor very much. I like how he speaks up for the people’s rights how he got the budget improved and his views on the full, statutory PFD. But this depopulation using covid health theories to underpin the destruction of the US Constitution just because doctors aren’t taught one hour of Constitutional history at all in their indoctrination doesn’t mean these people are right.

  11. I’ll get Frankie to intervene. He and mom hate The Donald as much as I do. Frankie, with his high IQ and Republican friends in high places, should he able to convince Big Mike to help campaign for me. All I’ve got to do is sneak Bill Walker a few bucks and promise him my vote. Then, I have to pretend to be the best friend of Johne Binkley. That should get me a hot endorsement by the ADN. Problem solved.

  12. Is this photo recent? Just asking because was that Air Force One where the Secret Service was walking down? I was not aware a former President was able to fly in it.

      • Dunleavy met with Trump 9 times, and most everytime his plane refueled in Anchorage. Trump. Trump’s endorsement is carefully created to send a message loud and clear to more than one camp in Alaska and nationwide. Murkowski is pure unadulterated poison—and she needs to go!

  13. I agree with Trump. Murkowski is not a conservative. She’s a democrat in republican clothes. We are tired of her. Her only stronghold is the villages.

  14. Considering Trump is facing serious criminal charges, and will likely be indicted by the summer, it is truly amazing that law and order conservatives are still behind him. He spent the last year re-hashing an election he lost by a landslide. Every single lawyer representing Trump is either in jail, dis-barred, discredited, on parole or has refused to represent him. He is now being booed at his own rallies because he admittedly received the vaccine plus booster, representing an incredible flip flop since the days of “it’s the latest hoax from the Democrats”. These kinds of facts are troubling for many. It’s like the economic indicators leading up to the housing crash in 2007. Someone has to be left holding the bag. The question is, who?

    • Seymour: well written and well reasoned thus will not convince MRAK readers. I suspect if Trump is indicted, it will boost his standing among the base.

      • Indicted? For what? exactly? And how would anyone this far from the empty beltway know anything about what is (not) really going on – “there”? You aren’t in the loop. RU?

          • There’s undeniable proof that Gen. Milley committed high treason. He even proudly admitted to it, claiming that he told his counterpart in China that he would warn them if Trump started talking nuke strike.
            The left spun it as treason against Trump. You can’t commit treason against a person, only against a nation.

  15. I would not vote for Dunleavy if he endorsed Murky.
    I’m guessing Trump talked to Dunleavy who hedged his bet on that, hence Trump’s qualified endorsement.
    Why, Mike?

  16. That’ a hard choice for a RINO to make. I’d put money on him choosing L I S A and showing his true colors.

  17. One thing Trump can do, if he gets his ego in check, is to break the GOP. It’s not much better than the Democrats.
    Trump can break the GOP and a real Conservative party can rise from its ashes.

  18. Seems wrong when a Republican former president endorses a flaming liberal. No, not confused. Thinking not of President Trump; rather of disgraced “Mr. Mission Accomplished”.

    President Trump taking a stand against Lisa should come as no surprise. If Governor Dunleavy backs Daddy’s Little Princess, then a vote for Les Gara might be the closest one could come to something ever-so-slightly right-leaning candidate.


  19. Trump has become the “Golden Calf,” or perhaps more appropriately, “Golden Cow” of the Republican Party. Now what we need is someone with the wisdom of a Moses to bring this idolatry to an end.

    • They would have to convince about 70 or 80 million voters, who think otherwise. Moses wasn’t wise enough to prevent the Israelites from having to wander in the desert for 40 years.

  20. So Biden is authorizing spending with money he knows the United States does not have, over two trillion? How can that be? And Murkowski thinks that is going to happen? :*(

  21. Dunleavy since his swearing-in always treated his colleagues with respect and honored maintaining their dignity. It has not been cordially reciprocated by many current office holders, including many of us in the public being unclassy toward him when he has been responding professionally with all of us.

    Dunleavy is a real man who has been with the same woman since first meeting our state’s first lady. He can make the right decision whether or not it agrees with Trump. Trump doesn’t know Alaskans are a bit on the slow side. After all, we did just get duped for the second time when passing ballot measure 2. And I think there are still Murkowski supporters by choice or by name recognition.

  22. Aaaaah you got to respect Trump’s frankness. hahaha I’ll take a matter-of-fact comment over someone’s patronizing comment dripping with vinegar or surprise ultimatum.

  23. The Governor needs to let Lisa stand on her own. We, the people of Alaska have seen the picture of Lisa hugging on biden, and have had enough of her. Dunlevey will loose the credibility he does have if he supports her.
    Just saying!

  24. Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 by 4 million votes and lost the 2020 election by over 7 million votes. He then lied about losing and tried to pull off a coup. Why would anyone care what he thinks or vote for anyone he endorses?

  25. Dunleavy has CONSISTENTLY proven he is a feckless wall flower. He won’t stand up fo Alaska by not standing against Murkowski, runaway criminals like Judge Gleason and Deb Haaland. He puts out these ideas and goals and never follows through or fights for them.

    He is now trying to ride on Trump’s endorsement…too bad, I love Trump but I really can not stand the GOP.

    Feckles wallflower…Kurka for Gov!

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