Troopers in Fairbanks arrest two alleged jewelry scammers, with ties to network of Romanian nationals

These men were photographed by an alert Alaskan as they scouted for victims for the jewelry scam. Their faces have been blurred, as it's unclear if these were the specific men arrested.

Alaska State Troopers, in collaboration with multiple local police departments, took two individuals into custody on charges related to a widespread scam involving counterfeit gold jewelry.

Over the past few weeks, numerous reports flooded in from all over the state road system about foreign individuals tricking unsuspecting Alaskans with fake gold trinkets and tall tales.

The culprits were reported to approach victims with fictitious sob stories, such as needing money to return to their homeland, and enticing them with gold jewelry at bargain prices. On Sept. 23, a solid lead came from Fairbanks when local troopers received a tip-off about such suspicious activities in a shopping center parking lot.

A responding officer witnessed the two individuals approaching three potential victims. Subsequent traffic intervention led to the detention of these suspects, who were identified as Romanian nationals.

As the investigation unfolded, it became clear that the duo was part of a more extensive criminal network. Valentin Miclescu, 21, faced arrest due to his possession and usage of a counterfeit Romanian ID card, even utilizing it for air travel.

Meanwhile, Ion Boceanu, also 21, was apprehended on charges of second-degree theft, for using a debit card not belonging to him. Both are now held at the Fairbanks Correctional Center.

Troopers believe that other members of this criminal conspiracy are still at large, actively scamming Alaskans. The Alaska State Troopers issued a cautionary statement, urging Alaskans to be vigilant and suspicious of anyone offering jewelry or other valuables at dramatically reduced prices.

The Troopers are actively seeking information from victims who haven’t yet reported their encounters with these scam artists.

If you or someone you know has fallen prey to such scams, reach out to the Alaska State Troopers at 907-451-5100, referencing case number AK23102128.


  1. It’s amazing what people can fall for. How many legitimate businesses operate out of a trunk?

    Why just 2 1/2 years ago people bought the line Biden was mentally sharp and wanted to unite the country.

  2. They sure don’t look 21, do they have the proper IDs? I imagine these two are products of our open borders. Fly with a fake ID, wonderful.

  3. They need more money? Everyone needs more money these days. Instead of using their imagination what can two men create to sell or what fix-up can they learn to bring more trade craftmanship back into America. Like repairing pianos. I know of a piano (2) that needs to be dismantled, repaired, and reassembled again just like they done in the old days. More men need to learn how to do these types of assembly works so there be multiple small business to let the price low. I know of a Yamaha baby grand piano at a hotel and it needs a new harp string board cause it’s warped, if I knew some men who can work on it for the right price, I’d pay.

    There are too many lazy people these days. These two men are only two out of the lazy crowd.

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