Travel: Hotels, cars, and gas adding up to extreme prices for Alaska visitors this year

McKinley peak

Alaska has always been an expensive travel destination, but prices of lodging and cars haven’t been this high in memory.

Last week, a room at the Silverbow Inn in Juneau was going for more than $550 for the three-night required minimum, plus tax. It was the only hotel in the Capital City with any room available midweek, and if you wanted it, you’d pay the $550, even if you were staying one night.

In Juneau this week, the Four Points by Sheraton, a moderately nice hotel, is going for $559, while the Ramada and the Baranof Hotels are north of $200 a night.

Hotel rooms in Anchorage are $300 a night or more. One night at the Hilton Garden Inn next week will set you back $587 this week, the Hotel Captain Cook is $550, and the Hampton Inn in Midtown is $389, according to The Inlet Towers is going for $281 a night.

The Denali Princess Lodge is booked most nights this summer but there are a few rooms on select dates for $229 a night.

Kenai has lodging prices through the roof this week: The Kenai Airport Hotel is $399 a night, and the Main Street Hotel is $325. In Soldotna, the Best Western is $349. Very few rooms are left at these prices on the Kenai Peninsula.

Maybe you’ll rent a car while visiting the great state of Alaska: A rental car at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport starts at over $200 a day this week, and Juneau and Fairbanks are also over $200.

For a car and a hotel room, visitors are paying in excess of $500 a day in most major Alaska destinations this month, and that doesn’t include filling up the gas tank, which will set them back another Ben Franklin: The average price of gas in Anchorage is $5.51 a gallon, and it’s $5.36 per gallon in Valdez, $5.21 in Juneau, and $5.62 on the Kenai Peninsula.

Seattle prices are also high. The Radisson by the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has rooms for over $299 (plus $38 tax), while the Red Lion is still value-priced at $141 a night. Car rentals are starting at under $100 a day.

(Must Read Alaska scoured numerous booking websites for the information in this story. Prices may vary according to the travel service you use.)


  1. Just a fleecing is all it is. Even the last two summers with Covid keeping most non-Alaskan tourists away, did any off these Alaskan businesses lower their prices to try an entice Alaska residents with lower prices, to have them come visit their towns, NO, most wouldn’t or didn’t.

  2. It is nice to see kindness for the sake of righteousness, Suzanne we see your light ma’am it shines bright in you congratulations your effort towards others and good it is impressive and catching on.

  3. These prices are also high for us. Dunleavy said he would tell us when he was releasing the PFD within a week of his signing the budget on June 28th. It has been over two weeks now and he has yet to say when he is releasing it…..?
    Suzanne, maybe you could ask him????

  4. The irony is these merchants in the private sector will with all spriteliness convert your lucere into bank deposits the day of the transaction. If you are a foreign traveler the currency index may take a day to peg and be finalized. A transaction in the public sector in Anchorage will be in the slow boatride to China via the lazy river. Just like last year. Ho hum. Reality? LOL. ??‍♀️???‍♀️. The city is not processing payments from banks in the same city. What’s the hold up? Just like last year. Cash flow? You gotta be jokin. What’s the clerk’s story? “oh we go the bank once a month whether we neeeeeeeeed to or not”…trilling sweet, sweet girlish laughter.

      • We don’t think alike. You are shallow and tv programmed. Please bother someone else. The municipality of Anchorage slows down transactions to a snails pace because they are preoccupied with copulation(s) affectation (s) and bullying mannerisms. YOU AREN’T MOTIVATED and you don’t want anyone else to be either. ALL you want is to control everything others do. It is not your place in life and you have no right to approve or direct others. NO you are not being harmed to be told that.

      • The state of AK passed it two years ago. You ought to take your glasses off sometimes. Perhaps you are taking cues from Klaus Freeland. He is an imbecile in a foreign land and doesn’t know what’s going on either except he has said to his foundlings “You should demand to be called fuhrer like me” and that has felt like progress to some.

  5. The lack of new automobiles, vans and trucks is critical logistics problem. Access to wheels has become a true luxury. Parking a rental for several days at a resort is bad use of your money. Uber comes to the rescue. My total Uber fees were less than half of a rental bill and I had no parking problems or costs.

  6. I think the prices should double. At some point the uninformed non interested vote will want to get some skin in the game. Right non the public unions and crooked politicians are running the show and not enough people care. When prices start effecting their lifestyle they may sit up and help correct all this bs being pushed down our throat.

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    Fuel, the DEF fluid that truckers need for their trucks,food, etc…deliveries are going to be almost cut in half- now that’s going to hurt a lot of families and businesses bad, very badly.
    and for all of you idiots that believe the resident of the White House will help- at least three executives from BlackRock
    (owners of major railroads) operate notable positions in
    Joe Biden’s cabinet.

    • Are a few from his cabinet missing and he hasn’t even noticed since he is not in attendance himself?

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