Native Movement, Alaska Humanities Forum partner up to push Drag Queen Story Hour


Last month, an Anchorage group called Native Movement hosted Drag Queen Story Hour at its headquarters, and the Alaska Humanities Forum pushed the event on social media. It was billed as appropriate for children, and included not only reading, but drag queen performances.

The Alaska Humanities Forum’s chief executive officer is Anchorage Assemblyman Kameron Perez-Verdia, who is often in the lead on gender-bending ideologies in Anchorage and as they pertain to public policy.

“Join Native Movement this Thursday for the second Drag Queen Story Hour! This is a free, family friendly event featuring local drag sensations as they read storybooks and perform songs for the whole family to enjoy!” the Alaska Humanities Forum promoted. The Alaska Humanities Forum is funded by federal, state, and private grants. National Endowment for the Humanities is one of its major funders, and that funding requires a 100% match.

Last year, the event took place at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.


  1. Drag is, or was, a legit art form. It went from Milton Bearle and Monty Python humor, to burlesque, through a spectrum of harmless to overtly sexual. At no point was it ever appropriate for children.
    There is, or maybe was, a chinese restaurant in Manhattan called Lucky Changs’. The entire staff was in drag. Pretty much all of the men were looking for gigs on Broadway/in theater, but all of them were masters of the craft. The Janis Joplin look alike was spot on, and sounded like Janis as well. It was art. And, it was PG-13 rated at best.
    This is as far removed from that art form as the invention of the wheel is from space flight. The drag queens today are not “artists” they are shockers. Their performances may not be “sexual” but they are R rated at a minimum.
    If you would not bring your child to a R, or NC-17 rated movie, if you do not let your child watch Game of Thrones, or True Blood because there is too much sexual content, you need to stand up against these efforts. Get drag queens out of the schools and libraries. Make any drag queen performance at a public event adult only, or no under 15s allowed.

    • Under the equal protections clause of the 14th Amendment I hereby protest the right of Alaskan strippers, exhibitionists, LGBTQIA+ and other degenerates unnamed to have equal rights to perform live shows in public safe spaces without experiencing “microaggressions” or “hate speech.”

      The new liberal world order in partnership with the World Economic Forum propose a tentative wholesome entertainment event… Degenerate Story Hour.


      Poles in the park – a new family friendly live dance event teaching tomorrow’s youth how to earn money

      Lap dance daddy – teach your children the ins and outs of an artistic art form. All genders welcome, just try not to have an erection.

      Twerk for toddlers – place your child in a chair, strap them in for a good time. fun for all ages.

    • Yes, agree, and the history goes back to the 1600’s when men dressed as women for theater as it was illegal for women to be actors. Up until our twilight zone today, the whole thing was adult entertainment. Period. Story hour should be just story hour. Why in the world does the drag queen entertainment need to be part of that? Agenda. Trying to remove the guilt. Forcing the normalizing dysfunction and mental illness.

  2. These people are part of the LGBTQ agenda. They want to pollute your children’s minds with their filth and show you how sick they really are by pushing drag shows for kids.
    These people are unmoral, they do not care about anyone but themselves and their sickness.
    This needs to be stopped in its tracks, the shows stopped immediately on Fairgrounds or park strips meant for families, and run them out of town.
    Every town needs to speak up and throw the GARBAGE out. They crossed the line involving children. Make them pay dearly.
    I don’t care what kind of lifestyle you have chosen. The second it affects children its over and needs to be put to sleep.. Enough!

    • Mayor’s, governor’s, state legislators other public officials and school board members, how about doing your community and state a favor by getting off your asses and taking care of this open display of perversion? Do your jobs you were elected to do, you’re silence is deafening and reeks of complacency.

  3. I’m native, I don’t approve of drag queens nor do I approve of subjecting children to any perversion. This “native movement”, you don’t support me or my culture and many in my circle agree, you are disconnected and easily swayed and it shows. Drag queen story time? Pull your head out.

    • Amen. Thank you Andrew as your courage to speak up and point out the ‘naked emperor’ is essential in this battle.

    • Andrew,

      Thank you for standing up to this! Thank you for your courage, on speaking your mind on this.

  4. This is a false flag. Natives do not do drag shows. That’s a gay white man’s thing in an attempt to make it look like cultural mainstream. Our family lives off the land and respects all cultures. But drag is not a culture. It’s gay rage by homosexuals who are trying to make it look mainstream so they can cruise for young, underage kiddies and hopefully avoid jail.

    • Not white guys. It is a liberal Democrat thing. This is not the traditional Democrat party. The Democrats have been hijacked by whackos and wing nuts.

    • Well stated. The LBGTQ etc. people are trying to capitalize their efforts by making it appear our indigenous community are on board with their depravity. Sick. All part of the agenda. Thank you for calling it what it is.

  5. Keep your garbage and sewer activities in TrannyTown and away from our villages. Peddling your drag smut into Native society is an assault on our culture. Show respect and leave our young people alone.

    • Your culture used to marry your young girls as early as the age of ten. Can you keep that in your villages please.

      • Can you tell that to Bill Walker please, and remind him that his former Lt. Governor and soulmate was nothing less than a old, chief pedophile. And THAT is precisely the reason Bill Walker didn’t run for re-election in 2018. He would have been voted out.

  6. How can this native organization make such a grand leap as to call “Drag Queen Story Hour” a “Family Friendly” event? Lies, lies, lies…. and more lies. The father of all lies is involved.

  7. Native corporations exist within a false reality. Federally protected and federally funded, exempt from the many laws ordinary people are restrained by. The argument is, “we stole their lands” I didn’t steal anything from them, but here I am today, a slave to the Native Corporations. These special entitlements give these groups the luxury of openly preaching the doctrines of lunatics. Rome is burning.

  8. So if they can do drag and read to kids in a school, Can we get priests to read the bible in school too?

    Asking for a friend 🙂

  9. Wayne, you live in Southeast, are you saying because it is a Native Sponsored event that it’s possible Kooshdakhaa is involved? Interesting thought since this creature is often devilish. Kooshdakhaa is also a “Shape Shifter” meaning it can change forms from man to otter and so forth. It occurs to me that these weasels prancing around in front of children are nothing if not a bit shifty.

    • Robert, kindly do not put words in my mouth. I merely asked how could the native organization call a “drag queen story hour” a “family friendly event?” Moreover, how could anyone do so? Its obvious such ridiculous propositions result from complacency of the majority. We have fully devolved into the dystopian culture Orwell predicted.

  10. This is all part of the broad effort to “normalize” all kinds of extreme behavior and thinking. The end result and goal is to completely tear apart Western culture. What will remain is nihilism and chaos. And after that comes authoritarianism. All of this may seem very philosophical and hard to understand but the progression is clear and consistent. For example: Of what possible value does the entire “identity” stuff have? (Answer- none; everyone has a background.). Why are some arguing that men can be women? That is a falsehood. This is irrational thinking which can produce nothing good. I urge normal, rational people to reject the nonsense. We can start by holding Mr. Perez-Verdia responsible.

    • JMARK, Exactly right and what are the mechanics involved in creating this chaos and march towards authoritarianism?

      Political correctness was the starting block, and now we’ve reached the point where we are to believe that men have babies and a SCOTUS candidate cannot even define what a woman is.

      This madcap crap has a purpose, it’s about making the population swear to obvious lies, thereby becoming liars themselves.

      “Those that can make you believe absurdities, can also get you to commit atrocities.” Voltaire had that right.

      • Bob: Not much to add. The propagation of nonsense is designed to bleed all truth and rationality out of Western civilization. And then Voltaire’s observation can take over. The hard part for me is trying to understand why anyone would want this result – yet many demand it. Help me with that if you can.

    • The commie pinko leftists are hijacking “Alaska Native” to qualify for federal funding set aside for American Native issues.
      They trick a couple drunk or just mentally weak Natives to sign the grant applications. I know this because I wrote grant applications for a Native non-profit.

  11. Disgusting agenda. Children must be protected from these perversions. Christians can be no part of this.

  12. God save the young Native kids from these evil -doing pedophiles. Bill Walker, the coward, had a chance to stand-up to pedophilia. Instead, he QUIT.

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