Transgender knifes cabbie to death in Portland; mainstream media plays dumb


A musician and artist who moved from Texas to Portland, Ore. and drove cab for a decade without a single customer complaint was knifed to death by a tiara-wearing transgender activist passenger on Easter Sunday.

Reports from the Oregonian newspaper avoid noting that the assailant, Moses J. Lopez, is a transgender activist with a history of violent threats.

But Post Millennial, a conservative news website, published an account from investigative writer Andy Ngo, who detailed some of the suspect’s known offenses. Ngo noted that police also avoided identifying the suspect by pronouns or gender identity.

Six days before the murder of driver Reese Lawhon, Lopez was arrested and charged with felonies for using a knife to threaten a shopper at a Bi-Mart in nearby Hillsboro, Washington County. Lopez, 30, was released without bail and headed to Portland.

Just before the Hillsboro arrest, Lopez had been charged with two felony counts of unlawful use of weapon and two counts of menacing in Coos County. Lopez was released from that jurisdiction as well. He missed his court hearing on April 6, and a warrant was issued for his arrest — three days before he allegedly murdered Lawhon.

According to Ngo’s source who saw the cab’s security video, Lopez entered the cab while wearing a tiara and women’s clothing. Lopez gave an address to Lawhon and several minutes into the ride, Lopez suddenly plunged a blade deep into the neck of the unsuspecting driver.

Lopez also uses the alias Mosse Lopez.

The Oregonian has another account:

“Around 6:40 p.m. on Easter Sunday, American Medical Response employees in an ambulance traveling on Southeast Water Avenue near Southeast Washington Street spotted a person exiting a Radio Cab with bloody clothes, according to a probable cause affidavit.

“They saw the person, later identified as Moses J. Lopez, drop what appeared to be brass-style knuckles with an attached blade, the affidavit said. Medical personnel treated the suspect for a hand injury, and later found Lawhon dead inside the Radio Cab with two stab wounds in his neck, according to the court document.

“Portland police arrived shortly after. An onboard camera recorded the attack.

“Video footage showed that Lawhon picked up a fare around 6 p.m. outside Voodoo Doughnut at 22 S.W. Third Ave. The passenger asked to be taken to Southeast Third Avenue and Washington Street, and then gave a different location when they arrived. When Lawhon went to put in the new address, he was attacked.

“Lopez was detained, and pleaded not guilty to unlawful use of a weapon and second-degree murder charges Monday.

Second-degree murder indicates that the district attorney does not believe the murder was premeditated. Legally, first-degree murder is premeditated while second-degree murder means it was intentional, but unplanned.

The victim, who was a well-known musician in the Portland music scene, drove for Radio Cab for over a decade, and “never had a customer complaint,” according to Radio Cab spokesperson Darin Campbell. Lawhon was also an accomplished artist.

The official police public notice about this event is at this link, with no reference to the gender of the suspect. In other Portland police accounts, they specify the gender of the suspects.


  1. It’s Portland, nothing will be done and he’ll probably be released. If the cab driver would have shot the attacker in self defense, he’d be in jail.

  2. More people have been killed by trans nuts than Trump supporters.

    Trans people are mentally ill, increasingly violent, and are an ongoing threat to society. But who is the Biden DOJ investigating? Catholics.

    Is this what you people who voted for Grandpa because Orange Man made mean tweets wanted? It’s what you got.

    We are a fallen society.

        • I’m not the one making the assertion, he/she/they/whatever. It’s not up to me to prove a point made by someone else.

      • Ordinarily I ignore you and will continue to do so after this response. Frankly you’re not worth my time. I don’t have enough years left to bother with you.

        But just this once:

        In the last two weeks:
        -7 people dead from tranny murders. Three children.
        -Riley Gaines was assaulted, threatened, held hostage by a mob of violent trans.

        0 people have been killed by proven MAGA people.

        I can also include a broader list including the attack on Dave Chapelle, the ongoing threats at JK Rolling (not America, to be sure), and too many college sponsored events to bother counting.

        And I’m not even bothering with the current tends of mutilation of disturbed children or the related activities of so called schools which keep information from parents regarding their children on trans issues.

        I know you can go on line and find 1000s of propaganda pieces saying trans are victims, but two things scuttle you before you start.

        -almost all are advocacy pieces, not actual journalism.
        -the press either does not cover or memory holes violence from the trans community.

        The sad, sorry fact is currently the most radical, violent, non tolerant group in America are trans/advocates.

        Currently in socialist America we are allowed our own opinions. So believe as you wish. It’s your right.

        But facts, stubborn things that they are, prove your opinion is incorrect.

        • OK, so you say 7 people dead by “tranny” murders. No names, no specific incident descriptions of these supposed crimes. Even if you had specific data, your entire sample size is N = 7. That’s 7 crimes over how many years? Most of the empirical data I’ve seen about crimes by transgender people have shown that they commit crimes at almost the same rate as their gender assigned at birth, which makes sense intuitively; but nothing to suggest they commit violent crimes BECAUSE they’re transgender. Exactly how much research did you do to come to the conclusion that 0 people have been killed by MAGA supporters. Very little if any, I suspect. But hey, you did respond to my post, so good for you. I just don’t understand why you’re so sensitive. Try growing thicker skin.

          • hey if you support these so called people you really aught to think about how this whole thing is going to end….the insane group making up about .5% of the population is saying they are being murdered because of the mental illness that they have so they are fighting back by murdering inocent men women and children but no where can i find any news of trans people being murdered for sport or any other reason for that matter….now lets just say they and there cheerleaders make up say 3% of the total population of this country…what do you think is gonna happen when the other 97% of the population is tired of putting up with you peoples bull$hit the crybully thing dont work no more son the cancel culture thing dont work no more either….i just want to hear your reply just for a laugh

          • C-Man, 66 Winters in Alaska have given me pretty thick skin and strangely enough a brain that still functions.

            The story was about a Tranny and his senseless killing of a Cab Driver in Oregon. Prior to this story another Tranny killed 6 in Tennessee.
            Hence the 7 murders I referenced.
            I suppose the simple mathematical equations I offered in support of Masked Avengers claims above were too much for you to comprehend.

        • You left out Club Q in Boulder Colorado, the Aberdeen, MD Rite Aid distribution center shooting, the Highlands Ranch, CO high school shooting, and many more.
          Although… the Club Q only identified as non-binary, so I guess cman can ignore that one.
          But, as you note, can cman name a single MAGA supporter that has committed an unjustified shooting?

        • How come MRAK repeatedly overlooks case after case of pedophilia by Pastors? Especially youth Pastors?

      • cman,
        Simple, lets assume that 1.5% of the population identifies as Tran, (it’s probably much, much less in real terms), meanwhile T-Rump received something like 74 million votes in the last election. the raw numbers look like around 5 million Tranny’s vs 74 million T-Rump, Trumpanzies.

        Given the news of the last couple of weeks, how many murders have T-Rump supporters been accused of? None that I am aware of , meanwhile we have as of this report witnessed something like 7 murders by two Tranny Assailants. In support of the Masked Avenger’s claim we would have witnessed over 103 such murders by Trumpanzies just to break even with the Tranny’s…

        Chew on that for a moment, especially in light of the fact that most Trumpanzies are fairly well armed and I’m sure in your opinion not that mentally or emotionally stable.

      • “Do you like BBC?” seems like the appropriate response to a statement as self evident as Avenger’s.

        And I am sure you do.

        I am looking forward to this June when your state imposed month long “celebration” meets the buzz saw of people in 2023 who are not going to take it anymore.

  3. Armed Trump Supporter Shot Dead in Ohio After Attempting to Breach FBI Field Office

    In Ohio, a man wearing body armor and armed with an AR-15-style assault rifle fired a nail gun into an FBI field office in Cincinnati on Thursday, prompting a gun battle, chase and armed standoff that ended hours later when the gunman was shot dead by police in a cornfield. Officials identified the man as 42-year-old Ricky Shiffer, a supporter of Donald Trump and the far-right Proud Boys movement. Two days before Thursday’s attack on the FBI, Shiffer posted on Trump’s “Truth Social” online forum, calling on allies to “kill the F.B.I. on sight.” Shiffer also appears in a video posted to Facebook on January 5, 2021, showing him at a pro-Trump rally in Washington, D.C., the night before the assault on the Capitol, and he boasted online that he was at the insurrection.

    The FBI’s execution of a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago this week has spawned extremely violent rhetoric among Trump’s supporters. The pro-trump Gateway Pundit website declared, “This. Means. War.” — a message echoed by Trump’s former top political adviser, Steve Bannon, who declared, “The FBI is the Gestapo.”

    Today is the fifth anniversary of the deadly 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a self-described neo-Nazi slammed his car into a crowd of antiracist counterprotesters, killing Heather Heyer and injuring dozens of others.

    • “In Ohio, a man wearing body armor and armed with an AR-15-style assault rifle fired a nail gun ” A nail gun?? A collection of words that ridiculous ought to lead you to call the whole article into question. Any links to the footage of it, or were they busy planting the nail gun, so no pictures/video?

      Is a BLM dude slamming his car into a crowd of Christmas revelers in Wisconsin, killing several, an issue for you? Neither of these things are acceptable – BTW.

      Don’t be so easily programmed.

    • And Chicago has murders of black people almost daily.

      Sad as it is, it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Nor does your post.

    • Democracy Now. (Supposedly) 501c3 very left news organization. I would question details and embellishments surrounding actual events coming from that source. All in all though the spiritual, social, moral and mental deterioration of our culture is certainly not bound by party or political ideology. Perhaps that is the point you are trying to make.

    • Nearly prefect obfuscation but it won’t distract from the crime being written about in the article or the rash of gender-confused criminals making recent headlines. Nice job of deflection though. Now try to blame Donald Trump as your finish……

    • Tim, why are you ignoring and attempting to divert from the obvious and therefor indirectly excusing the vile behavior of this person? Why are you okay with this?
      We should all be outraged at this senseless murder and demand that the perpetrator be arrested and tried. It always bothered me that some who loudly proclaim victim status, have absolutely no restraint and even feel entitled to victimize others. There is seldomly any compassion which should have come from their own experience.

      • The point is there was a murder, what does it matter if it were done by a “black male,” or a trans whatever? Why are we so transfixed on labels? Sick of the labels. We are all from the human race, lets act that way.

        • Tim, I totally agree with you on this. Labels are not helpful. Murder is a hateful act period. I never understood why some murders are more important to require a special label. That being said, your point here does not jive with your original post, which is ALL ABOUT labels (Neo-Nazi, Trump supporter etc…). Demonstrating how the other side is worse somehow, makes you appear sympathetic with the side you wish to excuse from their heinous action. In this tragedy we should all come together as people and condemn the senseless killing of an human being by a disturbed individual.

  4. The west coast is such a great poop hole. Myself an family do not go to these cities any more. Those that live there don’t move as we have enough libs in Alaska.

  5. Media always tries to put a spin on news that matches their agenda and delete all the rest. They do that nicely with mass shootings. They always try to point out that an AR gun was used or something to that effect. What you’ll never hear the report about is how many lives guns saves. How many innocent victims were spared because they carry firearms? They might report about a guy defending himself that took on bad guys with a gun but if they do mostly they’ll criticize about the overuse of hot ammo or semi-automatic rapid fire guns. Not about the fact that the bad guy had it coming or anything like that it was mostly in the way that he died. For once I would like for them to report on the thousands of lives that are saved each year because of the second amendment. These mass shootings are sad no doubt but they come at a cost for the masses to be able to save themselves.

  6. Mental illness on the loose can easily end up killing you. No matter your political persuasion, who you are, or how much you may have defended the ‘allowance’ for it.

  7. Some brave clinical psychologists have noted a causal link between autism and/or mental illness in transgender individuals. Just saying…..

    • Gender dysphoria is already the causative mental illness (despite the DSM no longer recognizing it as such) that underlies transgenderism, so that is an irrelevant “causal link” to establish. Believing one’s body to be the “wrong” body for oneself is a delusional state. Mentally ill people who are experiencing a delusional state ought to be hospitalized for their safety, and the safety of others, until the delusional state has been ameliorated.

  8. Not sure which fact is worse, that this scumbag killed a guy just doing his job or the fact that two different jurisdictions should have kept him in custody so that he was not a threat to the public.

    Also, Andy Ngo is a great reporter. He’s even been beaten up while covering the ‘all inclusive left wing protests’.

    • I think it was a little bit more serious than that:
      “The cuts and bruising on my face have mostly healed,” Andy Ngo, an editor at the website Quillette, said during an interview Thursday. “The most serious injury to me was my brain in the course of the mob beating, so going forward I will be having various forms of neurophysical therapy and speech therapy to address some of the neurological challenges that I’ll be having.” (The Hill, July 25, 2019)

      • Correct. He suffered a brain bleed and I also believe that he had a couple of facial fractures from that particular incident. Not the only time he has been assaulted while doing his job, either, but I was trying to point out that in Ngo’s case the lefties assaulted and nearly killed a gay, Asian man trying to report on their own demonstrations.

  9. This shouldn’t need to be said, but since common sense is uncommon these days…

    Violence against ANY person (trans, gay, straight, even the people who still love disco) who is going about their own business not bothering anyone is repugnant and should be aggressively punished.

    I actually knew a couple trans people back in the day. I may now, I do live in Juneau.

    They didn’t demand I respect their lifestyle. They didn’t insist I use their personal preference of pronouns. They didn’t dress like drag queens. They didn’t make the bathroom a public issue.

    All they asked was to be treated with the same courtesy and basic respect I would anyone else.

    Glad to do it. I’m Catholic, they’re not. They didn’t make an issue of my religion. I didn’t demand it. I didn’t make an issue of their dress. We connected or didn’t as people. When we had occasion to disagree we agreed to disagree and left it there.

    Be it trans or MAGA on steroids, conservative or liberal, opposing races/religions, I genuinely do not understand why so many people demand you see the world as they do, or else.

    But I do know this kind of society will collapse into something much worse.

  10. These mentally damaged he-she’s are some vile, stupidly mentally messed up and should all be put into cages for life!! Enough is Enough with these nut-job freaks.

  11. Blame the Biden regime and the government education system for pushing this agenda on society. This insanity has proven to be fatal to the average folks

  12. And tis is exactly why I am leaving mexifornia for a constitutional carry state as soon as my grandson graduates in June. Until then I keep my head on a swivel…and I mean that seriously. I make sure I am aware of anyone approaching me from the side and make sure , if my back is turned, I can see a reflection. I watch them until they are past far enough to be out of reach.
    It’s a helluva way to live.

  13. Reese was my friend, don’t you dare use this senseless tragedy to spread hate!!! Shame on you all!!!! This murderer was insane. And the family has NOT received any information that any of that about the tiara true. Andy Ngo does nothing but lie and stir shit up. Leave my friend out of this. Maybe y’all should stop voting for people who vote against universal healthcare and mental health services. I hope Reese is haunting all you disgusting people, he would roll his eyes at every last one of you morons.

    • I’m sorry for your loss, Lost. Reese sounds like a really good guy who did not deserve any of this. So which part is not true? Was Lopez not arrested in Coos Bay for an attack? Was he not released with a court date? Did he not skip the court date? Was he not arrested and released for the attack at the Bi-Mart? Did he not stab Reese to death? Is this not all on video? Is Andy Ngo the problem with Portland or are there other problems you have forgotten about? Have you seen the photos of Lopez. Has the family asked about the tiara seen in the video? I’m sure the editor of this publication would correct the story if you can find something that is inaccurate. We can at least agree that the perpetrator is a bad guy. As for Reese haunting us “morons”, that would presume he is a demon or a ghost in the afterlife, and that he did not enter the gates of heaven. I would not wish that on him, as the world is a broken place and hell is even more so, I’ve read. As for me, I think it would be better just to pray for Reese’s family and friends than to get all twisted up over a tiara.

    • I’m so sorry you’ve been brainwashed by the people that you trust. Andy has done nothing but try and get the news your brainwashing comrades don’t report. If that makes you uncomfortable then it’s working because this kind of news should make you uncomfortable.

  14. Thank you so much for “the rest of the story” Suzanne. I just returned from Portland Orygone last nite and just happened to watch the reporting of this tragedy on KOIN TV the morning after Easter. and I see a very stark difference in what was reported there verses this report. While conversing with long time friends and relatives who live in Portland area about the “situation” there and I came away feeling like they all had their “head in the sand”. Fortunate for me I was able to witness firsthand why. It is all about the MEDIA reporting! If you can control the media you control the masses!

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