In stark contrast to Uvalde, Texas shooting last May, Nashville cops went in immediately, took down killer


A 28-year-old, who was a female but started identifying as a transgender male several months ago, shot and killed three children and three adults at a private Christian school in Nashville, Tenn. on Monday.

Audrey Elizabeth Hale was formerly enrolled at Covenant School, a Presbyterian campus. A team of five officers entered the campus at 10:13 a.m. and 14 minute later had taken down Hale, according to police. She had fired at police.

“Two MNPD officers who entered the building and went to the sounds of gunfire engaged the shooter on the second floor and fatally shot her,” police reported.

This is in stark contrast to the police response last year in Uvalde, Texas, when 376 officers descended on a school during an active shooting in late May, but didn’t go inside and confront the shooter, who killed 19, while police waited outside.

Nashville Chief John Drake said that detectives think Hale identified as trans, “but we’re still in the initial investigation into all of that and if it actually played a role into this incident.” 

ABC News and other news organizations inaccurately that Hale was “assigned” female at birth:

“A police spokesperson told ABC News that Hale was assigned female at birth, and pointed to a social media account linked to Hale that included use of the pronouns he/him.”

Scientifically, there is no such thing as an “assigned” sex at birth, but the mainstream media has begun to report this as a biological fact.

To that point, USA Today accused the Nashville police of having “misgendered” the shooter.

The shooter was said to be a graphic designer and illustrator. Among the three children that she shot dead, one was the daughter of the church pastor. Of the adults, one was the head of the school and another was a 61-year-old custodian at the school.

Although the motive of the killing is not clear, police believe that some sort of resentment stemming from Hale’s attendance at the school is likely. Police said it was a targeted attack.

It’s not been revealed if Hale had been on hormones or had had surgery to become more masculine in her quest to live as a trans man.

Covenant School, founded in 2001, has an enrollment of about 200 students, from pre-k through sixth grade. The student-teacher ratio is 8-to-1, according to the school’s website.

In Colorado Springs, Colo. in November, a man who identifies as “non-binary” is the suspect in a mass shooting at a nightclub for LGBTQ customers. After that shooting, the mainstream media reported, “Clear spike in anti-trans rhetoric sets stage for violence like Colorado Springs shooting, experts say. Club Q hosts the kind of all-ages drag shows that have been targeted by anti-LGBTQ protesters, spurred on by conservative media claiming kids are being ‘groomed'”. But, in fact, the shooter had an alternate gender identity, as did the victims.

In 2018, transgender Snochia Moseley, 26, shot three people and then killed herself at the Enterprise Business Park in Aberdeen, Maryland.

Later this week, a “Transgender Day of Vengeance” is planned across the country.


  1. Trannies are not special amazing unique unicorn people that we must coddle protect and provide the utmost respect to.
    Thank God and the police that the only pronouns we need for this sick individual are “was/were”. Good riddance.

  2. Horrible tragedy for these families but I’m thankful that this rampage was stopped before even more murders occurred.

  3. “Transgender Day of Vengeance”
    Vengeance for.. what exactly? The killer was trans. So… they are getting vengeance for one of their crowd taking out a bunch of people who are not part of their crowd?
    I suspected these folks were a bit on the simple side, but this confirms it.

    • And.. “we need MORE than visibility” Like what exactly? Dominance? Control?
      This “day of vengeance” is beginning to look a bit suspicious to me. If I were the tin foil fedora wearing conspiracy theory nutjob I have been accused of being, I might think there was something odd about the whole shooting…

    • This has the potential to get Weather Underground style ugly.

      Trans by nature are mentally disturbed. Now radicalized and increasingly violent. Violence given tacit approval by the Biden’s DOJ.

  4. It is high time to do some research on the phycological effects of these gender bending drugs being so freely offered to these confused young people by so-called doctors of medicine. Biologically changing the human body may exacerbate other forms of mental illness already present. For sure such research would open up liability issues for those involved, as well it should.

  5. A country cannot legislate good behavior. Criminals, mentally ill individuals, and those determined to kill are not deterred by laws.

    CRPC study ranked the U.S. at number sixty-four in the world in terms of mass shooting rates per capita.

    Annual Death Rate per Million People from Mass Public Shootings (U.S., Canada, and Europe

    Norway — 1.888
    Serbia — 0.381
    France — 0.347
    Macedonia — 0.337
    Albania — 0.206
    Slovakia — 0.185
    Switzerland — 0.142
    Finland — 0.132
    Belgium — 0.128
    Czech Republic — 0.123
    United States — 0.089
    Austria — 0.068
    Netherlands — 0.051
    Canada — 0.032
    England — 0.027
    Germany — 0.023
    Russia — 0.012
    Italy — 0.009

    • Disqualified from owning a firearm if you’re a pickle sniffing dude or would like to be a chick w/ a pencil?

      I vote that we put you in charge of all that stuff. Keep your eyes peeled for a delusional woman named Maureen.

    • This quote is from an article in today’s CNN: “Guns are the leading cause of death for US children and teens, since surpassing car accidents in 2020.”
      Some regulation of guns will take place before we will ever get a handle on who is likely to have a “mental health issue” IMO. And likely we are the only country with this issue.
      You thinking our country is alone with mental health issues Steve-O?

      • Question Bill:
        Did CNN say what age groups they were talking about?
        Because, as you well know, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.
        If I wanted to artificially inflate the “teen death by firearm” number, I would include 15-19 year olds that are killed in gang related violence. The way the stat is presented “children and teens…” makes the reader think it is ages 1 through 14, maybe 16, when in reality, if you remove the gang related deaths, the number one cause of death is, if I remember correctly, accidental injuries.
        Additionally, there are a TON of places out there that disagree with CNN’s info. Among them, the New England Journal of Medicine, and the CDC itself. I find it interesting that CNN did not link to a valid web page from the CDC Wonder Database. When I went there via a different route, I found very different numbers. I guess if you ignore accidents as cause of death, other causes will occupy a larger percentage of the total.

        • Age group was 1-18 and the data is not from CNN (CDC Wonder database 2021). Further, is shows the trends from 2000 for the same groups (car accidents, firearms, etc.).

      • So, you’re still pushing the idea that regulation will stop deaths caused by guns. Cars are heavily regulated as to who can own them, operators must be licensed, government registration is mandatory in all states, and most states even require mandatory insurance. And yet these heavily regulated items STILL continue to kill more people, adults and children, than guns do. And by a wide margin.
        So why aren’t you pushing for more car control? Ban children from riding in cars. Push banks to not support any part of the automotive industry. Maybe you have a plan to get rid of all cars, in the future?

        • If you read the article Paul you’ll see that car deaths started falling around 2006 and surpassed firearm deaths in 2020, that began a surge around 2013. Granted these statistics are for ages 1-18, but I suspect these auto deaths also have dropped for older groups, as well due to advanced air bags IMO. The situations for auto deaths is improving whereas the situation for firearm deaths is not.
          I have my own ideas about regulations of high-capacity magazines but don’t push for outlawing of semi-automatic guns.

          • At best, the source of the data, CNN and the CDC is suspect. Both have bad histories of pushing anti firearm policies. Does anyone else here have another source(s) to site these numbers?

      • Bill,
        People who blame inanimate objects for violence instead of the people who are causing the violence have blood on their hands and will continue to until they accept the fact that it is mental health failures that are the leading cause of these travesties.

        Inanimate objects do not cause violence, vehicles, bicycles, airplanes, knives, and guns are entirely incapable of performing acts of violence.

        This murderer was under the care of a mental health professional, due to mental health issues. Virtually every time there is a young person involved in one of these incidents there is a mental health issue and they typically involve the longterm use of prescribed drugs that involve amphetamines like Adderall and Ritalin and the sudden cessation of these powerful drugs. This is yet another in a long line of mental heath issues, blaming inanimate objects does absolutely nothing to fix the problem, there are even some people on the left side of the aisle that are starting to understand this fact.

        • You skipped over the question about whether/not you think we are the only country with these mental health issues Steve-O. You are reaching here and we both know it.
          As evident with car accidents, there are things that can help to bring down these deaths and it will likely involve some regulation of these inanimate objects IMO.

          • Bill,
            Do you have reason to believe we are the only country with these mental health issues? Even a cursory knowledge of international events tells us this isn’t the case and if you were to be informed to any level beyond that it would be plainly obvious that we aren’t the only country with this issue. Why would you claim “likely we are the only country with this issue” when that is so obviously incorrect?

            The next time you or anyone blames the inanimate object known as a vehicle when someone with a mental health issue drives it into a crowd of people, it will be the first time. Inanimate objects are not the cause of violence, the sooner you and those who dismiss the mental health crisis and blame inanimate objects the sooner we can put an end to stories like this one.

          • Nice attempt at a strawman here Steve-O. The subject is child deaths, relative to both guns and autos, that have nothing to do with someone driving an auto into a crowd of people.
            It was you that picked the topic of us having a mental health issue, rather than a gun issue, and now you think that we aren’t alone with this mental health issue, relative to child deaths.
            Go ahead and give us your take on the other countries having such an issue. And we aren’t talking about, in general gun violence, but child deaths due to guns.

          • Bill,
            You clearly have no idea what you are talking about, once again. Strawman? Child deaths with autos and guns? This heinous murderer killed three adults and three children. You should try and keep up with the subject at hand, mental health issues.

            Do you have any information whatsoever to support your claim that we are alone with thus mental health issue? Anything Bill besides the nothing that you insist on bringing time and time again. You think we are the only country in the world that has mass murderers who have mental health issues, speaking of mental health issues…

          • Bill,
            Let’s do a quick recap since it’s clear you’ve gotten lost in the conversation and what has occurred here.

            A female who identifies as a male who was under the supervision of a mental health expert due to mental health issues shot and killed three children and three adults.

            A gun is an inanimate object, so is a vehicle/car/automobile. Inanimate objects are incapable of violence.

            People are not inanimate objects and are capable of violence, especially so for people suffering mental health issues.

            People who blame inanimate objects instead of the actual cause of the problem have blood on their hands and will continue to until they start dealing with the mental health crisis that allow these travesties to continue.

            Countries all over the world are suffering similar mental health issues with similar results.

          • Still no take on child deaths due to guns in other countries, eh Steve-O? Quit trying to make this about mental health issues until you can show that’s the case with these increased gun deaths in children.
            This situation is that these child gun deaths are increasing, with little regulation, and children deaths in auto accidents are decreasing with regulations. This hasn’t a thing to do with blaming inanimate objects like guns but whether/not some regulations of guns can stop (or even decrease) these child deaths due to guns.
            We aren’t going to be outlawing guns, like other countries, but we can certainly regulate them. And this is not only due to mass murders either. These stats just don’t give the information about what aspect of child deaths are the problem-more study can do this. The outlawing of guns can and does likely slow child deaths from all causes but we don’t have that option, thankfully. Doesn’t mean that the proper regs. can’t do something to attack the issue.
            By the way, mass murders are not the only way that children are killed and these posts have not yet referred to this particular mass murderer (except you). In case you’ve forgotten, we are speaking about child gun deaths overtaking automobile deaths of children as of 2020.

  6. Wait a second Bill. I know I like to argue but you need to take another look at that data. This is a clip from a Pew Research Center article specifically about the CDC 2020 data.

    ‘45,222 people died from gun-related injuries in the U.S., according to the CDC. That figure includes gun murders and gun suicides, along with three other, less common types of gun-related deaths tracked by the CDC: those that were unintentional, those that involved law enforcement and those whose circumstances could not be determined.’

    Can we at least agree to finding a source of data that does NOT include suicides, and those that involved law enforcement? When anyone wants to argue a general subject like ‘gun deaths’ they are thinking about a person intentionally killed by another person, as in murder. NOT a suicide, because even without a gun a suicidal person is just going to jump in front of traffic or off a high ledge, to accomplish the same thing. And if you are stupid enough to get shot by law enforcement, that again, is not a murder.

    • You may be on to something Paul but it’s not my job, it’s yours to show the problem IMO. The important thing here is that the trends are shown over many years that very likely are due to the same data during the period.
      I suspect these stats are what’s available for such a period and you may not like them but it’s what it is.

      • I just did show you the problem with that data. It cannot be accurate for this argument if all incidents where someone died in the presence of a gun are counted. Remember ‘covid deaths’ being counted even though covid did not kill the person? Same thing here. I would compare the deaths from auto accidents, without adding in vehicular homicides and suicides, to gun deaths without adding in suicides and law enforcement related shootings. Can you agree that those numbers would be a more reasonable comparison?

        • We have to go with the numbers we have, rather than what we would like Paul. Thus the only good way to look at these stats is to look at the trends, rather than actual yearly numbers. And it’s hard to deny what these trends are showing IMO.

          • Obviously I’d like to see the ‘trends’ in any death category go down, but including numbers from outside the theme of the argument just produces inaccurate data.

          • These stats have nothing to do with the argument Paul. They just happen to be the way statistics have been collected.
            What’s to do with the argument is the trends however and they don’t look good for children and gun deaths.

          • Bill,
            The stats you provided have nothing to do with your argument but they support the trend that does have something to do with your argument?

            You’re right Bill the statistics you’ve provided have nothing to do with the subject at hand since they are completely biased and debunked nonsense, the trend that you sdmit they are based upon are equally biased and debunked.

          • Bill,

            Once again you need to reread the article and the comments you are commenting on, you are completely lost and have forgotten what the conversation is about and what ground has already been covered.

    • Paul,
      Bill has chosen the data that supports his narrative. He is not interested in reviewing any actual data or any actual facts. If Bill were interested in even having a conversation about this issue he wouldn’t have led with a cherry picked quote from CNN. He supports the politicization of murder and blaming inanimate objects instead of the perpetrators of violence and the root cause of the issue.

      • You are just attempting to shoot the messenger here Steve-O.
        Try explaining the problem with something other than a “mental health issue.” And that quote happened to be the subtitle in the article. It is a beauty though isn’t it!
        There could be several explanations for gun deaths in kids to be increasing like they seem to be, of course, but we will be studying this to get a handle on what those explanations are IMO. I would be shocked to find the explanation is mental health.

      • But you, me, and Bill are not the only ones here reading these posts. I see it as a responsibility to argue for the Constitution and traditional American values. Maybe I can’t convince Bill. But if anyone else is moved to support America, as designed, then we’ve done something good.

        • You and Steve-O both should know my narrative as only one relative to mass shootings and it’s that high-capacity magazines should be outlawed. And here is another quote from CNN, relative to law enforcement being well-aware of the importance of reloading by a perp: “As Nashville officers converged on the open area where the shooter was, one of them noticed something vital. “Reloading!” was shouted out a split second before Engelbert fired four times at the suspect.

          A shooter reloading is seen as a critical opportunity for responders as the attacker is engaged and cannot fire.”
          I suspect that even you can see where the lack of these high-capacity magazines would necessitate more reloading. This, to me, is pure logic and it appears that some law enforcement uses that same logic.
          As I said before, this only applies to mass shootings and society is interested in reducing other shootings (including suicides). I happen to believe that some form of trigger locks on especially handguns kept loaded and quit membership in NRA when they opposed them years ago. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like this getting some traction. Again, I’ve no interest in outlawing semi-automatic guns.

          • Bill. I have a two deployments to combat zones. I understand way more about firearms and their use than the average person.

            Lets say you could have your way and remove firearms from every citizen of America. What then? What do you propose to do when the shooter from Nashville now decides to drive a car through a playground during recess?

            It’s always the criminal. No matter what tools they choose to do their crimes. Murder is still murder whether the victim was shot, stabbed, drowned, beaten, poisoned, etc. You just can’t stop bad human behavior with laws, no matter how hard you wish for that.

          • Billy the gun is harmless the idiot behind the trigger is the problem. The gun could lay on the counter for years loaded and nothing would happen. Put it in a mentally ill person an it might go off. The person is the problem billy get it together quit putting yourself in these corners where you continue to be schooled on the true facts not cnn BS.

          • Paul, what makes you think I would like to remove guns from citizens? When you make an asinine assumption like that then everything else after is BS.
            Your whole comment is just gibberish, on the order of Mark’s below yours.
            It does appear that we’ve stopped some bad behavior, relative to auto deaths of children likely due to laws on airbags and child seats and very likely some laws regulating gun use/storage could also stop some bad behavior with guns.

          • First off, anyone advocating for any gun control is in the pocket of those wishing for total bans.

            Side point here about the numbers/data. You claim that gun deaths for children are rising and cite the CDC data. But I claim that without accurate numbers, that idea cannot be substantiated. Consider this: The CDC numbers include both murders and suicides. Most people do not consider suicide data a legit part of ‘gun deaths’. If suicides using guns has actually risen sharply, that alone would skew the overall numbers. If skewed enough this could show a false rise in what the CDC considered ‘gun deaths’.

          • Paul, suicide deaths by guns are not likely to be the issue with child deaths from 1-18 IMO, whether/not you don’t consider them to be a legit part of gun deaths. This group can’t even own a firearm so not likely to be skewing any rise in gun deaths.
            Where do you come off with your “most people don’t consider suicide data a legit part of ‘gun deaths?’ Can you back up that statement Paul?

  7. There is violence everywhere. It’s part of being human.

    In gun controlled London they have a massive knife and machete problem. And out of control crime.

    In Sweden grenades are the tool of choice.

    Chicago is the most dangerous place in America.

    Liberals want gun control for one simple reason. To disarm you.

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