Transgender athlete bill passes Senate committee


Senate Bill 140, which defines male and female sports for youth athletic teams as based on a biological gender, passed out of Senate Judiciary Committee on a 3-1 vote, with Juneau Sen. Jesse Kiehl voting no. Kiehl has concerns about student confidentiality, an argument that was disputed in committee when it was pointed out that already students must submit to a physical, answer questionnaires about health, and provide their grades before they can compete on school teams.

Bill sponsor Sen. Shelley Hughes says the bill will ensure that discrimination against females is prevented, and that they are not forced to compete against biological male athletes who have biological advantages of muscle and lung capacity and size.

According to Gallup, LGBT identification is over 7%, up from 5.6% in 2020, among adults. One in five Generation Z adults identify as LGBT. That’s double the number of people identifying as LGBT in 2012. Transgender is a subcategory of LGBT, involving hormones and surgeries to make a person appear to be the opposite gender. Nearly 21% of Generation Z says they are LGBT.

Read the Gallup poll results here.

The bill now moves to the Senate Rules Committee for introduction on the Senate floor, where Senate Democrats will try to block its passage.


  1. By the numbers given, it would appear that a number of parents of gen z offspring are in need of some type of parenting classes or therapy themselves. The gen z parents simply perpetuate this handed down. confusion to their offspring. This is what happens when bureaucrats, degenerates and ideologies are injected into the schools and learning institutions, rather than simply teaching the 3-R’s and history, and leaving the morals up to the parents to teach.
    I find it disgusting that some learning institution teachers are whining that they can no longer indoctrinate by sharing their sex lives, choices and stories with their young students. Parents need to wake-up and pay more attention as to what goes on in their kids classroom.

    • I never knew my Teacher’s married status unless it was Mrs Smith, or Miss Smith, with males it was always Mr. I never even met their spouses, none of them. I never knew their spouse’s professions, or what they did on weekends, or if they vote democrat or republican. On occasion I went to school with a Teacher’s child but they were rarely in her classroom. I was born in the 50’s, grew up in the 60;s, finished in mid 70’s. In all that time did any Teacher that I had ever imparted an iota of personal information unless we asked. Those questions were like was it like when you went to college, or what kinds of songs were popular in your day, etc. They would have been mortified if we asked such personal things like sexual proclivities. It’s a brave new world now, but not a better one. Geewhiz Teach, just wanted to know how gravity works!

  2. A large percentage of this is learned behavior from being taught at young ages that this has a desirable outcome. Exceptionally influenced kids see transgendered as something unique and experimental. They see it on tv. They are taught it in school. They see it on the internet. Saturated and propounded early by LGBTQ adults, and subscribers from the anti-family, leftist agenda use all the tools to promote this life-style. It is harming our youth and our country. The numbers are going up. And that’s a fact.

    • A recent YouGov poll was quite revealing. Despite the fact that transgenders make up less than 1% of the US population, there is a perspective that it is closer to 21%.
      Which is, in my opinion, a product of the media, both conventional and social media outlets. They are putting this crap front and center.
      And a lot of teenagers are just “wearing the team colors.”

    • Our youth are being manipulated by Marxist homosexuals. They are so confused now, they don’t know whether they are boys or girls. This is insanity.

      • It isn’t necessarily “learned” behavior, Dr. Dan. It’s “taught” behavior. And “taught” at the expense of taxpayers. And let’s get right to the colloquial verb……”brainwashed.”

  3. Let us all get behind Senator Shelly Hughes and support Senate Bill 140 for passage and signature by the GOV.
    As an aside: There is no such person as a transgender — you are either male or female — but there is such a thing as transgenderism: it is an ideology that promotes the fiction that the sexes are interchangeable.

  4. Keihl is just dodging. He could care less about confidentiality. He’s all in for the cause.

    In CBJ we have three people in the legislature. I’ve corresponded with two of them before. Keihl? Never heard a peep from him.

    Why? He just doesn’t care what the serfs think. He knows he’s got the state worker vote locked up. The rest of us don’t count

    Props to Sara. We disagree politically, but she has always been willing to discuss her positions. I can respect that even if I don’t agree.

  5. I was recently listening to a podcast about this issue. The host pointed out the only place trans issues really have traction is with the “Karen” community.

    Well to do/rich white liberal women and the democrats who count on them for big ticket donations.

    The premise was simple. They don’t like boys so they are trying to turn their offspring into something they are not. Girls.

    It is ragingly, psychotically insane less than .01 of American population with deep issues holds so much sway over the rest of the country.

  6. Make no mistake about it — this hateful copy-and-paste bill has nothing to do with protecting women’s sports. Conservatives don’t care about women’s sports one bit. This bill is only about marginalizing an already marginalized, at risk, vulnerable population. There’s probably not even 2 trans athletes in the entire state of Alaska. GOP must do better with taxpayers’ dollars. Pathetic.

    • That couldn’t be further from the truth. I am a woman, I have a foster daughter with an honorary granddaughter & my son blessed me with a granddaughter.
      Their are co-ed sports when they are young because it doesn’t matter. When they get older the biological differences most certainly do make a difference.
      The things that confuse me the most. This was all settled in 1972 when congress passed Title 10 of the Constitution so this argument doesn’t even make sense in the first place. Women’s sports & funding should already be protected.

    • Please explain to the rest of us just how amazing and chic the emperor’s new clothes are. We seem to only be able to see a naked old man smelling children’s hair.

    • Really? And you source of such wisdom is…? Sorry sweetie but it is real. And it is insanity. You are what your chromosomes say you are and should compete accordingly. Doesn’t matter if there are no confused ‘athletes’. Truth and reality.

    • Crusty, gimme an example of some hateful language from the bill. I submit to you that your moniker is a hateful attempt at marginalizing Christians, one of many religions protected in the Constitution.

    • Your chosen moniker states more about you than you shall ever know, and it has nothing to do with the subject at hand, does it?

      You have a personal mission, which is advocating unto what does not exist within reality, as you see yourself as a victim, striking out against those you feel have bullied you at one point or another within your life.

      Women’s sports belong to women. Period.

      Take your victimization elsewhere.

  7. “Transgenderism” is more than a Leftist ideology. It is a mental disorder. It’s called “Gender Dysphoria,” and it is listed in the DSM-5 (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). That says it all. The Left isn’t working in overdrive to make athletic and employment policies, elementary school curricula, and laws that force society to accept as “normal” the delusions of say, a schizophrenic, or a narcissist or a psychopath, all of whom are just as mentally ill as people who want to change their God-given gender. (And, for the record, gender is not “assigned at birth.” It’s built into our DNA.)

    So, why is the Left proselytizing the delusions of those with gender dysphoria (a mental disorder) — with a straight-face no less — and specifically targeting children to brainwash to accept this as normal? It’s because the whole LGBTQ movement is a false religion. They want to increase those numbers that you just cited and the only way they can do that is to de-sensitize people to the shock of how unnatural gender dysphoria is; normalize it and then, force us and our children to accept it.

    We should certainly have compassion for people suffering from gender dysphoria, as much as anyone who suffers from a mental disorder. But, call it what it is and keep the delusions out of our schools, our sports, our laws, our policies and our culture.

    This is an outrageous assault on the dreams of young girls and women who compete in sports and beauty pageants. It is an assault on the femininity of women and the masculinity of men. It is an assault on the family, as the collective gender-bending cult brainwashes generations of boys and girls that being themselves is wrong and prevents them from having families of their own one day.

    The Washington Post ran a heartbreaking story about a male who had a sex-reassignment surgery as a teenager and regrets it, saying he will be “medical patient” for the rest of his life. The LGBTQ community doesn’t want us to know those stories of regrets and lifelong medical treatment after such surgeries. They want to demonize parents who dare to exercise their parental rights — and lawmakers and governors who back them up — to protect children from this dangerous ideology.

    Generations of women fought so hard to be treated as equals in the workplace and in the voting booth. And now, girls are losing their scholarships and the awards they rightly deserve to boys and men who can’t win in boys’ sports and the door is swung wide open for all kinds of perverts to get into the girls’ locker room and bathrooms LEGALLY.

    Go Shelley! Thank you for sponsoring this very important bill. This should be a no-brainer.

  8. Again I’ll say! Women having too be in a mans worlds! I grew up that way! Wanting snd have gone up against boys!

    We have crossed over in generations!
    By social media byways of federal funding! People are very lost!

    You want to be gay, bi, trans, neutral, straight, family ? Whatever!?

    It’s not a governmental issue! Family issue!

    Keep government out! And it’s not a issue! You just deal with family

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