Walker-Drygas campaign event features her child in mask while others in the room go maskless


The campaign of Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas for governor and lieutenant governor is making the rounds from Fairbanks to Homer and even Prince of Wales Island. To some events, Drygas has been bringing her child, whom she masks, in places where the adults generally are not wearing masks and where Drygas and Walker do not themselves wear face masks.

Some believe that masks are unhealthy for children to wear and are causing social and emotional dysfunction. Others believe that masks protect them from Covid-19.

In Homer, the Walker-Drygas team had a fundraiser at a home this weekend where no one was wearing a face mask. But just a week earlier in Fairbanks, Drygas had her child along for the ride and kept her in a mask for the entire fundraiser.

Heidi Drygas, running for lieutenant governor, masks her child but not herself.

The masking of children continues to be popular in Democratic circles, but the photos above are reminiscent of the picture of Democrat Stacey Abrams of Georgia, who as a gubernatorial candidate was photographed in an elementary school without a mask, but surrounded by school children who were forced to wear masks. That photo was briefly used by the campaign but then taken down, after it received criticism for hypocrisy.

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams surrounded by masked children at an elementary school as they pose for a campaign picture in a public school.


  1. If the Republican party had any spine, they would pass a law RIGHT NOW banning all forms of mandates (mask, vaxx, test, etc). But our current leadership is weak and compromised. Remember that our current governor, supposedly a “stand tall” conservative, is allowing Juneau and other leftist jurisdictions to impose a Muzzle Mandate on their children. They are leaving open the door for China Bill to come in and turn our state into Shanghai.

    • Jon, you don’t have a majority in the house. Stutes et al made sure the Dems had that. So nothing of substance will
      Make it to the Govs desk. Many good bills out there, from the Gov and the handful of decent legislators we have, on this issue and election integrity, etc- and they will all go NOWHERE.

    • The Republican Party has no spine, conscience, or scruples.

      Part of why we are where we are

  2. Anyone who masks their child like it is a bandit can never represent me for anything.

  3. Drygas is actually pretty smart. She’s protecting the child from the former, disgraced, pedophile-enabler governor. I said she’s pretty smart. If Drygas was ‘really’ smart, she would vet her running mate and learn the true reason he dropped out of the race in 2018. Every media outlet in Alaska covered up the truth. But the truth will soon be revealed here at MRAK. Stay tuned. It’s going to be hot

    • Is that the reason for the fear and confusion in the child’s eyes? The kid looks like she’s just not having fun.

      • @Jay.
        Correct. Bill Walker scares the crap out of the little kiddies. His association with the former Lt. Governor, leading to Walker’s departure, was all it took.

  4. A perfect metaphor for what’s coming. Walker and his mafia will do what they want while forcing the rest of us to “behave”.

    If/when Walker wins, expect two things: the destruction of Alaskan life and the outflow of anybody who can get out.

  5. Besides the idiocy of wearing a mask another question might be, who brings their children to fund raising events? Isn’t this a form of child abuse? Poor kids, sacrificed on the altar of Mother’s political ambitions.

  6. I see this more and more. Parents not masking while the child is. This is the sad part, many young children have grown up with masks and now feel uncomfortable without them. We used to have security blankets, now we have security masks.

  7. These people are sick. It’s that simple. They are either greedy and power hungry to the point of being evil, or they literally are just psychologically impaired to the point where they do not accurately perceive reality. There is no reason, and no accountability to anything they do, other than to divide people, and foment hate, or to acquire power for powers sake, and they switch positions, routinely 180 degrees with no shame for political expediency. They are sick, and if we let them rule us, we are even more pathetic than they.

  8. Well, Drygas just removed any doubt in my mind. She is certainly a mindless, virtue signaling idiot!

  9. These people are exactly who we do not need in Government. More Covidian idiots making examples out of poor children. Remember this when you vote! This is how that person would be! Sorry I do not want Alaska to turn into Seattle! Walker and Drygas can DRY UP! NEVER AGAIN!

  10. Allahu Akbar– that child’s a generation or two away from a burkha, and total thought control of the god of evil statists.

  11. I’m so glad you’re hear for the breaking news the maintstream libs won’t cover. Keep up the good fight

  12. Somehow these type of people keep getting elected.
    Nice pic of Abrams. She is going to talk about what’s healthy while needing to wear a parachute as a shirt?

  13. Dry gas, the gas with less moisture. Wet gas has moisture. Sounds like we got some wet gas here,aka diarrhea! This is the latest episode of the clown show

  14. Ms. Drygas:
    You are teamed-up with an angry, old White man who is hell-bent on revenge from his 2018 Big Boo Boo. You will not enjoy this ride!

    • Bill Walker is creepy looking. He looks hostile and mean, like he wants to punish people. Stay away!

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