Toxic work environment? Peltola ranks 5th out of 435 in Congress for staff turnover


According to Legistorm, a website that tracks all kinds of data on the U.S. House and Senate, Alaska’s Rep. Mary Peltola has the fifth-highest turnover of staff among all 435 members.

It’s a rocky start for the freshman from the 49th state who has been in office since September of 2022. Peltola won election after the death of Congressman Don Young in March of 2022.

Most of Congressman Young’s staff stayed for years, and some for decades. Alex Ortiz, for example, Young’s most recent chief of staff, stayed with Young for over 10 years. Young’s state directors stayed for decades at a time.

Ortiz was immediately hired by Peltola to be her chief of staff, but he left after just a couple of months. She’s also gone through at least four state directors.

In fact, Peltola has gone through more state directors in one year than Young went through in 40 years.

Part of it may be that Peltola said she was bipartisan and hired a few Republican staff to prove it, but she has quickly dumped all of her Republicans staffers.

Part of it may be the screaming: Peltola has a reputation for taking staff members behind closed doors and dressing them down so loudly that others in the office can hear every detail.

“Offices with the most staff turnover might also include some of the worst bosses,” says the Legistorm website. “Some members of Congress get a reputation for being hard to work for, whether due to anger management, shady ethics, poor pay, demanding too much or creating a toxic work environment.”

The top for turnover is Jonathan Jackson of Illinois, followed by Victoria Sports of Indiana, Brandon Williams of New York, and Jim Baird of Indiana. Peltola comes in next at #5.

Office dysfunction can cause members of Congress to be less effective, less responsive to constituents, and that can lead to constituents leaning more on lobbyists for help, says Legistorm.


  1. But she’s such a lovely person. Princess said so. So did Queen Sarah.

    I rarely yelled at my staff (can’t say never, can say rarely). It’s counter productive most of the time.

    If management feels it must yell at staff, the failure lies with management 90% percent of time.

    As manager, it’s your job to set the example of how the workplace should be. Seems Mary is doing quite the job of that. Loud, dysfunctional, and lazy.

    Nice job, RVC supporters.

  2. I agree that Peltola’s office is dysfunctional. Soon after she took office (well over one year ago), I filed a written constituent affairs inquiry with Larry. Apparently Larry left soon thereafter and my inquiry was assigned to Hector. After Hector left, soon after he started, the inquiry was not assigned to anybody and nothing happened to advance my questions about a non-responsive federal agency. I filed a second inquiry (on the same topic) with Claire at AFN last year and, as is the pattern and practice of that office, Claire no longer works there and no inquiry was made on my behalf.

    All of this was confirmed when I went to Mary’s expansive and empty office space in midtown last week. I spoke with two staff members there. The dysfunction and inefficiency in that unwelcoming office are blatantly obvious and continuing.

    Also, I discussed her inaction and the office inefficiency with Mary at a fundraiser, as this is the only way to see her in person. She was angry and turned the tables like a pro. She blamed me for not understanding how hard everything was for her. She asked me how much experience I have had in establishing a Congressional office in Anchorage. She said that she was unable to provide constituent services in an office in Alaska because she claimed falsely that “nobody would rent commercial real estate to her for less than a four year lease”. She was angry, venomous, and upset by my questions. She showed up to party, take pictures, and collect donations rather than to address her shortcomings. I can easily envision how much less professional she would have behaved if we had met in a closed-door meeting with no witnesses.

    Alaskans deserve much better than Mary Peltola. She is non-responsive and disrespectful towards constituents. She is not doing her job. Those “special skills” she offered in Juneau do not work now. Alaskans must get rid of her, her dysfunctional managerial behavior, her disrespect for constituents, and the hostile work environment she creates in the next election.

  3. AND(!!!), Alaska and Alaskans benefit from her Congressional service exactly how? Certainly not a trick question but, an honest one that should be on the mind of every Alaskan.
    She needs to be replaced with a loyal – dedicated die-hard conservative.
    let’s get he bounced out and done so quickly!!!

  4. MP was never meant to be a real political figure. She checked all the right boxes and has followed the instructions given to her by the Democrat Elite.

  5. I expect working for a liar who votes as she is told by the democrats is hard on folks who are actually Alaskans. So, there’s that.

  6. Screaming leaders/managers/supervisors from GenX appears its their unfortunate trait of their generation. Too bossy like the older sibling thinks they must be TOUGH and demanding to get results even using cruel punishment and retaliation.

    Boomers probably weren’t the best parents to their older children (GenX graduates of the 1980s) and Millennial younger children which Millennial leaders shows a passive aggressive or running away or giving up traits due to heighten anxiety when faced with difficulties.

    • “Boomers probably weren’t the best parents to their older children…” Really! Why, because they actually disciplined them, had many more two parent homes, they provided well for their children’s needs, invested in their childres’s futures and education and valued hard work while teaching their kids to be realistic and pragmatic?

  7. When 2024 comes up if one doesn’t approve of Peltola. Then Republicans need only 1 candidate can’t have Nicholas and Nancy at the same time. One or the other. The supporters of each who don’t like Peltola MUST vote for the Republican they “don’t” like. Don’t be stubborn. Stubbornness is foolishness. If Nancy or Nicholas is more foolish or stubborn than the other the agreeable one need to bow out for the good of the state, leading us not all about the one serving in a leadership position. The non peltola voters will be split between the two.

  8. I feel hopeful for GenZ could make better leaders following their deceased WW2 grandparents if the younger half are trained and educated more thoughtfully than their older GenZ sibling group and if Todays adult GenZ learn history, a trade, and just stay employed and learn how to lead better by not following GenX or millennial employers bad work traits. GenZ may also have some of them with mental health issues related to social anxiety and family behavioral dysfunction or school dysfunction they really are very sweet kids or sweet young adults.

    • Gen X work habits?? You mean like showing up on time, doing the work and not bitching about it? Not sure or really care your age Jen, but, you seem to be not “in the actual working world” .

  9. I want to make sure I get this right:

    1. Peltola’s staff turnover is evidence she’s a lousy boss. That’s why so many of them are willing to come forward with these allegations. I’m sure the next MRAK article will have detailed information about their names and the many instances of this unacceptable behavior.

    2. Trump’s staff turnover occurred despite him being one the greatest presidents ever. None of his former staffers that came forward with misconduct allegations are credible, and were only hired be because they hid their RINO intentions during the interview process.

    3. Peltola’s “reputation” for this type of behavior is well deserved, unlike MRAK’s unfounded reputation for manufacturing outrage to encourage clicks and financial contributions.

    • Reliable Voter attempts to link Mary’s inability to manage her office in a juxtaposition to Trump’s failures in doing the same. The problem with Reliable’s argument is that both Mary and Donald apparently are egocentric people and not able to do the job that they were elected to perform.

      Following Reliable’s argument to its logical conclusion, Reliable becomes the leftist Democrat version of the drooling MAGA , Trump worshipping moron that he , ( or She) loathes. Funny how that works.

  10. There are professional credentials that give elevated standards and best practices for the conduct of an actual profession. Beneath that is reasonable business conduct. Perhaps she is not cognizant of either. She would do cultural bridge building services but those are introductory only. Alaska has asked for and received this in lieu of public service.

  11. Is not an elected ‘sort’ meant to improve and inspire in the line of duty?
    Peltola lacks the soul of a leader; hubris has taken hold.
    By the way Mary I’m waiting for my reparations,,,,

    • Find the Reason why Murkowski reversed the Statute of Limitations on Rape, Reason Palin resigned, and Reason Russia exhumed graves in Russia and Jerusalem if you want your reperations…

  12. I can just see MP calling a staff member in for a closed door meeting and jumping on her broomstick! Just like in the movie “The Wizard of Oz”.

  13. Again poorer management of a workplace isn’t just a Democrat leftist issue today. There are a number of right leaning Republicans and conservative employers who aren’t very kind. Don Young was a leader out of another generation and they had differing opinions how to respond to workers differences even inexperience. We don’t really know who he was when he was 25-40. He did grow up with a biblical foundation layed in his earlier life to make the difference how he corrects himself. Every generation when they were younger will had struggled with impatience but also I remember my grandmas and grandpas generation born before 1928 when they were 60s they had developed more patience then when they were young and raising the boomers from what I observed about boomers and listened to their memories of growing up with WW2 parents. Unfortunately older and younger Boomers didn’t seem to learn forgivingness nor learned patience what I experienced later on spending my early years being around my grandparents and their friends for my own parent and her generation to pass those traits on to GenX and Millennials while the boomers were trying to parent and raise the next generation. Boomers in the eighties-nineties during their thirties and forties probably were too busy trying to climb the corporate ladder, increase their education and social status, and increase their wealth, or continue partying, that’s how I remember boomers in the eighties and nineties.

    I like a quote I seen goes something like this “The youth or younger adults under 40 walks faster than the elderly, but the elderly knows the road.“ if the young has discernment and was given a biblical moral foundation early in their life like VBS or church attendance even if it was sporadic attendance, they more likely will see which elders are better for them to follow and model those good changes the elder reflected on and made about their lives because of mistakes learned and made like they used to be impatient, quick to criticize, easily angered until they humbled themselves returned to the Cross and relearned patience, compassion and grace for being a better parent and grandparent to their family, friends, and neighbors. Cause not all elders from my grandparents time nor elders who are boomer age were/are in a position where the younger should be looking up to them and modeling our lives after them or following the elder’s paths.

  14. Don’t blame me, I voted for Sarah Palin. Even voted for that stupid loser Begich as my #2. Yeah #2, #2. He couldn’t even lose, without screwing everything up. Fool me ounce, fool me Twice, fool me three times. Fool me 4.times. Stop
    Stop this Insanity Nick

    • I agree. I ranked the same way that you did in the 2022 election. Nick has apparently been promised something by the left if he can just beat the real Republicans running. We just may be finding out in 2024 or 2025 what he will receive if he wins.

  15. With over 40 years of leading/managing staff in mid and senior level positions – without exception there is never a reason to yell at staff. A leader’s job is to set the example for Courtesy, Accuracy, and Timeliness in ALL things – while practicing an extreme- respect for human dignity. If staff consistently fails to produce results in an accurate and/or timely manner, they can be ‘shown the door’ in a courteous manner.

  16. If you have to yell at your staff to communicate than you obliviously lack leadership skills to get the job done. Like all democrats they do what they are told not what is good for your state. Until the illegal voting machines are removed, we will be stuck with incompetent leaders that are unable to think for themself and do what is right for Alaska.


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