Toxic turmoil? Peltola goes from fifth to second place in staff turnover in just three months


Rep. Mary Peltola was rated as a congressional representative with a striking amount of turnover in her staff. In November, she was fifth highest for turnover among the 435 members of Congress.

Now, her office ranks second highest for turnover, not including the sudden recent departure of her former press secretary/communication director, Sam Erickson, who lasted one year.

That’s according to Legistorm, a website that tracks staff comings and goings on Capitol Hill.

While Peltola’s supporters say that it’s because she started with several Republican staff members, something her detractors also point out ended soon, after she drove them out, insiders say that Peltola is known for her uncontrollable temper, shouting, and belittling of staff who work for her.

Must Read Alaska has received reports from those close to the office of disturbing occurrences, but has not been able to verify the accounts and the House Office of Employee Advocacy keeps such complaints private.

Also, Peltola has now been in office since September of 2022, and her staff turnover is much worse than the last Legistorm assessment in the fall of 2023, when most of the Republicans, such as state director Josh Revak, had already left her employment.

It is a stark contrast from the late Congressman Don Young, who had staff stay with him for many years, sometimes over a decade.

At Legistorm, under the story “Worst Bosses,” Peltola is only better than Rep. Jonathan Jackson of Illinois, who is the son of Rev. Jesse Jackson and former national spokesman for the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition.

“Offices with the most staff turnover might also include some of the worst bosses. Some members of Congress get a reputation for being hard to work for, whether due to anger management, shady ethics, poor pay, demanding too much or creating a toxic work environment,” Legistorm explains. “Whatever the reason, the resulting office dysfunction can lead to high turnover, helping to make a member of Congress more ineffectual. One possible side-effect of high turnover is making an office less responsive to constituents while being more dependent on lobbyists for advice.”


  1. Bethel party girl, turned gold digger is my observation and opinion, after thirty years of knowing her.

    Vote and rank the Red Candidates.

  2. I don’t see how any real Alaskan could work for her, she a 100% democrat. Alaska and Alaskans don’t rank ever high in her pee brain.

  3. Perhaps the issue may be resolved were the Lady to apply “Federal Native Substantive Rules(mentality)” and hire only Natives to be on her staff, what a wonderful showcase opportunity it would be to see Native Democracy in action top to bottom.

  4. What a co-inky-dink..We don’t want her working for us either! Maybe she could join the exodus from her office!?!

    • …and for good reason..Sarah played the RCV game well to split the vote and, (along with so many so-called “conservative” voters that fell for it), insure Princess Mary got a seat at the table

  5. She yells, curses, and belittles her staff as Meg Zalatel was reported doing too?
    GenX has that problem being too bossy and fear not being respected so they put the fear in those around them to give them respect until those around them quit, which running away isn’t always the best way.

  6. Reggie, You make my point. That is or was the intent of the post, how will the interaction among a Native
    staff work out? From my perspective watching Native politics over the many life long years of living in Alaska, I am amazed at the internal struggles that transpire within Native politics. I can’t believe it would be any different were the staff be 100% Native that the situation would reflect any improvement.
    Cheers, AMJ

  7. As a junior Congresswoman she’s gone through some big challenges but there’s still a job to do Representing Alaskans and it’s not being done. I’ve asked for her help with ongoing issues regarding federal overreach. The turnover is real, people assigned to help no longer work there and nobody helps. Thanks for nothing

  8. Peltola does not want to put the work into representing Alaska. It’s a known fact among the congressional staffer circle that she won’t do her homework and prepare for committee meetings, then comes into her office screaming and yelling at her staff because she is unprepared. To be an effective member of congress, you have to be dedicated, spend an incredible amount of time into reading, preparing and knowing your subject matter. Additionally, anyone who supports Biden needs their head examined. His administration, ran by the environmental extreme has focused all their efforts into shutting down Alaska and turning the state into a gigantic park.

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