Peltola’s state director leaves


Josh Revak, the Republican who ran briefly for Alaska’s one congressional seat, but dropped out and supported Rep. Mary Peltola, was short-lived in her office. He is leaving to pursue other opportunities.

Revak, of south Anchorage, was named Peltola’s state director for the first few months, but has been marginalized by her increasingly partisan Democrat staff. News of his departure was not a surprise, as it had been rumored for months, and Revak himself has let it be known that he was out of the loop.

Peltola was elected in the general election of 2022 and her early staff had moderates on it, including Larry Persily and Alex Ortiz, who came into her office as chief of staff, as he had been for Congressman Don Young. None of the Republicans are left in Peltola’s office.

Peltola is bringing on Intimayo Harbison as her interim state director. He has been working as a special assistant to Peltola in her Anchorage office, under Revak.


  1. Sad Josh would even consider working for her. Worst yet, he took the job. Not sure what he expect, she is NO Don Young. That is liberal Alaska at its best.

    Makes me question his Republican credentials!!!!!!

    • Josh answered my questions regarding His Republican credentials when He was caught speeding with neon blue democrat Kawasaki drinking beer as his “wingman” on their way to a “fishing fundraiser” in Kenai.
      All I needed to know and where else does a washed up Rino find a paycheck other than clinging to the coatail of a hand picked democrat from the bush installed with rigged choice ballot fraud.
      He knows he is cooked unless He decides to invest in knee pads and go full on bootlicking for the Dems.

  2. I feel sorry for Republican leadership who think Democrats respect them. A Republican colleague to a Democrat have never been more respected than a husband’s mistress is to him until his wife is around then the mistress is told to wait. Until a Republican is replaced with a trustworthy Democrat whom are loyal to the party like what husband leaves a loyal wife for a dishonest woman who cheats with a married man? not a smart husband else he’ll be double-crossed. Democrats are loyal to one another. Republicans should be too.

  3. Revak is a joke. Hopefully he’ll leave Alaska soon, good riddance. Thanks for all the help on the dividend….

  4. She’s just reverting to her true nature. They should have known that the scorpion would sting them at some point.

    • Or Steve she was being open and leaning toward nonpartisan arrangements. Or maybe she felt sorry for the dull but somewhat experienced dish rag.

  5. Suspicious timing to say the least.
    Coming back to Alaska in late September.

    Be very careful my friends.
    Revak has a history of trying to steal PFD’s.

  6. Josh ,this story tells the truth you should have set your future of “ZERO” ‘ Nice your finally at the bottom of your political future!

  7. So called Republicans that think they can live with snakes and not get bitten, where would we be without them? Perhaps in office?!? 🤷‍♂️ Every time I hear the name Peltola, Cyndi Lauper’s song ‘True Colors’ plays in the background in my mind…

  8. She obviously used certain ppl in her campaign to get elected. Now she’s elected and of course–you get thrown to the curb. And these dummies did not know better????

    • I think Revak is a Republican. he certainly didn’t look like a democrat type to me like I seen immediately saw a democrat in Sen Merrick, when I saw him at a public place around Anchorage and seeing how he talks with another colleague. He appeared to be a man who has other priorities, corruption, and confusion. Or he was taught by other Republican teachers or mentors or colleagues who were living wrongly. Just my observation.

  9. Do some have a prominent addiction? Like the addiction to a desire to be ruled by righteous men? All evidence points scientifically to human rulership as primarily a series of abrasive rebellions with a net result of wars with maimed people and life cessation, gradual health degradation, incendiary grandstanding, property ruination and environment degradation. Perhaps it is past time to give up the addiction to rebellion rulership by various human (?) ogres.

  10. God set up a Kingdom to replace human rule. Some still crave human rule tho. Millions have prayed for God’s government. Daniel 2:44. God has appointed someone to be the Ruler ideally qualified. Luke 1:31-33. Jesus cared, taught how to please God and be happy, and taught the meaning of love. Perfect. When? Luke 21:10,11. has anyone talked about food shortages lately, preppers? Etc. The Kingdom will ensure God’s will is done on earth. (No more aspersions regarding”mistressing” allowed etc.) Would anyone like that?

    • I suggest you move to Utah to see how well that pans out. The Mormon state is slipping leftward all the time.

      What you want isn’t possible in this world.

  11. Politics in Alaska is becoming an incestuous affair where the Uniparty thrives. Nice to see them eating their own!

  12. She pretends that she is willing to be nonpartisan but I haven’t seen her do anything in congress that is nonpartisan. The democrat party is a cult and even if she genuinely wants to be nonpartisan, other democrats’ wouldn’t let her. The fact that she couldn’t see that it requires a lot of bold courage to be a “nonpartisan Democrat” in federal government proved to me early on that she’s not really nonpartisan at all. She just likes to say that she is. And the people that vote for her are the same way. And the republicans or independents that put her second on their ranked choice ballots are either super naïve or not really that republican or “independent” of the Democrat party.

  13. Revak went back
    Said we need more money for liberal honey
    Turned to look at what a step he had took
    Then found himself on the outs
    But does he have any doubts?
    Idk …. but he has no more clout

  14. She’s also misinformed that she legitimately won her seat. The elections are rigged with backdoor entries, as the election systems are illegally routed on-line. Usually almost seamlessly, but trump threw a wrench into the works. Every day since 2022 people who love this country work to expose the truth. Eections have been fraudulent and many of our top politicians are frauds as well. It’s a rigged system!!!

    • You probably are right. I think Bronson was sworn in because of the diligent work of his campaign manager and team pulling all nighters to watch the ballot counting doors and scrutinize the counting work. Conservatives will have to work as hard as Bryce did Eagle-eyeing the ballot counting as he done to the annoyance of Muni clerk Jones. Bottom line is Bronson was never supposed to be elected. I think if Bronson is to be re-elected again his campaign leaders will have to pull all nighters again eagle-eying the ballot counting and watching the doors after hours.

  15. GO Jen. All nighters! Just your cup of chai…if your nice, Christlike husband doesn’t mind of course – that is…

  16. Who cares about Josh Revak? The real point of the story is that Peltola is not the balanced independent politician she tricked many Alaskans into believing she was during her election campaign.

    Revak had been a useful pawn for Democrats and so-called Republicans like Senators Giessel, Bishop and Stedman for years – now he has been removed from the chess board by queen Peltola. It’s odd with his military background that he failed to recognize the dangers of fraternizing with the enemy. He is a traitor to conservative interests; I hope this is the last time we hear his name in statewide Alaska politics.

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