Revak jumps to Peltola team to become state director


Former State Sen. Josh Revak, who ran for Congress last year as a Republican but didn’t place in the final four and ultimately dropped from the race, has been hired by Rep. Mary Peltola as her Alaska state director. He will be based in Anchorage but his position will allow him to travel widely across the state.

The news of his hire was first reported in the Must Read Alaska newsletter on Wednesday morning, where he was referred to as a “short list” candidate.

Revak is a former staff member for the late Congressman Don Young, and also worked as a member of the staff of Sen. Dan Sullivan.

“I am grateful to have Josh joining my team,” Peltola said in her news release.

Revak is a Republican, and Peltola is a Democrat. Revak was the choice of the lobbyist group in Washington, D.C. that had influence in Young’s office when he was alive. They backed Revak to fill Young’s seat, but voters had other ideas, even though Revak had the endorsement of Young’s widow, Ann Young.

Meanwhile, he had given up his seat in the Alaska Senate, where he served South Anchorage after being appointed to fill the seat left by the late Sen. Chris Birch.

But he has landed on his feet and will now be the point of contact for Peltola for Alaskans who are seeking assistance with federal agencies.

Another politico who is a registered Republican on the Peltola team is Alex Ortiz, chief of staff, who is from Ketchikan.


  1. There it is again – DC lobbyists. They controlled Revak. They control Peltola.

    Begich knew who these swamp creatures were and called them out in his trips to Ketchikan and at least two debates I watched. Alaska, you have been bought with a smile and sold to the highest bidder!

    • We MUST vote her out as soon as we can. Nick Begich would never pull the stunts she has pulled. The sooner she is gone, the better for Alaska and Alaskans. From top to bottom, the staff she assembled is worthless and duplicitous.

  2. Nothing surprises me anymore.
    Revak is now part of congress person’s Mary Sattler/Kapsner/Nelson/Peltola-Sattler’s team.

  3. Josh is ready to defend Peltola’s votes. It’s his job now. Let’s start with this: why did your boss say she was opposed to national vaccine mandates 3 months ago and then vote to retain them today?

  4. I’m trying to decide who looks dumber, Mary for hiring one of Alaska’s most incompetent self-servants or Josh for completely selling out everything he says he believes in to pitch for a Pelosi lefty.

  5. How quickly has Senator Ted Stevens legacy has died?

    Our beloved Uncle Ted did not accomplish what he did for Alaska alone.

    OUR Beloved Senators – there were two!! Senator Stevens and Senator Inouye – a Democrat from Hawaii, who paved the path and walked on a high wire for all of us.

    They did everything TOGETHER.

    They are the OG’s – the “Original Gangstaz” that are the “disrupters”.

    There is a pathway to success – that is inclusive.

    For the media, they need to readjust from their business plan they’ve become accustomed to by causing dispute – to actually doing their job – reporting the news – not creating drama to make themselves the news.

    Clickbait – the recent National Enquiry – is what mainstream media has become.

    At least back in the day, The National Enquiry did not lie about its role.

    Bait and Switch.

    Last I heard, that is an illegal federal offense.

    Although, that too, has devolved into its own conflict of interest demise.

    Thank God, or whatever any individual persons higher power is, that as citizens we take what we like and leave the rest.

    On the other side of that sobering coin is this: I will not leave the crap that is spewed and sift through what shit I am supposed to suck up and leave alone.

    I am not the upper-crust and I certainly do not live in a life that others need to take what I give and leave what they don’t like about me.

    I am the polar opposite.

    I WILL make people uncomfortable.

    Why the heck should I not?

    I have been uncomfortable since I can remember.

    So, let’s play a child’s game.


    You are it.


    Only this time. You do not get to take what you like and leave the rest.

    What’s the saying?

    Don’t hate the players, hate the game.

  6. Why? State director of…? Ignoring your rights? State director of delivering the message “Your Constitutional rights are not of interest, unclaimed, unsecured and undefended? No thanks.

  7. To all the gullible commercial fisherman out there who voted for Peltola – don’t be surprised when she hires a well-heeled corporate trawl fleet lobbyist as her Alaska bycatch advisor!

  8. I attended a couple Revak fundraisers some 3 years ago or so, but readily admit he was destined to always be a back-bencher. He has made a mistake in siding with Mary as she continues to be exactly what she said she would not be (and I wanted to believe her, not sure if I did). She and her husband are going for the money, no question about that. Revak is a small pawn on an expensive board. We need to toss out RCV!

  9. What an absolute turncoat this guy turned out to be. I’m fairly cynical, but I still find these sorts of people shock me a bit, with their complete lack of fidelity to anything resembling principle. The RINOs are telling you what you should know already- they hate you. The were always lying. They weren’t corrupted, they were always corrupt.

  10. ‘Revak was the choice of the lobbyist group in Washington, D.C.’
    Don’t need to read anything more. That line says it all.

  11. Revak’s new job is water boy for Princess P. What a loser.
    By the way Josh stay away from us on the river, not sure we could stomach your smell.

  12. HOWEVER, there is still NO office in Anchorage or elsewhere! I have repeatedly called the DC office to ask where Alaskans can go in Alaska for constituent assistance requests (involving federal agencies) and other topics. When she was temporarily in the position, her people told me unconvincingly that no Anchorage property owners would agree to a short-term lease. Not even the office Congressman Young used and that was empty then (and now) on 36th Avenue. Now all these months later, there is still NO ALASKA OFFICE.

    The very large, expensive mailer she sent out after she was sworn in says she wants to be of service to us and our families. I call BS. She needs a local Alaska office if she really wants to do this.

  13. Revak is a Pathetic blow hard. He’s involved in politics for all the wrong reasons. He does have some degree of integrity; however It is wishy-washy most of the time.
    He isn’t smart and hardly employable.
    This is the end to his political career.

  14. Mary represents folks of all political stripes that her constituency holds. Good to bring in folks from different political stipe than herself. Clearly better representation for all.

  15. I know people, especially conservatives, avoid Twitter. But to see Mary’s true alliances & positions it’s worth it to follow her feed. That’s all I’ll say.

  16. I agree with The Masked Avenger’s comment, “with Republicans like that, who needs Democrats?”

    Let’s look at the flip side of that statement which is – “with Democrats like that, who needs Republicans?”

    That is where this gets interesting.

    Not to drudge up other history, but to counter Mongo’s comment…

    Frank Murkowski was the OG Alaska swamp monster, NOT Ted Stevens

    Which is why I specifically said Alaska and (our great nation) had two Senators representing the local interests of people — before global was cool–Senator Stevens and Senator Inouye.

  17. Congressman Young had a budget for state offices and ‘on the hill’ office space based on his SENORITY.

    New-comers in office on the Hi do not have seniority, therefore can get shut out of financial resources. Duh.

    This is a part of the reason that seniority has been indoctrinated. Without educating the people.

    Here is where the disrupters come into value.. It is ACCESS to CONSTITUIENTS and more importantly CONSTITUENTS HAVING DIRECT ACCESS to LEADERSHIP without brick and morter barriers.

    As a former statewide mover and shaker, by the way, I not once ever been to a local office of any of our federal leadership offices.

    Maybe its the property managers that are upset – because I doubt its the people trying to reach out to their representatives.


    And it does not fall to the wayside for me, that generations of “good and God-fearing” Alaskan leaders legislated and more often than not, turned their bricks and morter eyes away from remote places and more importantly NOT EVEN LAYED EYES ON the PEOPLE of remote Alaska.

    Time for discomfort is ticking louder and louder on your doorstep.

    I hear the far off drumming getting louder and more inspiring then ever.

    Welcome to the last frontier.

    Put on your noise reduction earphones because your blinders will not sustain you anymore.

  18. Just how dumb is this Josh Revak? As a Legislator, he had the reputation of not knowing if he was coming or going. Listening to him explain an issue was always painfully incoherent and sophomoric. Whatever calculus he utilized to make a decision to run for a congressional seat was beyond flawed if not humorous.
    I voted for Mary. Now I have to question her acuity and judgement. Politicians always disappoint.?

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