Town hall: CNN pulls plug early after Trump fields an hour of ‘gotcha’ questions


Depending on which media you are with, former President Donald Trump either destroyed CNN, or started telling lies the minute he went onstage in his much-anticipated town hall, hosted by a news organization that has been his nemesis.

For days before the event, leftists had flooded CNN with requests to not give Trump a microphone on the network.

Trump supporters were jubilant at his performance on Wednesday night.

“Former President Donald Trump steamrolled CNN’s Kaitlan Collins during Wednesday’s Townhall event in New Hampshire, dismissing her politically biased and outdated questions, effectively reducing her role as the moderator by speaking directly to the audience about the “gotcha” topics a visibly irritated Collins continually posed throughout the night,” Breitbart wrote about the event, in which Trump outperformed Collins on every topic, including his recent conviction in the E. Jean Carroll sexual assault trial in Manhattan.

Slate, a leftist publication, thought it went so badly for the network that it wrote, “Donald Trump’s CNN Town Hall Was a Disaster. If this is how the network plans to cover 2024, its CEO might as well resign now.” The writer went on to call Trump a liar and sociopath.

The New York Times wrote, “Trump’s Falsehoods and Bluster Overtake CNN Town Hall. Facing questions from the audience and the moderator, Donald Trump insisted, falsely, that the 2020 election was rigged. He also dodged questions on abortion, praised Jan. 6 rioters and mocked E. Jean Carroll.”

Although CNN pulled the plug on the event as much as 25 minutes earlier than expected, Trump got a standing ovation from the live audience when he took to the stage, and received a rousing response throughout the nearly 70 minutes

“Do you have any regrets about your actions on Jan. 6 [2021]?” Collins asked Trump, who responded by going through the day’s events, moment by moment.

“I said, walk peacefully and patriotically, you know, many different things. In fact, I brought a list of things. I don’t want to bore the audience, but we can go sentence after sentence after sentence of things,” he said. He reminded Collins that he had offered security, including the military, at the Capitol, an offer that was turned away by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

He also criticized the officer who shot and killed protester Ashli Babbitt, labeling him a thug and calling Babbitt a patriot. He said he would pardon most Jan. 6 participants who had been convicted, which brought an outburst of cheering from the audience.

The topic turned to the recent sexual assault accusations against him by E. Jean Carroll.

Trump said that Carroll’s version of the story was ridiculous, that they met at the door of a department store, one that he has rarely listed, “And this is when I met her and I was immediately attracted to her and she was immediately attracted to me. And we had this crowded department store. We had this great chemistry,” he continued, weaving Carroll’s side of the story. He noted that Carroll had a cat named “Vagina,” but that the judge would not allow that on the record, while allowing all kinds of unrelated material from Carroll.

The grilling by Collins turned toward classification and declassification of presidential documents — those found in Trump’s home and those found in then-Vice President Joe Biden’s home.

“I have every right to under the Presidential Records Act,” keep documents of his presidency, he said pointing out the boxes and boxes the Biden had in his possession and then saying, “The vice president cannot declassify. He didn’t have the right to declassify.”

Collins pressed: “That’s the question that investigators have, I think is why you held on to those documents when you knew the federal government was seeking them and then had given you a subpoena to return.”

Trump, who was being interrupted by Collins repeatedly, said, “Can I talk?”

“Yeah, what’s the answer,” Collins replied.

“Do you mind?” Trump asked.

“I would like for you to answer. That’s why I asked it,” she snarked.

“It’s very simple. You are nasty person, OK?” Trump said, which caused members of the audience to break into cheering.

The president responded to questions about the war in Ukraine, and said he would end the war in Ukraine in just one day, if he’s elected.

“I don’t think in terms of winning and losing. I think in terms of getting it settled so we stop killing all these people,” he said. When Collins asked him to choose a side, he would not take the bait, saying instead, “I want everyone to stop dying.”

But CNN cut the town hall short. It was just not going as the network had planned.

Rep. Matt Gaetz called it the equivalent of a “mercy rule,” because Trump had vanquished his opponent, Collins, who wore a white suit in the style of liberal women who are making a “suffragette” statement regarding women’s rights. Her body language as she moderated the debate she was having with Trump showed that she was on her guard, with her legs turned away from him, and her arms folded across her midriff.

Jake Tapper had a different reaction than Gaetz: “It was an interesting night. Mr. Trump’s first lie was told just seconds into the night … and the falsehoods kept coming fast and furious.”


  1. DJT is just getting warmed up. After destroying this liberal b*tch in front of her audience and bosses at CNN, American voters KNOW what’s going to happen in 2024. Trump is about to be reborn. It’s going to be a very rude awakening for Democrats, Lefties, liberals and Trump haters. A very rude awakening!!

    • Paul, your comment is quite unequivocal; as if you are a prophet and know how the next election will unfold. I can only pray Trump wins if he is the candidate. However, I know the last election was stolen and the thieves will have had another 4-yrs to refine their treachery. I will certainly vote for Trump; but not for his demeanor or manners even though they are often entertaining. Instead, my motive is to reinstall him for his results. His foreign policy, among many other things, is very refreshing.

  2. Sad, how he’s so proud of being a self-admitted sexual assaulter. Sadder, how some are so attracted by his grotesque indecency and buffooneries.

        • A blue jury is akin to a trial of charges of witchcraft. Be careful when travelling through blue jurisdictions. Reason and law are elastic notions there.

        • Demonstrating that you know zero about the verdict in that trial.
          The jury found Trump not guilty of any sexual assault. They did find him guilty of “battery” as defined in the jury instructions (a definition so broad that simply tapping someone on the shoulder to get their attention would constitute battery) and defamation.
          Nothing about sexual assault at all.

      • “I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and not lose any voters.” Insert grope, for shoot. He’s on audio tape, bragging about his ability to grope women and get away with it. He also did not deny it in his taped civil trial deposition admitted as evidence. Donald is mentally ill. The sooner the Party Of Trump (POT) people realize this fact, the sooner they can heal. Best wishes.

        • What he observed was that if your rich or famous, women through themselves at you and let you do anything.

          Now, you may object to the words he used but if you’re going to deny that women are attracted to wealth, fame and power… you’re being deliberately obtuse or, perhaps, just simply delusional.

        • The grab them comment is one of my favorites. Everyone seems to ignore the words “let me” in the statement. They let me grab them…
          Makes all the difference in the world.
          Thanks for playing through.

  3. This town hall shows, once again, why Republicans need a good candidate. We can not let Biden win. Biden is a traitor, and his family has taken millions in foreign money to buy influence. In a perfect world Biden would be rotting in a jail cell, but the world isn’t perfect.

    Here’s the reality. Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. He lost again to the crooked, incompetent, and demented Joe Biden. America needs a Ronald Reagan type candidate. Someone who is a conservative, decent human being. 40 years ago a guy like Trump, with his multiple bankruptcies, and declaration that he can grab woman by their pxxxx would have not been a the top ten vote getters in Iowa.

    Conservatives need to get smart, or face the ruination of our country with a second term traitor- Biden.

    • Could we also say: “Liberals need to get smart. The Left, whom they generally vote into power, are purposefully trying to destroy our nation”?

      • Joel. Yes, they are trying to destroy our country. So what do we do about it? Conservatives don’t let fellow conservative vote for Trump. Trump could not even win the popular vote against Hillary. The path to the White House is for conservatives to run an ideal candidate, that would be:

        1. A military veteran- not a draft dodger.
        2. Someone who is faithful to his wife- always.
        3. Someone well educated.
        4. Someone who does not alienate the independent voters.
        5. Someone with presidential temperament.
        6. Someone who does not lose running against abject morons- like Biden.
        7. Someone younger than 65 years old.

        We have over 330 million people in this nation. Surely we can do better than a rehash of Trump Vs. Biden.

        • M, so given your list above it seems that you have excluded RFK Jr, with the 65 year old and Military requirement part.
          Bobby Jr. Is the most enlightened candidate for the Dems since his Uncle, who by the way reportedly wasn’t always faithful to Jackie.
          So, who do you support? The corrupt, traitorous, senile criminal named Joe?
          Sh*t, his Egoness. AKA Donald Trump looks really good in comparison, failure to recognize that is frightening!

  4. People who ask me why I don’t care for Trump. It’s because he talks too much. Prefer my President not have 2:am Twitter battles with the Kardasians. It’s hard to listen to him babble on. Many of the things he sez are easily fact checked to be untrue. His name calling of Desantis is just weird. The powers that be are defiantly trying cripple his chances of returning to the White House. Desantis and Ramaswamy would be a very strong ticket that would appeal to hardworking common taxpayers.
    Vivek impresses more each day. Desantis ,,,, well that man uses his common sense to guide his decisions. Lack of strong conservative leadership to stand up to the liberal “woke” mob is hurting this county ,,, not to mention Anchorage.

    • You’d prefer to have an Obama type who signs Executive Orders at 2am when the majority of Americans are sleeping and compliant. Hey! I want a leader who actually follows through with everything they say they’re going to do; and Trump did. I want a direct, to-the-point commander who isn’t my priest or my etiquette teacher. I want a non-governmental leader who knows business and how to compete in the marketplace. I want a leader who commands respect from the field worker to the executive to the military. I don’t care how old someone is but they need to speak intelligently, have a brain and use it, not be a puppet, and truly cares for We the People.

    • Good point Tolnep. Nevermind he calmed down Kim Jong Un, Putin, and several other questionable characters controlling weapons of mass destruction. Or that he regained control of our southern border. Or that he put us in fair position in foreign trade. Or that he facilitated our energy independence and market leadership. Or that he created more opportunity for black Americans than ever before. Or that he restored hope with proper treatment of veterans. Or that he kept us out of proxy wars and foreign interventions. Nevermind all that. Lets just look at his weaknesses with women and his manners. After all Clinton and Biden and Obama are clearly moral giants in comparison (cough). Open your eyes. He gets the job done.

    • You have your reasons for not liking Trump, and that is OK by me, but seriously? Nothing about policy, nothing about the economy, nothing about whether Trump promotes US interests or places other countries before the US?
      Let me ask you this. Who do you want as the head coach for your favorite pro sports team? The nice guy? The one who is kind, gentle, and makes everyone feel good. Or do you want the A-hole who wins games?

  5. Trump’s unique superpower is how he breaks the press. It’s impossible for most of them to cover him objectively.

    While I’m pretty much over Trump, I love how he has irrevocably shown the press for what it is. Partisan hacks.

    A free society can’t survive a partisan press.

  6. He totally annihilated her in a literal sense.
    Her ability to counter punch was nothing compared to the Trump’s.
    I score it a TKO in Donald Trump’s favor.

  7. Trump solidified his MAGA minority and ran off a bunch of independents and suburban women in his NH Townhall. Republicans know if Trump is the nominee, a Democrat will glide into the Whitehouse. I will be happy when the Trump Organization pays their tax bills and his golf courses go bankrupt

    • How do you know what a “MAGA minority” is? Can you smell them? Do you see them in your dreams?
      Do they call you at night?

      Will your life improve if he loses all his money? Will water taste sweeter? Will the sun shine brighter?

      • People like Frank think the MAGA Minority (notice he specifically diminishes the MAGA folks by using that word), are anyone they do not like.
        Think people should be able to keep the money they earn? You are just a MAGA terrorist.
        Think that open borders are bad? Horribly MAGA of you.
        Think that the US should be energy independent? How dare you, you MAGAist!

      • Just like Harry Reid” it worked didn’t it?” After lying about Mitt Romney and taxes SOP. For Democrats

  8. All politicians and the media lie all the time because nobody cares. They still get elected and the media gets believed. America has been dumbed down by the lies.

  9. I think I’m beginning to understand the man. Let’s see now, when he said grab them by the p****, what he really meant was, grab them by their cat named vagina. Look, a jury just said that he didn’t rape the woman, but he also did some other things that was illegal. This isn’t Trump or his sharkskin suited lawyers talking, this is ordinary people just like you and me that said he did something wrong. That’s really all I need to know right now.

    • Really, Forkner? A Trump-hating New York City jury? Grow-up, dude. That’s the rats throwing catnip to the cat.

        • A jury of his peers? Really? That DA seated a bunch of Trump-hating maniacs on the jury. These antiquated 40-year old claims need to be repelled. Some wanabee, old publicist makes a claim with NO evidence to back it up. No witnesses. Use of propensity evidence from a private conversation Trump had (locker room talk) with a jock. This decision will be reversed on appeal for violation of the Civil Rules and Rules of Evidence. She can go write another book and accuse Hunter Biden if impregnating her, or, Joe Biden grabbing her privates. Or, maybe it was Bill Clinton. She can’t remember.

        • No. We don’t have to accept it. Best to separate from our former countrymen.We have nothing in common anymore. Maybe you can go to?

    • A civil suit does not determine legality of anything. And this one is particularly egregious. He said some mean words about a liar who claims she was raped when nothing of the kind occurred. YMMV.

    • Context is important here Greg.
      First of all, the quote included the word “let.” They let him grab them. Big difference.
      Secondly, the guilty verdict is only applicable within bounds of the jury instructions. And, if you were aware of the instructions to the jury, you would realize the definition they had to use to determine “battery” was so broad that accidentally rubbing shoulders in a store aisle would constitute battery in this situation.
      So, seriously, this civil court case means zero.

  10. Watch the focus group after Trump’s debate with the moderator. The CNN correspondent asked the focus group

    CNN: “What did you think about Trump obsessing about the 2020 election? Do you approve of the way he is fixated on the past and the lies he tells about it?”

    Focus group member: “Well, it was CNN who asked about the 2020 election. It was the first question.”

  11. Kaitlan Acosta… The demons in her even put on Jim’s face a couple of times.

    Full disclosure: I only watched the nasty person clip.

  12. As typical the left resorts to name calling and loud false narrative. Collins is just another bewitched soul lacking in enough intelligence and moral fiber to actually explore all sides of a story or situation, instead regurgitating the mantra fed to her by her overseers. Mainstream media is full of more of the same.

  13. Sounds like he destroyed them lol, I did see clips of it , but I refuse to watch these mentally ill fanatics and propaganda Hounds !

  14. Here you had a guy that was very direct, very well spoke, very on point dealing with a hostile interviewer and winning. The, look at what is in the Whitehouse and try to imagine that guy trying to answer questions on a stage. Trump is obviously the only choice here for President.

    • They would have had to change Dirty Joe’s undies three times, feed him ice cream cones twice, and given him four breaks. Not to mention, let him have a nap.

        • Maureen
          Ask questions about the economy, world wars, state of the border blackmail as thy are more important that golfing. Your priorities are all screwed up. I don’t care how much time they takeoff as long as the country is running smoothly.

          • Maureen, you are completely delusional if you think that this country is running better under the “America Last” dementia patient China Joe PotatoHead. I mean, in TOTAL denial of reality.
            But then again, the denial of reality is the specialty of radical leftist extremists such as yourself.

        • How often is any President away on vacation?
          If you were to really look at it, you might find out the worst offenders of vacationing are not the Republicans.
          Nice try though.

  15. The never Trumpers will simply be that. If that man handed out food to hungry children they would declare that it was somehow the ‘wrong’ food, lol

    Trump just stands up and delivers the blows. Like his policies or not, you never have to guess at what he stands for and you never get a bait and switch. No one seems to argue against his policies, just his style. As long as he pushes for a growing economy, border security, and a strong military, he can talk all the smack he wants.

    And when these hacks trot out that tired old line ‘he said he would just grab them by the (cat)’ remind them of the words they edited out right before that phrase: ‘And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything.’

      • So the whole left is a bully? June is coming up. One of your favorite whole months to bully people. People are sick of your kind. They wish and hope you would go away. Tick. Tick. Tick.

          • He is. You have no argument from me.

            But all presidents are. Imagine the personality one has to have to become one. Most recently have been murderers or butcher’s or both. Drones make it even easier for the former. Obama was seamless from Bush in extra judicial murder from drones.

      • Nobody likes a bully except another bully? So let me take this moment to say hello to the other 74 million bullies in the US. Lol!!!!

      • I like bullies to be in charge.
        Tell me, would you describe Bill Belichek as a nice guy? Or as a bully? Bullies win.
        Trump wins.
        If you want a “nice guy” to be in charge, the entire team loses.

    • So let me get this straight, if a woman doesn’t fight back or resist in any way, she can legally be sexually assaulted?

      Is that what you are saying in your last paragraph? Please further explain that line

      I wont argue your other points, as there are many who will hate President Trump because he is who he is and there are many who like and agree with his policies.

      • ‘when you’re a star they just let you do it . . .’

        It’s not rape or assault if they let you do it. If anyone sexually assaults another, I’ll help push them into the wood chipper. But if a person lets another put their hands on them just because he’s a famous guy, that’s NOT assault of any kind.

        Why hasn’t anyone complained about the star chasers out there?

        • Star chasers are gold diggers and are not part of this discussion.

          You are excusing President Trump’s self proclaimed sexual assault of other women because he is/was famous.

          That is not how consent works buddy

          • Oh, so star chasers are ‘gold diggers’ according to you. I guess that means that no gold digger ever plastered herself all over a rich/famous/powerful man and let him have his way? NOOooo, THAT would never happen would it ‘pablo’.

          • Self proclaimed? “They let you…” is self proclamation of sexual assault?
            My spouse lets me touch them in a sexual manner. I guess I am guilty of sexual assault in your mind.

          • Paul in the Valley,

            Throwing ones self at someone is not sexual assault. By definition they are giving consent.

            President Trump is on tape bragging about touching women without their consent but says that they are ok with it because he is famous. Did anyone ask those women if it was ok? It is clear that at least one woman didn’t think it was ok

          • CBMTTek,

            I have one word for you.


            Learn the definition and you will see how what President Trump did is different from you and your spouse

          • Pablo:
            I have one word for you.
            As in “they let me…”
            Otherwise known as consent by action.

          • CBMTTek,

            They “let” him get away with it. If they decided to press charges, he would have been run up on sexual assault charges.

            I think you should grab a woman and see how you fare. I don’t think she will “let” you get away with it

          • Further, did President Trump have consent from those women to grab their privates? If not, it is sexual assault.

            Again, just because the victim doesn’t fight back does not allow for sexual assault.

            Learn what consent means and you will see that what he did was sexual assault

          • Further to your statements…
            Did Donald Trump actually grab anyone at all?
            Evidence consists of a statement recorded without his knowledge or consent. To date, any woman that claimed “unwanted sexual contact” with President Trump had no supporting evidence whatsoever to back it up. I seem to remember dozens of women that were going to file charges or sue Trump when he was running for President in 2016 and not a single case was filed. Weird. One would think that if this guy sexually assaulted women regularly at least one of them would have enough to bring him to court. (And, no, Elizabeth Jean Carroll does not count. Anyone who cannot even remember what year the sexual assault happened is not a victim. Besides, the jury saw no evidence of sexual assault, so nothing there.)
            Last time I checked, bragging without anything to back it up is evidence of… well… evidence of being a childish man.
            So, the only thing we have here is a statement from a man that is proof the man said something.

        • Consent needs a distinct yes, either in words or actions.

          Have you taken any sexual harassment classes via work or school? If so, you would have been taught this.

          It comes back to the fact that for the past 50 years, most rape or sexual assault victims are more questioned than the suspect. What were you wearing? Why didn’t you fight back?

          When rape kits go untested for years, it makes victims much less likely to come forward.

          But yep, I’m the moron. Good one Trump It

        • Sorry Trump It, I thought you were responding to my comment, but further reading of this thread and your other comments, it seems I am mistaken.

          My apologies

    • Like you never said something crass…oh, saint that you are! Good thing no one was lurking to record it for when you are famous. . .someday!

      • Haha, I was raised to respect women and never put my hands on them without their consent.

        Good job at making assumptions about me. Not all men are scumbags like former President Trump.

  16. It was like a father listening to his college age, woke daughter, who thinks she knows everything, and she wants to argue. Democrat daughter: 0. Republican father: 10. CNN: -15.

  17. I couldn’t even stand the set. The chairs reminded me of “woke” Union Station urinals. Stark white. She looked like the crabby attendant. Ghastly. Even the lighting was “bad”. Her brown powder was unappealing. Who could also listen? Ugh.

  18. Hours later my stomach was in knots. I hate what they are trying/doing to this nation.

  19. There is a delicious irony here.

    Many who object to Trump on moral grounds are willing to re-elected a senile man with credible accusations of sexual improprieties, graft, and a long history of inappropriate actions with children.

    But Orange man made mean tweets.

  20. Trump received 304 electoral votes and [Hillary] Clinton 227 electoral votes-end of story, Trump wins over Hilary regardless of the “popular votes”. see ‘

    Next-2024. Let the best candidate win with the most electoral votes & hopefully (but not necessary) the popular votes.

    • Until our candidate loses, then we’ll change our minds about the electoral college.

      • Nope. Been down that road (Bill Clinton) and I just have to understand that the electoral college is in position to keep more rural areas from being run down by the cities. And most of the time it works.

        Like the guy said a long time ago, we have a crappy system but it’s less crappy than the alternatives.

        • It also balances out the power of the big states so small states have a legitimate voice in our system.

  21. CNN is still running content (shows)… I thought all the evening and late night “comedy” shows were on hiatus because of the on-going writers strike…??? Probably just re-runs of the same garbage nobody watched the first time around.

  22. It’s hysterical people arguing Trump’s lack of character and being a bully will probably vote for Biden.

    The lack of self awareness is tragic.

    • I believe most people are arguing that he is just a criminal who needs to be (will be) incarcerated.

      • Been waiting for that to happen for… what… eight years now?
        No one in the US has gone through as much investigation for as long as Trump has, and still there is nothing. Not a damned thing.
        If he were a criminal, something solid would have shown up. But… nothing.
        I am waiting. Still waiting. Trump will likely be dead for decades, and you leftists will continue investigating.

  23. Trump is The Muhammed Ali of Politics. Floats Like a Butterfly (NOT) . Stings Like a Bee.. He is the Greatest Political Fighter of all time. The Champ. Don’t Read the Mean Tweets, smile at the name calling–it won’t hurt you. He is MAGA. Remember how Great the Country was between OBAMA and Covid times. The Left and Press are going to go after the Republican canidate non-stop. no matter who they are. Trump has been VETTED on everly level. He is STILL STANDING. He is the only one with Presidential Experiance. He will Hit The Ground Running. He knows how to Clean out The Deep State without being Fooled and Stalled by RINOS Liarers, and Back Stabbers in High Places. He is the MAGA CHAMPION..

    • Couple questions/thoughts

      -if he knows how to clean out the deep state, why didn’t he?
      -he was routinely stabbed in the back by people he picked.
      -he gave us shutdowns and Fauci.
      -in two tries he lost the popular vote.
      -he hasn’t done anything to overcome his negatives.
      -his DOJ aggressively worked to undermine his presidency and the country.

      Let’s be painfully honest. Trump became president because Clinton ran the worst campaign in history, and she was slightly less likable than Satan.

      Trump was undone by his inability to reign in his personal demons and his unpopularity in GOP circles.

      He was a very good president, but if he can’t present a solid plan to overcome above issues, he’s likely gonna get Grandpa re-elected.

      • A very good president? Holy sheepship, he was horrible. He did absolutely nothing meaningful. The only meaningful legislation passed during his presidency was the Job’s Act where his only involvement was signing it. Paul Ryan and Mitch were responsible for this Bill and in order for them to get Orange Trumpy to sign it they had to pledge loyalty and routinely tell Trumpy what a great leader he is. Perhaps you may be thinking about the wall that never got built or the $400 billion in tariffs he saddled American consumers with. Or was it his masterful handling of the pandemic? Maybe the $8 trillion he added to the national debt? I know, it was the 30,573 lies he told while in office as documented by the Washington Post. I will give you that he did appoint a fellow sexual assaulter to the supreme court. My personal favorite Trumpy tale is when he complained to General John Kelly that Trump’s generals weren’t loyal like Hitler’s generals. General Kelly had to explain that Hitler’s generals tried to kill Hitler three times and almost succeeded! He’s not the first or last moron to serve in the oval office, however, a moron none the less.

        • Trump did at least kill the globalist-corporatist abomination of the TPP, and did not daily wage war against the American economy and the American people, as the marionette of neo-feudal globalist power brokers, the husk known as China Joe PotatoHead, is and has been doing for over two years now.

          • And gas was about half the price it is now. Oh, yeah, the dollar was worth much more than it is now. Not to mention the border was secure.

  24. I get that people don’t like the way he talks/acts. But he actually got the economy growing, and, last I checked a good economy helps liberal and conservative alike. He rebuilt the military after being depleted by Iraq and Afghanistan. And he put our enemies on notice that he wasn’t about to screw around with them. Good example was North Korea stopping missile tests while he was in office. Our borders were actually secure unlike today.

    Are we really so shallow and weak that we would throw away things like a good economy because he ‘talks mean’?

    • Paul. Direct your attention to the big picture, please. Trump is not electable. So lets focus on getting a conservative who is.

      We. Can. Not. Have. Four. More. Years. Of Biden.

    • Agreed. But his personal demeanor also got him booted from office.

      If he doesn’t come to terms with it and get someone like Kelly Anne back who car rein him in, he stands a great chance of being the guy who lost to Joe freakin Biden twice.

      Clearly we are that shallow of a country. We already tossed him out once. Just like the Electoral College, it’s a reality of the times.

      Ignore it, lose again.

      • “We” did not toss Trump out, TMA — it was the shameless voting fraud of the deep state and Democratic operatives who did that. And if you deny the obvious and blatant corruption in the 2020 presidential (s)election that illegitimately put China Joe PotatoHead into power, then you are as badly in denial of reality as Maureen Suttman.

        • You really need to grow up.

          Better still, actually do something. I still haven’t seen any stories of you leading the citizens revolt and placing the Assembly under arrest.

          Lots of talk, no action. You were all for political violence against the Assembly as long as someone else did it.

          There are terms for this bravado, but I’ll stick with two. Keyboard Commando and Coward. They seem to fit you well.

          Some very hard truths for you. You’ll reject them because it falls outside of your tenuous grasp of reality, but here goes.

          Trump lost because:

          -he ran a bad campaign.
          -he was under clouds of scandal
          -he didn’t fight when he needed to. State after state changed election laws and he didn’t bother to fight them until he lost.
          -he lost the vote of middle class white people.
          -rallies are not a substitute for campaigning.
          -the wall he promised Mexico would build was only partly finished, and not paid by Mexico.
          -2000 Mules is poorly made propaganda by people who don’t really understand how elections work.
          -he lost key states he barely won in 2016 because the left out-hustled him.

          Reality. You really should try it.

          • So, TMA, you are steadfastly sticking to your denial of obvious reality.

            You are as badly delusional and/or dishonest in that regard as any of the radical leftists who you pretend to oppose. When you make such posts, you come across as much of a shill and a lackey for the status-quo and power establishment as does Bill Yankee and Whidbey the Dog.

  25. The first six words in your first sentence in your last paragraph, says—-and explains—it all. He was a very good president.—-Quote the MM evermore.

    • Nice dodge, but doesn’t attempt to address the legitimate questions.
      Avoiding harsh realities don’t make them go away.

      If he, and people who think like you on this matter don’t, Grandpa will eat him alive.

    • You plugged your ears regarding all the red flags regarding Palin. How’d that work out for you?

      At some point you’ve got to face reality. Trump was a good president but he’s a deeply flawed man. If he doesn’t take major steps to address this, he goes down in history as the only man to lose a POTUS election to Joe Biden TWICE.

  26. You expected less as the narrator was shown to be a anti-Trumper from her 1st question! Great job cnn, not!

  27. President Trump wrote executive orders which exist and safeguard Americans today. He did mot sellout America to foreign overlords like monarchs or the Chinese communists or banking families. If that annoys you stop watching television. You are having your mind regulated by whoever is running mainstream media and are too trusting to be believed.

  28. If you claim to be a republican but are an avowed never Trumper, you have no excuse to be butt hurt about ranked choice voting from here on out. This push for ‘anyone but Trump’ is precisely to cut into Trumps lead in the primary election. Even after Trump wins these primaries, these self appointed do gooders will refuse to vote for him and further damage the republican block. Just like RCV is designed to do.

    • As of today, and events can change this…

      Trump isn’t my first choice, but if he wins the nomination, he’ll get my vote

      • And if he were to lose again, due to obvious voting fraud and manipulation, you will undoubtedly again simplly pretend that it never happened, and attack anyone who challenges it or who points out the obvious.

  29. I guess I’m in the minority at this online comment venue, but I am of the opinion that the previous President of the United States of America is unfit to govern, to inspire the citizens, to lead in the world, and to represent the interests of the people who make up this country for which Alaska is my dear home State.

    • You are certainly welcome to your opinion, but I am curious. Why do you think that?
      What is it about Donald Trump that makes you say he is unfit to Govern? I am seriously asking out of curiosity.

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