12 state attorney generals call for crackdowns on gas cooking stoves


It’s not just New York State that is banning gas stoves. Twelve Democrat state attorneys general signed a letter to federal regulators this week calling for strict regulations on gas cooking stoves, arguing that they are unhealthy, and looking to the federal government to begin educating the public against the cooking tools.

The move started late last year, when U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. said publicly the agency will in 2023 take action against household gas stoves, which he says are linked to asthma and other respiratory issues.

Trumka was put on the commission by President Joe Biden in 2021. Biden has stated he is not in favor of banning gas stoves. With a public uproar and pushback against Trumka and Biden, the job of getting the public to turn against gas stoves was sent to the Democrat-run states. The political ramifications for Biden were becoming too hot.

The May 8 letter to the Consumer Product Safety Commission beseeches the federal commission to do something to “reduce the harms associated with gas stoves due to their disproportionate impact on underserved communities.”

“Underserved communities” is the Democrat euphemism for poor communities.

“Not only should gas stoves be made safer for consumers, but consumers should be provided with sufficient information about potential health hazards and risks in advance of any purchase so they can make informed decisions about whether or not to install a gas stove in their home,” the attorneys general wrote. “Proper labeling on gas stoves would represent an important step in helping to educate consumers about the health risks associated with gas stoves. Providing this information upfront is essential to enabling consumers to make a fully informed decision.”

Signing the letter were the AGs of District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and the City of New York.

New York State recently banned new gas appliances in new construction and Berkeley, Calif. has done the same.


  1. I guess! They need a science trip? And then! I suggest they don’t go camping! With a real fire! Snd please don’t cook! For me! And enjoy! Your electrical grid!?
    Whatever dinos rule!

  2. What is wrong with these people? How long have people been using gas? A long time. We need a divorce.

  3. Gas furnaces burn exponentially more natural gas than stoves. Anchorage is heated by natural gas furnaces. So what’s next? Banning gas furnaces so houses are forced to switch to more polluting wood, oil, coal, more gas-generated electricity or moose nuggets? The woke mind virus and the climate hoax are a bad combination.

  4. What a load of…. about the time the big shot chefs give up their gas ranges, I might consider giving up mine, but probably not.

    And propane stoves are the only kind that work when you are off grid, except of course the wood burning kind.

  5. Notice how they got all anxious about how people needed to be “provided with sufficient information about potential health hazards and risks in advance of any” VACCINATION “so they can make informed decisions about whether or not to install a” VACCINE?

    Neither did I.

  6. Well they tried to ban wood stoves in FNSB, I’d like to see what happens if they try to ban gas.

  7. Any wagering as to what mindset Alaska’s ranked choice congress person will get behind for the inhabitants of a place that’s always been…….

  8. What are the specific scientific studies that show any harm by gas stoves to humans. And, compare to the danger and long term cost of electric.

  9. Can’t wait for the next interference from this administration via their new rules. I have used gas stoves for most of my life with no problems. But they also want to have less efficient (use less water or electricity) electric appliances like clothes dryers, clothe washers, that will cause you to have less clean or dry garments. So you will actually use more when you run the clothes through a second time. Why not just push more more efficiency to get things done faster? That uses less of any resource, or is this too simple?

  10. Funny how they are all cold weather states. Idiots/liberals.

    I guess when they freeze out the poor people or kill them off via starvation, there will be plenty of room to house all the illegals.

  11. The gas company’s should turn off the gas valve to these states. They don’t want gas then they should get their wish.

  12. This is just the beginning. Up next…air conditioners, dishwashers, washer/dryers, refrigerators, freezers, and hot water tanks. Using any of these can kill you!

    • It part of why the left is so all in on any abortion, anywhere, anytime.

      Life eventually kills you. So why even start?

  13. A gas stove needs proper ventilation and make up air. It is not the stove, it is how the cooking effluent is moved out of the kitchen. A range hood will have a rating of the number of CFM’s(cubic feet per minute) of exhausted air it can move out and that amount has to be enough for whatever stove is under it. Today more and more residential homes have pro style stoves with high BTU’s that require higher CFM. If a range hood CFM is more than 400 CFM then there also has to be make up air and in Alaska simply opening a window is not the best option, an mechanical
    Way to bring that air in is needed. All of this affects air quality. It is not just the stove.

  14. Looks like more government control over the people.
    Now they want to be in your kitchen telling you what to cook with, what’s next,

  15. Keep voting that democrat ticket and you too can expect to reap the rewards of … Freedom & Liberty!!!

  16. Gas Stove usage has been around for decades and the commercial use of these is massive. These states trying to either ban gas stoves or limit the use want electric so when the citizens don’t do as they say they will cut your electric to make you comply.

  17. Gas heating is next and electricity prices will skyrocket with the new EPA regulations. Make sure you drain your plumbing before you migrate south for the winter. Tried even the best commercial induction ranges at the restaurant, they are not good, except for reheating. And the special pans are expensive and don’t last. Restaurants will have to pass on the costs of reworking their kitchens to the consumers. And the food will suffer. Boiled steak, anyone? Or fried in artery clogging oil if you prefer.

  18. The global elite have pushed their climate change agenda to the ultimate goal of mass formation psychosis. They now have enough useful idiots to carry out their final solution!

  19. Weren’t we recently told they weren’t coming for our stoves? ‘https://mustreadalaska.com/war-on-gas-stoves-heats-up-as-fad-following-regulators-take-fresh-aim-at-banning-them-everywhere-in-america/’

  20. ‘Twelve Democrat state attorneys general signed a letter to federal regulators this week calling for strict regulations on gas cooking stoves’

    The only important line in the story. Proof that the whole subject is total B.S.

    • And I wonder how many of those twelve Demoncrat DAs were elected due to funding by diabolical globalist totalitarians like George Soros and the WEF? That nefarious funding of pro-globalist, pro-totalitarian DAs and other elected officials is NOT a ‘conspiracy theory’, by the way, it is a conspiracy FACT!

  21. Wide eyed fanatics pick strange things to call haram. It’s an odd game of Simon Says.

    The sooner we decouple ourselves from our former countrymen the better.

  22. I never in my long years thought I’d see the country actively trying to commit suicide

  23. ….U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr.: The son of the AFL-CIO strongman that nearly lived at the White House when Obama defiled the office. Clown world continues to amaze.

  24. The simple act of breathing degrades the air quality in your home, a suggestion is to only breath while outside. A simple study of science and physics brings us to the second law of thermodynamics. It provides that almost 50% more energy is required to heat a pan of water to a boil on an electric stove than does a gas range. It seem antithetical that anyone would require a lesser efficient means of providing energy. Similarly you charge your electric car, but it does not return the full amount of energy that is required to charge it.

    • That’s real science and physics you are speaking of. The new form of psycho science allows for endless conclusions depending upon the intended agenda. Like the Covid science, and global warming. Theory is and always be just that. Like the new math, where they teach that the answer is interpretive. Guess the facts can get in the way of a political agenda.

  25. Records of abortion deaths compared against deaths by cooking with a gas stove (excluding poisoning )

    Over 900,000 + deaths by abortion
    No deaths from a gas stove ad a result of carbon dioxide.

    It is a con to scare some, control many, and increase control of people with regulate society to a slaughter shoot.

    Limiting the a source of energy to heat, cook, travel from a source to allows individuals to be control to only using an energy source that is controlled by government and big corporations in bed willing or (unwilling by government)….the citizens survival is controlled by the government…. Personally I feel safer with self independence to rely on myself.

  26. If energy keeps getting more and more expensive they won’t need to ban gas stoves…nobody except the rich will be able to afford them. Probably their backup plan.

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