War on gas stoves heats up as fad-following regulators take fresh aim at banning them everywhere in America


U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. has said the agency will take action against household gas stoves, which he says are linked to asthma and other respiratory issues.

Trumka made the statement to a Bloomberg reporter for a report published Monday.

But it’s not the first time in recent weeks he has talked about banning gas cooking appliances. Sanctions against gas stoves are very likely to all-out bans on them, he said in December.

“We need to be talking about regulating gas stoves, whether that’s drastically improving emissions or banning gas stoves entirely. And I think we ought to keep that possibility of a ban in mind, because it’s a powerful tool in our tool belt and it’s a real possibility here,” he told the Public Interest Research Group network in a press availability with the group held online.

For over two years, the environmentalist-driven campaign against gas stoves has increased. As of Jan. 1, 2023, Los Angeles has banned gas stoves in new residential and commercial buildings. There are now more than 50 cities with similar bans or tight regulations, such as Seattle and San Francisco.

Chefs — professional and home — say they prefer gas stovetops because they get more precise control over the temperature of their dishes. And cooking and eating at home is traditionally at the heart of a strong family life, as Americans know it.

But the war on natural gas, which started with Democrats and environmental NGOs and their push for a no-fossil-fuel future, has now found a new ally: children’s health experts, who link natural gas stoves to childhood asthma. According to the Energy Information Agency, about 38% of homes use gas for cooking, but in states such as New Jersey, gas heats up 69% of stoves.

“Berkeley was the pilot light of this movement. The city was the first to ban gas connections in new buildings in 2019, something the California Restaurant Association is still fighting in court. The speed at which other municipalities followed, from Seattle to New York to other cities across California, only underscores how the culture of lawmaking often is the culture of fads,” wrote Judson Berger in the National Review in 2021.

But what about the people who love to cook with gas, especially Latinos and those who cook Asian dishes in woks?

“Ironically, these measures — being driven by progressives in Democrat-run cities to fight climate change — will end up disproportionately disadvantaging minority communities, namely immigrant communities whose cooking cultures are far less compatible with electric stoves,” Berger wrote. “SFWeekly, covering last year’s debate in San Francisco, drew attention to this disparate impact, focusing again on the art of the wok while noting how Latin American cooking likewise relies on flame.”

Democrat Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey and other Democrats in December implored the agency to take action against gas stoves in a letter that called the emissions a “cumulative burden” on black, Latino and lower-income Americans. The letter was co-signed by Democrat Sen. Patty Murray of Washington and socialist Bernie Sanders of Vermont, among others, including Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Martin Heinrich (D-NM), Ed Markey (D-MA), Jeff Merkley (D-OR), and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

From the House, the letter is co-signed by Representatives Jared Huffman (D-CA), Shontel M. Brown (D-OH), Mark Takano (D-CA), Alan S. Lowenthal (D-CA), Ted Lieu (D-CA), André Carson (D-IN), Barbara Lee (D-CA), Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), Gwen S. Moore (D-WI), Stephen F. Lynch (D-MA), and Katie Porter (D-CA).

The lawmakers’ letter is at this link.

With Democrats and environmentalists declaring a coordinated war on gas stoves, at least some are pushing back.

The California Restaurant Association is one of those. It says that a much-cited Sierra Club/UCLA study of effects of residual gas appliances on public health are misleading and the science behind the study is not valid. UCLA inflated the risk of using gas stoves by using incorrect and misleading comparisons of emissions to established air quality standards.

“California chefs rely on gas stoves to grill vegetables, sear meats and create meals of all kinds inspired by cuisines from all over the world,” said Jot Condie, President of the California Restaurant Association. “We are concerned that misleading health claims could lead to the loss of flame cooking, which would dramatically impact restaurants and the work of chefs and cooks, all of whom have endured enough during COVID-19. The CRA believes policy and regulatory decisions should be based on accurate and sound science.”

“In order to make informed decisions, policymakers and regulators must have the most accurate information available to them,” said Dan Tormey, president of Catalyst Environmental Solutions and chief author of the report. “The UCLA study mischaracterizes emissions from gas stoves while advocating for an expensive and burdensome transition to all-electric.”


    • When is the sane majority in this country finally going to build a wall (and a minefield) on the borders of California, and blockade their steady stream of insanity and illegal aliens from infecting the rest of the country?
      While they’re at it, they need to do the same to New York City and Washington DC as well.
      Maybe Boston and a few other degenerate Eastern cities as well.

      • I genuinely don’t see how the US and California can coexist in the same union anymore.

        I really don’t.

    • Multiple other states have passed legislation that declares all environmental laws that are enacted by the California legislature also apply to those other states. I believe 14 other states are completely in line with California’s environmental policy.

  1. I wonder how many other times in history the dominant country on earth has chosen to commit suicide.

  2. Let me be crass just this once: regulatory condoms–one fits all! The “blue heat” is banned!

  3. These Soviet type people already severely restrict and regulate light bulbs, toilets, washing machines, household soaps and cleaners, autos, equipment like crawlers and farm tractors, firearms, ammunition, aircraft, radio controlled aircraft and drones, agriculture, forest management, watercraft, labor and workplace, etc. etc. etc. Production and consumption of oil and natural gas is not outside of this envelope of control. There is absolutely no authority, neither stated nor implied, in the constitution given to the federal government to regulate any of this within any state. The federal government regulates most aspects of privately owned land, including air, water and wildlife. In no state is this more true than in Alaska.

    So whether or not you agree with the above statements, what do you think is the most powerful, best financed and largest in locations and personnel organization in Alaska?

  4. First they’ll ban gas stoves, then gas generators. Then what happens when the power goes out? It seems to be about control. Electric cars, electric stoves, what about BBQ grills? Whoever controls the electricity, controls the people.

  5. Much like the war on smoking, this is just another overreach by the feds. They brow beat us with their “studies”, allegedly “peer reviewed”. Well, who are these “peers”? They are like minded control freaks.

    If I want to raise my kids in a house with a gas stove, that’s my choice, just as it is my choice to raise them in a house with smokers. No amount of this kind of “science” should trump my freedom to raise my family how I like!

    Remember, doctors used to agree that smoking could be healthy, until the orthodoxy changed and it was no longer safe for them to say it was ok for you. Rush Limbaugh addressed this frequently.

    • The war on smoking, at least the role of government in that war, would have never come about had we not allowed government to take health care away from us. Medicare and Medicaid, as well as health care for government employees meant that taxpayers were on the hook for smoking-related illnesses. So that gave government(s) cover for the war on smoking. We each individually want government to pay for out health care so we cede control to government as a small price to pay, but it’s actually a high cost. We lose control, independence, autonomy, and self-reliance. Same thing is now happening with food; government buys most of the food consumed in Alaska!

  6. Since when has real science ever influenced the left cause of the month? We’ve been cooking over an open flame our entire history and to my understanding we have never had an issue with it until the left wing whack jobs got hold of this issue. But according to the left it’s the radical republican agenda that is threatening the structure of our country. Right, like the border and energy crises are Trump’s fault.

    • The idea of banning gas stoves is a safety issue. The tax credit for wood stoves is only for those stoves that have a high enough efficiency rating to control the emissions into the atmosphere (also a safety issue). Note here Manda that many of these high efficiency wood stoves are replacing poor efficiency wood stoves and thus saving on trees.

      • Bill, if you nanny-statists want to chase the illusion of perfect safety (and damn every possible and actual ramification and consequence of doing so), then do it on your own time, and stop dragging down the rest of society with your heavy-handed, one-size-fits-all mandates, bans and regulatory edicts..
        But that is the problem with you nanny-staters, and with leftists more generally: like Marx, in your arrogance and ignorace you naively believe that society is infinitely perfectable, if only you force everyone into EVERY minute detail of your centralized and straighjacketing master plan. History has proven you wrong at every turn, yet you statists insist on pursuing your authoritarian, death-cult agendas. Because you are fundamentally insane.

        • Nice rant that’s nothing but gibberish Jefferson.
          Get a grip-health safety is nothing to joke about. Natural gas is an issue and not a green gas-likely most gas stove folks can switch to propane for their own health. Nobody is talking about mandates, either but stove manufacturers may no longer come with those larger jets that work with natural gas.

          • No, my arguments were on-point, Billy boy, and it is you who can only respond with nonsensical gibberish, ad hominem attacks, and WEF/’Davos Man’ talking points. You personify the very concept of the quisling and the lapdog to tyrannical authority.
            Tell me, Bill: do you actually take pride in being a conformist and a shill for corrupt authority? Because it sure does look that way.

        • Jefferson thank you for putting billy in his place. He needs a large dose of reality and an re eduction camp to try to save his reputation which right now is very low. He is just trying to rattle the cage he is in. He should go comment on tic tok

  7. To our beloved fad-following regulators, go to hell.
    We understand open flames are all the rage there anyway.
    Since no American in his right mind would beg fad-following regulators for the privilege to own a gas stove, the next logical step must be direct action by said fad-following regulators to confiscate gas stoves, no?
    Can’t wait to see what happens when the obedient public plug in their electric cars, switch on their electric stoves and their electric furnaces (surely our beloved fad-following regulators plan to ban gas-fired furnaces too?) at the same time. Undoubtedly it’s all figured out, no?
    One wonders in what universe Americans will allow this to end well.

  8. My guess is , I can’t remember her name. That Soviet Speaker lady in the house.Just handed over the gavel…..
    What’s the chances of her and the likes have all bought up all the publicly traded electric stove stock options ?

    • I’d be willing to bet there is a mega-bucks Viking or Wolf cookstove with both gas and electric power in her kitchen. We already know she has a SubZero refrigerator to keep her expensive ice cream in, so if you have a SubZero, you have to have a Wolf or a Viking cookstove.

  9. If everything you need and everything you do is dependent on electricity you are much easier for the government to control! Electricity will have to be rationed to save the planet!

  10. Certainly(!!!), our federal delegation of esteemed leaders will squash this perverted initiative. Correct?

  11. More of government telling you how you’re going to live. Overreach of power. Something is going to have to change as it’s getting like germany in the 30s. First your neighbor then you. They are telling us what to drive what to eat what to say and they are taking currency away for government control of you money. The government is going for it.

  12. Somebody, anybody, try to tell me that the radical leftist agenda is not purely authoritarian and heavy-handed. It, and this measure in particular, is nothing but nanny-statism run amok.
    I’ll say it again: Radical leftists are collectively little more than a suicide/death cult.

  13. At what point, if any, will the American people take steps to curtail the power of the federal government?

    Whither or whether this man has a true agenda is unknown, except for the gratification of a small man wanting to “make his mark.”

    • I think all of us conservatives are waiting for a leader. It’s going to be hard because nobody wants to lead and find no one behind them. Also the j6 mess shows how heavy handed the feds are. I believe when we are pushed hard enough then we will act. Us responsible Americans are still holding out hope that this night mirror will end peacefully. We will see on the 2024 election what the pulse of the country is. One would think us taxpayers would say enough of taxation without representation.

  14. They want to regulate flatulence too… and much more than on elevators. There are no cleaner burning fuels than natural gas (methane) or propane. If the berkeley idiots measured anything other than water vapor and carbon dioxide, they were observing appliances that needed cleaning or tuning or both. Electricity comes from much dirtier sources (either the fuel or the equipment) and can never be greener than gas. The proponents of this stupid idea spend too much time on social media, follow and obsess over their cutie-pie Greta Thunberg, smoke something still illegal, and have lost any ability they once had of rational thought – or they are simply looking for more ways to enslave us. A pox on their evil insanity.

    • Natural gas is the issue here Rich and it’s not a clean burning fuel like propane. The problem is nitrogen dioxide that forms when natural gas is burned so your “There are no cleaner burning fuels than natural gas (methane)” is plain a falsehood.
      You’ll need to get with the program Rich as yours is the “evil insanity” here. Heheh!

      • Bill, you are spouting lies and gibberish, and blatantly unscientific falsehoods.
        Methane, with one carbon and four hydrogen atoms, is stoichiometrically more hydrogen than is propane, with three carbon and eight hydrogen atoms. Therefore, the combustion of methane is cleaner, and results in significantly LESS carbon dioxide, than does the combustion of propane. And your statement about the combustion of methane leading to the production of nitrogen oxides is nonsense — those are mainly produced in internal combustion engines burning longer chain hydrocarbons, not in or on home ranges.

        • The issue with burning natural gas is nitrogen dioxide, not carbon dioxide Jefferson. Here is the Wisconsin Dept of Health Services: “Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a red-brown gas produced when fuel burns. It is present in vehicle exhaust and the fumes from burning fuel oil, kerosene, propane, natural gas or wood.”
          Note that furnaces and wood stoves are vented to the outside but gas stoves vent into the room causing the serious health issue. And those home ranges can easily switch over to propane with different jets installed (most new stoves come with each set of jets).

          • And in what amounts, and at what levels, is this suddenly-discovered nitrous oxide supposedly resulting from natural gas stoves being produced, eh Billy? One part per million? One part per billion? One part per trillion? Do you know, or even care, that nitrous oxide is a (very small) natural constituent of the earth’s atmosphere? It is the dose that makes the poison — but being able to think logically and rationally on these kinds of matters involves mathematics, and comparative and quantitative thinking, concepts that are beyond the abilities of radical leftists like yourself to grasp.
            How can you, or anyone, not honestly and instantly see the blatant evil, lies and control agenda surrounding this egregiously unscientific and draconian proposal?

          • Some more ad hominem gibberish from the Jefferson.
            See my post below this about how NO2 is a problem greenhouse gas, relative to carbon dioxide. Of course you can continue to put your head in the sand as that works for the low-watt bulbs on here.

          • Mark, those vent hoods can certainly help but only if they are adequate and used all the time.
            You must not want to change out your hot air for something more green.

        • “Nitrous oxide (N2O) is an important greenhouse gas (GHG) which has a global warming potential 310 times that of carbon dioxide (CO2) over a hundred year lifespan.”
          This is from the American Chemical Society Jefferson and is hardly gibberish. Heheh!

          • Billy, you radical leftist catfish simply do not know how to discuss or argue logically, or with any semblance of critical thinking ability. It is both pathetic and infuriating trying to deal with such gullible, close-minded and scientifically ignorant people as you. Your self-righteous arrogance does not help any, either.

          • More gibberish from the Jefferson. You evidently don’t know how to interpret plain English and then need to blame it on someone else not knowing critical thinking. You are a total fraud and need to be shown what critical thinking consists of. I’ve given you the science of Nitrogen Dioxide and how it’s not a green gas and also given you what the burning of it does to indoor air you don’t want to be breathing. You may not believe the science but then refute it with your own science rather than your usual gibberish.
            Your turn.

          • A radical leftist catfish says what?
            As childish as that response to you is, it is leaps and bounds ahead of your pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-scientific drivel.

          • I see you call it drivel but don’t have an argument against it. Like I said earlier, you don’t have to believe the science but without an argument against it it’s only an uneducated opinion.
            You have too many of these uneducated opinions Jefferson and I’m quite sure I’m not the only one to notice this. Tough noogies to you.

          • Billy do you use fossil fuels? Yes you do so if you can’t walk the walk then get off the porch. You’re a hypocrite because you use fossil fuels. So what ever gibberish?you spew means zero.

          • Well Mark, I see these comments have gone over your head but that’s just not that surprising for such a low-watt bulb.
            This has nothing to do with the burning of fossil fuels, per say, but the burning of natural gas in a home range-most burning of fossil fuels in the home are vented to the outside but natural gas ranges vent directly into the home. Propane ranges also vent into the home but they don’t produce the nitrogen dioxide that natural gas burning does.

    • My apologies Rich for saying that propane was clean burning compared to natural gas. While propane is considered a green gas, relative to natural gas, that’s because of its being much more environmentally friendly than natural gas.
      This is due (for both propane and natural gas) to those nitrogen oxides and it’s not from “appliances that needed cleaning or tuning.”

  15. Has anyone noticed that Richard Trumka Jr is the son of Richard Trumka, the longtime president of the nation’s largest labor union, the AFL-CIO? Guess no more “fireside chats” by the president.

    • I scored three old, non-retarded-EPA-spouted, 5 gallon gas cans at a garage sale last year. You know, the old style kind, that were logical and simple to use, and that DIDN’T invariably spill gas while having to go through contortions to (try to) use them. I treasure them.

  16. #FollowTheMoney

    Electric producers know they are the (presently) preferred method of energy consumption. Natural Gas is an evil petroleum based product, ergo bad for the Guya.
    Alaska delegation must fight this. Delivery of NG products along the river system is cheaper and easier to maintain than electrical systems.

  17. They may not go to your house and confiscate your range right away, but they can stop the manufacture of new ones. And they can regulate your favorite restaurants out of business. Microwave burger, anyone? Just like you can’t buy a toilet that flushes anymore, because California has a water shortage.

  18. Molon Labe.
    This is about nothing more than centralizing control of the masses through fear of Big Nanny State. Reference Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals rule #1 “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.” This agency does not have constitutional authority to make laws.
    And #9 “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Anyone who’s been awake the last three or so years can attest to that.
    That said, watch and see; wood stoves and fireplaces are up next on the hit list. Push back. Hard.

  19. Everything you ever wanted to know about an elected representative can be learned in the answer to one question:

    Do you support low flow toilets, low flow showerheads, banning of incandescent lights and the banning of gas stoves?

  20. So, we will ban gas stoves so that folks will switch to electric stoves and still use natural gas and coal to generate the electricity! Truly imbecilic!

    • Except the arguments against natural gas stoves is due to indoor polution whereas those plants that generate electricity are venting their pollution to the outdoors FfF. Big difference there and few are talking the banning of gas stoves-some could always convert to propane use but likely propane couldn’t handle 40 million natural gas stoves in US.
      What is imbecilic is your apples to oranges comparison, though.

      • You did not answer the question about your use of fossil fuels. So you have no leg to stand on . Until you’re fossil free don’t lecture people on gas stoves. You are just a hypocrite.

        • Still the low-watt bulb here I see Mark. You may see it as lecturing but it’s actually a public service thing giving people the information to help them make their own choices on their indoor air and possible pollution of it.
          Further, this issue is really different from most fossil fuel burning as almost all these burnings are vented to the outside air but the natural gas ranges exhaust to the indoors.
          Why you insist on making the two situations relative is likely because you don’t have the capacity to understand the logic. Get yourself educated here Mark or stfu.

        • Mark, I use few fossil fuels, but that said I’ve blundered by saying that propane doesn’t cause the indoor nitrogen oxides that NG does. While propane is a green gas and much less harmful than NG when leaked into the atmosphere, it still produced nitrogen dioxide when burned-I apologize for my earlier comments saying otherwise.
          I burn wood pellets for heat and have just recently obtained a new soapstone wood stove with catalyst that produces the energy efficiency required for a federal tax credit of 26%. Wood is not considered a fossil fuel but I do still burn gas and diesel in boat and vehicles. Those are clearly outside air issues whereas gas ranges are an indoor health issue and another horse entirely IMO.

      • Bill,
        Let’s assume, like you claim, that this is an indoor air quality health issue. Why is this suddenly an issue and are there any other ways to mitigate the problem? The almost complete sealing of the indoor envelope is the cause of unhealthy indoor air quality, this has been done as a way to save energy. If, as we know, the almost complete sealing of the indoor envelope is the cause of unhealthy indoor air quality, why not simply mitigate the problem using ventilation? Why ban a product that only marginally increases indoor air quality but otherwise provides a needed and cost effective heat source? The answer is because it’s not an indoor air quality health issue that is the concern. Opening a window is more than sufficient at mitigating any use of a natural gas stove.

        • Steve-O, since natural gas cooking ranges are not a “cost effective heat source” you simply cannot use that as an argument here or anywhere else. And this is just now an issue because we are learning more about the issue of nitrogen dioxide and children’s asthma. We’ve known about nitrogen dioxide causing the smog that inundated so many of our cities 40 years ago and the controled emissions of auto exhaust and other fossil fuel burners have certainly improved that outside air quality.
          Hood venting over these natural gas ranges can surely help rid the indoor polution as long as they are used religiously as a mitigation IMO. They are noisy and aren’t always used but nobody is talking a ban, either. There aren’t the issues with the propane ranges but likely not enough propane to furnish the 40 million natural gas ranges out there.
          Why would you assume it’s an indoor health issue and then contradict that by giving your answer without anything to back it up, other than your asinine comment about natural gas ranges being a “cost effective heat source?”
          Get yourself educated here Steve-O.

          • Bill poor, poor Bill,

            Speaking of education, please let this be another in the long, long series of lessons in your quest to become literate. You see, Bill, the subject at hand is gas cooking stoves. The subject I was speaking to was obviously cooking stoves and the heating sources they use. So when I said “Why ban a product that…provides a needed and cost effective heat source?” It should be obvious to anyone who understands how to read and process words that I was talking about the heat source used in cooking stoves.

            So now that you’ve seemingly claimed natural gas is not a cost effective heat source for cooking food let’s explore that shall we? In most parts of the country natural gas is cheaper than both propane and electricity, therefore out of the heat sources commonly used for cooking found nationwide, natural gas is the most cost effective heat source.

            Hopefully this helps you understand the subject matter being discussed here.

          • Bill,

            When you say “nobody is talking a ban” are you saying that the bans that are going on in places like CA and and NJ aren’t happening, or that when U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. says ““We need to be talking about regulating gas stoves, whether that’s drastically improving emissions or banning gas stoves entirely. And I think we ought to keep that possibility of a ban in mind, because it’s a powerful tool in our tool belt and it’s a real possibility here,” By the way, that quote is right up there^ in the column you are commenting on that is titled War on gas stoves heats up as fad-following regulators take fresh aim at banning them everywhere in America.

            People are not just talking about bans, Bill, they are enacting them…once again see the column above. Please do us all a favor, try to inform yourself by actually reading about the subjects you comment on before you comment on them.

          • In one post Bill says “the arguments against natural gas stoves is due to indoor polution” Then Bill asks “Why would you assume it’s an indoor health issue”

            Bill seems confused and unable to follow the conversation.

          • Nobody calls cooking stoves a heat source, and especially not a cost effective heat source. And the subject is natural gas cooking stoves as propane cooking stoves do not have the indoor polution issue that natural gas does. As for the bans folks are speaking of nationwide, nobody is talking about them. Individual areas are something else and some have already banned them in new construction but that’s hardly something for this forum IMO.
            By the way, it was you that made the assumption with your “Let’s assume, like you claim, that this is an indoor air quality health issue.” Did you forget that?
            Anyway, Steve-O, if you think natural gas is an efficient source of cooking you can use it to your heart’s content but might have problems getting a new natural gas range but you are welcome to purchase all you can find used. They can be converted rather inexpensively to propane and the operating expense is not much higher for propane. Of course you can also burn buffalo chips like some do even cheaper than natural gas-should be to your liking.

          • Bill,
            You’ll hopefully catch up to the conversation at some point, try reading what was written again. Spend some time thinking about what was written, maybe do a little research into what was written, then write a response…there’s no reason to rush into an ill-informed comment like so many of the comments you post. Feel free to ask question when you clearly do not know what you are talking about. There’s no harm in being ignorant, but being willfully ignorant well that’s a different story altogether.

          • Steve-O, just stop with the bullchit. Nobody calls a cooking stove a heat source regardless of what the subject was.
            I made a blunder relative to propane and apologized for it. Of course you’ve never made a mistake but to call ignorance for that is imbecilic on your part. Like I said just stop with your bullchit.

          • Bill,

            If you don’t use a heat source to cook your food, what do you use? How exactly do you cook with out a heat source?

          • You use fuel to cook with, OK. Ever heard the saying “now we’re cooking with gas”? So when you cook on your electric stove what do you use to cook with, my guess is electricity.

            Fuel, or gas is the heat source. Electricity is the heat source. Since you need a heat source to cook with saying gas is a “cost effective heat source” while discussing cooking on a gas stove vs an electric stove doesn’t need explanation to anyone who understands words…and yet here we are on lesson #2,384 for Bill.

          • Like I said Steve-O, when speaking of gas stoves the proper term for the source of energy is fuel. You were the one that chose the subject of “gas stoves.” Remember Occam’s razor-nobody (but you) would use “cost effective heat source” in place of fuel.
            Electric ranges are clearly not part of gas stoves. And even though propane is a liquid prior to being released, where it becomes a gas, unless it’s under 50 below.

          • Bill,
            Are you really saying that electricity is fuel for an electric stove? Cooking requires a heat source. Heat source = wood, heat source = gas, heat source = electricity. Try to follow the conversation…it’s really not that hard.

            Just a reminder, I didn’t pick the subject…it’s the subject of the article you are commenting on.

          • Isn’t this you Steve-O: “Why ban a product that only marginally increases indoor air quality but otherwise provides a needed and cost effective heat source? The answer is because it’s not an indoor air quality health issue that is the concern. Opening a window is more than sufficient at mitigating any use of a natural gas stove.”
            Note here you are speaking of “natural gas stoves” and later we’ve added propane stoves to the mix giving the topic of “gas stoves.”
            And all cooking requires an “energy source” and not a “heat source.” Electricity is one form of energy source. Fuel is also a source of energy.

  21. These people should get together face to face and work it out. There’s nothing we humans do that doesn’t have an impact on the earth. Its the government’s attempt to regulate things that make little difference and take out our own ability to choose at question here. If you agree with the study, eat your uncooked meals at your solar heated home. Be happy, but don’t force your will on others.

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