Tom Sconce and the Blue Alaskan scandal: Activist files lawsuit against city clerk for refusing records requests


The head of a group known as Reclaim Midtown filed a lawsuit in Superior Court against Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones for refusal to comply with the Alaska Public Records laws by failing to produce the communications between the Anchorage Assembly and the progressive operative “blogger” known anonymously as the Blue Alaskan. That blogger shut down operations this spring and is now the Alaska Democratic Party’s communication director.

“Ms. Jones failure to follow the state law that guarantees transparency in government is yet another example of the Anchorage political machine’s willingness to disregard important safeguards in our democracy, similar to the Assembly violating the municipal code by indefinitely sealing a similar public records request and the executive session transcripts regarding Anchorage Press “reporter” Tom Sconce,” said Russell Biggs. “Tom Sconce” is an apparent fictitious person with an email address created to help Assembly members in the majority communicate without being discovered to be breaking the Open Meetings Act.

“In both cases, this group of legislators have blocked valid citizens’ requests of what should be publicly available information. Our government and government’s bureaucracy have a duty to obey the law, regardless of how embarrassing or inconvenient that may be. This is particularly relevant when those legislators are withholding evidence of those communications and the information that was shared to news sources for partisan political purposes,” Biggs said.

The case has been assigned to Superior Court Judge Herman Walker Jr.

The lawsuit follows:


  1. The Marxist Nine have to go!!
    Show up and swamp them with protests on Tuesday evenings. Get angry! They’re going to remove our mayor!

  2. If Judge Walker Jr. is an activist, leftist, judge, the lawsuit will die on the vine and the californicators will prevail…..

  3. A counter suit, which names “Tom Sconce.”
    Liars can be outed in court, followed by case dismissal, sanctions, attorney’s fees and complaints to the state Bar. The good fight.

  4. We need to make a people’s ordinance that lets the public fire MoA workers that we deem unworthy of being honest and breaking the laws. We could fire her and the 9 assembly clowns. If they can make and an ordinance, we should be able to make ours.

  5. They all should be in jail including the clerk. Zero ethics and anything goes as long as it gets you what you want. Relativism cultists. Ok who is the Blue Alaskan? What is the person’s actual name? Do we know? Anyone?

    • Matthew Beck. He outed himself several months ago prior to taking that job. Social media accounts branded “The Blue Alaskan” are still operating, but the web-based content switched to another platform around that same time.

  6. The clerk needs locked up nothing but a common criminal. There are LAWS in place that GUARANTEE our government operates within the law. The city of Anchorage has most of a council that are criminal scumbags and the pukes working under them like this moron clerk WILL get thrown under the bus the minute this criminal activity starts coming to light. If I were the clerk I would head south at high speed and never return. The day of reckoning is near.

  7. Does the Municipal Clerk post meeting agendas or minutes of past meetings? If so, I can’t find them on the MOA website. No wonder the Assembly can get away their craziness if there is no record of what they have done.

  8. For the assembly secrecy is essential in order to maintain personal supremacy over the stated will and concerns of their neighbors whom they ostensibly re-present (or in this case do not represent). The US Constitution is the established supreme law of THE LAND and takes priority and subordinates state constitutions, stuff made up by lawyers and city violative charters ostensibly pursuant to the US Constitution.

    • Bob, how do you figure that? Assembly members are elected by district, so the Eagle River crowd has no say when the downtown folks elect their little dictator in waiting. We all expect our elected officials to follow the rules, yet they do not and have a clerk, who protects them by slow-walking or rejecting anything they do not like.


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