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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Thunberg manifesto: How dare you! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood

Sixteen-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg scolded a gathering of the United Nations on Monday, saying the world is on the verge of mass extinction. Here’s an excerpt:

In fact, the world is getting better. Literacy is greater. There are fewer people living in poverty. Child mortality is dropping. And more people live in countries that are more free.

Humanity is living in a remarkable era, where people are being lifted out of wretched conditions and living longer and more free lives.

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But you wouldn’t know it if you listened to Greta Thunberg. She’s been allowed to be convinced that the world has robbed her of her childhood, when maybe it is actually her guardians who have done the robbing.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • What does she know besides whats dumped into her head. Maybe she should stay in school and realize that we have looked at weather records for only 147 years and the planet has been around for 4 billion years

    • Who’s teaching class? Maybe that’s part of the problem

      • Right. dav9

      • No teaching. Only brainwashing.

    • Your so very right

    • What have we come to that the United Nations is now looking to a 16-year-old for information. Thank God we don’t take 16-year-olds this seriously. Who bought her spot in the spotlight?

  • It’s sad to see children being used as political tools. It’s sad that brainwashing children and then putting them on display while causing them extreme anxiety and fear for their future when there is no reason for such things. Th new religion of anthropogenic global warming is just getting more and more extreme as their predictions of global calamity are proven wrong time and time again.

  • All hail to the latest global victim of child abuse. This Swedish special education-indoctrinated child has been groomed by a host of the leftist cabal who will use anyone in their evil attempt to kill capitalism. Every 5 years, out of the box comes some kid with all the answers for adults. Maybe we adults are spending too much time packing their lunches, washing and buying the clothes they wear, paying for the public schools they are boycotting, paying the mortgage on their homes and the cars they rode in on the way to protest. Good Qs and George Soros money will buy you fame for 15 minutes. In that time some sophomoric parents and too many leftist school teachers will have wet dreams about their newest “savior” so wise beyond her years, The high is almost sizable as the one the Hillary gang felt in the early evening of our latest presidential election when the “greatest and smartest women in the world” lead the election results (according to the mainstream media experts) but later lost to idiot Donald Trump. All hail to Greta, the smartest kid at recess.

  • Unlike competitive sports like soccer or hockey that parents push their children into, competitive environmental activism has better chances of leading to a profession. Sad but smart parents.

  • Greta is to be pitied, as she is being used by the international greens. By her own admission, she suffers from at least two forms of mental illness – Aspberger’s and clinical depression, and was hospitalized for the latter, all at the age of 11. I really hope she gets treatment and gets on with her life.

    OTOH, polite words cannot describe the disgust and revulsion with the international greens trotting her out as the face of their movement, and the media enabling them. They are unable to make coherent arguments by themselves, so they respond by intentionally terrifying children and then use that terror to move the political ball a bit. At a very real level, this is child abuse and should be responded to as such. Cheers –

  • The extent to which adults of the Left has used this young woman is shockingly criminal. Her performance demonstrates that the environmental Left will do ANYTHING to achieve their political goals. In the past it was thought that debate on climate change was between two reasonable positions and reasonable people. This is no longer true.

  • Okay so maybe Michael Knowles shouldn’t have called her mentally ill?! Maybe, he’s just calling a dog a dog. We’ve got all the leftist Loon bags “oh you’re inhumane if you attack a child”, if that child’s mouth is big enough to get on the big stage then she should pull up her big girl panties and take whatever follows. After all, we do live in America, where we have the right to our opinion and the right (for now) to speak our opinions. I think all these misinformed kids running around talking about climate control and how we’re all going to die is a form of child abuse. Parents and teachers are filling these kids heads with crap and it’s causing them all to be mentally ill. This will be the death of our planet the Next Generation being so misinformed, uneducated & mentally ill, not the uncontrollable weather cycles. Alaska needs to vote out all these leftist ( & Kathy Geisel +) in our govt. before Alaska turns into California. Just take a look at
    Cal-Anchorage or Anchorfornia Thank you Ethan Berkotwit!

    • Well spoken, Beth. Thank you.

  • So sad that liberal parents with an agenda are using their children as pawns in the adult world they know nothing of yet. To allow something like this to be posted to the entire world is to me objectifying the kids. Well adjusted adults know the earth is on one giant cycle, the sun as well.. And that nothing can stop what is occurring. Getting prepared for the result of our warming climate is what should be occurring. Like up here in Alaska. Instead of blaming things that have nothing to do with changing the climate (fossil fuels and emissions) get prepared. It’s all we can do.

  • Perhaps if she stays out of school, she can learn far more. Keep in mind, she claims to have learned of the crisis at the age of 8, and apparently educated her parents, to the point her mother gave up her career. Seems the child was likely brainwashed at school, and managed to drag her parents down the rabbit hole with her. That they allowed it certainly makes them culpable, and I would consider their actions child abuse, but I believe the ‘education’ system is the original bad actor in this pathetic child’s life.

  • How does a sixteen year old get a chance to address the United Nations? and, get any credibility? We now have all kinds of kids apparently misled by their teachers, parroting these statements.

  • I agree. What were her parents thinking to allow this young lady to suffer such mental anguish over climate issues.

    Greta should be out playing sports, running off steam, having sleepovers with her friends, going to school dances, enjoying movies, working hard in school, going shopping and out to lunch with her mother, and just being a happy girl. Greta’s outburst is just sad. We need to keep her in our thoughts and pray that she can find peace of mind and happiness in her young life.

  • Didn’t watch her paid-for by big money, scripted, rehearsed, performance.. I mean, innocent, passionate speech. Those of who you saw it, did your reusable tissues scratch your face as you wiped the streaming tears?

    • *Those of you who saw it.. 🙂

  • Does anyone else see the contradiction here? U.N. Secretary General AntónioGuterres declared in his opening remarks that the “ticket to entry” for the summit was not “a beautiful speech, but concrete action.” “This is not a climate talk summit,” he said. “We have had enough talk. This is not a climate negotiation summit. You don’t negotiate with nature. This is a climate action summit.”

    Then Greta comes on stage and delivers no plan, no action but does scowl, whimper and whine a lot. What a political circus!

  • What will happen when these “cancel culture” kids start marrying each other?

    Will the two negatives then make a positive?

    The “Mill-Z” generations are steaming headlong into an abyss. An abyss created, cultivated, aided & abetted by the fear mongering radical leftist media.

    Propaganda WORKS! The media machine has cultivated this way thinking over these generations entire lives.

    It really is quite tragic. It is also a clear and present danger to the rest of us.

  • Stop demonizing the youth of today by calling them names and making fun of their learning disabilities. If your best argument against the “woke kiddos” actions to them is to call them names that shows your level of maturity is pretty infantile.

    They are taking action because they are sick and tired of business as usual which has lead to the destruction of ecosystems, extinction of thousands of animals, pollution of water and air, oh and major warming of the atmosphere which is fundamentally altering our weather patterns which is changing the overall climate. Steven in his comments says we have been looking at weather records for only 147 years shows he doesn’t understand that scientists can actually use science to study the weather from eons ago through ice and sediment cores and that is part of the scientific data that shows scientifically that climate change is real and has accelerated since industrialization.

    • This is a satirical post, right?

      • It must be. I wouldn’t know where to start picking it to pieces if I took it seriously.

    • Okay let’s break this apart one by one shall we. Animals became extinct long before humans start screwing up this planet. Mainly by loss of habitat so basically humans are overpopulating areas, expanding into them. We got to spread out we can’t stack it on top of each other. Then you’re preaching to the choir about pollution why don’t you go over to China and tell them they are polluting and killing the world in the oceans because that’s where most of the pollution comes from. Good luck with that by the way. Climate change is a natural phenomena as you may know because it has happened time and time again and it will continue. Humans can adapt. when our sun grows out to be a red giant, and destroys our planet who are you going to blame then? The aliens? All you tree-huggers are better off just hugging your kids and living a happy life instead of trying to we all knowing all seeing carmack from The tonight show.

    • Another wacked out, brainwashed Lefty speaking.

  • I’m not going to get lectured by a 16 year old girl. Who’s reading from a script, and doesn’t have a clue about what she’s talking about.

    The left is always using kids to sell their deceitful messages and agendas.
    Even Hitler used little Nordic girls in pony tails, to spread his propaganda.

    In fact this may be a case of child abuse because
    I heard that Greta has Autism. If that is true, her parents, handlers and the media. Should be very ashamed, of taking advantage of somebody that’s mentally challenged.

    This little girl is/has been used by her parents as prompt/stooge.
    She is from a third generation of actors/activists. Her grandfather is a famous Swedish actor and director named Olof Thunberg. Her mother is Sara Magdalena “Malena” Ernman, and a Euro Vision singer and noted movie actress/activist. Her father Svante Thunberg is a well known author, actor, activist and producer.

    In my opinion.
    This whole charade is about one thing. The almighty $.
    By the way, does anyone realize they also have a book for sale?
    “Scenes from the Heart”, about their family and the environmental crisis.

    Greta is absolutely right about one thing.
    She should have stayed back in school!

    Take a look at the Antifascist t shirts, that Greta and her parents are wearing.
    That alone should explain a lot.

    Take care, be safe.
    God bless.
    Griz – Alaska

  • Poor wittle brain washed girl. Grow a set of fangs before you criticize anyone. I thought natural selection was supposed to do away with these types.

    • that have nothing to do with the changing climate…is everyone here a daft? Science is a thing, and stuff like this can and has been tested. It’s not just about warmer days and warmer nights, it’s about rising oceans and more storms, stronger storms. So many people call this girl indoctrinated, thoughtless, but all the minds on this political niche website are of course all from the same political niche Absolutely no diversity of thought here. All I hear is ignorance. You all talk about anthropogenic climate change as if it’s a myth. How many species of animals has mankind killed off? I bet you don’t know because you can’t name any of them because you’ve never even seen them. We are not incapable of changing our planet, the very significant and real impact we have had on Earth is visible in various forms and ways. Earth isn’t that large. No, it’s not going to self correct. No, all this change isn’t natural or God’s will or is the same as it has been happening historically. I bet you all believe the Earth is flat. Natural selection has been surmounted with our rape of the natural world. We will die long before the sun becomes a red giant, if we are even right about that (which if funny if you can believe that but you can’t believe climate change). True she is very hyperbolic and fatalistic sounding. The world ending is nothing to be depressed over, and it will still take at least 300 more years if we really don’t do anything to correct for course. The damage we have caused is something we can, as opposed to rectify or remedy, only mitigate. Say she’s brain washed, but all I see is the same set of words coming out of a dozen or so adults ON THE INTERNET. No one here is diverse enough in thought to think for himself? I never imagined Alaska to be such a wonky place, I figured there were normal civic institutions like schools and libraries. That’s not to say schools don’t brainwash, but at least schools are correct in this instance. I’d rather be taught the facts than this silly nonsense running around here. Still, when the apocalypse does happen it won’t be as fast or as climactic as movies and predictions make it seem, so attacking wonky predictions doesn’t strengthen you appeal to ignorance or absence of knowledge. The human species won’t just die off immediately. The rich will eat the poor. We will live on for quite a while, through farming of various forms. After all, all this damage we have done with cows of course can from an abundance of cows.

  • Why are we giving a 16 year old a platform saying “how dare you”? She needs to quit being a snowflake and go finish school. The world does NOT revolve around you, little girl!!!

  • Looking into the ‘climate change’ we see, scientifically, that the earth’s magnetic pole is moving, at around 32 miles per year, which means also that the axis of the earth is shifting, and when it shifts, so does the weather patterns, so what we are seeing is not specifically climate change, but climate shift, but I guess you can call it climate change if you like. The main thing for these ‘climate change advocates’ that they keep harping on is that it’s carbon emissions or greenhouse gases which are to blame, hence being mankind’s fault, a stance in which I beg to differ on. Also, the reason why you see things like whales beaching themselves and great flocks of birds dying off and so on, is because the magnetic pole is shifting and they use that magnetic pole for navigation and gathering food as well.

  • A couple of perspectives.

    First, let’s look at who is orchestrating the anti-Greta propaganda:

    Second, Forbes has it right. You can’t put the young woman into a convenient box. She is no fan of the “Green New Deal”, for example.
    The link:

    I think we all need to agree that this is s problem. Forbes points out that “…conservatives need to fashion an on-ramp into the discussion and quit ceding the solutions to the Left”

    Finally, the snickering and trolling of this young woman begs the question: what do you disagree with and why? She does have Asperger, that is true; she also has an IQ higher than most of us fans of Must Read Alaska. She has been studying the scholarship and science of Climate Change since she was 12.

    Let’s exercise a bit of humility here.

    Thank you.

    • It’s not about being human it’s about this girl being a spokesperson for the very people that we disagree with so if they’re going to put her out in the front of the pack she’s going to be one of the first ones to take a hit. her parents probably didn’t teach her how to turn the other cheek since she is obviously a snowflake so I’m sorry this little girl is eventually going to melt away.

  • Wow, she’s been “studying the scholarship and science of Climate Change since she was 12” four whole entire years of studies starting when she was 12 huh? Impressive…I wonder if anyone else has ever studied anything for four whole entire years? If I told you that I have been studying the scholarship and science of anthropogenic global warming for 30 years would that mean that I have 7.5 times the amount of knowledge as a 16 year old who has studied the scholarship and science of Climate Change for only four short years? I would suggest she read up on the historical climate record that scientists have been able to recreate dating back 100,000’s of thousands of years with relative accuracy that shows climate change is the norm, well before modern man existed and well before the industrial revolution. Science shows us that actual climate change is a normal and healthy part of the history of this world, it is only the conceit of man that has driven people insane with this modern religion of anthropogenic global warming.

  • Put this child in an incubator and turn it on “warming.”. This little media hound got out of the womb 4 months early.

    • No brain development. Seems to be a growing issue amongst our youth.

  • The face of Greta Thunberg is not the face of a sweet innocent 16 year old child, but rather the face of a demon possessed, totally brainwashed, disrespectful, hate filled and enraged twit, the result of what leftist controlled indoctrination camps, posing as schools, has done to the children of the world. It is only going to get worse folks. The U.K. is preparing legislation that will ban all private schools and home schooling. How long do you think it will take for this to spread around the world?
    One can feel sorry and have compassion for Greta and others like her, but do not lose site of the fact that she has been indoctrinated and brainwashed to the point that she is just as dangerous as any of the indoctrinated Nazi youth of the past who turned against their own parents and neighbors causing many to be sent to prison or death camps. I do not apologize for my statements, as I do not apologize for the truth.

    • Dang, you said it right with the nazi youth. Spot on.

    • She is in need of an exorcism. Her head rotates far to the left.


  • She’s the product of left-wing brainwashing, that is intentionally putting an entire generation of young people into mass psychosis.

    • Naomi, this is true and it’s going to be a HUGE problem for this country if the Democrats get control again. It’s a very serious issue we face.

  • Does anyone read mustreadalaska who is rational, informed, and understands science? You all sound like the people who for years were duped into believing smoking has no ill health effects. I guess the Exxon Valdez disaster is a hoax with actors paid by Obama. Or was it Hillary? Or Soros?

    • What are kind of weed are you smoking, Gregory? Must be giving you hallucinations. Might want to back off on the bong for a while?

      • hey AK–very rational, informed, and scientific response to my comparison to tobacco propaganda, and sarcastic reference to conspiracy wackos. Can you say something that is not an unoriginal argumentum ad hominem?

  • What a sad and wasted childhood. Her short existence has been hijacked into perpetual anxiety, doom and depression. Sickening. Leave this BS to the adults to argue and play the blame game. She should be frolicking with puppies and eating cotton candy. Ultimately Mother Nature is going to shake us all off like a bad case of fleas anyway so just relax people and enjoy the ride.

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