Alaska Life Hack: Mental Health Trust Land Auction ends Nov. 12


The fall land auction offered by the Alaska Mental Health Trust has been under way since Sept. 9, but interested buyers need to get out and inspect those parcels before the snow flies to get an idea of what the property is really like.

Parcels available in the Interior include Delta Junction, Ester, Salcha, Fox, Glennallen, Lake Minchumina, and Big Delta.

In Southcentral, you can bid on land at Big Lake, Talkeetna, Moose Pass, Cordova, and several other sites.

In Southeast, there are parcels in Ketchikan Petersburg, and Wrangell. You could even bid on a 2-acre parcel on Middle Island in Sitka.

Middle Island lot for sale.

The parcel chosen by bidders are “as is” and “where is”, with no guarantees for suitability for any intended use.

Revenue generated from land sales go into the Mental Health Trust Fund. Earnings from the Fund pay for programs that support Trust beneficiaries across the state.

Explore the parcels at this link.


  1. It’s unfortunate that they overprice the parcel to the point that a common Alaskan can’t afford them. Of course that is the reason they overprice the parcels, that way they can pretend to be fulfilling their obligation to use their land for the people.

    • Free market. Get the mostest for the leastest, and everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it.

      They only get one chance to sell each parcel. That said, they need to swing for the fences.

        • Hi. The purpose of the MHT is not to provide land for people. It’s to raise funds to provide mental healthcare to vulnerable and needy Alaskans.

          Hence, they should get the absolute most for the parcels. Period.

  2. Straight up BS. C’mon now. Think of all the permits and crap you’d need to just put in a runway, nevermind the expense of getting what you need in place to make something like that happen, JUST to get there!!!

  3. Mineral lands should be developed, not sold.
    The value is in the development, because there is a multi-layered benefit.
    This piecemeal selling of small parcels is expensive and not what was intended under the Statehood Compact.
    This strategy, like that on the state parcel side, is designed to give lip service to the previous land staking and patent system that built this state. It’s real purpose is to kill development and prevent land from being conveyed in allotments large enough to develop for farming or other uses.

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