Pelosi moves to impeach



Congressman Don Young issued a statement following Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement of a formal impeachment inquiry:

“From the moment President Trump was elected, Congressional Democrats have acted as sore losers, spending every minute working to undermine him and his Administration’s policies. Speaker Pelosi has decided to begin an impeachment inquiry – a decision she has been forced into by the extreme left of her party who harbor nothing but hatred for President Trump. House Democrats tried to take down President Trump with the Mueller Report and failed. Frankly, impeachment is not only a political stunt, but a waste of time. I do not support impeachment, and while President Trump and I do not agree on every issue, I have not seen evidence of an impeachable offense. Impeachment proceedings require the House to dedicate significant time and resources; time and resources that would be better spent focused on making our country a better place and not on the November 2020 elections,” Young said in his statement.

Pelosi told Democrats in a closed meeting that she’s ready for formal impeachment inquiry against Trump, due to his alleged pressuring of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, according to Politico.

“It would be my intention with the consent of this caucus … to proceed with an impeachment inquiry,” she said, according to Politico, who quoted two anonymous Democrats in the room. “He is asking a foreign government to help him in his campaign, that is a betrayal of his oath of office.”

Trump has agreed to release the transcript of his call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which could occur as early as Wednesday.

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  1. Go ahead. Set the stage, Nancy. You know what’s coming if you do this. In the words of DJT, “HUUUGE” mistake.

  2. Rep. DY doesn’t see any evidence of an impeachable offense. All of which, there probably isn’t.

    Sen. DS casts a ‘no comment’ on the issue. Probably, waiting to see the circumstantial evidence. Smart move.

    Then, there’s Sen. LM (Daddy’s Little Princess) who finds the issue ‘concerning’ all of which indicates to me that she’s still ‘Left of Right’ (just as she’s always been) and still being cowtowed by the likes of Feinstein (just like she did during the Kavaneuh lynching). She made that mistake once before, looks like a repeat.

  3. The Dem’s big bad Russia Collusion engine seized up after two plus years, so now they’re using their old 2-stroke weed whacker to attempt a pre election full-court Ukrainian press (with the help of the rotten American news media)

    Did I mention that the secret Trump “whistle blower” is a major Dem party operative?

    I would think ordering a wiretap on your political foe, like Obama did to Trump, would be a reason for impeachment?

    Did you know a president can be impeached AFTER they leave office?

  4. The issue Trump raised here is a serious charge and reeks of real corruption . I believe impeachment will backfire on the Demoncrats and their Bolshevik bosses in the media.
    But maybe it will not, Don Young is correct, constant squabble and relentless pursuit of power has trumped doing the will of the people.

  5. I just read the transcript — you can find it online. I found it useful to read it with a goodfellas New Jersey accent in mind. Here’s short version of the Trump – Zelenskyy conversation:
    “T: you’re great / Z: no you are great / T: we *are* great, if fact we do more for you than anyone else / Z: that’s right, you do so much for us, which is why we buy so much military hardware / T: Yeah, whatever. The United States wants another favor, can you look into Biden for us? Z: You know I also make sure to stay at Trump hotels when I travel T: Nice, but not my point. Look into Biden also dig around on the origins of the Mueller investigation / Z: You know we love you very, very much and I’ve told the new ambassador to tell you that often T: Let’s stay focused, B-I-D-E-N. When I go to Poland pick me up in your plane and we’ll talk”
    Putting aside the horse race questions — is impeachment good for party A or B. Do you think a president should be asking a foreign leader to look into political rivals?

    • Regardless of which politicians’ party impeachment is good for, it’s NOT good for everyday Americans who are just trying to go about their business. As a third-party presidential voter who just looks at Congress and Trump from an outsider, I have to agree with Rep Young on this one. America has some serious issues, and it would be nice to see our elected people focus on things like violence (not gun control but violence as a whole), infrastructure, horrible public schools, etc etc. I haven’t seen anything worthy from Congress since 2018. Just in-fighting, squabbles of power, name calling (and it’s not just Trump who does this), and a whole lot of wasted taxpayer money.
      Do you remember the Clinton impeachment? I do. And it was a horrible time for America. It took several years for Congress to actually (somewhat) function again. I see this current mess similar to that.
      Should a president ask a foreign leader to look into political rivals? Probably not, but do you seriously thing Trump is the only president who has done this? Just because no one said anything doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done before, and it will probably continue to happen regardless of which party is in control. The last time I checked, presidents have the authority to talk to anyone they want to, about anything they want to talk about (for the most part). And knowing ALL of the various Homeland Security departments long history of meddling with transcripts/records and playing politic over policy, what is “truth” or accurate anymore?

  6. The downward spiral that began with the persecution of Nixon continues. The urban left hates America and hates the American people. My question is when does the culture war turn into a shooting war?

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