Homer High School allows student to use school intercom to call climate strike


The Sept. 20 climate strike that students took part in around the state was supported, in part, by some school administrations that chose to look the other way, or sanction the walk out through quiet support.

In Homer, according to KBBI public radio, one of the student leaders of the climate strike was allowed to use the Homer High School intercom to announce the strike and direct students to pick up their protest signs on their way to the gathering place in the park, where she and others spoke.

“The law says that we must attend school, but as our world is being ripped apart at the seams, the goal of going to school becomes pointless. Why devote our young lives to becoming educated when our governments are not listening to the educated,” Sophie Morin said to the crowd at the park.

According to KBBI, Morin doesn’t think she’ll experience any negative repercussions from participating in the walk out.

But the question here is did Homer High School give a wink and a nod to the walkout? Would Homer High School allow a student to use the intercom to announce a pro-life strike? A pro-Second Amendment walk out?

[Read KBBI: Student strike amplifies climate issues]

Rep. Sarah Vance offered an alternative for students and teachers — she made herself available in the school library for discussions with anyone who wanted to talk. Nearly 50 students came by the library between fifth and sixth period and Vance said the discussion was positive.

The number of student school skippers who took part in the climate strike in Homer appeared to be less than a dozen, as many of the people at the rally were adults.

Homer High School performs better than most schools around the state academically, but has a chronic absentee rate of over 21 percent of students missing more than one out of 10 days of classes.


  1. Good question posed: Would the school intercom be allowed to be used with a wink and a nod if an announcement of a prolife or 2nd amendment rally were being held nearby? How about a meeting on discussion of data showing human influence on climate change may not be discernable? Kinda doubt it. Poor choice by admin to look the other way.

    • This is preposterous!
      Public schools have no right interfering in the political arena st any time! Schools need to teach the basics not incite personal political opinions!

  2. You can see Homer as a microcosm of America, in general. A big majority of students that can’t enter college without remedial classes in basic education. That’s the trade off for those same students being indoctrinated into leftist/socialist/democrat dogma, not basic life skills. 500 scientists just cosigned a letter to the U.N., debunking the “manmade climate change hysteria” and I haven’t seen one scrap of it on any news broadcast. Probably won’t either. Too much money and power being accumulated in the name of “climate change”.
    Funny, none of the media have mentioned the Milankovitch Cycle. That cycle is on a thousands of years schedule that changes the earth’s orbit around the sun to elliptical, not circular, thus causing extreme climate and seasons. It’s on the NASA web site. Look it up. Of course, it’s science, not wing-nut hysteria, so many won’t believe it despite the science behind it. No money in science explanations relating to “climate change”, so let’s ignore it and keep up the socialist mantra of controlling every facet of Americans and world citizens behavior. It’s all about power and money.

    • Milankotvitch cycles are built in to climate science. They are widely accepted by climate scientists and are already a part of climate models.
      As for those 500 “scientists,” they represent less than .00005 of the current estimate of those with science degrees (~10 million).
      After a brief glance at the letter (https://clintel.nl/brief-clintel-aan-vn-baas-guterres/), some Googling shows: The top signatory (Professor Guus Berkhout) is not a climate scientist, but rather a geophysicist that works for Shell. Other top signatories are paid by the Cato Institute (Koch Brothers) and/or Heartland Institute (both are conservative think tanks), one is a winery owner (businessmen), one is an energy consultant, two are geologists, one is a philosopher, one mathematician, one biologist, one chemist, one civil engineer, and one British politician/journalist who inherited his title. Of that group, only one could qualify as a climate scientist (Lindzen), and he is on the Cato payroll.
      That is why you aren’t hearing about it. It isn’t a thing that actual scientists (or politicians who know how to use Google) would take seriously.

      I don’t see why this is newsworthy at all. I’ve seen other schools in the area donate facility use to local churches and nobody has a fit.

      I also wonder what Vance talked about. I wonder if her knowledge of climate science goes beyond the talking points she is given.

      • Hey there “mama”.
        Just like I said. You have pointed out about a dozen people, maybe without degrees in climate science but still titans in their fields. Trying to make a point?? That still leaves about 488 real scientists with an opposing view, signing the letter, disputing your propagandized “climate change” bandwagon. People like you wouldn’t believe any legitimate, scientific view or presentation that disagrees with your ‘climate change’ hysteria. The Milankovitch cycle isn’t “built in” to any wing-nut climate hysteria that I’ve seen. You don’t even hear of it. If you had heard of it or paid attention to it, you wouldn’t be posting your socialist/dim views as ‘the real deal’. Real science is a non hysterical source of information that socialists/wingnuts will not recognize, to promote their “end of the world” BS.
        Schools are not for indoctrinating young Americans into a specific belief or point of view held by the “teachers”. The schools are, supposedly, there to instill preparation for entry into the adult world of reality, with truthful agendas, not pseudo BS about climate and socialism. Jail is too good for deniers of science, wanting to put their ‘point of view’ above all alternative proof and common sense, simply to propagandize the kids. Won’t work so well with adults, so go for the ‘formative stage’ Americans to forward your agenda.

        • Ben, I didn’t note any of the other signatories because they were not listed on the document. If I could, I would (and I’m sure most of them would be paid by energy industries).
          As for Milankovitch Cycles, I noted that because I also have a science degree (in a field very closely related to climate science) and the cycles were accepted by everyone I studied with or worked with. If anything, the cycles point to anthropogenic climate change, as we should be making our way towards another ice age but are not.
          Also, I am a libertarian, not a socialist, but thanks for asking.

          • Mama,
            I didn’t ask what your political affiliation was. I don’t care. I was talking about science, not wing-nut hysteria. As a science degree holder, why do you have an issue with real science related to solar cycles and their impact on earth weather patterns? As far as “newsworthy”, why is the Milankovitch Cycle not so? Because it disputes the left wing hysteria? If you do, indeed, hold a degree in science, you should be the one making the statements I’m making. Why is it currently snowing in Arizona? Montana? Does your denial prevent you from facing reality? When you have a valid argument about “climate change”, post again and I’ll respond. Until then, your statements are relegated to my ‘dog house’.

  3. Now that the brainwashing of our youth is nearly complete, do we need any more proof our public schools have been hyjacked? And as the students that walked out were given protection from the teachers and staff, is it not time to challenge their funding? A quick look at what happend in 1917 should give us a good look into the future for those willing to ask.

  4. So, Homer’s education industry deploys its child soldiers on a crusade.
    Sure and it’s a holy crusade, hormonal teenagers giddy with peer approval, social media approval, news media attention, kind of united for as long as adolescent attention spans last which, thank God, isn’t long.
    Young minds brainwashed in collective hysteria which may be real for naïve, ignorant, intellectually defrauded children, cannon fodder deployed in a wretched, futile gesture to persuade productive Alaskans that whatever they’re doing must be bad for global warming because…
    Damn you, Homer Education Industry!
    Off scot free, you sorry lot, because no law fits your crime, what you did to innocent children entrusted to your care!

  5. To answer your sign Question Sophie….I’m changing with the climate change … I change out my wardrobe from warm weather clothes to cold weather clothes as the climate changes every year.

  6. “I also wonder what Vance talked about”. If you had taken the time to read what Rep Vance had said at this meeting, there would be no need to “wonder”. Rep Vance is also very aware she does not control the global environment any more than the rest of us. And yes, she also believes in the rules of thermorymics.

  7. It amazes me the lengths this publication will go to avoid having a real discussion about the climate crisis. Rather than researching all the ways we could be growing Alaska’s economy by transforming to renewable energy; or learning about the 31 communities that are falling into the ocean because the sea ice doesn’t freeze in the fall anymore, which allows for strong storms to blow on open water causing unprecedented coastal erosion; or covering the massive sea bird die offs that are occurring because ocean temperatures are driving their food away; or covering the fact that in this new climate, spruce bark beetles are now always present and our spruce forests in southcentral are going extinct; or researching and covering the massive salmon die offs that occurred last summer due to insanely warm/hot water; or the fact that the state of Alaska is already paying between $70-$140 million every year above normal wear and tear because permafrost is melting faster than ever before; or the fact that Alaska is subsidizing the oil industry to the tune of $1.2 billion a year in oil tax credits… The list of topics you don’t cover goes on and on but I guess you’d rather get some quick click bait from an already angry audience. In the words of our president, “Sad.”

  8. The article is about the improper actions of the school staff by supporting a political cause, during a time period in which they are being paid by we residents to educate the students.
    Driving the discussion train off the original rails and onto a rant about your personal environmental views does not help your cause.

  9. Bjorn. You seem like you are a renewable energy expert. Was curious to your unique qualifications to make these assertions of yours. Have you done any power engineering? Any transmission, distribution, system integration, or system stability work? Any knowlage regarding what Fire Island Wind is doing to the broader network? Have you been involved in any projects bigger than attaching a yurt to a gasoline generator? Have you been involved in ANY successful projects of any significance? Managed any large construction budgets? Secure capitol? Had any fiduciary responsibilitys? You seem in a hurry to point out how ignorant the MRAK readership is, but it looks as if your world is quite hypothetical and in some level of emotional led conclusions. Hope you are not too disappointed if you have a difficult time finding someone here willing to hold hands with you and jump off Bluff Point so you can demonstrate gravity is a myth. Please consider some day when you are old and gray. You may look back and wonder what you were thinking. Meanwhile, most conservatives do believe in the laws of thermal dynamics and many other engineering principals because many of us need to have a day job as our hobbies will not pay the bills.

  10. I am not surprised that Homer let the pupils take over the subject manor as the staff is in the same mindset. Lets try to use the intercom for less taxes gun rights conservative speaker and many other ideas the left does not agree with. Home school your future if you can we need smart reasonable young people to leads us into the future.

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