The struggle is real: Pelosi shows off designer ice cream hoard, denies funding for small businesses going under



The federal Paycheck Protection Program ran out of money this morning as congressional Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, blocked the $250 billion replenishment that Republicans were trying to get to struggling businesses across America.

But this weekend, Pelosi appeared from her mansion in San Francisco on the Late Late Show, showing off a $6,000 Wolf refrigerator with a freezer stuffed full of her collection of designer ice cream. Listen as she stops herself short of admitting she had her family over for Easter during the stay-home orders:

A pint of Jeni’s ice cream delivered to a home in Anchorage would set you back $12 plus $50 in shipping, but the total cost to Pelosi is closer to $16 a pint.

“I don’t know what I would’ve done if ice cream were not invented,” she Pelosi said via video conference from her fortress-style home in a posh neighborhood of San Francisco.

Speaker Pelosi’s home in San Francisco.


U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan will host a live teletown hall with Senior Small Business Administration representatives and Alaskan small business owners to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting small business owners, their employees, and their businesses.

SBA representatives will be on the teletown hall to help answer questions about navigating the federal resources available through the SBA. Alaska small business owners who register for the teletown hall will have an opportunity to share their comments or ask questions about federal efforts in response to the crisis.

Participants must preregister at (If registered, you will receive a phone call at the time of the event allowing you to join the call.)


  1. Dang! Nancy is an expert at dyeing her own hair and such a professional make-up application! I wonder how she does it?

  2. Speaker Polosi is the face of what is and has gone wrong with this country for some time now…and the time is coming when she will lead those like her off the cliff…I just hope she does not take the rest of us with her….

  3. Do you wonder how the “common” citizens that she “represents” feel about her display of her own idea of the “stay-home” mandate. She and other politicians have become very wealthy since their start in “politics”. They permit themselves to take advantage of illegal activities that would land us commoners in jail, like insider trading (remember Martha Stewart?). What a liberal tool, the old gal. She has no more feeling or care for the average Californian/American than she has for the rats living with the homeless in her “representative” area. She would rather destroy America than do what’s right for Americans, especially the non-leftists. In her world, leftist ideology “trumps” duty and oath of office.

  4. One thing that bothers me is why she puts her lipstick so high up on her lips. She has basically no upper lip so she paints the part under her nose as part of her lip. WHY? It makes her look like a freak. I hate it when that happens.

    • She has BLS..botox lip syndrome. She can’t feel where her lips are. It truly does make her look like a WINO (woman in name only).

  5. All these people that can “work from home ” will not be working at all if they don’t get on board and let the rest of of us go back to work. They close Denali to climbers because “it was too dangerous” Really
    We could look forward to a year with no tourists so we might drive through The Denali Park but wait NO its too dangerous so they close the park to us.The truth of the mater is people that can “work from home ” are the jobs we don’t really need.
    Truck drivers,Carpenters electricians= yes
    Lawyers , politicians , bean counters = No
    Nancy has a knob on the wall when she is cold she turns the knob. If it does not work she calls someone to make it work. Most Alaskans do not have this magic knob. If we do and the knob does not work we follow the wire to a thing called “the heater” and we fix it.
    I truly hate the “Nancy” types. I tolerate them for a few months each year when they Rent a little of our wilderness and then return to their palaces. My hate for these people is growing daily as I watch them intentionally destroy our economy for their own political gain.

  6. Maybe you should tell the whole story. I get that your type is completely against state and local government unless run by someone that wants to tear it down:

    “Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) announced they have no intention of backing off their drive to marry the GOP’s $250 billion request for Paycheck Protection Program funding with $250 billion for state and local governments. The two leaders said “it’s time for the Republicans to quit the political posturing by proposing bills they know will not pass.””

    • Nancy said:

      The truth is that Donald Trump dismantled the infrastructure handed to him which was meant to plan for and overcome a pandemic, resulting in unnecessary deaths and economic disaster.

      The truth is that in January Donald Trump was warned about this pandemic, ignored those warnings, took insufficient action and caused unnecessary death and disaster.

    • Perhaps you have mistakenly posted “tear it down”, when you meant, “drain the swamp”. Have you looked at the exchange rate for the Canadian dollar. Compare it to the OBAMA administration. Just saying! Funny thing about math that Democrats forget, ITS CONSTANT!

      • Whatdoes the extrange rate between the US and CAN have to do with anything? During the Obama admin it was closer to par. What are you suggesting? Screw the Canucks? As far as ‘draining the swamp’ goes, ha ha. Bluto has more millionaires in his cabal as anyone in history.

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