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Saturday, May 15, 2021
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The marketing of Al Gross


Poor Siamese twins. They just can’t get a break from the liberals.

In a story in the Huffington Post, a publication for Democrats and progressives, Alaska’s top liberal political operative Jim Lottsfeldt called U.S. Sen Dan Sullivan and President Donald Trump “Siamese twins.” 

Ouch. Even NASA doesn’t use that phrase anymore to describe galaxies.

The “Siamese twins” term was almost as bad as the one that Sullivan’s opponent Al Gross used earlier this month, when he said he alone has the testicles to do the job of senator. That “cojones” comment got him called on the carpet by the Democrat matriarchy, who didn’t appreciate their ovaries being disrespected.

Huff-Po, as the publication is known, described candidate Gross as a gun-slinging doctor of the last frontier, perpetuating his “I killed a bear” story, which has never actually been corroborated but has become somewhat of an article of faith for the Gross campaign.

In the long-form story this week by Daniel Marans, Gross says he is for the Second Amendment, but also for universal background checks for gun purchases, something that is not only impractical but nearly impossible for those in rural Alaska to accomplish.

The story also says that Gross is on the record for universal health care for all, but not Medicare for all. Gross doesn’t explain how universal health care and Medicare for all are different.

Even the writer of the story acknowledges that Gross’ grandiose depiction of himself as a rugged outdoorsman, was a bit over the top.

“Is it a campaign advertisement, or the trailer for an episode of ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’?” Marans wonders.

“For the first few seconds of a 1-minute television spot that began airing in Alaska in July, it’s hard to know for sure.”

“‘He was born in the wake of an avalanche,’ a narrator with a deep baritone informs viewers as the camera shows a boat traversing an Alaskan bay. ‘Bought his first fishing boat with a bank loan at age 14.'”

Then, of course, comes the bear story. No national writer can resist that. The story goes that Gross shot a bear in “self defense.” This is the tale that Gross keeps telling Outside donor prospects, and they are on the edge of their seat about it.

Alyse Galvin, running against Don Young for Congress, is a like-minded nominee for the Alaska Democrats, but she has no bear story, no cojones, and no fishing boat. Gross is playing to his testosterone.

What’s apparent is that Gross is also borrowing the larger-than-life lifestyle of Gov. Mike Dunleavy, who actually did live in rural Alaska for over a decade, and who has a ranch outside of Wasilla, where he raised mules and other animals, homestead style. Dunleavy is the Paul Bunyan character that Gross is trying to emulate.

The writer at Huff Po admits that many in Alaska just aren’t buying the marketing of Al Gross. And Gross doesn’t help himself when he tells people that if it was Lisa Murkowski up for reelection, Gross probably wouldn’t have run against her, because she “stands up for Alaska.” More likely, that he doesn’t think he can take her.

The Huff Po story is like many being rolled out in the leftist media this cycle, repeating the theme of rugged individualism from the Democratic Party’s preppy nominee for the U.S. Senate. The world has an insatiable thirst for these mythical creatures.

But the reporter never asks why Gross made millions off of Alaskans before he retired comfortably from the daily grind of being a surgeon.

Huff Po never asked how Gross was able to milk exorbitant prices from the state employees health benefits program, and whether his vertical service referral system, where he tested and diagnosed by referring patients to his own equipment, is moral or ethical for the profession.

So many questions about Gross’ past are left unanswered by the Huff Po, which simply accepts the spoon-fed narrative that the Gross team is dishing out to willing stenographers of the press.

Read the Huffington Post story at this link.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • The “reporter never asks why Gross made millions” practicing medicine in Alaska before he retired. The obvious answer is: why not. Getting rich is a virtue worthy of praise and respect in America. If you don’t like Gross because he’s wealthy, you’re a commie who should move to Cuba.

    • The point, of course, is that in making his millions he fleeced Alaskans, a captive audience in Juneau who have precious little in the way of local health care options, and raked in obscene amounts of money from State of Alaska health insurance plans.
      Simply making money is not the problem; what’s left of America’s capitalist system is one of the reasons immigrants still want to come here in droves to pursue the “American Dream.” It’s the way Gross became wealthy that stinks of a lack of integrity and any actual concern for Alaskans.
      And incidentally, while hard work and fair dealings can produce honest wealth, simply “getting rich” is not a virtue!

  • Gross wouldn’t run against Murkowski because they’re both liberal Democrats pretending they aren’t……………..

    • Could not agree more.

      Murkowski has become the worst of RINOs. Next time she is up for re-election, if she manages to win the primary, I am voting for the Democrat. If one of the Senators from AK is going to consistently support the Dem platform, I want them to at least identify as the correct party.

      • John Sturgeon for US Senate in 2022.

  • Universal background checks – the euphemism liberals use for gun registration. No government, not NYC, the State of New York, Canada, New Zealand, NAZI Germany, nor Stalin’s Russia, etc. has implemented gun registration without soon enforcing gun confiscation. It precedes Obama of course, but his Chief of Staff explained that you just wait until the next mass shooting once you know where the guns are. No one can honestly support the Second Amendment and not vehemently oppose universal background checks. I have a friend who moved to HI; not only can he not own a handgun there but he has to keep the local police chief informed as to changes in his inventory of shotshells for his single-barrel trapshooting gun. Knowingly, or unknowingly that is what Al Gross is supporting; I am embarrassed that he grew up here in Juneau! I am embarrassed that he calls himself an Alaskan! If we have the bad luck to have President Trump not win re-election it’s a safe bet that Gross will be looking for, and very likely will find some mid-level White House job. Good riddance!

  • Yeah, just another wanna be. Alaskan fairy tale.

  • Gotta say, his campaign is definitely intriguing. What’d be nice is to hear from people who actually know this fellow to see if any of his tales are lies or somewhat truths. AFAIK there isn’t a bank on the face of the planet who’s going to loan a 14yo money for a fishing boat. Here’s what I believe: He’s stock from a wealthy family who, if running as a conservative would be lambasted by the liberal press for being….. wealthy. Nothing to see here people.

  • I’ve read the Huff Post, and Harry Potter. Potter is more factual and believable.

  • Who is funding this guy? His ads are non stop on the radio. If you listen closely (it can’t be helped with so much repetition I almost know them word for word) he is a Democrat. He talks about working with Obamacare (fixing, not eliminating), fighting the Pebble Mine, a lot about COVID 19, and some equality stuff thrown in. Oh yeah, a Democrat using the Independent moniker as a cloaking device.

    • Simple test for “independents”

      Ask them when they last voted for a Republican, and who it was. Do not worry if they cannot answer, generally most “independents” cannot.

      • I’ve been an independent since I first registered to vote in 1972. To date, I have never voted for a Democrat and I never will. Because even in 1972, as an 18 year old, I knew Democrat politicians were bad people and that voting for them was bad for Alaska and bad for America.

    • He’s being funded by the Lincoln Project and other anti Trump organizations, probably by some Democrats as well. The fact that he said that he would caucus with the Democrats is enough proof that he is not what Alaska wants or needs in a senator and there is nothing Independent about him.

  • Does Al Gross have an Alaskan gaming license? If so, the amount “donated” to his campaign would be illegal. Non-profit entities have to be given profits from raffles according to Alaska statutes — this is a political campaign, not a 501c3. What are his campaign managers thinking?

  • Just another rich kid “pretending” to live a life of hardship while he fleeces the local population. Kinda of like the rich suburban white kids in the Lower 48 pretending to be ghetto black for summer break & then back to their Ivy League. colleges to learn how to exploit the poor.

    • You certainly hit the nail on the head. My kids question how the protestors can afford to live and spend their time in the streets destroying civilization. My kids (of color) must work while in college and work to live, not like rich kids who have never performed a productive moment and likely never will. Jail them for sedition. Build them a special prison on Adak.

      • I agree totally with what you said. I also like the prison on Adak for a whole bunch of these people. Thanks for the post!

  • It might be enlightening if someone with the contacts and resources were to investigate the bear story as a legitimate DLP*.
    Defense of life and property killing.

  • “Toxic Masculinity” on full display by the democrat party, good for them!
    He drinks from the teat of a real live Grizzly Bear. He’s no soy boy.

  • If I was Al Gross’ campaign manager, I would embellish his Alaska resume even more than the “stories” that have been embellished to date. Some examples would be the following:

    Al Gross climbed Hilltop, one of the tallest mountains in Anchorage, single handedly without the aid of Sherpas or extra oxygen. Asked why coined the phrase still used by mountain climbers today Al replied humbly, “Because it was there.”

    Al Gross released two 5-year old children from prison. During the 2018 Fur Rondy Parade, Al noticed two 5-year old children along with one adult being escorted into a mobile jail by some Keystone cops. Al jumped into action and quickly secured their release. Al has made a campaign promise that no 5-year old children will be put in jail under his watch.

    Al shot a bear in self-defense. He was defending the fish he caught and the bear wanted them. Playing fair, he challenged the bear to a wrestling match, winner take all. But even after pinning the bear in a headlock, the bear still wanted the fish. Al had not other choice but to shoot the hard-headed bear.

    Al is fighting global warming. He is concerned that the Igloo homes of many Alaskans are melting at too fast a rate. Al said, “Watching your walls turn to water? Not under my watch! I’ll pass a law outlawing global warming.”

    Al is fighting the Covid-19 virus. Outraged that protesters of all ages were dancing to music and having a good time outside the Anchorage Library recently, Al made a promise. Al said, “When I’m elected, I’ll pass a law to nip this type of protest in the bud. It’s bad enough they danced in a conga line without social distancing but what’s next? The chicken dance? Not on my watch.”

    In 1979 fitness expert Jack Lalanne swam for a mile on a lake in Japan tugging 65 boats when he turned 65 years of age. Al Gross was impressed with this feat and decided to swim for a mile tugging his fishing boat in Cold Bay harbor. This during one of the coldest winters in Alaskan history. When asked why he only tugged one boat instead of 65 Al replied, “Jack Lalannes’ tow line was strapped to his shoulders. My tow line was strapped to my cojones.”

    • You’re hired!

    • Love it. It really does play to his strengths. 🙂

  • Any word on the debate b/w Sullivan & Dr Gross?
    Supposedly, the Gross team has contacted Sullivan’s office but no reply?
    Instead of allowing media pundits to decide the election in AK, we should focus more on in person live debates that press the candidates on where they stand on each issue.

  • Medicare for all and universal healthcare are the “Siamese twins” here. Nice try, Al.

  • What? Gross used a gun on a bear? I though he used his cojones. Bet that bear has a good story.

    • ……and kept Gross’s cojones as souveniers. Hanging up in some bear den. Gross is still looking for them.

  • Today my wife received a postcard from the Gross campaign.The opening sentence said, “Support independant (sic) Dr. Al Gross.” It goes on to say, We need his independant (sic) vote.” Better yet it was postmarked in Sacramento, California. One would think that a candidate running for a senate seat would ensure no spelling mistakes in an election flyer. And one would think that a candidate running as a real Alaskan would not send election flyers from California. In that it was sent from California tells us where candidate Gross gets his election support. His claim of independence is a charade.

    • My daughter got one from Santa Clarita, California. It was addressed to her home address where she receives no mail and has no mail box. The post lady placed it on the door handle.

  • PETA refused to endorse Dr. Al. He deprived a hungry bear of a meal.

  • Don’t forget that Al was born in the wake of an avalanche! The monster avalanche ripped roofs off of homes and depressed property values of homes built in the obvious path of the avalanche zone for decades. Al’s birth was a foreshadowing of his great snow job Senate Campaign!

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