The Left’s true colors coming out in threats, foul language



Apparently, the tar-and-feather threats are out, for now. Doxing is in with the far Left in Alaska, as they look for ways to harass and punish legislators.

The “Save Our State” movement has some explaining to do:

Last week, those who oppose Gov. Michael Dunleavy and his budget trimming ways turned up the heat, cranked up the volume, and left their good manners at home. They occupied, vilified, and threatened lawmakers who don’t agree with them. For the Left, it was just another day at the office.

In their social media echo chamber, they cursed the governor, called Republicans names, suggested violence, and published the private cell phone numbers of lawmakers whom they consider enemies. The Democratic Socialists of America-Anchorage were effective in getting lawmakers harassed from as far away as New York by people who are clearly not their constituents.

DSA even posted the governor’s private cell phone number and encouraged people to call and harass him and thrifty Republicans who are in favor of rolling back government spending.

The Democrats hung banners on bridges and overpasses — banners that are not suitable for children, and not legal.

Banner in Juneau hanging from the bridge.

Even Rep. Harriet Drummond, a Democrat lawmaker from mid-Anchorage, got into the profane spirit of things, by posting a social media post that shows just how coarse the Left has become:

On the Delaney Park Strip in Anchorage this weekend, there is an “occupation,” taking place.

It is the continuation of the occupation that took place in Wasilla earlier in the week, when anarchists took over the lawful gathering of elected officials, sitting in the lawmakers’ seats and screaming throughout the proceedings.

Some of the groups participating also took over a meeting of the Department of Interior in Fairbanks this winter and drowned out the participation of others.

The press release from the Delaney Park Strip “occupiers” came from none other than Kati Ward, who was the political director for the failed Walker/Mallott gubernatorial ticket.


Nona Dimond, a Juneauite who formerly worked as an aide to Sen. Gary Stevens, posted this graphic, accusing Republicans of being political terrorists:

But have they gone too far?

Chris Dimond, husband of Nona and also a former candidate for House, thinks they have and is trying to tamp down the rhetoric:

“Late last night someone reached out to me for some assistance regarding the doxing of the “22” the governor and his chief of staff. Initially I found it all very funny. After all, these folks seem to have “shut down” in regards to listening to constituents and other Alaskans who are weighing in on the current situation. Hell, they seem to have shut down in regards to doing their jobs, and upholding their oath of office,” Dimond wrote. ” of those things may very well be true.”

“Unfortunately, the doxing that has taken place has only created a bigger mess,” Dimond wrote.

He then went on to describe how talks had been taking place between Republicans who are meeting in Wasilla, lawmakers who are meeting in Juneau, and the governor. And how the doxing had thrown a monkey wrench into those talks.

An example of the Left’s social media prowess.

“The doxing has resulted in further eroding trust and the ability to hold meaningful discussions. Some of the  “22” and/or the governor are now blaming the group working in Juneau for releasing that info. This will just further break down the ability for the 3 groups to work to find a solution to the current situation…Unfortunately this doxing has ruined trust, and more importantly it has resulted in threats of violence, physical harm and even death threats (against all 3 groups). This is not productive, it is not how government functions and it is not who any of us are, or should ever be as Alaskans,” Dimond wrote.

Democratic Socialists want you to understand their vision.

“These threats have been extremely unnerving for all. It is resulting in fear, lack of trust, and for some it likely gives them an excuse to walk away from the negotiating table and others it may be creating a victim complex,” he wrote.

What Dimond failed to comprehend is that the Democratic Socialists of America-Anchorage are only temporary friends of the Democrats in Juneau. Their goal is not to override the vetoes, but to create chaos, and in the end, they’ll go after Democrats just like they go after Republicans. The DSA are authoritarian communists at heart.

The DSA folks are not letting this crisis go to waste, and they’re working with the tacit approval of those in power — like Rep. Drummond, who is acting as if she is one of the DSA faithful, and certainly not using her office to call for civility.

Chris Dimond, organizer at Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters, did use his position of influence. He went on to ask for people to throttle back the rhetoric, and he asked people to be respectful.

“I know our emotions (on both sides) are running at full throttle right now but we have an obligation as citizens to engage with our government in an appropriate manner,” Chris Dimond wrote. We absolutely should be showing up and protesting, writing letters, calling their offices and so forth. We should not be harming, threatening to harm or engaging in any other conduct that leaves our neighbors scared and feeling unsafe. Believe me, I’m fucking angry right now, and the temptation to engage in that manner is strong, but I’ve been reminding myself that I ran for public office last year, and had I won, it would be me and my family being threatened, insulted and attacked. I would not want that, my family would not deserve that.”

No. he would not deserve that. His wife Nona would not deserve that. But the Twitter handle of Devilsmile thinks it’s just the thing.

More social media threats of violence.

“Elected officials need to hear from us. Make it productive tho,” Dimond wrote. “Make it respectful, make it honest and heartfelt. Also, don’t trash legislative staff, they have a job. to do, and families to feed. Some staff may vehemently disagree with their bosses, but are in an unenviable position of having to decide between a paycheck to feed their families and a roof over their heads, or the unemployment line (what YOU would do in that situation is irrelevant as it is not you in that situation…also, PLEASE don’t compare this statement to the nazis statement “I was just doing my job” as this is not the same situation or comparable in any way),” Dimond wrote. He seemed to understand that equating Republicans with Nazis is a bridge too far.

Manners of the Left may be seen in their banners.

“The only threats any legislator or elected official should be receiving is the threat of someone looking to unseat them from their elected position…through the election process,” Dimond wrote.

Then, he proceeded to blame those who have been doxed for creating the problem:

“This part of my thread is for the “22.” Please stop blaming and accusing your coworkers in Juneau for this doxing. I believe you have wildly underestimated what Alaskans truly think and believe. My suspicion on the release of your phone numbers: look to your friends and neighbors, look to your staff and former staff. You are hurting Alaskans, your friends and neighbors, it is most likely those people you personally have a connection with who have released your personal info.”

Dimond didn’t get his memo of caution out in time for his fellow union brother Vince Beltrami, head of the AFL-CIO in Alaska.

Beltrami huffed and puffed to an “energy reporter” at Alaska Public Media’s “Energy Desk” that:

And with that sentence, the head of the AFL-CIO just admitted that this is all about partisan politics, and that he’ll blow the “red” house down with his big blue army of public employee union workers.


  1. The threat of coming off the teat. The gravy train coming off the tracks. So many who produce so little.

    • The university system is the only institution in Alaska producing anything of value. Coal and oil wont sustain Alaska in the next fifty years let alone the next hundred or two hundred. Conservatives behind these cuts are villains so excuse the left for actually pointing it out. Unbelievable ignorance on full display in these comments.

      • UA could be producing more if they would used their land grants for operating expenses like they’re supposed to, instead of parasiting off Alaskans in the name of “education” (indoctrination). UA is known for blowing money out of their keesters. Like an $200,000 epoxy hall way floor in the UAS expansion. Socialism works great, until it runs out of other people’s money.

  2. The more childish and immature the temper tantrums from the big government folks the better. These people are unhinged and insane, the fact that they display it in public only serves to discredit their very cause. One need look no further than the comments on this site, just look at the comments that will follow mine rife with insults and name calling. Bring it on, waken the sleeping giant majority. The socialist leftist thugs who have no understanding of the past and the failed policies of socialism and the downfalls of big government are a credit to their failed cause.

    • It does look like insanity. It is definitely brainwashing. Pride and misinformation over the years has created an almost cultic movement. Facts and truth are irrelevant. They think they are fighting for some honorable cause then when pressed they can’t even really clarify, but in reality is evil and in the end will not give them what they want. Given how powerful cults are in controlling people, and given this resembles too many characteristics, I find it all on the frightening side.

      • Liz,
        I take it you are describing the leftist/lib propaganda machine. With that being the case, maybe being ‘frightened’ is appropriate. You are right about the left employing false facts and truth. Again, you are right. I despise “cults” also. Good for you to step up against the left and their anti-Alaskan/American BS. (If you don’t see the irony/sarcasm here, I’m disappointed in you)

      • More yipping and yapping from the little Chiwaaaawaaa. …….
        MRAK should muzzle this little poochie……woof…

        • Say there Tom, do you post on here to see yourself in print or did you have something other than “woof” to say?? Heheh!

          • Tom, your comment says that you have given up on any debate and want me to shut up because your crowd is losing so pitifully.
            Woof it is. Heheh!

        • You’ll have to come up with some cred for yourself Kerry before you can get away with suggesting I’m a carpetbagger.
          I was originally sent here by my Uncle Sam in 1967, rather than Vietnam-I was tore up about that, too. I went back to school on GI Bill and married and drove back up in 1971, where I’ve lived ever since.
          Your turn!
          I don’t expect to hear anything but crickets.

        • He probably lives in the basement of his parent’s home and is a UAF drop-out.
          Took History class from Dermot and Terrence Cole and got an A. Qualifies him to be Antifa,… and an idiot.

          • Well Chrissy I do have a daughter who is a graduate of UAF.
            You, on the other hand, seem to make a lot of insane assumptions and then use them to state conclusions.
            The stupid is especially strong here today!

        • Bill is actually a long time Alaskan, and a senior citizen. Which really makes his comments just that much more troubling. It’s not like he’s some dumb kid that doesn’t know better, he is somebody who has made this great state his home for the majority of his life. Strange that in his old age he has decided that destroying his legacy and this state is more important than anything else. The name calling and insults are sure to help the dialog, right Bill?

          • Four-flusher, I’m calling you that name because you’ve earned it. And it in no way is destroying my legacy-you on the other hand have become known as a liar which is quite the legacy since we are speaking of that.
            I guess you feel that blatant lying helps with the dialog? Heheh!

        • Like I said Kerry, all I’m hearing is crickets!
          I didn’t expect you to have any cred and you’ve proven me right, in spades.
          You do know what CS is right? You and Four-flusher are both all hat and no cattle.

          • You wrote the CS book Carp. And though I hate to repeat the time worn cliche, it’s hard to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Spew on, you win, uncle, uncle. There, happy?

          • Battle of wits? You joke, right as you are so witty!
            Go ahead and give us your take on a real carpetbagger (Donna Arduin). Should be especially ripe for someone of your wit.

        • And speaking of “carpetbaggers” Kerry, what is your take on Dunleavey’s Budget Director Donna Arduin? There is a classic “carpetbagger.”
          Still nothing but crickets!

          • Bill,
            It seems like Arduin has only one focus and that is to Bankrupt as many state “agencies” as possible and then force privatization as the departments are without state funding.
            Alaskans should research more what happened in California 15 years ago.
            “A company that is a spinoff of GEO and owns the prison at McFarland placed Donna Arduin on its board of trustees in October, 10 days after she left her job as Schwarzenegger’s director of the Department of Finance, which oversees all state spending…
            This is after she privatized two large prisons while working for the “Terminator” from Austria.
            “This was an administration that said they weren’t going to be influenced by special interests,” said Lance Corcoran, executive vice president of the California Correctional Peace Officers Assn., the union that represents state prison guards and opposes private lockups.”
            Sound familiar?

          • Steve, we must always remember that she (Arduin) was hired to do exactly what she is doing by Dunleavey. She is a classic carpetbagger but Dunleavey is on the hook for her efforts.

    • This nation has always been Democratic socialism until the recent fascist takeover. Read the preamble of the Constitution, where the General welfare is first presented. Taking care of our fellow citizens is what makes us a great nation. If you need a safe space for the snowflakes on the right, it might be wise to do so I’ve wanted to say that after hearing that crap from Fox news viewers for years!

      • Hate to break it to you, but this nation is a republic. If it was pure democracy, everybody would have a vote on everything. Democracy is mob rule. A democracy over-rides a individual’s rights with a majority. In a republic, rights of the individual over-rides the wants of a majority. Did you not learn this in U.S. government class or do they no longer teach it..? Sad really.. The left are going to have their hissy fits, then pick up rocks and start rioting. Neither side is backing down and we’re getting closer to reset day.

  3. Are we back in high school? This is all so silly and unproductive.
    Passions are inflamed at this time.
    We really are on the cusp of social change in Alaska.
    We have been spoiled by the improvements to our lives due to the oil industry and its income to the State of Alaska.
    Despite using a reasonable $2.9 billion from the PFER to help pay for our State government this year (which negates the need for personal income or sales taxes), we think we are owed a “dividend” which is really universal basic income at the expense of increased budget deficits. As a libertarian capitalist it seems to me that the Dividend should be set at whatever is leftover after paying for “essential services” whether it be arts council, NPR, or whatever passes the legislature and the governor..
    Balance the Budget – Keep it Simple

    • Welcome to socialism 101, courtesy of Saul Alinsky.

      These idiots are going to confront the wrong person and get hurt.

    • Wow I wonder what they’re mad about, it’s almost like the cuts dunleavy has made will absolutely throw the Alaska we know and love into a death spiral or something.

      A real journalist would be asking these people how the cuts will affect them, why they’re so angry, but you’re too lazy to do anything but repost peoples’ emotional response to finding out that their university could close, and they and their friends are losing their jobs, and people who live paycheck to paycheck will become homeless, people on Medicaid will die without their care, and more homeless will die in the streets, not to mention how bad property crime is about to get.

      Do you honestly think civil servants elected to represent the people of Alaska shouldn’t have to answer for putting so many peoples lives in jeopardy?
      How much money did you make from this article?
      How DOES that boot taste?

      • Love how the Left justifies its violent actions. Wasn’t it your hero who said “Elections have consequences.”?

        Here’s a better idea for you “Ida Punchu” (Cute name, by the way, sorta kinda reveals your true intentions of justifying violence against others.):

        If you don’t like what Suzanne writes, go start your own website.

        Then, you’d be free to do all the interviewing and posting that you want, but, make sure your reporting isn’t biased. You’d also be free to spew all the hate-filled, violent comments that you want. I’m sure are your Lefty friends will look up to you and admire your brave and stunning commentary. Of course, you’d still be living in your little Leftist echo-chamber, but what does that matter?

      • ida,
        “Leftist twist” in full swing. Aren’t you just a little embarrassed to sling “leftist hash”? Is your “sky falling” too?

    • The DEMONRAT socialist party of Alaska is nothing more than a bunch of liberal rejects who have no common mortality and are about self. The true heart of this matter is they don’t want to be accountable for anything in particular the budget!!!

    • Well said, Chris. The dividend should be thought of as profit sharing – paid out on an as-available basis. The idea that The People have a permanent Right to it is misguided. And to be honest, is the difference between $1500 and $3000 really worth endlessly raging at your computer (Steve-O) and despising your neighbors, co-workers, and fellow Alaskans who view things differently? Not in my opinion. Life is too short to spend it on hate.

      • Whidbey,
        Since you called me out by name I will point out that the dividend being paid out according to how you, a non-resident suggest, on an as available basis is exactly what the statutes call for. There is currently $19 BILLION sitting in the earnings reserve.

        How are things in whatever state you reside?

        • Actually “Steve-O” is a fake handle…
          You have not ever listed you name…
          Just to keep reality in perspective.

        • Say there Four-flusher, the statute has/can be ignored by any Legislature according to our Supreme Court.
          You are a bulllchitter and for whatever reason you just can’t help with the constant “hate.” And I suspect that Whidbey will soon learn of your new handle.

        • Where is all this hate you all keep accusing me of? I suggest fiscal responsibility and I am accused of hate, read your own comments. The leftists here sure are fun to watch as they don’t seem to understand that everyone can read their words.

          • Well Four-flusher here is an example of your hate: “The more childish and immature the temper tantrums from the big government folks the better. These people are unhinged and insane, the fact that they display it in public only serves to discredit their very cause.”
            Funny but did you see any suggestions of fiscal responsibility in that hatful screed? Heheh!

          • Steve-O says;
            “The leftists here sure are fun to watch as they don’t seem to understand that everyone can read their words.”
            It appears this pendulum swings both ways as Suzanne just reported that people are responding to the Republican Tactics (i.e. Arduin’s outside budget) from as far away as NYC…
            Funny how the main character on NPR’s Saturday “Live from Here” skit was named Mr. Dunleavy who had a hard time telling the truth to his doctor…
            Must have just been a weird coincidence?

          • Calling childish and immature behavior childish and immature isn’t hateful, it’s truthful. Just look at what Bill Yankee keeps posting, childish and immature nonsense.

          • Four-flusher, and you can bet I’m going to continue with it until you either man-up or shut up. Your choice.

          • Yankee, who has a penchant for calling people other than their screen names, shall become Carpetbagger in my comments. Carpetbagger is really quite good at showcasing the mindset of the know nothing generation. He is great at posting links to other’s thoughts, but when it comes to intelligent, informed conversation he always has to resort to the lib talking points he loves to rail about. He is best dealt with like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum…ignore him. He has nothing useful to say anyway.
            Have a great day Carp.

          • Keep it up Bill, I think it’s a great way for you to put your true self on full display…see my previous comments right up there^

          • And Four-flusher, “these people are unhinged and insane” is clearly an example of your hate.
            Until you man-up and admit your blunder on here about your lying, I intend to keep it up with calling you out on it.
            Your turn.

        • Whidbey, an ex-Alaskan, lives far away from Alaska and is a political agitator of the Left. His writing is about as inspiring as a five-day old clam rotting on the beach of Whidbey Island, WA. Clam chowder for the Lefties souls.

        • The average voter in 1976 who supported the constitutional amendment to create a Permanent Fund, the earnings of which were to go to the general fund to support basic government, would think this is a fantastic idea. Cut a few hundred million of basic public services, defund education, pay out a 1.9 BILLION dollar ENTITLEMENT, and keep 19 BILLION in the bank for future ENTITLEMENTS. Kind of like letting the bank foreclose on my house because I don’t want to drain my European vacation savings account.

  4. Sorry Chris but it’s not as simple as “one big pot” The pfd is the People’s due by way of the constitution that states “the resources of Alaska are reserved for ownership by the people of Alaska”. And then this guy called Jay Hammond said “ every year let’s give the people a share of that wealth” but at the same time preserve the bulk of it (now $65 B) so you simply can’t spend what isn’t yours to spend.

    • John, except that our Supreme Court has said that any Legislature can spend any portion of that ERA money as they see fit. It is theirs to spend.
      You don’t have to like it but that’s how it shakes out at the present time-Legislature will eventually determine how much of that is proper to be spent on PFDs but, so far, has only determined a maximum POMV amount for both PFD and government services.]
      Your turn.

    • And didn’t that same Governor oppose eliminating the income tax because he knew the potential for Alaskans to become freeriders? Hammond creating the pfd is not equivalent to Hammond supporting a permanent entitlement.

  5. Left-wingers are just plain nasty people. You look at Dermot and Terrence Cole, both in their late 60’s, and encouraging young people through their teachings and writings to be mean, angry, and confrontational with conservatives. Of course, the Coles themselves are little cowards. Not big enough to do the confronting. These little, old men get others to do their bidding for them. Both of them….DWARFS…..and filled with

    • Paul, it’s Sunday. Take a nice walk in the mountains today. Pet your dog. Have a beer. Try to spend a day without spending it on hating “liberals” whom you don’t even know. Your words, above accuse them of being nasty, mean, angry, and confrontational. Look in the mirror, dude. I’m pretty liberal, but I don’t think I’m any of the things you accuse me of. And if we met, I’d do my best to get along with you and treat you with respect. Life is too short to spend it on hate.

    • Good advice Whidbey. After reading the Cole’s drivel, fake news, fake history, meanness, nastiness, cowardice and the ugliness that the Cole brothers foist on the community through their cheerleading section….the Fairbanks Newsminer and the University of Alaska……I will go to the mountains and read some really good, inspiring writings from my friends at MRAK. Nice to leave the radical poison for a day, of those hateful, Left-wing Cole brothers.

      • I love the mountains. Can I join you, Paul? It’s a nice escape from the Newsminer and the BS Cole Bros.

    • The way you generalize more than half of your fellow American citizens makes me believe that you allow Fox news to think for you. There is nothing different between the left or right boots of the perpetual war machine, both march together in lockstep. Both sides are nasty, but both sides love our country. If you actually believe that one side is the enemy of the other, then the programming is working. Those in power want to keep us divided, we’re easier to control that way.

  6. Do these people sleep? Crazed lunatics. I’m exhausted just reading about them. They need to eat more meat or something….

  7. The worst thing I see in the pic of the lib anti-fa protest is they dare hang their commie banner over the VETERANS MEMORIAL at the park strip!
    Libs are ungrateful self centered aholes!
    They don’t deserve the FREEDOMS the VETERANS died for!

    • In a post tut-tutting the Left’s propensity to vulgarity and name-calling, you call them “commies” and “ungrateful self centered aholes.” how interesting.

  8. Hello Suzanne, Thank you for all that you do with MRAK and this article. I’m from Alaska and have been working in Peru SA for almost 20 years. Peru went through a terrible time with a group called the Shining Path (SP) , a Maoist terrorist group. The SP almost destroyed the country. The way they rose to power has so many similarities to what is happening all over the US. Folks, wake up. This is serious. I suggest as a “primer” that everyone watch the movie, “The Dancer Upstairs.” I work in Ayacucho Peru, the place where the SP began and as you might expect, it began in the university here. These “childish and immature… temper tantrums” are anything but this. These people are not “unhinged and insane.” IMHO I see a “playbook” being implemented. Peru woke up to what was happening here. I hope some people wake up in Alaska. On a positive note, the SP was defeated and the country now knows better. Peru has now received more than 800,000 refugees from the Socialist “paradise” known as Venezuela. I have talked with many of them, mostly young kids in their 20’s. They have learned the lesson too. I could talk about this for hours.

    • Thank you, Walt, for sharing this. Very enlightening.

      Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” – The Left’s playbook. On display right here in Alaska.

    • Walt, thank you for your insight, based on your life experience in Peru. I agree – there is a playbook. They are not unhinged. They have a plan, once they gain power. It is to CONTROL citizens through government, and implement their new world socialist order, using the media and ignorant weaklings as tools, to promote their narrative.

    • While I agree that there are some pushing their agenda with a clear plan I think most of these people are simply tools following those with the plan. The immature name calling and insults is being done by those unable to think and process information they resort to bullying as their method to shout down any opposing views. The people pushing the agenda are unhinged and insane, because they know what they are doing but continue to do it. Their plan all leads to the same result, time and time again…destruction, poverty, and death.

  9. To the various Marxist-Leninists Union Rabble I give this advice: THIS ISN”T PORTLAND!

    As for the Special Session, I would tell the Governor to rescind his proclamation and let the Legislature come up with the necessary 40 votes to hold his session. If they don’t then we just live with the results thus far until the next regular session.

  10. I know that what these people are doing appears to be childish and senseless, but people be careful. They are well organized and funded by outside sources. And don’t ever believe a Democrat isn’t fully supporting them. You will never hear of a good Democrat condemn these acts of civil unrest. These people that are demonstrating, Doxing and carrying on because they didn’t get what they wanted are dangerous. They are the present-day “Brown Shirts”. You can read and see what they did to Germany in the 1930″s. This is history to which we haven’t learned a thing.
    If the Conservatives in this state and country don’t stand together and stop these people we all will be living under Socialism / Communism.

  11. Why do these crackpots think that it’s ok to use the F word so easily in voice or in print. The first time their 7 yr old uses it they will be shocked. 4 and 5 yr old can read, you idiots.

    • They don’t have kids…in general, these are the same people who want abortion promoted and who will refer to small children as “ankle biters” to convey their disgust with the existence of small children. Free love, free university, free healthcare, free stuff freedom from consequences is the endgame…they have no respect for family, parents, or children.

  12. What a bunch of idiots that think calling people foul names, using threatening tactics and such will yield then any results, just pethetic.

  13. We’ll see if this one posts —

    1. You’ve collected things that don’t belong together. You’ve combined calls for civility with obscenity. More on that in a second.

    2. On insults and calling people terrorists — kettle, black. I saw *plenty* of sexist insults attached to the native protestor story. I saw peaceful protests described antifa protests. (and that is dangerous) I can’t count the number of posts that use derogatory language. Makes me wonder if this website has a copyright claim.

    Obviously, the fake twitter account is obscene and juvenile. It also has three likes. So we’re talking about 4 people, probably literal juveniles. Does this belong with the others? Obviously not. Clearly not. The only reason to draw attention is score political points.

    On the F word — sorry, I think that’s an apt description. The governor has taken steps to throw the state into a recession, increased electricity bills, lost matching grants and denied kids an education. The actions are extreme and the effects serious. And our “leader” won’t talk to the press. Cowardly seems an appropriate descriptor.

    TL;DR this story deliberately confuses legitimate discourse with obscenity. And people are buying it . . .

    • Guess what??? I stepped outside at 12:05 PM on Friday afternoon and the sky was still were it was at 11:55 AM that very same morning.

      Recession? Hardly.

      The story does no such thing “legitimate discourse”? Hardly.

      And, no one’s buying it except people like you.

      “On insults…” More on that later, Clown.

      • Yes, an apt analogy. Our Chicken Little – and DONNA from Michigan – are leading Alaska right to the den of Foxy Loxy. The irony behind this is that DONNA from Michigan who hates ENTITLEMENTS is gutting a few hundred million of core public services so that we can afford BILLIONS more in PFD ENTITLEMENTS

  14. I hate to be repetitious, but here goes.
    The tactics, words and actions by the socialist leftists, and indeed, some in the dim party, are reminiscent of the same actions/tactics used by Germany’s ‘brown shirts’ (hitler’s antifa) in the 1930’s. Even the name of their “organization” rings a bell. Currently, “democrat socialists of America-Anchorage” (DSA-A). Historically, hitler’s “political” action/ party/group was named “NSDP”. That stood for “National Socialist Democrat Party”. Not identical but close, in their message. In any case, the actions, tactics and words are very similar in both groups. Threats (including physical), insults, name calling, intimidation of elected officials, disrespect and slander against all with a different opinion. How is this representative of America or Alaska? Short answer–It’s not! No officials, law enforcement, ‘dimocrats’ or “representatives” of the people seem to take issue with it. They are actually condoning and promoting this disgraceful behavior, all the way to the top. Changes must come, and soon. Our State and Country are at risk. For conservative Alaskans and decent people to think this will ‘go away’ by itself, is foolish. First instinct is to “fight fire with fire”, but that’s what they want. Confrontation, legitimatizing violence for them and turning up the volume on their rhetoric. The voting booth is our ‘weapon’. Tolerance must be our tactic, at least until we can get to the voting booth. Suck it up and hang on, Alaskans. We need you.

    • Thanks for this. You’ve made my point.
      You compare your opponents to the nazis, you use belittling language ‘dims’ and then you tell yourself that you are being tolerant and the other side is being rude.

    • NSDAP stood for “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei,” and the Brown Shirts were literally fascists, not anti-fascists, but sure, you know what you’re talking about.

    • The most beautiful part of the comment of Ben Colder is when is compare the left-sided to Germany’s brown shirt in the same article where Suzanne highlight the fact that “I just do my job” cannot be compared to the excuse of the German soldiers or does-it? Double Godwin points scored!

  15. The unprincipled Cole twins in Fairbanks, Dermot and Terrence, are trying to cause a civil war between Alaskans. Their hateful rhetoric against people with whom they disagree is some of the most disgusting material that can be advanced by the Newsminer. Brainwashing works for Left-wingers. The dwarf Cole brothers should be ashamed of themselves….. and censored for their outrageous, immature efforts to incite riots.

    • Well-stated, Judie. I am hearing more and more about these nasty Cole brothers, and how they have been left unchecked and unchallenged, all of these years. Their brand of blind hatred against fellow Alaskans is the kind of human vitriol that spreads cancer in the community and amongst themselves. They should be ashamed.

    • Brainwashed, immature dwarfs who should be censored. Keep up the displays of civility.

      It would be funny if the issues weren’t so serious.

      • The little Cole midgets are your heroes, Clown? Scrub well, with lots of soap. You dirty yourself and your soul with the Coles.

        • Do you not the see irony? You are calling people “dirty midgets”.
          Let that sink in a moment.
          Now remember that this story is supposed to be about how uncivil the lefties are.

          • Recently bathed dwarfs, if you prefer. But symbols of fair, balance, and reasoned logic…..they are not! Both Coles are steeped with hate, vitriol and resentment to differing opinions about Alaska politics and its culture. The Coles are voices of contempt and anger. Mere puppets of the radical Left, who view themselves as honest intellectuals. NOT!!!! They plagiarize Alaska history by “borrowing” what’s already been written about Alaska by others. Intellectual theft and conversion, with anger and dishonesty. The worst!

    • Yeah, the Governor lying about cuts through his entire campaign bears no responsibility whatsoever.

  16. It’s just part of the Left’s indoctrination plan. If you keep telling the people lies, the people will sooner or later start to believe them. The Nazis did the same thing in the 30″s. That’s what they (Dem’s) do over and over. It never stops and there is a lot of money behind them.

    • Walt, it is just my opinion here but you have just lost whatever cred you had with your experience in Peru. I have seen the movie you referred to and don’t see the connection that you apparently do.
      Anyway, my point is that your comparing Dems to Nazis puts you in a special category of one with an agenda that doesn’t belong here. As I said, this is just my opinion.

      • Bill, I think there are two Walt’s and maybe even a third posting here. I did not mention Dems nor Nazis in my post. This forum is only a small notch better than FB for discussing serious topics. I have seen, heard and learned so much from people on both sides of the SP’s history here in Peru. There is something in the “Dancer” worth taking note about, but it might not be obvious to everyone. I taught English in the same bldg. that Guzman taught in. I have heard stories that are not fit to print due to the brutality of this group. Antifa is not too far off.

        • Thanks Walt Peru, I then take back what I said above. I’ll try to watch “Dancer” again with new light.

    • Kind of like the lies of Dunleavy when he said he had NO plans to cut education… And he said this repeatedly. This was a total bald face lie.

  17. Judging by most of the comments here it’s pretty obvious that many here think of this as a left versus right issue. It’s true that dunleavy’s policies are right wing but does anybody here consider that a lot of folks who are connected to the Alaska economy will be negatively impacted by these decisions? Many of you might also be surprised by the number of public employees who actually voted for dunleavy that will now soon be unemployed. Folks who have built careers and lives here would need to leave, again conservatives who voted for dunleavy.
    Alaska has an unusually high percentage of public employees and an economy that depends on oil revenue that directly and indirectly built that public and private work force over several decades. That wasn’t some dream to build a liberal utopia, it’s just the nature of this state. The PFD is a blaring example of that same type of government managed natural resource distributed support that so many of dunleavy’s constituents claim to be against.
    Another obvious observation here is the amount of dunleavy’s supporters who revel in the disruption and pain of others. Keep this in mind as you chant to the demise of the so called “liberals” of Alaska. An economic down turn of this size does not just affect those who you disagree with politically, it affects everyone in the state. The private sector will definitely feel this pain as well. Be careful what you wish on others. You’re a part of that “gravy train” too, whether you like it or not.

    • Thanks Mac and you have certainly stated in your own way that “elections have consequences” but that many will be looking in the mirror about their own vote here and how they might remedy their blunder.
      Alaskans have much to reflect on what we have done (and are doing) to other Alaskans and when they find out that it’s not just Leftys who will be losing their jobs there will be more serious reflections. This will be front and center in any recall effort made IMO.

    • The actual economy tanked years ago, the state government did not adjust in any meaningful way during the recession. Job loses in the private sector were well into the thousands annually. A 5-8% year over year decrease to the state budget represents a small percentage of the overall economy, less than 1%. These cuts will obviously impact the UA system more than other government branches, but it is past due. Continuing the overspending ways to falsely buoy a failing institution is throwing good money after bad money, money we cannot afford.

      • Four-flusher, your opinion on economy is nothing more than your opinion of which you have nothing to back up.
        Mac is talking about today’s economy and it’s workings do not have a single thing to do with its earlier economic issue.
        While you are entitled to your opinions they don’t hold sway with anyone with any economic background.

        • Who is cutting the budget to 1/3rd? Which budget are you even talking about? State Government hasn’t cut to 1/3rd, if you are talking about a specific budget item please inform me, as I am just an idiotic dim bulb with a limited intellect.

          • What were total State expenditures under Governor Parnell? What are the today?


            Better hurry before the OMB memory holes everything past 5 minutes ago.

          • Total State expenditures? You want to add the capital budget, the one time payment into pers/ters, and all the supplementary budgets to the operating budget as the starting point? Even if you do that we aren’t at a point where the budget is at 1/3 of what it was under Parnell.
            Why not just go back a few more years and see where the budget was? I might be full of idiotic statements and be a dim bulb with no intellect, but the limited information you are providing is completely wrong.

          • The OMB is erasing all the financial data from the State website. My story is as good as yours.

          • There are a lot more sources for information than OMB. A while ago algore invented this series of tubes and called it the internet, it holds vast amounts of data, or so I’m told.

            My story is way better than yours, cause it’s true…algore said so hisself!

    • Geez, I keep hearing how the incremental increasing of State spending is somehow good for the economy. I know it’s good for the “public workforce” paycheck. And the grand monuments to State spending like the $92 million crime lab. What a bargain, and we still have to send 3000 rape kits out of state. And the tired line that the PFD is welfare. A $75k bonus for a university president presiding over an over funded yet failing school is what I call welfare. I guess “its just the nature of this state”. Or any State. Peddle your collectivism elsewhere.

  18. “He seemed to understand that equating Republicans with Nazis is a bridge too far.”
    With this stated, we must realize that authoritarian regimes have been in place throughout history since the Roman Empire and never return the same as has been seen in the past…hence we should never have another “Hitler” per say, yet we are seeing a rise in far right “Leaders” across the globe…
    So when AK Republicans like Von Imhof suggest that we are seeing signs of a failure with our Democracy…we should pay heed since Authoritarian regimes are what occurs next throughout history.
    Canceling arts and humanities in Education and attacking those thought of as Liberals is exactly what occurred in the 20’s and 30’s throughout most of Europe…not just Germany.

  19. Meanwhile Dunleavy hasn’t explained his cuts or budget to the Republican Senate Majority. Instead he can hide behind “ewww those nasty leftists!” rhetoric.

    The leftists are leftists. Every once in a while they have a point.

      • There is a lot of that going around on all sides these days.


        Don’t get between a greedy Alaskan and their PFD.

          • With a paycheck at least there is sometimes a (free) service provided. I guess you’ll be pur first volunteer coordinator to fight wildland fires, pothole and plow roads and shovel out the outhouse-less highway turnouts.


            You’ve got all of the envy of a lefty class warrior there Steve-O.

          • Is that where these cuts are centered on wildland firefighters, pot hole repair, snow plow drivers, and outhouse sucker trucks? I guess I didn’t know UA offered degrees in those fields or that UA staff did those jobs.

          • Four-flusher, while you seem to be concentrated on UA budget, the conversation is about overall budget cuts.

      • Chrissy…
        It appears for sure that one thing actually “trickles down” in the Republican party and that is contempt against anyone (left or center) that does not bow down and “kiss the ring”…
        Trump’s latest tweet lashing out at Liberals in Congress only creates a “dog whistle” for white nationalists all over to erupt.
        “President Donald Trump said Sunday that four minority, liberal congresswomen who have been critical of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi…should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,”…(Wa Post)
        “This is white nationalism,” said Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., who is running for president.
        It appears that many in Congress as well as our State Legislature are concerned where our Democracy is heading…

  20. Some think of The Alaska Permanent Fund as a “rainy day” piggy bank. The hope of these profane, violence-advocating “people” (OK, so I feel generous today) is that we’ll all forget that it’s ALWAYS a rainy day in Juneau. That’s why they slither down there and hold faux-legislative sessions instead of showing their faces where the majority of Alaskans don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars (airfare, hotels, meals, lost time from work) to personally and rationally confront them with reality. Sad that violence and vitriolic hatred has become the most common mode of “expression”. Worse, what goes around comes around.

    • Do you understand that the gym stunt is costing the state more money than if they met in Juneau? You need to pay for security, for equipment, for hotel rooms, for airline tickets . . .

      • The cost of the legitimate special session is being borne by The City of Wasilla, Mat-Su Schools, Wasilla Garden Club and multiple cash donations. The faux-session in Juneau is where state resources are being squandered. This has all been reported on multiple “news” websites. It being an illegal “session” in Juneau the lawlesslators accepting “per diem” payments are potentially exposing them to lawsuits to claw back their ill-got gains. Oh, do you really believe that airlines tickets to JUNEAU and Hotel Rooms there are FREE?

    • It’s a failure of leadership. Sure there will be extremists. Blowing this up with vetoes wasn’t “strong” and the backlash is coming. Oh well.


      Why do with communication skills and an actual plan what you can do with a red pen and a smug attitude.

      • It’s really shocking and depressing. A governor that can’t even bridge the gaps in his own party.

  21. Really who knows who these people really are it could be any side making the other look bad. When you label left or right without facts of who these people really are any only stirs up hate against each other=’s nothing gets solved

  22. I can’t think of any rational reason why the Newsminer would want to hang their reputation on those old, nasty Cole punks. Unless, the Coles are in charge of the Newsminer?

    • ….the Cole Brothers might be in charge of the University too, at least when John Davies is out canoeing around, searching for man-made woodsmoke……

      • You wrote the CS book Carp. And though I hate to repeat the time worn cliche, it’s hard to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Spew on, you win, uncle, uncle. There, happy?

  23. Walt, thank you for your insight, based on your life experience in Peru. I agree – there is a playbook. They are not unhinged. They have a plan, once they gain power. It is to CONTROL citizens through government, and implement their new world socialist order, using the media and ignorant weaklings as tools, to promote their narrative.

    • Bingo Larry. These little squealers wanting all their crap for “free” just don’t get it yet.

    • Have you taken a hard look at Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter lately? Got to love you some of that wonderful non-controlling “free” market huh?


      It’s truly a week.e how they are helping set up the surveillance State? Better buy some stock in that growth industry.


      George Soros and the Koch brothers have got more then one way to enslave a population.

  24. Lately I hear a lot of people talk about the PFD like it’s a handout. Especially now- everyone is crying about budget cuts. Saying “Why is the governor trying to get people a PFD when he could use that to fund government!!?”

    That is particularly silly to hear, when people are talking about things like the university system, who’s budget is roughly 900 million, and after the cuts, close to 800 million..

    To think we can’t run a college in Alaska for less than 900 million without laying off a bunch of people, says way more about how that entity has been managed than what the cut (which is really about 15% of the total budget) means.

    But things have been confused, on purpose lately- not just the 40% comments but the PFD as well.

    For clarity: The PFD is a share, paid to Alaskans as shareholders, because Alaskans do not have subsurface mineral rights. If I find oil on my property, the state gets it, not me. It’s a very socialist system, because it was created that way in the state constitution, which was written by leftists. That said- if I don’t get the rights to the mineral wealth beneath land that I own, I will gladly take the check. It was also created as a bell weather on spending. If the pols tried to take it-it was supposed to be a wake up call to the citizenry, that they were spending too much.

    They did.

    It was.

    People who want to have the PFD go to fund government services, or anything else-can donate it. That is exactly the point. It is NOT an entitlement- it’s a shareholder check. You can do what you like with it.

    That said- even if it was entitlement- it is much better spent in the hands of the citizens than bureaucrats. The data bears this out over and over, as politicians and bureaucrats routinely spend more than they take in and every dollar that is washed thru government yields a fraction of that back to the intended cause (welfare, housing assistance, etc).

    So it may not be ideal- but it is a partnership essentially, formed partly at the inception of our state constitution, and completed when the fund was established. The former governor and legislature stole it- for their own ends- and this one- is giving it back.

    And a word on our Governor; It seems clear to me, he’s not so much ideologically attached to a PFD forever, as much as he is righting the wrongs of Walker and the legislature, who should have paid full dividends in the last three years, and then cutting spending to match revenue. After that, he’s been pretty clear. If Alaskans want more government, they will need a tax or to use the dividend to fund it. But THEY should decide. His proposed amendments make this clear. He wants to right the ship, balance the budget, give back what was stolen, and then let the people, not the folks in Juneau, decide how much government Alaska needs, and how to pay for it.

    As far as the cuts in general? No amount of cutting would have been acceptable to the vast majority of folks up in arms right now, and most, if not all, did not vote for this governor- who by the way, won in a landslide.

    • The share talk is nonsense. Read the 1976 Constitutional Amendment, that years voter information guide, and the 1982 Supreme Court decision. It’s very clear that voters intended the State of Alaska to save during the boom to provide for basic government services during lean times. They didn’t vote to give anybody who comes to suck Alaskan air a share of the oil rents.
      As for the University, DONNA from Michigan highlights the problems of Administrative costs. Yet the cut is about 3 times the size of UA statewides entire budget. This cut – targeting UAA and UAF – will decimate the university of Alaska system

  25. I observe that all the Governor hating people that cannot see the state has to stop spending money is doesn’t have are the same Trump hating liberals that permeate our country. The Governor is doing what he said he would JUST like President Trump. Keep it up Governor, we are not tired of winning yet.

    • Wow if you are still supporting the criminal in chief, you must let Fox News state sponsored propoganda to think for you, because it’s obvious that you don’t research the truth. Keep following the Antichrist on that short road!

  26. Funny you had Chris Dimond in your court today, it’s only been a month or so since you drove that BIG ol’ bus over his back for impersonating a DOL Wage and Hour investigator. A story which btw never made the main stream media because they clearly put no value in what you have to share.

  27. You gotta love that tweet from “Devilsmile”. I remember seeing a bumper sticker around for many years which said “Huck Fickel”. Of course, that’s as far as it went; none of those people would have had the balls to try and physically accost Wally, especially given his reputation as a champion boxer in his youth. And is Hulk Hogan one of the likes I see on that tweet? The avatar is too small for me to tell for sure. “Whatcha gonna do when Mikeamania comes down on you, bruddah????”

  28. “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser” Socrates
    Just skimmed thru a number of petulant whiny posts on this thread…seems old Socrates was correct.

    I’ve been here over 40 yrs and recall TV ads where Hammond campaigned for a perm fund and I quote: “For the rainy days when the oilfield productions and thus revenues would be declining.” He said that numerous times and much later denied it. I worked for big oil then and recall it clearly. As yrs passed and newcomers filled the state, the newbies filled the land, they changed it and locked the bulk of it up. That money, thusly, was saved under false pretenses. Ir dare I say, a lie. Talk about Hoarding! Lol
    And Billy Yank…I am well educated and have held many and various jobs here…cane up on my Uncle Sam…without being asked yu mention Nam and whined about wanting to go but USam said otherwise. I’ve found when such unsolicited comments are made, the person is either a liar or s REMF…or both…which are yu, sir? 1967? Humm..if yu had REALLY wanted to go during the late sixties they would have gladly sent ya….how many prayers of thanks did u give when yu found out yu weren’t going to war?
    .. if what I say of yu is true, yu are a disgrace to all military branches.

    Thst oil money belongs to us and like a 401k we swallowed Hammonds lie and allowed it to be put in banks till needed

  29. Hoo Boy Albert, for someone “well educated” you clearly can’t recognize satire when you see it. I was drafted in early 67 and few wanted to go to Vietnam-hence the draft, but you knew that. To not recognize my satire at being tore-up about not going to Vietnam is not about being educated but just being stupid IMO.
    I suspect you have never served and thus would venture such opinions on who might be a disgrace to all military branches. Further it might behoove you to read your own stuff: “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser” and you’ve stepped into the breech here with nothing but “slander.”
    You got nothing but “slander” Albert, so nobody will be paying any attention to your other BS, also IMO.

  30. The Demoncrat party is the party of hate. They hate the country, they hate God, they hate the President, they hate Israel, they hate the founders, they hate white prople, they hate employers, they hate the 2nd Amendment, they hate the 1st Amendment, they hate the unborn, they hate marriage, they hate football, they hate masculinity, they hate the flag, they hate statues of George Washington, they hate you keeping your money, and they hate the Governor. In short they believe all that is good, and love all that is evil.

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