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Saturday, June 19, 2021
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The fix is in II: Stand Tall With Mike group pulls out of lawsuit, says it’s prejudged


Today, Stand Tall with Mike has decided that pursuing the case against the recall of the governor in the Alaska Supreme Court is hopeless, and has instructed its attorneys to withdraw its appeal. The arguments are scheduled for March 25, when those on each side of the recall fight are scheduled to make their case to the Supreme Court.

The actions made by the Supreme Court last week, ordering petition booklets to be issued before the case is even heard by the court, indicate that further participation in the legal process would not be a productive use of its resources, Stand Tall With Mike wrote in a press release.

In other words, it’s a waste of money to send lawyers in when the outcome has been predetermined by the court, over the objection of the Superior Court judge, who said that starting early on signatures would sow confusion and cause irreparable harm.

“To counteract this harm, Stand Tall With Mike believes the public is better served, and its resources are better used by turning its full attention to educating the public why the recall of the governor is unjustified, a waste of public resources, an affront to the 145,000 Alaskans who voted for this Governor, and a distraction from the critical issues facing Alaskans,” the group said.

Also on Friday, the court held a scheduling conference setting oral arguments for March 25, telling the lawyers the court will issue its ruling rapidly, perhaps even the day of the argument, the group said.

“This blistering pace is simply unnecessary. At issue are constitutional questions of first impression that deserve careful consideration. In combination with lifting the stay, when there was no harm in allowing the legal process to conclude next month, it is clear the Court is determined to let the recall effort go forward before it has even reviewed the parties’ legal briefings,” STWM said.

“Also on Friday’s call, the court indicated that Chief Justice Joel Bolger would not recuse himself. Chief Justice Bolger is a material witness in the case, and directly participated in the events that gave rise to one of the recall charges. Since then he has made public statements criticizing vetoes made by the Governor.”

The Stand Tall group said they fully expect the Supreme Court to move ahead with a recall election and that voters, rather than unelected judges, will need to stand up to protect the integrity of elections.

It appears the State of Alaska will continue its case, in which it is defending the Division of Elections’ decision to not issue booklets because the grounds for recall are invalid.

Stand Tall With Mike has been a legal defense group, but will now transform into an independent expenditure group to become a campaign organization.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Makes sense to me.

    Want to see a case of the Supreme Court protecting their own, being lawyers, look up my case.

    Keppel vs Sidell

    We didn’t even get to comment.

    Screw the system of picking Judges. The Alaska Bar should never be allowed to submit names.

    • Amen.

  • Thanks for sharing Willy-we see the hypocrisy-the illegal process-and every judge that supports this needs to be voted out -we must keep sayin their names -and keep it fresh in our minds-our
    Election is the only recourse-at the polls.

  • I for one, will continue to stand tall with our duly elected governor.

    Just as our president has, the governor has done the things that he was elected to do but those that don’t like
    what he is doing just want to create havoc to keep him from fulfilling his campaign promises to the people that voted him into office.

    I say, continue to stand tall, Gov. Dunleavy, there are those of us that also stand with you!

  • My take here is that the number of signatures will exceed the required amount by the time SC hears the case. Stand Tall with Mike had little choice IMO.

  • Until Alaska gets rid of group of of Lawyers that we did not elect picking the choices for the Governor this will only get worse. We also need an elected D.A.

    This used to be a great State until it was taken hostage

    • No they’re not holding this state hostage. That would suggest that there’s some hope and getting it back. It’s long gone. We elect a governor and he tries to do what he campaigned, tries to balance the budget, then all these left nut hack jobs try to muddy up the water with a recall all the while the Senate and House majority are in bed together stealing our PFD. So yeah this day the way it used to be is sadly gone forever I fear. Might as well just start calling us the northleft coast.

      • Whoa, wait a minit.
        Dunleavy said he would balanced the budget, not cut the ferries, not cut K-12, not cut UAA, not cut seniors, and put a chicken in every pot in Alaska.
        He’s a liar. He knew he couldn’t do this. To say he is doing what he said he would do is patently absurd. This has all been documented. If that makes up northleft coast, then perhaps that’s where we need to be.
        Of course, if you don’t live in the world of reality, then there isn’t much you won’t believe.
        One of which is that the AK Supreme Court is acting as a left wing, subversive group meant to foil the will of the people.
        Look at the numbers of the initial recall petition, and you’ll get a dose of reality.
        That, and trying to come up with a viable argument that the PFD is your God given entitlement.

        • Well he sure tried balancing the budget but Bryce edgmon speaker of the House block that. And no he didn’t cut k-12 education. Not sure where you are your information from, maybe from a teacher’s Union. Pretty sure he said he’d never cut UAA. They need cut. Those fat cats living up on the hill I rip you off the public for an inferior product me and how they can only graduate 8% in a four-year program. So some programs need to be cut, some need to be trimmed a little and some don’t need to be touched at all. And I don’t like chicken in a pot. Now you’re sounding like Hoover.

          • No, Dunleavy’s sounding like Hoover. And we all know what vacuum cleaners do.
            Whether or not you believe the money spent to educate our youth is wasted and that university personnel are fat cats living on a hill, the fact is Mr. Standing Tall said one thing and did another. That makes him a liar. Edgemon put money back into El-Hi because there was overwhelming support for it, both in the house and from the public.
            BTW, when cuts are made to a program they are cuts. Someone has to pick up the load or get shown the door.
            If you think cutting the budget like Mr ST did will make our state the kind of place someone will want to bring his kids, take a look at KS.

        • The Alaska Supreme Court is corrupt at its core.

        • Tell us Greg R. how Gov. Dunleavy is supposed to balance the budget without cutting programs and state spending?
          Your reality is that of a Democrat who doesn’t give a hoot about balancing the budget. You want taxes on income, sales of everything, gasoline, booze, more and more money to support an education system that is failing. Give me a break and go back to ADN comments, your “reality” is unsustainable.

          • The current reality is the one that is not sustainable. Over the past twenty years budgets for schools, the ferry system, Medicare, and pretty much anything that doesn’t give a gift to businesses have been pared away by a so-called conservative state government. So-called because there is nothing conservative about it. Spending on pie-in-the-sky projects continued while things like state parks got cut.
            If cutting the budget to balance it is the only option, then the Gov. could cut every state paid employee from the government and still not balance the budget, though it would certainly tank the state.
            The only reasonable solutions have to include a way to increase revenues. Cutting alone will not do it.

    • The Alaska Supreme Court is corrupt at its core.

      • Ooops, calling out the wrong branch of government.

  • I keep saying, “it’s time to go for election of judges just like any other political candidate for a job.”

    • DK,
      You are missing the point.
      The judicial branch prides itself on a non-partisan approach to interpretation of the laws.
      The state constitution obviously allows the recall petition to move forward and that is the real issue here.

    • You think the judiciary should be a political post? What about the rule of law?

  • This is going on in many states down south. It’s a takeover movement. The only way it can be stopped is in courts. When we get fed up with this sort of thing, I will be there. I’m not a member of some lame union. I get my rewards through hard work and perseverance. I never once had to ask for a raise. All the socialist, liberal Hillary voters better man up.

  • That’s the way justice works now-a-days, eh?

  • So, Standing Tall with Mike has come to the realization that their case is a lost cause and are now taking the “high ground” by saying that it is a lost cause because they can’t win in the Supreme Court of Alaska and are trying to impunge the Alaska Supreme Court to gain whatever advantage they can to make Mr. Standing Tall, the supreme liar, look like the victim here?
    The man’s a liar. It’s been shown over and over again. The recall is the response to this.
    Let the people decide.

    • Time for another Bong hit if you think you can balance a budget without cuts, we don’t want more taxes!! He’s doing exactly what he got my vote for, and he will again.

      • Trying to balance the budget was not enough revenue, Angie. They got to steal the PFD from people until you used it all up or create revenue well pump and more oil or implementing taxes. I understand you don’t want any taxes but that’s exactly what we had before the boom days of the oil rush. It works. It pays the bills. Some of the programs that were funded by the oil boom have to go because that resource is drying up. We shouldn’t be paying State money to kill babies and we shouldn’t be paying State money to house the homeless. Housing the homeless is a local problem and should be handled out of a local budget. I’m all for sales tax. most of the smaller communities already have sales tax implemented. Dillingham is something like seven or eight percent and other towns are the same way. Why not use a state sales tax so that if you play you have to pay? Seems legit to me.

        • I am already paying a state tax they took my PFD. No new taxes until the budget bis cut. You tax me people never look at where the money goes you just want to give more money to the government. This state wastes more money the you think. Your tax crowd are mostly all government and or union employs afraid of loosing your soft job.

    • The people already did decide.

  • Absolutely the right call. The “case” has already been “tried” in the ‘court’ of leftist propaganda, including the “honorable” opinions and actions of Alaska’s top judges. Just another day in socialist pseudo politics. Play to win at any cost.

  • I never thought I would see the state of AK become a rotten state like CA and OR!!! I’m ashamed of the this state.

    • Hey you left out Washington State. Most of every one of those States are red. Look at the map and you will see that the cities are the only blue speck in every one of those States.

    • Robert,
      AK has gone left because conservatives must be too busy to vote. Same way CA, OR and WA let it happen. There is a way to fix it. Vote. Vote like your life depends on it. It could come to that if the liberal left socialists keep getting their way. For sure your “way of life” is, or soon will be, struggling with them in control, unless you’re one too. If the left isn’t brought to heel, look for ever more intrusion in your life (and wallet). Vote.

  • Love to see the leftists on here calling the PFD and entitlement and saying that a governor who said he would balance the budget, and then cut the budget, is a “liar” and lastly, that the judiciary in this state isn’t totally left wing and corrupt. The PFD is not yours, the Governor lied when he said he would cut the budget and did so, and the judiciary in Alaska is fair. You would be hard pressed to come up with 3 bigger lies, and yet those are their consistent talking points.. only from such committed socialists could such dishonest statements be spoken so easily. The truth is this: the left hates voters. It hates the idea that the people themselves, choose their leaders. If they didn’t, they would ask for this recall election, fraudulent as it is, be held in November, when the turnout will be the highest. They know if they can sneak it in in the middle of summer, there will be a low turnout, and they’ll have an advantage. Only in Alaska, could state vendors and contractors who have grown fat off largess, partner with political egotists and opportunists, socialists and a corrupt judiciary, to subvert the will of the people.. and it’s completely out in the open, because they have no fear of the leftist media. This election will define Alaska over the next generation. It will either be governed by its people, or The leftists and elitists who hate them.

    • Whew! Where to start.
      1) The governor said he would balance the budget, pay a full dividend, not cut funding for E-Hi, the ferry system, the seniors, not implement any new taxes, and there was nothing but blue skies on the horizon. I apologize for the chicken in every pot thing. To the chickens. This clearly was a lie because he, and anyone else who ran the figures, knew that he could fire every employee of the State of Alaska and still not gain enough in funding to pay off the deficit.
      2) The left hates voters? So this is why only hard rightwingers are campaigning to have Dunleavy recalled. By the voters? My wits faint.
      3) I love the “fraudulent” meme; straight outta the White House. Nothing illegal about petitioning a recall. Summer or not.
      4) I’ll admit that there appears to be a bunch of corruption with state vendors and contractors. Remember VECO? The Corrupt Bastards Club? Wasn’t the “socialists” doing that. It was the oil companies and their minions in the Legislature. Think it’s over? Think Peter Micicche and our very own oil company insider in the capitol building, Kevin Meyer. Think there’s influence there? Maybe something going on to make sure oil companies don’t have to pay any more taxes, no matter how much money they make? No matter how much Alaskans think they should?
      5) Just who are these “socialists” I keep hearing about? You do realize that human beings are social creatures who band together for the common good because each of us is pretty helpless by himself. Unless he’s engaged in conning his fellow companions to get as much as he can solely for himself. And even then, when the money runs out, where does he have to go?
      6) I still don’t get the idea that the SCOAK is leftist. These people are chosen by a process that is recognized throughout the US one of the best ways to get a fair and impartial system. ‘Course, if you don’t want the best people, if you want a court system that will knuckle under to the demands of the bosses, then I can see your point. That’s why we don’t elect the courts. We elect the bosses. Someone needs to be the gatekeeper. Someone needs to ride herd on the pols, who think because they have a “mandate” of 1% they can do whatever they want.
      Sorry, Lawrence, I don’t mean to pick on you, but at some point you might want to come to a slow stop, re-engage your transmission into “logic” gear, and give it another go. You certainly seem engaged now, but you’re heading down a dubious stretch of dark, dark road.

  • The reality is the court will not stand in the way of a recall if there is a reason to move forward. The decision belongs to the voter, not to a judge. No court is going to stand in the way a decision by the people. Too, the court is still miffed about Dunleavy’s cuts over abortion.
    That the ASC stated they did not believe there was a reason to believe that STWM would prevail regarding the legalities of the recall is not good. They are saying that it is unlikely the state or STWM will prevail in their case.
    The question is, is there a federal point of law that applies to the case? If there is, maybe the ASC decision could be appealed to the federal courts. Not likely.
    I was told that STWM and the Administration had the issue well in hand and that time was in their favor. Guess again.
    An election may be a very good thing, because the binding caucus would also be an issue along with the rest of Mike’s campaign platform–PFD, spending, etc.
    The ferry issue is a red herring, because the maintenance problems began LONG before Dunleavy took office.

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