Video: Sen. Donny Olson reveals what he really thinks of women leaders



In a Senate Finance subcommittee meeting this week, Sen. Donny Olson put Public Safety Commissioner Amanda Price in her place. Women are to be seen, not heard, evidently in his committee. Not once, but repeatedly he would not allow Price, who is the department leader, to answer questions about her budget or needs of her department, but continued to refer the questions to her subordinate, Col. Barlow, while telling her to shut up.

Price is the first woman to lead the Alaska Department of Public Safety in state and territorial history, and this isn’t the first time a male lawmaker has shush’d her since she was sworn in back in 2019.

Take a look at how Olson treats Price in this hearing:


  1. I wouldn’t want to be him in a private conversation with the Commissioner as she
    can handle herself quite well. She’s as tough as they come

  2. Unfortunately this unsavory situation will be with us for now. Sen. Olson’s very intelligent otherwise, and highly popular in his safely Democrat district.

  3. Senator Danny Olson, T District, Lower Yukon, needs to go. Rude, thoughtless and a throwback to dinosaur days…..
    Many of us work in corporate America and that behavior is unconscionable and not tolerated. Neither should it be tolerated in our great state of Alaska, where it is about what you can do.

    • Unfortunately this type of behavior towards women occurs in state government on a regular basis, and if you speak up as a female or file complaints you will be retaliated against. Sadly our state government nor the Alaska Commission for Human Rights are great role models for eliminating discrimination or sexism against females.

  4. Senator Olson was asking to hear from the person who has actual law enforcement experience. Unfortunately, that is not the Commissioner, and it doesn’t make a difference if she’s a female. Calling on someone with actual experience over someone without is not sexist. Please don’t play the sexism card.

  5. The question had to do with funding. Who do you think is in charge of the budget?
    He clearly showed disdain and total lack of respect. This relationship between legislators and government officials should be about solutions and not adversarial.

  6. He was really praying that he would get a chance to smell her hair. Uniformed dude would have dropped him like a rock.

    • No, I don’t think so. “Uniformed dude” didn’t have the cajones to stand up to Olson and tell him he needed to address his questions to the Commissioner.

  7. Agree with Joker. Olson has that kind of Mallott behavior. He knows what he can’t have. So he sucks up to a uniformed cop, hoping to deflect attention from his real thoughts. There’s an outward psychology being played before the video camera. “If I can’t have you, I’m going to ignore you,” in front of everyone. Of course, old Byron is still in hiding, hoping that someone will rescue him. Maybe Olson will.

    • Dan, so good to have a professional psychiatrist here at MRAK. We’ve been praying for your presence. When does the Legislature begin group therapy?

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